6 examples of martinis in sentences

They are peculiar, for this personthis Martinis not an ordinary person.

Two Martinis, dry as you like, Jim," he added, turning round to the smoking room steward.

The men leaned moodily upon their Martinis.

So he marches with the Chief to a great big plain on the top of a mountain, and the Chief's men rushes into a village and takes it; we three Martinis firing into the brown of the enemy.

"I stayed in Ghorband a month, and gave the Governor there the pick of my baskets for hush-money, and bribed the Colonel of the regiment some more, and, between the two and the tribes-people, we got more than a hundred hand-made Martinis, a hundred good Kohat Jezails that'll throw to six hundred yards, and forty man-loads of very bad ammunition for the rifles.

I studied it in a profound reverie for the best part of two dry Martinis and a dividend.

6 examples of  martinis  in sentences