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277 example sentences with  med.

277 example sentences with med.

and Med. p.191.

[430] Pr. and Med.

Attir'd in robes of vengeance are you, Uncle? Med.

Will you sweare to kill me, Vncle? Med.

For twenty thousand worlds! Med.

Med. Dispatch then; be quicke.

What entertainment did the King bestow Vpon your letters and the Cardinals? Med.

Med. Thine, Souldier.

In any Noble Act Ile wade chin-deepe with you: but to kill a King! Med.

Since the bright spheare I mov'd in falls, alas, what make I here? [Exit. Med.

Dick of Devonshire? Med.

afterbirth, afterburden^; placenta, secundines [Med.].

late, modern, neoteric, hypermodern, nouveau; new-born, nascent, neonatal [Med.], new-fashioned, new-fangled, new-fledged; of yesterday; just out, brand-new, up to date, up to the minute, with it, fashionable, in fashion; in, hip [Coll.]; vernal, renovated, sempervirent^, sempervirid^. fresh as a rose, fresh as a daisy, fresh as paint; spick and span.

[convexities on skin] pimple, zit [Slang]; wen, wheel, papula [Med.], pustule, pock, proud flesh, growth, sarcoma, caruncle^, corn, wart, pappiloma, furuncle, polypus^, fungus, fungosity^, exostosis^, bleb, blister, blain^; boil &c (disease) 655; airbubble^, blob, papule, verruca.

Egress N. egress, exit, issue; emersion, emergence; outbreak, outburst; eruption, proruption^; emanation; egression; evacuation; exudation, transudation; extravasation [Med.], perspiration, sweating, leakage, percolation, distillation, oozing; gush &c (water in motion) 348; outpour, outpouring; effluence, effusion; effluxion^, drain; dribbling &c v.; defluxion^; drainage; outcome, output; discharge &c (excretion) 299.

emesis, vomiting, vomition^. egestion^, evacuation; ructation^, eructation; bloodletting, venesection [Med.], phlebotomy, paracentesis^; expuition, exspuition; tapping, drainage; clearance, clearage^. deportation; banishment &c (punishment ) 972; rouge's march; relegation, extradition; dislodgment.

[material vomited] vomit, vomitus [Med.], puke, barf [Coll.].

anthropology, ornithology, ichthyology, herpetology, ophiology^, malacology^, helminthology [Med.], entomology, oryctology^, paleontology, mastology^, vermeology^; ornithotomy^, ichthyotomy^, &c; taxidermy.

Adj. transparent, pellucid, lucid, diaphanous, translucent, tralucent^, relucent^; limpid, clear, serene, crystalline, clear as crystal, vitreous, transpicuous^, glassy, hyaline; hyaloid [Med.], vitreform^. 426.

abdominoscope^, gastroscope [Med.], helioscope^, polariscope^, polemoscope^, spectroscope.

brain, organ of thought, seat of thought; sensorium^, sensory; head, headpiece; pate, noddle^, noggin, skull, scull, pericranium [Med.], cerebrum, cranium, brainpan^, sconce, upper story.

[Science of mind] metaphysics; psychics, psychology; ideology; mental philosophy, moral philosophy; philosophy of the mind; pneumatology^, phrenology; craniology [Med.], cranioscopy [Med.].

[Fr.], siriasis^. fanaticism, infatuation, craze; oddity, eccentricity, twist, monomania (caprice) 608; kleptodipsomania^; hypochondriasis [Med.] &c (low spirits) 837; melancholia, depression, clinical depression, severe depression; hysteria; amentia^. screw loose, tile loose, slate loose; bee in one's bonnet, rats in the upper story.

[methods of interpreting - list] symptomatology [Med.], semiology, semeiology^, semiotics; metoposcopy^, physiognomy; paleography &c (philology) 560; oneirology acception^, acceptation, acceptance; light, reading, lection, construction, version.

hammer &c (impulse) 276; edge tool &c (cut) 253; borer &c 262; vice, teeth, &c (hold) 781; nail, rope &c (join) 45; peg &c (hang) 214; support &c 215; spoon &c (vehicle) 272; arms &c 727; oar &c (navigation) 267; cardiograph, recapper^, snowplow, tenpenny^, votograph^. Adj. instrumental &c 631; mechanical, machinal^; brachial [Med.].

delicacy, loss of health, invalidation, cachexy^; cachexia [Med.], atrophy, marasmus^; indigestion, dyspepsia; decay &c (deterioration) 659; decline, consumption, palsy, paralysis, prostration.

salve, ointment, cerate, oil, lenitive, lotion, cosmetic; plaster; epithem^, embrocation^, liniment, cataplasm^, sinapism^, arquebusade^, traumatic, vulnerary, pepastic^, poultice, collyrium^, depilatory; emplastrum^; eyewater^, vesicant, vesicatory [Med.].

