6540 examples of meat in sentences

" "Which you expect will yield you more than the thirty did formerly?" "Certainly; because such meat as mine commands an extraordinary price.

" "So long," replied the Brahmin, "as this is novelty, you may receive a part of the price which men are ever ready to pay for it; but as soon as others profit by your example, your meat falls to the ordinary rate, and then, if I understand you aright, as you will have somewhat less in quantity than you formerly had, your gross receipts will be less, to say nothing of your additional labour and expense.

He readily consented, and conducted us at once into his kitchen, and showed us inventions and contrivances out of number, for saving fuel, and meat, and labour; in short, for saving every thing but money.

There was a grand machine for roasting, that carried the fire round the meat, the juices of which, he said, by a rotary motion, would be thrown to the surface, and either evaporate or be deteriorated.

It so happened that the Indians had been out of meat for several weeks, as the large herd of cattle which had been promised them had not yet arrived, although expected by them.

They dug down to water, and also stored away a lot of horse and mule meat in the sand to keep it fresh as long as possible.

The mule and horse meat became totally unfit for use, but they had nothing else to eat, and had to eat it or starve.

"All right, Colonel, send along a wagon or two to bring in the meat," I said.

The following afternoon he again requested me to go out and get some fresh buffalo meat.


We finished our hunt, and went back to the post loaded down with plenty of buffalo meat, and received the compliments of the General for our little fight.

" After that I put in my time hunting, and with splendid success, killing from fifteen to twenty antelopes a day, which kept the men well supplied with fresh meat.

I heard a courtier once define a mere scholar to be animal scabiosum, that is, a living creature that is troubled with the itch; or, a mere scholar is a creature that can strike fire in the morning at his tinder-box, put on a pair of lined slippers, sit rheuming till dinner, and then go to his meat when the bell rings: one that hath a peculiar gift in a cough, and a licence to spit.

Two whole squadrons had to eat lousy biscuit for a week because that swab sold the same meat five times over.

Now, naturally, the soldiers preferred fresh meat, and they got itimpressing cattle, sheep, and hogs, geese, chickens, and ducks, vegetablesnothing escaped the capacious maw of the Army of the Callahan.

Monmouth was wild with delight over the prize he had captured, and as they sat at meat he was pondering upon where he should hide the beauty, for he feared his father's predilections, and 'twas sure he would not run the risk of any such mischance and he tossed about in his mind the advisability of taking her to London.

And when meat, bread and cheese were brought and more wine was drank, her ladyship became maudlin and cast her eye about for diversion.

She stood gowned in filmy white, waiting for Janet to spread her repast, but the nurse moved at leisure, resolving to give the maid meat for thought, as she did for the body.

"5. Be very careful that no meat is eaten in Lent or other fast days, as has been done till now in la Española.

"In Lent," says the accuser, "he goes to a grange, where he remains without hearing mass on Sundays, eating meat, and saying things against the faith ...

All sorts of meat

O most pernicious Meat!

Now to my menu; It is, "All Vegetables and no Meat!"

He performed every detail of all religious customs and ceremonies with painstaking conscientiousness; he fasted every Monday and Thursdayonly on Sabbaths and feast days did he indulge in meat or wine; his time was passed in prayer and study; by day he taught the Law to students, whom his fame had drawn to Bacharach; and by night he gazed on the stars in heaven, or into the eyes of Beautiful Sara.

He could shoot rabbits and live for days, if he had a little water, but he had once tried living on rabbit meat broiled without salt, and he called it dry eating, even with water to wash it down.

6540 examples of  meat  in sentences