410 examples of matrimonial in sentences

A very cleverly-written narrative, in smooth verse, detailing the experience of a bride who took to flirting early in her matrimonial career, but was saved from coming to grief by the decisive action of a stern husband.

It will be rather awkward, he thinks, to be in Bumsteadville for a week or two after the Macassar young ladies shall have heard of his matrimonial disengagement, as they will all be sure to sit symmetrically at every front window in the Alms-House whenever he tries to go by; and he resolves to escape the danger by starting for Egypt, Illinois, immediately after he has seen Mr. DIBBLE and explained the situation to him.

I trust, my dear sir, that, if you are as yet free, you will take the well-intended advice of a sufferer, and steer entirely clear of the shoals and quicksands peculiar to the life of a married man, by never embarking in the matrimonial ship.

I cherish no resentment on that account, but, as you probably well know, one of the discomforts of matrimonial existence is children.

Besides a violent Inclination, Sir, of being initiated into the Denomination of your learned Family, by the Conjugal Circumference of a Matrimonial Tye, with that singularly accomplish'd PersonMadam, the Governante of your Hostel Doct.

This merry old matrimonial custom in use at the bedding of the happy pair is often alluded to.

I saywhat's the matter with a matrimonial agency, anyhow?

I think a matrimonial agency is a very good, useful thing.

You can be swindled without a matrimonial agency, seems to me.

No, if you ask me, matrimonial agencies are the most sensible thingsafter dress-shieldsthat's ever been invented.

The Photograph From the moment of Mrs. Challice's remarks in favour of matrimonial agencies Priam Farll's existence became a torture to him.

But why should Leek dispatch photographs of his master to strange ladies introduced through a matrimonial agency?

Prudence and discretion, as they say at the matrimonial agencies.

"No, indeed; they are too utterly selfish for any matrimonial use, as it is.

He was husband of the only lady in the queen's train who could wear "the mantle of matrimonial fidelity."

Mr. Chick is somewhat henpecked; but in the matrimonial squalls, though apparently beaten, he not unfrequently rises up the superior and gets his own way.

If we heard that Mr. B. though uxorious in public, was known to beat his wife in private, we cared not for the matrimonial anecdote.

All Ramsbury knew by then of his matrimonial complications, and seemed anxious to talk about them; complications which tended to increase until Mr. Barrett wrote out a list of his children's names and ages and learnt it off by heart.

You are to act as an executor, not as a matrimonial agent.

EPILOGUE TO HENRY SIDDONS' FARCE, "TIME'S A TELL-TALE" (1807) Bound for the port of matrimonial bliss,

I was so reduced in spirit that had Harold Beecham appeared then with a matrimonial scheme to be fulfilled at once, I would have quickly erased the fine lines I had drawn and accepted his proposal; but he did not come, and I was unacquainted with his whereabouts or welfare.

It was written after the return of John Caldigate from Sydney to Ahalala, but contained no reference to any matrimonial projects.

The matrimonial relations of John of England, Philip's contemporary, were more corrupt than those of the French king; but, while the Pope chastised John for his defiance of his political autonomy, he did not excommunicate him on any ground of morality.

But redress was still by the elaborate machinery of Act of Parliament and hence a luxury only for the wealthy until 1857, when a special Court for Divorce and Matrimonial Causes was established.[405]

" Now, it so happened that to Mrs. Cliff, to Edna, and to Ralph this recognition of matrimonial status seemed to possess more force and value than the marriage ceremony itself.

410 examples of  matrimonial  in sentences
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