5240 examples of matched in sentences

a boat!" Only a lumberman's bateau, but two men were poling her down the current with a skill that matched the speed.

The exultation of the British more than matched the disappointment of the Americans.

BOOK III THE DECADE OF TUNG RUNG ~Celebrating a Hunting Expedition~ Our chariots were well-built and firm, Well-matched our steeds, and fleet and strong.

The chairs and tables were of heavy, ponderous, mid-Victorian make, and they were matched by a number of old-fashioned mahogany sideboards and presses, arranged methodically at regular intervals on both sides of the room.

My lady notes that the Burkes have at last got them a new chariot from London, and her husband looks with appreciative eyes at the handsome team of matched grays which draw it.

A gentleman may play, sir,I throw the dice occasionally, myself, and love to see a well-matched, race as well as any man,but he ceases to be a gentleman the moment he plays beyond his means,a fact which you will do well to remember.

Boys, most of them from among the prisoners, contended in the short course, and in the long course above sixty Cretans ran; while others were matched in wrestling, boxing, and the pancratium.

Nowhere in England certainly can the glorious choir stalls be matched, nor shall we easily find a pulpit to surpass that in the choir here dating from 1520.

It had thus come to our young woman on the spot and by divination: the service he desired of her matched with remarkable closeness what she had so promptly taken into her head to name to himselfto name in her own interest, though deterred as yet from having brought it right out.

"By my faith!" quoth he to himself, "never had I thought to see Little John so evenly matched in all my life.

I have given to you these qualities of this government in order not to excite your angry passions, but in order that you may appreciate the forces that are matched against you.

For instance, a string of matched pearls such as that owned by Princess Lemoine is estimated as worth only eighty thousand dollars, because it could be quite easily duplicated.

Of course it does;an alphabet of two characters matched against one of twenty-six,or of forty-odd, as the very odd one of the phono-typists employs!

The band I saw was tame to a degree matched by but few domestic animals.

And they tried the shoe and it fitted him, and his hair matched to the piece that had been cut off.

They were equally matched in physique; but Arthur was right, there was no fight in Mershone; that is, of the knock-down order.

The settin' room has a good nice floor; matched boards, no hummocks nor hollers,all as flat's one of my wife's pancakes,an' not a knot hole in it anywheres.

[Sidenote:12] From this point on the battle between them was a well matched and evenly balanced affair, not only during the day but at night as well.

It suited the captain's humour, however, to live in his old dilapidated mansion, scarcely less cut off from the society that matched with his position in life than if he had exiled himself to some rock in the ocean.

Indeed, a blind man might seen she was a leddy born and bred; and then for sense, haud at ye there, I wad matched her against the minister and the kirk elders put thegither.

Conscience thou art bankrupt of, and in its place doth lurk the bawd that envenoms thy senses and turns thy narrow body into prodigious corruption" "Cedric,my God; stay thy tongue!" "Nay, nay; my tongue is a well-matched Jehu for thy devil's race.

" They haled her to a witch's doom, They matched her shining hair with flame But ever through the cloister's gloom

And when heritors chanced to be pretty equally matched, there was sometimes an unpleasant contest as to who was entitled to the precedence in having the first bow.

Sir Walter Scott, William Erskine, and Cranstoun, had dined with this Selkirk writer, and Scottof hardy, strong, and healthy framehad matched the writer himself in the matter of whisky punch.

The performance matched very well the enamel-trimmed oil stove and the tinned dainties and the expensive suitcases.

5240 examples of  matched  in sentences