53345 examples of meet in sentences

" "With a man it's different, It's his job in life, earning, andand the woman making the two ends of it meet.

he's going to support her, and he's going to pay back that forty dollars of his girl's that went into his wedding duds, that hundred and ninety of his girl's savings that went into furniture" "We got to meet our instalments every month first, Jimmie.

Ruby and Essie and Charley are going to meet us in the minister's back parlor at ten sharp in the morning.

" She would not meet his eyes, turning her head from him to hide lips that would quiver.

may establish an alibi or two, Shylock and the public-school system meet over and melt that too, too solid pound of flesh, and Xantippe, herself the sturdier man than Socrates, give ready, lie to what is called the shrew in her.

Marquad won two games and did not meet defeat, and Bedient won one without a defeat.

Compliance requirements are not uniform and it takes a considerable effort, much paperwork and many fees to meet and keep up with these requirements.

Failing some such heavenly messenger, there was nothing for it but that the Boy should face the ignominy of going forth to meet the Father on the morrow, and confess the humiliating truth.

"No, he came down this morning to meet you.

Why, any Body, Man; but, by Fortune, I'm overjoy'd to meet thee: But where dost think I was going? Friend.

Take notice I am affronted in your Lodgingsfor you, BellmourYou take me for an Asstherefore meet me to morrow Morning about five, with your Sword in your Hand, behind Southampton House.

Whilst I prepare to meet this Fop to fight him.

Hang him, he'll ne'er meet thee; to beat a Watch, or kick a Drawer, or batter Windows, is the highest pitch of Valour he e'er arriv'd to.

Wherever I can meet itWho comes here?

To meet a Rogue!

And I much prefer that she go through life with her warm heart, and expect to find a friend in every human being, than that she should pass people indifferently, and have no conception of friendship, although she may meet with many a disappointment and many a condemnation through this trait.

" "Well, when you do meet her you'll see what I mean, or like as not you won't, being a man.

"And I know, Willits, you will be delighted to meet our pastor, Mr. Macnair.

He wanted to arrange to meet me in town one day; but he is still too busy to fix a date.

"The place is full of him," Piers went on; "I meet him at every corner.

She found herself looking up again and again to meet those eyes of mocking comprehension; and the memory of what Lennox Tudor had once told her recurred to her.

McMurtrie had told me in his letter that he would arrange for some one to meet me; and looking round I caught sight of a burly red-faced gentleman in a tight jacket and a battered straw hat, sullenly eyeing the various passengers who had alighted.

He entered the room in an energetic, fussy sort of manner, and came bustling across to Lord Lammersfield, who had risen from the table to meet him.

How anxiously do they meet together!

[Footnote 087: The author of this Essay made it his business to inquire of the most intelligent of those, whom he could meet with in London, as to the authenticity of the fact.

53345 examples of  meet  in sentences