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53345 examples of  meet  in sentences

53345 examples of meet in sentences

" "With a man it's different, It's his job in life, earning, andand the woman making the two ends of it meet.

he's going to support her, and he's going to pay back that forty dollars of his girl's that went into his wedding duds, that hundred and ninety of his girl's savings that went into furniture" "We got to meet our instalments every month first, Jimmie.

Ruby and Essie and Charley are going to meet us in the minister's back parlor at ten sharp in the morning.

" She would not meet his eyes, turning her head from him to hide lips that would quiver.

may establish an alibi or two, Shylock and the public-school system meet over and melt that too, too solid pound of flesh, and Xantippe, herself the sturdier man than Socrates, give ready, lie to what is called the shrew in her.

Marquad won two games and did not meet defeat, and Bedient won one without a defeat.

Compliance requirements are not uniform and it takes a considerable effort, much paperwork and many fees to meet and keep up with these requirements.

Failing some such heavenly messenger, there was nothing for it but that the Boy should face the ignominy of going forth to meet the Father on the morrow, and confess the humiliating truth.

" "Goin' to meet ... a ... Nicholas?" "Reckon so," said the Colonel, a bit ruffled.

"No, he came down this morning to meet you.

It was only when Mac had marched off, glowering still, and sternly refusing to meet Kaviak's tearful but grateful eyesit was only then, bending over the sled and making fast the furs, that Father Wills, all to himself, smiled a little.

Sure, ye'r more surprised to see 'im leppin' down the hill to meet ye, like a rale Irish tarrier.

I didn't know him with that thing tied over his cap"; and Mac went to meet him.

Whatever it was he saw off there, he could not meet it yet.

Bellmour, meantime, in despair and rage at his misery plunges into reckless debauchery, and in company with Sir Timothy visits a bagnio, where they meet Betty Flauntit, the knight's kept mistress, and other cyprians.

Why, any Body, Man; but, by Fortune, I'm overjoy'd to meet thee: But where dost think I was going? Friend.

Is't possible you shou'd not, and meet me so near your Sister's Lodgings?

Take notice I am affronted in your Lodgingsfor you, BellmourYou take me for an Asstherefore meet me to morrow Morning about five, with your Sword in your Hand, behind Southampton House.

Whilst I prepare to meet this Fop to fight him.

Hang him, he'll ne'er meet thee; to beat a Watch, or kick a Drawer, or batter Windows, is the highest pitch of Valour he e'er arriv'd to.

Good morrow, Sir Timothy; what, not yet ready, and to meet Mr. Bellmour at Five?

Ay, if there were no more in't than Exercise; if a Man cou'd take a Breathing without breathing a Veinbut, Sham, this Wounds, and Blood, sounds terribly in my Ears; but since thou say'st 'tis nothing, prithee do thou meet Bellmour in my stead; thou art a poor Dog, and 'tis no matter if the World were well rid of thee.

[To Celinda. Be gone, and let me meet it.

Wherever I can meet itWho comes here?

To meet a Rogue!

And I to meet a Whore, and now we are well met.

Sure I rose the wrong way to day, I have had such damn'd ill luck every way: First, to be sent for to such a Man as this Bellmour, and, as the Devil wou'd have it, to find my Knight there; then to be just upon the Point of making my Fortune, and to be interrupted by that virtuous Brother of his; then to have a Quarrel happen, that (before I could whisper him in the Ear, to say so much as, Meet me here again anon)

Many of them want to fly to meet this army.

He was just in the ardent period when boys love to make mysteries of very ordinary things, and Jack's sotto voce command was like the hero's voice in the play, "Meet me by the ruined well when midnight strikes."

It is as much, as to say that you won't wait and see whether you may meet some one that you can be surer of than you are of me?"

" The whole household were to meet President Davis and his party in Williamsburg, assist at the review, and get back with the distinguished guests in time for a state dinner.

Wesley was no coward, and he ached to meet Jack face to face, arm to arm, and settle with that thoughtless insubordinate a rankling list of griefs heaped up in moments of over-vivacious frankness.

At her house society was always sure to meet the European noblemen traveling in the country, the quasi official agents of France, England, and Austria, accredited to the new Confederacy, the generals of the Southern armies on leave in the city, and the political leaders able to snatch an evening's relaxation.