[Fr.]; bloodletting, bleeding, venesection [Med.], phlebotomy, cupping, sanguisae, leeches; operation, surgical operation; transfusion, infusion, intravenous infusion, catheter, feeding tube; prevention, preventative medicine, immunization, inoculation, vaccination, vaccine, shot, booster, gamma globulin.

sharp, acute, sore, severe, grave, hard, harsh, cruel, biting, caustic; cutting, corroding, consuming, racking, excruciating, searching, grinding, grating, agonizing; envenomed; catheretic^, pyrotic [Med.].

heaviness &c adj.; infestivity^, gloom; weariness &c 841; taedium vitae, disgust of life; mal du pays &c (regret) 833; anhedonia^. melancholy; sadness &c adj.; il penseroso [It], melancholia, dismals^, blues, lachrymals^, mumps^, dumps, blue devils, doldrums; vapors, megrims, spleen, horrors, hypochondriasis [Med.], pessimism; la maladie sans maladie

causis; Sanguinem imminuit, fel auget: and as Valesius controverts, Med. controv., lib. 5.

de re med. will have it proceed from cold: but that I take of natural melancholy, such as are fools and dote: for as Galen writes lib.

Langius in his med.

56, hath such another story, and Felix Plater, med. observ.

The last mail brings me a letter from an early and esteemed friend, a Prof. in the Med.

(F.P. .60) .. m Med.

bi-m 5.00 1.50 Annals of Gynaecology, Boston ........... m Med.

bi-m 3.80 2.00 Archives of Pediatrics, N.Y.(F.P. .48) .. m Med.

(n. 3.40) Med.

4.00 1.00 International Med.

q 2.65 3.00 Journal of Comparative Med., etc. ........m Med.

q 2.65 3.00 Journal of Comparative Med., etc. ........m Med.

1.00 Medical Age, Detroit........................ s-m 1.00 1.00 Medical Brief, St. Louis ................ m Med.

1.90 1.00 Medical Bulletin, Philadelphia .......... m Med.

4.00 2.00 Medical Review of Reviews, N.Y. ........ m Med.

2.00 1.50 New England Medical Monthly ............. m Med.

Rep. 1.45 2.00 St. Louis Globe Democrat ........... Sunday Rep. 1.90 1.00 St. Louis Globe Democrat ................... s-w .85 4.00 St. Louis Globe Democrat ......... 6 issues Rep. 3.80 6.00 St. Louis Globe Democrat ......... 7 issues Rep. 5.60 1.00 St. Louis Med. & Surg.

4.50 3.00 Theatre, N.Y. ................................ m 2.45 2.00 Therapeutic Gazette, Detroit ............ m Med.

w 1.65 2.00 University Med.

Woodville's Med.

Med. 161.

Woodville's Med.

Med. 167.

Woodville's Med.

Woodville's Med.

Woodville's Med.

Woodville's Med.

Med. 182.

Med. 184.

Med. 185.

Med. 197.

Woodville's Med.

Woodville's Med.

Woodville's Med.

Med. 206.

Med. 207.

Med. 209.

Med. 210.

Woodville's Med.

Woodville's Med.

Woodville's Med.

Woodville's Med.

Woodville's Med.

Med. 235.

Med. 237.

Med. 240.

Woodville's Med.

Med. 244.

Woodville's Med.

Woodville's Med.

Woodville's Med.

Woodville's Med.

Woodville's Med.

[Communications from Dr. Gardner.]-Woodville's Med.

Woodville's Med.

Med. 289.

Woodville's Med.

Woodville's Med.

Wood-ville's Med.

Woodville's Med.

Woodville's Med.

Woodville's Med.

Med. 377.

Woodville's Med.

[Illustration] Med.

The Medical Social Worker (Med.SW) is part of the multidisciplinary healthcare team, providing interventions to support patients and their families, groups during recovery from and/or adjustment to illnesses.

There are several new faces across the trio of shows, beginning with two new doctors taking center stage on Chicago Med.

J Sex Med. Sep;8(9):2606-16; 2011months; congestive heart failure Viagra (sildenafil citrate.

The course is required of students in the MA and PhD and may also be taken by students in the MEd.

This building is somewhat obscure, and is located just North of Med. Sci. complex.