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5240 examples of  matched  in sentences

5240 examples of matched in sentences

The same judgment would apply to his friend Kelson, a chivalrous sportsman, who would unselfishly do anything in his power to be of help, but whose ability and penetration by no means matched his willingness.

The Missourians matched their fastest horse against him and were confident of cleaning out "the emigrant," as they called father.

a boat!" Only a lumberman's bateau, but two men were poling her down the current with a skill that matched the speed.

They were an ill-matched couple in so many ways that no long-headed person could conceivably have anticipatedin the outcomemore than decorous tolerance of each other.

The exultation of the British more than matched the disappointment of the Americans.

It strikes me that you and me are ill matched.

BOOK III THE DECADE OF TUNG RUNG ~Celebrating a Hunting Expedition~ Our chariots were well-built and firm, Well-matched our steeds, and fleet and strong.

The chairs and tables were of heavy, ponderous, mid-Victorian make, and they were matched by a number of old-fashioned mahogany sideboards and presses, arranged methodically at regular intervals on both sides of the room.

My lady notes that the Burkes have at last got them a new chariot from London, and her husband looks with appreciative eyes at the handsome team of matched grays which draw it.

A gentleman may play, sir,I throw the dice occasionally, myself, and love to see a well-matched, race as well as any man,but he ceases to be a gentleman the moment he plays beyond his means,a fact which you will do well to remember.

Boys, most of them from among the prisoners, contended in the short course, and in the long course above sixty Cretans ran; while others were matched in wrestling, boxing, and the pancratium.

Nowhere in England certainly can the glorious choir stalls be matched, nor shall we easily find a pulpit to surpass that in the choir here dating from 1520.

" "The man misjudged me," observed Patsy, with a merry laugh that matched her twinkling blue eyes.

It had thus come to our young woman on the spot and by divination: the service he desired of her matched with remarkable closeness what she had so promptly taken into her head to name to himselfto name in her own interest, though deterred as yet from having brought it right out.

"By my faith!" quoth he to himself, "never had I thought to see Little John so evenly matched in all my life.

And if all had contested with all, as may happen under such circumstances, or if Brutus had been arrayed against Antony and Cassius against Caesar, they would have proved equally matched.

The one side surpassed in the number of its ships, the other in the experience of its sailors: to the first the height of the vessels, the thickness of the catheads and the towers were a help, but charges straight ahead furthered the progress of the second, and the strength of Caesar's marines was matched by the daring of their antagonists; for the majority of them, being deserters from Italy, were quite desperate.

[-10-] While the two sides were equally matched, these were the conditions among both parties alike and they even tried to show by gestures of the whole body that they could see and understand.

He appeared to be in earnest colloquy with a man whose bulk matched his own.

Besides, the soil was soft, and the agents who had perpetrated this vile scheme had perfectly matched the color.

They were both powerful creatures, and fairly matched as regarded size.

Bereft thus of his last hopethey were too evenly matched, and both too far spent for either to force a victory with his naked handsthe Apache swung round and ran, at the same time throwing a heavy chair over on its back in the path of pursuit.

Yet this all proceeded one may say from a passion, and a true conjugal fidelity, that it would be hard to find matched in this world.

In South Africa, as in the other Dominions, an intense feeling of local patriotism and "colonial nationalism" will be matched against the historic force and the practical advantages of the Imperial connection.

I have given to you these qualities of this government in order not to excite your angry passions, but in order that you may appreciate the forces that are matched against you.

The approach to the Thermae of Titus was blocked by litters, some heavy enough to be borne by eight matched slaves and large enough for company.

I made her a present the other day of eight matched German' litter-bearersbeautiesthey cost a fortuneand I took the opportunity to have a chat with her.

She knew that Livius was keeping watch on her, and how he did it, having shrewdly guessed that a present of eight matched litter- bearers was too extravagant not to mask ulterior designs.

The eight matched litter-bearers waited with the gilded litter near a flight of marble steps that descended from the door of Marcia's apartments in the palace to a sunlit garden with a fountain in the midst.

"Seรฑora," he said,his Spanish matched his other assimilations of travel "Seรฑora.

For instance, a string of matched pearls such as that owned by Princess Lemoine is estimated as worth only eighty thousand dollars, because it could be quite easily duplicated.

Of course it does;an alphabet of two characters matched against one of twenty-six,or of forty-odd, as the very odd one of the phono-typists employs!

The band I saw was tame to a degree matched by but few domestic animals.

