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946 example sentences with  medieval

946 example sentences with medieval

Owing to the steepness of the roads, a crupper is considered necessary and is usually decorated with a broad, embossed panel, from which hang little trappings reminiscent of medieval harness.

"I want to dress him in a red and yellow medieval costume and take pictures.

In their day, nature was still unconquered by science; medieval superstitions still lingered in the minds of men and the magical notions of nature which they had inherited from the Middle Age received a corroboration from those neoplatonist dreamers, whom they confounded with the true Greek philosophers.

" The same faith in Nature, the same instinctive correctness in melody, springing from that correct insight into Nature, ran through the poems inspired by medieval legends.

Cleopatra acted out the pagan ideal of an angel; St. Hedwiga, the medieval one; Madame de Stael hers, with the peculiar notions of her time as to what "spirituel" might mean; and in "The Princess" Mr. Tennyson has embodied the ideal of that nobler, wider, purer, yet equally fallacious, because equally unnatural, analogue, which we may meet too often up and down England now.

The medieval writers were fools.

The same will be the fruits of a real understanding of the medieval religion.

But if I have not much sympathy with modern imitations of medieval art, still less can I sympathise with that narrow puritanical jealousy which holds the monuments of a real and earnest faith in contempt: all that God has permitted to exist once in the past should be considered as the possession of the present; sacred for example or warning, and held as the foundation on which to build up what is better and purer.

And yet with all this there is, as Mrs. Jameson says, a curious ignorance with regard to the subject of medieval art, even though it has now become a reigning fashion among us.

Many of the antique bronzes, terra-cottas, vases, classical and medieval relics, so jealously cared for in the collections of Europe, are the clever imitations of a poor and honest artist in one of the Italian cities, whose miniature studio might almost be put inside one of our old-fashioned omnibuses.

"Our information, then," he said, "amounts to this: Reuben is an industrious worker at his business and, in his leisure, a student of ancient and medieval art; possibly a babbling fool and a cad or, on the other hand, a maligned and much-abused man.

The host, the relic, the wonder-working shrine, things endowed with a mysterious potency, evoked the yearning and the awe of medieval multitudes.

Therefore architecture was essentially a medieval art.

The ancient world absorbed all interests, and the Italians with one will shook themselves free of the medieval style they never rightly understood, and which they henceforth stigmatised as barbarous.

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In 1804 he removed to Cologne, where he entered with great eagerness into the work of re-discovering the medieval Lower Rhenish School of religious art and Gothic architecture.

A new verb, "sternbaldisieren," was coined to parody a new movement in German art toward the medieval, religious spirit.

It is this book which Heine had in mind when he ridiculed Tieck's "silly plunge into medieval naรฏvetรฉ."

That eminently "Romantic" play, Emperor Octavian (1804), derived from a familiar medieval chap-book, lyric in tone and loose in form, is a pure epitome of the movement, and the high-water mark of Tieck's apostleship and service.

Oh, she's playing the old medieval game, you can see that!"

The substance of the Gesta Romanorum and the style of the Novellino appear so, considered in relation to the Decameron; the mystery plays are an obvious instance, not to be explained by any general immaturity of medieval ideas.

It is, however, true that, like Greene's, his heroes are rather of a classical than a medieval stamp, and he also chose to lay the scene of the action in Greece rather than in his native land, as was the habit of Spanish writers.

Indeed, the blending of medieval and classical forms and conventions may be traced throughout the early secular drama of Italy.

As in medieval tales, he who had once been admitted to fairyland, could nevermore conquer his longing to return thither, so the poet longs for some other condition of existence where the divine spirit of song may forever lift him above the trials and the littleness of this earthly life.

The trading cities of medieval Europe, the emerging nations of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the colonizing empires of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and the industrial European empires of the nineteenth century devoted their energies increasingly to expanding into new territory, occupying and exploiting it, and fighting the wars which pock-marked the ceaseless struggle for pelf and power.

