76 examples of matronly in sentences

But there was a clean, matronly woman in the place, gliding about from side to side with a cloth in her hands, and wiping first one, then another, of these poor little relics of better days in a caressing way.

It is the custom of "Society" to abuse its servants,a façon de parler, such as leads their lords and masters to talk of the weather, and, when rurally inclined, of the crops,leads matronly ladies, and ladies just entering on their probation in that honoured and honourable state, to talk of servants, and, as we are told, wax eloquent over the greatest plague in life while taking a quiet cup of tea.

She presented her more matronly companion to them, by the name of Donna Lorenza; and as nothing but good feeling prevailed, and useless ceremony was banished, the little party were soon on terms of friendly intercourse.

She is received by the matronly friends of the mother, and begins the mysteries by opening every lock and lid in the house.

I have helped out, sometimes, when a matronly personation is required, but my regular duties keep me busily engaged in the office.

" "Certainly not," she replied, standing in matronly dignity.

She arose, advanced to the witness-stand, received the oath, and took her chair with a matronly dignity and kindly grace that aroused the sympathy and admiration of all who saw her.

[Footnote 1: his mother's matronly age.]

Cotillons are a leading pastime among the people; and as the water was pretty smooth down the bay, and a splendid breeze rushed aft between-decks, many laughing girls and well-dressed matronly women now made their appearance on the floor.

Grouped everywhere among the fish and fishers were matronly women and unbonneted damsels, most of them with handkerchiefs tied upon their heads; for they had got over their sea-sickness, now, and were coming by twos and threes from the saloon, to breathe a little fresh air and look on at the sport.

The elder girls were domesticated and acquainted now at Outledge; there were several matronly ladies with whom the whole party was sufficiently associated in daily intercourse for all the air of chaperonage that might be needed; and one assistant pupil, whom, to be sure, the young ladies themselves counted as a most convenient nonentity, was left in nominal charge.

The matronly ladies, always amused, sometimes a little annoyed and scandalized, at Sin Saxon's escapades, asked her, one and another, at different times, what it was all to be, and if she really thought she had better, and among themselves expressed tolerably grave doubts about proprieties, and wished Madam Routh would return.

The girls asked all their partners in the German, and the matronly ladies were asked, as a good many respectable people are civilly invited where their declining is counted upon.

I became deeply interested in the whole affair; I was looking at my little boy,for I have a little boy," said she, with matronly dignity,"and I thought, suppose it was my little boy being treated so, how should I like it?

The two matronly maidens were very busily employed in making a new cap.

I cling to my good looks desperately now that I am growing matronly.

Back into wardrobe and drawer went the flaring silks and the feathered hats, and out once more came the sombre coat and the matronly dress.

They struck boldly across the meadows, which were gay with lady's smock, and he walked, by special request, between her and three matronly cowsfeeling as Perseus might have done when he fended off the sea-monster.

There was with her no misgiving, no hesitation, no looking back, no regret; but always the unostentatious assertion of quiet, matronly dignity, the most queenly expression and unconscious affirmation of the 'divine right' of the wedded wife.

Her figure is square and strong, and not devoid of matronly charm.

One who knew her well described her as "not possessing much sense, though a perfect lady and remarkably well calculated for her position," and confirmatory of this is the opinion of an English traveller that "there was nothing remarkable in the person of the lady of the President; she was matronly and kind, with perfect good breeding."

Again I rise, unclose the casement, and push my matronly head a little way out to listen.

M. LASSALLE is a fine, substantial, baritonial Hamlet, who is always posturing, weeping, calling out ma mère, and blubbering on the ample matronly bosom of his mother, Madame RICHARD ("O RICHARD!

Her apparently invincible girlishness of spirit had given way to a certain matronly seriousness.

Cecil could see two before different house-doors as she sat behind her muslin curtains, looking as fresh and healthful as ever, and scarcely more matronly, except that her air of self-assertion had become more easy and less aggressive now that she was undisputed mistress of the house in London.

76 examples of  matronly  in sentences