You shall meet and vanquish fifty Harrys, and cry, 'God for Union, liberty, and the laws.'

God bless thee, youthful sir, for 'tis well to meet with gentleness within a world so cruel.

Thus do I say God and the sweet saints bless thee in thy love, dear lad, for a right noble lady is Helen the Beautiful and meet to thine embracements.

Now as he watched this devilish light, Beltane arose and reaching for his sword went soft-footed to meet it, then paused, for the light was moving towards him.

He said to Mr. Murphy twenty years ago, "Thurlow is a man of such vigour of mind that I never knew I was to meet him, butI was going to tell a falsehood; I was going to say I was afraid of him, and that would not be true, for I was never afraid of any manbut I never knew that I was to meet Thurlow, but I knew I had something to encounter.

He said to Mr. Murphy twenty years ago, "Thurlow is a man of such vigour of mind that I never knew I was to meet him, butI was going to tell a falsehood; I was going to say I was afraid of him, and that would not be true, for I was never afraid of any manbut I never knew that I was to meet Thurlow, but I knew I had something to encounter.

If I meet with one of her letters, I burn it instantly.

Compliance requirements are not uniform and it takes a considerable effort, much paperwork and many fees to meet and keep up with these requirements.

Mr. Dean sometimes forgot his mills when a bright face came to meet him, a gentle hand smoothed the wrinkles out of his anxious forehead, and a daughterly heart sympathized with all his cares.

His back was toward her, but he saw her first, and turned his flushed face to meet her, with the sudden lighting up it always showed when she approached.

We shall find that Christ is indeed the Mediator between God and Man, not by the arbitrary fiat of a capricious Deity, but by a logical law of sequence which solves the problem of making extremes meet, so that the Son of Man is also the Son of God; and when we see the reason why this is so we thereby receive power to become ourselves sons of God, which is the dรฉnouement of the Creative Process in the Individual.

These are eternal principles, and therefore we are told that the Lamb was slain from the foundation of the world; and because "thoughts are things" this supreme manifestation of the creative interaction of Law and Personality was bound eventually to be manifested in concrete action in the world conditioned by time and space; and so it was that the supreme manifestation of the Love of God to meet the supreme need of Man took place.

And I much prefer that she go through life with her warm heart, and expect to find a friend in every human being, than that she should pass people indifferently, and have no conception of friendship, although she may meet with many a disappointment and many a condemnation through this trait.

" "Well, when you do meet her you'll see what I mean, or like as not you won't, being a man.

"And I know, Willits, you will be delighted to meet our pastor, Mr. Macnair.

And just as I had decided to sell these jewels'all my own property, mindin order to clear off the whole lot of the mortgages on my son's estate, so's he could come into them quite unencumbered, I happened to meet Mr. James Allerdyke in St. Petersburgthat's of course,

Over the edge of his newspaper he watched Rayner and Miss Slade meet, exchange a word or two, and retire to a corner of an inner lounge in which they often sat talking together.

Very welldown the High Street he walks, on this side which we are nowhe strolls along, by these old houses, looking about him, of course, for the person he was to meet.

Only NOAH'S Ark would really meet the case.

Stay till we meet Lord Elibank.

We set sail again about mid-day, and in the evening landed on Mull, near the house of the Reverend Mr. Neal M'Leod, who having been informed of our coming, by a message from Sir Allan, came out to meet us.

On such terms did these two great moralists meet and part, and such was the classical dialogue between two great teachers of philosophy.

He wanted to arrange to meet me in town one day; but he is still too busy to fix a date.

"The place is full of him," Piers went on; "I meet him at every corner.

She found herself looking up again and again to meet those eyes of mocking comprehension; and the memory of what Lennox Tudor had once told her recurred to her.

It was a task which required a certain amount of care and delicacy, but after two trial essays I succeeded in turning out the following letter, which seemed to me about to meet the situation.

McMurtrie had told me in his letter that he would arrange for some one to meet me; and looking round I caught sight of a burly red-faced gentleman in a tight jacket and a battered straw hat, sullenly eyeing the various passengers who had alighted.

He entered the room in an energetic, fussy sort of manner, and came bustling across to Lord Lammersfield, who had risen from the table to meet him.

