6540 examples of meat in sentences

In the mean time the servant cooks, if required, the bacon, kidneys, fish, &c.;if cold meat is to be served, she must always send it to table on a clean dish, and nicely garnished with tufts of parsley, if this is obtainable.

Let them eat meat and drink milk, or half a glass of light beer.

Beef-tea is useful and relishing, but possesses little nourishment; when evaporated, it presents a teaspoonful of solid meat to a pint of water.

Eggs are not equivalent to the same weight of meat.

Half a pint of milk is equal to a quarter of a pound of meat.

Boiled or roast meat, with bread and potatoes, with occasionally a piece of sago, rice, or tapioca pudding, should constitute the dinner, the only meal that requires special comment; broths, green vegetables, and all acid or salt foods, must be avoided.

So when they had made ready they sat down to meat.

My natives were extremely fond of bear meat, and they sat long into the night gorging themselves.

There was one ram which I shot for meat, but unfortunately his head was smaller than I thought, and valueless as a trophy.

As we were short of provisions and depended almost entirely upon meat, my head man and I started at once for the hills.

Our march was delayed until we skinned out the head, cleaned the scalp, and hung the meat in some near-by trees for future use.

They dislike to go after bear into a district situated far from the coast, because in so rough a country it is almost impossible to get all the meat out.

They sell the skin, eat the meat, and make the intestines into kamlaykas for baidarka work.

A good way to help out the food question, and compensate the native for his loss of bear meat, would be to transport a goodly number of Sitka deer to the three islands, and allow them to multiply.

The bear meat improved with age, and hours of boiling rid it of its bitter flavor.

The fall was a long one, and the Cheyennes, feeling sure that the sheep had been killed, either by the fall or by the lion, rushed forward to secure the meat.

The settling up of much of their former range, with pursuit by skin-hunters, head-hunters, and meat-hunters, has had much to do with the reduction in numbers of the mountain sheep, but more important than these have been the ravages by diseases brought in to their range by the domestic sheep, and then spread by the wild species among their wild associates.

If we had not been out of meat I would not have disturbed the animal.

There was meat in the camp, and so no reason for shooting at these innocents.

The sheep came within twenty-five or thirty steps and a little to one side, and passed us like the wind, but they left behind one of their number, which kept us in fresh meat for several days thereafter.

These licks are visited frequentlyperhaps dailyduring the summer months by sheep of all ages, and such points are favorite watching places for men who need meat, and wish to secure it as easily as possible.

Soon afterwards, Jeroslaus, the great duke of Soldal in Russia, being invited, as if to do him honour, by the emperor's mother, to receive meat and drink from her hand, grew sick immediately after returning to his lodging, and died in seven days illness, his whole body becoming strangely of a blue colour; and it was currently reported that he had been poisoned, that the Tartars might freely and totally possess his land.

Sometimes we were constrained to eat our meat half boiled, or even almost raw, for want of fuel, especially when we were benighted and obliged to pass the night in the fields, because we could not conveniently gather horse or cow-dung to make a fire, and we seldom found any other fuel, except a few thorns here and there, and a few rare woods on the banks of some rivers.

Next day, 7th November, we arrived at a town belonging to the Mahometans named Kenchat, the governor of which came out to meet our guide with ale and other refreshments; for it is the custom of all the subjected cities, to welcome the messengers of Baatu and Mangu with meat and drink on their arrival.

Her draught reacheth to good manners, not to thirst, and it is a part of their mystery not to profess hunger; but nature takes her in private and stretcheth her upon meat.

6540 examples of  meat  in sentences