Leaving the new quarter, I penetrated by degrees into the chaos of the old streets, and soon I had before my eyes a characteristic, picturesque Hamburg; a genuine old city with a medieval stamp which would delight Bonington, Isabey or William Wyld.

This gallery leads into the main building, a structure than which no scene-painter, seeking a medieval decoration for an opera, ever invented anything more picturesque and singular.

It is the first example of such an arrangement that I have ever seen.... The Holstenthor, a city gate close by the railway station, is a most curious and picturesque specimen of German medieval architecture.

On the other hand, communes disrupted the order of medieval society.

Shah Dara also has other tombs and gardens from medieval times.

Some refer to the event as the Medieval Climatic Anomaly because this term emphasizes that effects other than temperature were important.

The Buddhist Conquest of China: The Spread and Adaptation of Buddhism in Early Medieval China.

The Cathedral is a beautiful example of early medieval "Romanesque"

The church tower was usually the highest structure or building in medieval European towns and villages.

The icon of The Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy is venerated in a chapel at the medieval gate at the top of this street.

The oldest part of the town is the "colle alta", the higher part, with a well preserved medieval center.

The Sengoku period would precede a process of unification and the end of Japan's medieval period.

The West Frankish Kingdom is the start of both medieval France and modern France.

By the 1760s little more of the nunnery remained standing than at present, though it is the most complete remnant of a medieval nunnery in Scotland.

By the late medieval period, the nuclear family had become most common.

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He was possibly one of the most important medieval Catalan writers.

However, the ancient and medieval texts of Hinduism feature many triads of gods and goddesses, some of which do not include Shiva.

A 24-year-old man suspect, dressed in a medieval outfit and brandishing a sword, was arrested early Sunday in the killing of two people and injuries of five others in the historic district of Quebec City, Canada.

Standout features include medieval-looking turrets, mismatched stained-glass windows and a freestanding copper bathtub.

A 13-minute walk from Frankfurt Central train station, this informal apartment hotel in the business district is also a 5-minute walk from trendy shopping at the Skyline Plaza Frankfurt and 2 km from Rรถmer, a medieval town hall.

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For Vianna, the idea of working with the wheel was inspired by the first cinema recording and projection device, and also by medieval engineering.

He also holds a dual BA in History and Medieval Studies (highest honors) from the University of California, Santa Barbara (1988).

His research focuses on medieval Spain, peasantry, luxury products, and the history of cuisine.

His research is situated in medieval German literature and culture, with a focus on twelfth- and thirteenth-century epic and romance, medieval legends on Alexander the Great, and medieval love poetry.

His research is situated in medieval German literature and culture, with a focus on twelfth- and thirteenth-century epic and romance, medieval legends on Alexander the Great, and medieval love poetry.

His research is situated in medieval German literature and culture, with a focus on twelfth- and thirteenth-century epic and romance, medieval legends on Alexander the Great, and medieval love poetry.

His research role concentrates on digitisation of primary source material, and current projects encompass a variety of source forms, from transcription of medieval-period manuscripts through 19th century company records to modern photojournalistic images.

However, some of the medieval Talmud commentators sensed that this did not dovetail with the observable facts.

I can only look from an historical basis to, say, medieval Spain.

I didn't come to Canada as a refugee, but I did come for a very specific purpose, to attend the best graduate program in medieval history in North America, and I thought I'd be leaving when that purpose was accomplished.

A much less benign and more alarming attraction to medieval culture is also widespread among groups promoting racism, xenophobia and white supremacy.

A multi-volume bio-bibliographical dictionary of Ukrainian writers from medieval times to the Soviet era.

Seamus Oโ€™Neill is associate professor of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy at The Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Speaking of focusing on oneโ€™s chestโ€ฆ I was at a gathering of medieval re-enactors a few months ago, and got to chatting with a woman who does wildlife rehabilitation.

As is well known, banking in Europe began in the medieval period with store-front gold merchants who invented fractional reserve banking by lending certificates against a gold reserve held for their customers on deposit.

While this looks like a medieval stone cathedral with renaissance ceiling art, this was located in a midwestern city.