Mr. Van Torp had come to meet Lady Maud.

It is a slightly serpentine motion; and as there is nothing to show that Eve did not meet the Serpent again after she had taken to clothes, she may have learnt the trick from him.

Always I hope that some traveller may have more news of the way than I, and sooner or later, I find I must make inquiry of the direction of every thoughtful man I meet.

And afterward I came out into the clear bright night, and the air was sweet and cool, and my dog came bounding to meet me.

Perhaps, from the message he has just received, he expects to meet the king, and conscience, confronting temptation, has been urging the necessity of proof; perhaps a righteous consideration of consequences, which sometimes have share in the primary duty, has been making him shrink afresh from the shedding of blood, for every thoughtful mind recoils from the irrevocable, and that is an awful form of the irrevocable.

Sport and repose locke from me day and night: [A] Each opposite that blankes the face of ioy, Meet what I would haue well, and it destroy: Both heere, and hence, pursue me lasting strife, If once a Widdow, euer I be Wife.

How anxiously do they meet together!

[Footnote 087: The author of this Essay made it his business to inquire of the most intelligent of those, whom he could meet with in London, as to the authenticity of the fact.

Let us descend to meet a happinesse Crownes all our expectations.

Whilst I meet A Thunder strikes me dead.

Could it not be contrived anyhow that we should meet for half an hour secretly?" "Not secretly," says I.

With all due respect to your genius in painting, I can scarcely think that art will furnish you at once with supplies necessary to meet all these demands.

"I will have it ready against we meet in the morning," says I.

We agreed to meet the following night at the opera ball at midnight, on the young lawyer's suggestion.

It is customary among the Moors, when any of them return from the pilgrimage of Mecca, to go out in great procession to meet the devout pilgrim, whom some of them carry on their shoulders with great solemnity through the town and to his own house, where he sits in state for three days, receiving visits and donations from all classes of people, who flock with the greatest eagerness to obtain a sight of him.

The country clergy of Scotland have their many difficulties against which they are to contend; and many obstacles which they have to meet.

If the spirits of such writers as Doddridge, Watts, and Hall, have been felt to permeate and to influence the hearts of others who have heard or read their words of holiness and peace, we may well suppose that God would sanction their making like impressions, in his own house, upon the hearts of those whom they meet there face to face.

Can hatred to meeting on earth be in any sense a right preliminary or preparation for desire to meet in Heaven?

Nay, more, should we not carefully guard lest the bitter displays we see of religious hostility may even tend to bring men's minds towards a disinclination to meet in Heaven, of which the most terrible condition was thus expressed by Southey:"Earth could not hold us both, nor can one heaven.

Compliance requirements are not uniform and it takes a considerable effort, much paperwork and many fees to meet and keep up with these requirements.


Have you decided to pass over that lie of mine, or are you going to cut me next time we meet?" "I shall not cut you," she said.

"Yes, we are friends; but it is very unlikely that we shall meet again.

"But I fancy we shall meet again notwithstanding.

"I should like to meet your brother," she remarked.

My father doesn't want me to meet himunless I am obliged.

She rose to meet him, her surprise in her face, and he, entering with that light, half-stealthy tread of his, responded to it before his hand touched hers.

She let her eyes meet his for a moment.

" She made the introduction without a tremor, but she kept her eyes downcast as if she did not wish to see them meet.


Lady Carfax was coming towards them and he went to meet her.

"They are driven home to this rick-yard, so here I meet the boy.

" "Ah! by the bye!" said Charlie, "I did meet the Rector staggering out, with the fascinating lady with the long eyelashes in one arm, and the moustached hero in the other.

"May we often meet in the same manner, though I honestly tell you I'm not of your party; I should go dead against your husband if we only had a chance.

But you shall not lose your ride, Cecil; I'll ask one of the boys to go with you to the Beeches, and perhaps I shall meet you there.

He did so thus: "I say, Anne, Cecil wants to go to Sirenwood first to get a book, so Lee will bring you to meet us at the Beeches at 2.30.

" "I did not come with my husband," said Cecil; "he is gone to Willansborough to meet the architect.

Methinks there are sounds as if the whole canine establishment at Mrs. Hornblower's were prancing up to meet us.

At the door Eleonora came to meet him.