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302 example sentences with  medicine's

302 example sentences with medicine's

The demand for medicine is very light, but the local traders carry a small stock of patent and proprietary medicines.

The countess heard the whole of this confession without saying a word either of approval or of blame, but she strictly questioned Helena as to the probability of the medicine being useful to the king.

In general, very little medicine is needed in this disease of the thrushan alterative powder, or a little magnesia, given once or twice, being all, with the warm bath, that, in the great majority of cases, is needed to restore the mucous membrane to health.

That a given medicine is the best, avails nothing if it be not also one which the patient is willing to take.

That Aristotle had in mind an analogy with medicine is better understood from a passage in the Politics which describes the beneficial effect of music on patients suffering from religious ecstasy.

The fatal arrow was immediately drawn from the wounded eyes of the prince, and some medicine being first applied to them, they conveyed him mournfully to his own tent.

" The principal reasons for supposing that Lodge studied medicine are the existence of a "Treatise of the Plague," published by "Thomas Lodge, Doctor in Physic," in 1603, and of a collection of medical recipes in MS., called "The Poor Man's Legacy," addressed to the Countess of Arundel, and sold among the books of the Duke of Norfolk.

But medicine's medicine, and I only wish some people I know of would remember it."

"No fact in medicine is better established than that which proves the hereditary transmission from parents to children of a constitutional liability to pulmonary disease, and especially to consumption; yet no condition is less attended to in forming matrimonial engagements.

The choice of the aperient, or the dose, or the exact condition of the health of the infant, or whether it is an aperient at all that is required, are points entirely overlooked: a little medicine is thought necessary, because the child appears unwell, and a purgative, or a little white powder, is forthwith given.

III.OPIATES. This class of medicine is often kept in the nursery, in the forms of laudanum, syrup of white poppies, Dalby's carminative, and Godfrey's cordial.

The error to be combated is not the belief that, in its own way, medicine is capable of doing good, but the belief that there is no higher or better way.

Red cheeks and prickly heat are consequences, but feather-beds and medicine are retribution."

"Do you know what the medicine is?"

The medicine is probably injurious, even dangerous.

The more general course is to defer calling for medical advice, till it is too late to use preventive means; and medicine is then resorted to by the physician as a sort of necessary evil.

Solomon was a great botanist,a realm with which the science of medicine is indissolubly connected.

The origin of Hindu medicine is lost in remote antiquity.

The real founders of Greek medicine are fabled characters, like Hercules and Aesculapius,that is, benefactors whose fictitious names alone have descended to us.

It often happens that those who have let blood or taken medicine are obliged at the hazard of their lives to follow.

Upon a stone ten cubits high, erected in the public squares of all the cities, the names of all sorts of medicines, with the exact prices of each, are engraven; and when the poor stand in need of relief from physic, they receive, at the treasury, the price that each medicine is rated at.

Again, in the great questions which came up for discussion, especially those in the domain of political economy, there would be honest differences of opinion; for political economy has settled very little, and is not, therefore, strictly a science, any more than medicine is.

Virchow met with the love as well as the admiration of his contemporaries, and both sentiments will descend to their successors, for his impress on the records of medicine is indelible, both as an instructor and as a friend of all real truth-seekers.

The shops of medicine are supplied with resins, balsams, and essential oils; and the tar and pitch, for mechanical purposes, arc produced from these vegetable secretions.]

"It is a fair day, and thy medicine be strong, Klok-No-Ton."

"Thy medicine be ill, O Klok-No-Ton!"

"I got it from the man La-lah, and often have I thought," and, "It is a fair day and thy medicine be strong."

The male students of medicine are admitted to the university at the age of eighteen; having first been required to go through a prescribed course of collegiate study, and to pass the requisite examination.

They have a stone which is ten cubits high, erected in the public squares of their cities; whereon is engraved the name of all sorts of medicines, with the price of each, and when the poor stand in need of relief from physic, they go to the treasury to receive the price each medicine is rated at.

Its use in medicine is of long standing.

[Footnote 1] In a few words, the Amulet reached us in an early stage of convalescence, when we began to feel that "no medicine is better for the weakness of the body than that which soothes and tranquillizes the soul."

As Dr. Holmes has so forcibly expounded, every medicine is in itself hurtful.

Then the men who know him, who believe that his medicine is strong and that he will have good luck, make up their minds to follow him.

And noo the medicine's swallowed.

The vicinity of Jalapa, although poorly cultivated, produces maize, wheat, grapes, and jalap, from which plant the well-known medicine is prepared, and the town takes its name.

The 'Art of Static Medicine' was also translated into French by M. Le Breton, in 1722.

Medicine is one of the few professions in which women receive as high remuneration as men.

Among the Zulus also "medicine is burned on a fire placed to windward of the garden, the fumigation which the plants in consequence receive being held to improve the crop."

FORENSIC MEDICINE, or MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE, a branch of legal science in which the principles of medicine are applied to the purposes of the law, and originating out of the frequency with which medical points arise in the administration of justice, e. g. in murder trials and in cases where insanity is involved.

This medicine is particularly serviceable in hysteric depressions proceeding from a cold cause, or obstruction of the uterine secretions, where other aromatics, even those of the more generous kind, have little effect.

The dose of dried leaves in powder is from one grain to three twice a-day; but if a liquid medicine be preferred, a dram of the dried leaves is to be infused for four hours in half a pint of boiling water, adding to the strained liquor an ounce of any spiritous water.

The general effects of this medicine are, to relax the solids, ease pain, procure sleep, promote perspiration, but restrain all other evacuations.

This medicine is certainly a very mild one, and considerably less hot than most others to which these virtues are attributed.

He goes so far as to say, that dropsies which do not yield to this medicine are scarce capable of being cured by any other.