And they tried the shoe and it fitted him, and his hair matched to the piece that had been cut off.

They were equally matched in physique; but Arthur was right, there was no fight in Mershone; that is, of the knock-down order.

No king, and Henry least of all, could watch unmoved the first great body which threatened to stand wholly outside the law of the land; and the ecclesiastical pretensions of the time were perhaps well matched by the pretensions of the State.

He took heavy odds, and naturally he matched them with all the skill at his command.

To fuss thus with my chosen race, my ally since time dates Proclaimed that Kultur and the Turk are well matched running mates.

The settin' room has a good nice floor; matched boards, no hummocks nor hollers,all as flat's one of my wife's pancakes,an' not a knot hole in it anywheres.

Matched with a mortal, next was seen, 70 Reclining on a funeral urn, Her short-lived darling son to mourn.

Now their wits were once more fairly matched.

Byron raged all his life against his club-foot, and doubtless that malformation was largely the cause of his savage contempt for a world that went about on two well-matched feet.

The contest of generalship had now fully begun, and the brain of General Lee was matched against the brain of General Pope.

There were vast, mysterious, outlying regions beyond their sway: Niflheim or Mistland, Muspellheim or Flameland, and Jรถtunheim, the abode of the old earth-powers, matched with whom, even Thor, the strongest of the Asen, was but a puny stripling.

If, in conclusion, we sum up the results of this comparison of the resources of the two great powers, the judgment expressed by a sagacious and impartial Greek is perhaps borne out, that Carthage and Rome were, when the struggle between them began, on the whole equally matched.

Every sinew, every nerve, every muscle seemed to be on the strain, but so evenly were the two sides matched, that the rope was motionless, and it seemed impossible to tell which party would win.

This beautiful wall, made of carefully matched ashlars of pure white granite, especially selected for its fine grain, was the work of a master artist.

The two forces were rather evenly matched until Gnรฆus Hosidius Geta, at the risk of being captured, managed to conquer the barbarians in such a way that he received triumphal honors without having ever been consul.

[Sidenote:12] From this point on the battle between them was a well matched and evenly balanced affair, not only during the day but at night as well.

"Whenever I see this smithy," observed the raven, "I'm reminded that, in former times, there were such skilled blacksmiths here in Hรคrjedalen, more especially in this villagethat they couldn't be matched in the whole country.

The parties were on this occasion fairly matched, there being about eight thousand men engaged on either side.

He was matched to destroy one hundred large rats in eight minutes and a half.

She and Paul were well matched.

He found brass strap hinges and a hasp and a lock that were well-matched.

But, having his love, she had not such pride; and the loyalty she truly had was matched alone against all human nature since the world began.

Though he limped painfully with one foot, the other hit the ground impatiently, like the good horse in a poorly matched team.

"You are Miss Radford, I think," said Mary in that quiet, cultured voice which somehow matched, or at least harmonized, with her gown, "and I have come to say 'Thank you' for your goodness to my dear father.

" The two lads seemed to be very evenly matched, save that Merriwell was the more catlike on his feet.

Of late, indeed, a better knowledge of the laws of health, or perhaps only a keener sense of its value and its instability, begins to supersede these rash inculcations; and paragraphs due to some discreet Dr. Hall make the rounds of the press, in which we are reminded that early rising, in order to prove a benefit, rather than a source of mischief, must be duly matched with early going to bed.

She decided that it was best to forget both Alcatraz and his master: they were equally matched in devilishness.

It suited the captain's humour, however, to live in his old dilapidated mansion, scarcely less cut off from the society that matched with his position in life than if he had exiled himself to some rock in the ocean.

The more I see you two together the more nearly I think you are perfectly matched.

My skill is matched against the combined knowledge of Tayoga and yourself.

So that when he came to his own, when gradually the public whom he despised and neglected raised him into a pontifical position matched by none before him in England and none since save Carlyle, he was sure of himself; success did not spoil him.

Indeed, a blind man might seen she was a leddy born and bred; and then for sense, haud at ye there, I wad matched her against the minister and the kirk elders put thegither.

Seven hundred years of fighting had filled the border-land with battle-fields, some of glorious and some of mournful memory, on which the Cross of Saint Andrew had been matched against that of Saint George.

"They are a handsome, well-matched young couple, are they not?"

If the Man with the Withered Hand had used the first thrill of life and vigor coming into it by the word of the Great Physician to aim a blow at his benefactor, his ingratitude would have needed to stand recorded only until this year of our Lord, to have been matched by deeds of men who have thrown this dear land of ours into universal mourning.

