229 examples of med. in sentences

[430] Pr. and Med.

7. Pr. and Med.

Duc. 60 is med.

For 4 platters raisins, and 20 pound of sope, med.

Charges of presents at Felugia, med.

For camels from Felugia to Babylon, med.

For custome of clothes at Corno, the summe of med.

middle, medial, mesial [Med.], mean, mid, median, average; middlemost, midmost; mediate; intermediate &c (interjacent) 228; equidistant; central &c 222; mediterranean, equatorial; homocentric.

[Med.]. ideality, idealism; transcendentalism, spiritualism; immateriality &c 317; universal concept, universal conception.

[Med.], quinsy, rachitis^, ringworm, rubeola, St. Vitus's dance, scabies, scarlatina, scarlet fever, scrofula, seasickness, struma^, syntexis^, tetanus, tetter^, tonsillitis, tonsilitis^, tracheocele [Med.], trachoma, trismus [Med.], varicella [Med.], varicosis [Med.], variola

antifebrile [Med.], antipoison^, counterpoison^, antitoxin, antispasmodic; bracer, faith cure, placebo; helminthagogue^, lithagogue^, pick-meup, stimulant, tonic; vermifuge, prophylactic, corrective, restorative; sedative &c 174; palliative; febrifuge; alterant^, alterative; specific; antiseptic, emetic, analgesic, pain-killer, antitussive

[Med.], antibiotic, antiviral [Med.], antifungal

[Means of preservation] prophylaxis; preserver, preservative, additive; antibiotics, antifungals [Med.], biocide; hygiastics^, hygiantics^; cover, drugget^; cordon sanitaire [Fr.]; canning; ensilage; tinned goods, canned goods.

Oribasius, med.

24, or as Jobertus, med.

Fallopius lib. de med.

3. c. pra. med.

4, de vero usu med.

................... q 2.65 3.00 Journal of Comparative Med., etc. ........m Med.

m Med. 1.00 4.00 Medical News, N.Y. (new 3.25) ...........

4.00 2.00 Medical Review of Reviews, N.Y. ........ m Med.

Med. 207.

Woodville's Med. Bot.

Woodville's Med. Bot.

[Illustration] Med.

229 examples of  med.  in sentences