36 examples of medicated in sentences

[10] The magical slumbers produced in the cave of Trophonius are justly ascribed to medicated beverages.

But medicated or not, all amulets are precarious and uncertain, and in the cure of diseases are, by no means, to be trusted to.

Galen speaks seriously of playing the flute on the suffering part, upon the principle, we suppose, of a medicated vapour bath.

[Footnote 47: These medicated draughts are often mentioned in Romances.

Physicians use medicated ointments in this way, when they wish to secure prompt and efficient results.

Medicated bath.

Of the folly of wetting the head with spirits, or any other medicated lotions, and of making daily efforts to bring it into shape, it is unnecessary to speak in the present chapter.

There are other forms of bathing besides those already mentioned; among which are the shower bath, the vapor bath, and the medicated bath.

The medicated vapor bath is sometimes used; but I am not now treating of infants who are sick, but of those who are in a state of health.

The common warm bath is sometimes medicated by putting in salt.

Its high counters, which once held sandwiches and tarts and wine bottles, were piled with snowdrifts of medicated cotton and rolls of lint and buckets of antiseptic washes and drug vials.

He then produced a bottle of medicated canary, and pouring out a large glass for the apprentice, drained another himself.

Usually resorted to on account of its warmth-retaining properties, the poultice may also be medicated.

By this means the warmth is carried further up the limb (sometimes an important point), and the water can more conveniently be medicated with whatever is required than can the poultice.

The poultice should be medicated with any reliable disinfectant, and should be renewed, or at any rate reheated, two or three times daily.

A further portion of the medicated tow is then pushed partially into the wound, and allowed to remain in position.

To this end it should be thoroughly cleaned of its contents, and afterwards dressed with medicated tow.

A complete set of hot, cold, vapour, and medicated baths has been fitted up here, with every accommodation for the public use, the profits arising from which are appropriated to the support of the institution.

BATHS, cold, i. 91, n. 1; medicated, ii. 99.

Those whose fancy rested upon medicated liqueurs found them in every variety.

To ask a patient in my condition to take a little medicated sugar seemed reasonable.

They are also employed in medicated baths and fomentations.

A distilled water, medicated vinegar, and conserve, were prepared from the flowers; but they have long given place to medicines of greater efficacy.

I should have to give in were it not for 's Medicated Mutton Broth, which seems to be most nourishing.

"Is it medicated?"

36 examples of  medicated  in sentences