91 examples of mateo in sentences

When I was in Corsica in 18, Mateo Falcone had his house half a league from this mâquis.

For example, Mateo would never fire at a sheep with buckshot; but at a hundred and twenty paces, he would drop it with a ball in the head or shoulder, as he chose.

He approached Fortunato and said: "You are the son of Mateo Falcone?""Yes.

" "Adjutant," said one of the soldiers in a low voice, "let us have no quarrels with Mateo.

" While some of the soldiers were occupied in making a kind of stretcher out of some chestnut boughs and the rest were dressing Gianetto's wound, Mateo Falcone and his wife suddenly appeared at a turn in the path that led to the mâquis.

At the sight of the soldiers Mateo's first thought was that they had come to arrest him.

Mateo more than others had a clear conscience; for more than ten years he had not pointed his carbine at a man, but he was always prudent, and put himself into a position to make a good defense if necessary.

However, Mateo made no other movement than to place his hand on his forehead like a man who is dazed.

"Leave me alone," said Mateo, "I am his father.

repeated Mateo in a terrible voice.

Mateo raised his gun, and, taking aim, said: "May God pardon you!"

Mateo fired and Fortunato fell dead.

They had long since left San Francisco behind, rounded Hunter's Point, and were now skirting the San Mateo shore.

" Several hours later, both boats stood in for the San Mateo shore, and dropped anchor not more than a cable's-length away.

In this volume Irving not only describes in his own peculiarly charming manner his experiences in the halls of the Alhambra itself, but he gives many of the stories and legends of the place, most of which were told to him by Mateo Ximenes, a "son of the Alhambra," who acted as his guide.

This is the way he came to secure Mateo's services: "At the gate were two or three ragged, super-annuated soldiers, dozing on a stone bench, the successors of the Zegris and the Abencerrages; while a tall, meagre valet, whose rusty-brown cloak was evidently intended to conceal the ragged state of his nether garments, was lounging in the sunshine and gossipping with the ancient sentinel on duty.

" Accompanied by Mateo, the travelers pass on to "the great vestibule, or porch of the gate," which "is formed by an immense Arabian arch, of the horseshoe form, which springs to half the height of the tower.

According to Mateo, it was a tradition handed down from the oldest inhabitants, and which he had from his father and grandfather, that the hand and key were magical devices on which the fate of the Alhambra depended.

De Gourgues attacked unexpectedly the little fort of San-Mateo; a detachment surrounded in the woods the Spaniards who had sought refuge there; all were killed or taken; they were hanged on the same trees which had but lately served for the execution of the French.

When he again put to sea, there remained not one stone upon another of the fort of San-Mateo.

Those toy hills were San Mateo and Magdalena.

The B. Cohens resident in Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda, San Rafael, Sausalito, Mill Valley, San Mateo, Redwood City and Palo Alto were next telephoned to, and when this long and expensive task was done, Ex-Private Bill Peck emerged from the telephone booth wringing wet with perspiration and as irritable as a clucking hen.

" 1575.September 21 (San Mateo), hurricane mentioned in the memoirs of Father Torres Vargas.

1614.September 12, mentioned by the same chronicler in the following words: "Fray Pedro de Solier came to his bishopric in the year 1615, the same in which a great tempest occurred, after more than forty years since the one called of San Mateo.

1819, September 21.(San Mateo.)

91 examples of  mateo  in sentences