He told me he was not a man to be driven; and I answered that we were well matched on that point, it would, however, be better for us both to ascertain coolly how far we could agree.

She was the ugliest wench I ever saw, and, if possible, he was uglier, so they were well matched."

She thought he matched his surroundings as he disappeared at a trot round the corner of the church.

It is impossible to detail the progress of the contest for public favour between these two ill-matched rivals, without noticing at the same time Dryden's quarrel with Rochester, who appears to have played off Settle in opposition to him, as absolutely, and nearly as successfully, as Settle ever played off the literary [literal?]

On testing further, he proved totally deficient in the color perception of red, and with a brilliant red patch he matched almost a black shadow.

Thought overtops imagination, the fervor and enthusiasm of the poet are more than matched by the ethical aims of the teacher.

Matched pearls.

When they had thus insensibly formed one another, upon the finishing of the War, which concluded with an entire Conquest of their common Enemy, the Colonels in one Army Married the Colonels in the other; the Captains in the same Manner took the Captains to their Wives: The whole Body of common Soldiers were matched, after the Example of their Leaders.

" This sounds as if it could not be defeated or matched, but matched it certainly was in Enoch Arden.

" This sounds as if it could not be defeated or matched, but matched it certainly was in Enoch Arden.

"Then, half-shyly, she spoke, and her voice matched her eyes.

We were an ill-matched pair, my husband and I, from the very outset; he, with very high ideas of a husband's authority and a wife's submission, holding strongly to the "master-in-my-own-house theory," thinking much of the details of home arrangements, precise, methodical, easily angered and with difficulty appeased.

Dong-Yung matched her happiness with the happiness of the foreign-born woman, proudly, with assurance.

" Any superfluity of length in Ethelyn's skirts was more than counterbalanced by Mrs. Markham's, who this night wore the heavy black silk which her sister-in-law had matched in Boston ten years before.

Of course it was too narrow and too short, and too flat in front, Andy said, admiring Ethelyn far more than he did his mother, even though the latter wore the coiffure which Aunt Barbara had sent her, and a big collar made from the thread lace which Mrs. Captain Markham, of Chicopee, had also matched in Boston.

"We're pretty evenly matched.

And the audience, listening, vowed that they would like to see him matched against Josรฉ, who thought himself supreme in everything.

Two better men than Kettlewell and Dodwell are nowhere to be found, and as for vigorous writing, where is Charles Leslie to be matched?

Now I have been told, there is a body of that kind of controversy published by the London divines, which is not to be matched in the world.

Conscience thou art bankrupt of, and in its place doth lurk the bawd that envenoms thy senses and turns thy narrow body into prodigious corruption" "Cedric,my God; stay thy tongue!" "Nay, nay; my tongue is a well-matched Jehu for thy devil's race.

In a word, there was little ceremony to the work; the armies joined, and we charged his horse with so much resolution, that they quickly fled, and quitted the field; for we over-matched him in horse, and this was the entire destruction of their army.

And his strength of muscle was matched by his skill in the lists of love.

Thus his Twelve Sonnets for Schleswig-Holstein (1846) were broadly German in inspiration, and his love of liberty was matched by his aristocratic hatred of the mob.

She pretends to be a bit of a blue, therefore they are not so ill-matched as I imagined; however, she is not very badnot a deep blue, only just tinged with celestial azure.

A proverb meaning that people or things are well matched; as the soul, at the hour of death, is committed to the charge of good or evil angels, according to its dessert.

Apparently, no two antagonists could be better or more equally matched than they were; and throughout the whole field it would have been in vain to search for another pair equally gifted by nature, both being models of manly beauty of feature and symmetry of frame.

To celebrate his knighthood a great tournament was held at Xanten on the Rhine, and in the jousting the young prince won all the laurels, although great and tried warriors matched their skill against his in the lists.

" They haled her to a witch's doom, They matched her shining hair with flame But ever through the cloister's gloom

And when heritors chanced to be pretty equally matched, there was sometimes an unpleasant contest as to who was entitled to the precedence in having the first bow.

Sir Walter Scott, William Erskine, and Cranstoun, had dined with this Selkirk writer, and Scottof hardy, strong, and healthy framehad matched the writer himself in the matter of whisky punch.

" He left early on the following day, accompanied by Tawny Hudson, whose docility was only out-matched by his very obvious desire to be gone.

The performance matched very well the enamel-trimmed oil stove and the tinned dainties and the expensive suitcases.