Patent medicine is not the remedy.

It is often thought that medicine is the curative process.

It is no such thing; medicine is the surgery of functions, as surgery proper is that of limbs and organs.

Medicine is a great aid in any caseI have never thought it more.

"I am going to France, next spring, when the Stanburys go over, just to see what strides medicine is making across the waters, and to rest myself a little, improve my Gallic pronunciation, and get the fashions, and I will take you as my interpreter, if you promise to be very good and obedient in the interval.

National library of medicine's toxicology data network.

The medicine is known to be well tolerated, with no contra-indications, except sensitivity.

If a scientist says that "The medicine is safe in small amounts", a drug company can distort it and say "The scientist says the medicine is safe".

Despite Gibraltarā€™s reliance on antibiotics, the government warned this would not work on the virus if it did occur, as the medicine is only effective against bacterial infections.

Dr. Ankit Bharat, Northwestern Medicine's chief of thoracic surgery, performed the 10-hour procedure.

Medicine is one of the ways by which you can do Godā€™s work.

Our medicine is excellent.

So much about medicine is teaching people about their health.

The GOP used to be the party of fiscal sanity, but administering strong medicine is never easy.

The people who run medicine are male, pale and stale.ā€™

The pharmaceuticals industry is pushing for the fallback of a ā€˜mutual recognition agreementā€™, to avoid the cost and delay ā€“ of up to 6 weeks ā€“ of re-testing when a medicine is exported to the EU.

There is this false narrative that science and medicine are these sterile fields, that everybody just pays attention to the data and findings and that the field itself is somehow outside of the world of politics.

This is simplifying health care that hopefully transforms how medicine is delivered today and in the future.

To Hippocrates, ā€œLet food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.ā€

UW Medicine's vaccine candidate displays 60 copies of the coronavirus's receptor-binding domain, which the virus allows it to dock to body receptors to gain entry into cells.

When you consider these things, do you think that COVID-19 is permanently shifting the way medicine is practiced to where telemedicine really might not disappear and seeing patients in sort of a drive-thru manner might be here to stay?

While medical professionals generally have discretion in their clinical use of devices and pharmaceuticals, many aspects of the practice of medicine are regulated under state law.

With medical staff under quarantine basic medicine is collapsing.

Chiropractic medicine is a non-invasive alternative that seeks out and deals with the underlying cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Doctors increasingly complain about costly and onerous bureaucratic red tape, taking valuable time away from treating patients, what practicing medicine is all about.

Dr. Brown said there is already a lot of interest in Memorialā€™s new program; nationally this special competence in emergency medicine is fairly competitive with about 100 people applying for a spot or two at each site.

During a presentation on ā€˜Beauty, Art, Nature and Silence as Medicineā€™, Kurt will guide participants to explore the seven qualities essential to experiencing the healing power of beauty, art and nature.

Evidenced-based medicine is the phrase describing the approach which involves conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence for patient care.

For further information, please contact the Faculty of Medicine's Office of Professional Development, Faculty of Medicine, at 737-6653 or 737-5152.

"Haldol is prescribed for psychotic patients hearing voices or thinking delusionally," said Dr. Lucy Puryear, a psychiatry professor in Baylor College of Medicine's mood disorders research program.

His research interests are in the general are of cyber-physical systems with medicine being one of his primary application areas.

Injuries or diseases that were once thought to be outside the realm of rehabilitation medicine are now treated along with the more traditional illnesses.

In recent years, trial-based evidence has come to be seen as the guarantor of medicine's "scientific-ness."

ā€œIntegrative medicine is a growing field ā€“ I would love to be in a position to facilitate an exchange of information with the goal of enhancing patient care.

It's not the same as Chinese medicine's facial acupuncture - it is a completely original method, which uses over 500 points as opposed to only 30 in acupuncture!

Like a compass, personalized cancer medicine is an approach that guides treatment options by using the genetic features of tumours.

Medicine is not just a science, it's an art.

Medicine is the type of career that can encompass your life and take over if you let it, so itā€™s important to make sure that doesnā€™t happen.

Naturopathic medicine is primary health care medicine, which blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine.

Organ donation - emergency medicine's call to action.

Recently, large metallo-organic complexes of ruthenium have been found to exhibit anti-tumor activity and the first of a new group of anti-cancer medicine are now in the stage of clinical trials.

Relevant examples from veterinary medicine are used to explain foundation principles.

Remember, some of the best medicine isn't medicine at all - it is nutrition!

Science and modern medicine are fields that are advancing rapidly in our increasingly technological society.

Sports medicine is an area of health and special services that apply medical and scientific knowledge to prevent, recognize, manage, treat and rehabilitate injuries related to sport, exercise, or recreational activity.

The award is made by the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards, acting on the decision of the Dean of Medicine's Advisory Committee on Awards, Bursaries and Scholarships.

The clash within the profession is tense enough, but it is being mirrored and fed by changing expectations outside medicine's institutional walls.

The era of personalized medicine is here and it will continue to drive better outcomes in cancer treatment."

The Faculty of Medicine's definition of a full year is described in the Office of Admissions' Applicant Manual.

These days it's important to know what you are paying for, and veterinary medicine is no exception.

The taxonomy of medicine is a dry, obscure and esoteric subject usually reserved for people with a peculiar obsessivecompulsive bent -- like me.

This is facilitated by the Cumming School of Medicine's associations with inpatient and outpatient settings throughout Calgary and Southern Alberta.

Toward 2018: Our 200th (and Medicine's 150th) starts now!

Berkal believes that integrated medicine is the right direction and, in fact, integrated clinics are popping up in many places.

Western and Chinese medicine are pitted against each other.

With serious illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, epilepsy or high blood pressure, conventional medicine is still the way to go.