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3827 examples of  melting  in sentences

3827 examples of melting in sentences

One who ventures to look for it finds the immediate source of the spring freshetsall the hill fronts furrowed with the reek of melting drifts, all the gravelly flats in a swirl of waters.

This changing of the stream-tone following tardily the changes of the sun on melting snows is most meaningful of wood notes.

When he was quite done, and the snow was melting in pools on the floor, he delivered his opinion of the country and the weather: "This is sure a hell of a country," he said, "that can throw a storm like this at the end of March.

Her voice had latterly acquired a coarseness, which suited well enough with her Nells and Hoydens, but in those days it sank, with her steady melting eye, into the heart.

But, while we are melting in silent sorrow, and, in the transports of delirious pity, dropping both the sword and balance from our hands, another friend of the Americans thinks it better to awaken another passion, and tries to alarm our interest, or excite our veneration, by accounts of their greatness and their opulence, of the fertility of their land, and the splendour of their towns.

But if any lady tries the plan of melting the sugar while the tea is brewing in the tea-pot, she will find the tea so prepared has acquired a different, and not disagreeable flavour.

'Why, Sir, for making a furnace for the chymists for melting iron.

It is a look of languishing, melting adoration, and if I face him steadily, he must always turn away as if to avoid being overcomeas if the sight of beauty so great as mine could be borne full in the eyes only for the briefest of moments.

They all flow from under the glaciers, fed by their constant melting.

You talk of Christians: Ile tell you a strange thing, a kind of melting in My soule, as 'twere before some heavenly fire, When in their deaths (whom they themselves call Martyrs)

Marcia moved her melting, lazy, laughing eyes and Cornificia clapped her hands.

~Hours.~ Matchless, melting eyes of brown, This is but a cheerless town; You should beam 'neath warmer skies, Matchless, melting, dark brown eyes.

~Hours.~ Matchless, melting eyes of brown, This is but a cheerless town; You should beam 'neath warmer skies, Matchless, melting, dark brown eyes.

Yours should be a land of flowers, Perfumed air and sunny hours; Eastern fires within you rise, Matchless, melting, dark brown eyes.

Since that I sawe this gardine wasted quite, That where it was scarce seemed anie sight; 530 That I, which once that beautie did beholde, Could not from teares my melting eyes with-holde.

For when on me thou shinedst late in sadnesse, A melting pleasance ran through every part, And me revived with hart-robbing gladnesse; Whylest rapt with ioy resembling heavenly madness, My soule was ravisht quite as in a traunce, And, feeling thence no more her sorrowes sadnesse, Fed on the fulnesse of that chearfull glaunce.

The sun of humanity is going steadily up from the horizon to its zenith, growing larger and brighter, and melting the frozen earth beneath, its powerful rays.

Thy melting mind!

Big with the scenes now past my heart o'erflows, Bids each endearment fair at once to rise, And dwells luxurious on her melting woes.

More to the west lay San Fernando hill, the calm gulf, and the coast toward La Brea and Cedros melting into mist.

Warm with sweet blushes bright GALANTHA glows, And prints with frolic step the melting snows; [Galanthus.

If circumstances could ever make a great national poet, here were all the elements mingled at melting-heat in the alembic, and the lucky moment of projection was clearly come.

Its melting magic moveth me The secret of my heart to tell!

She never made up and rehearsed in imagination little scenes of a melting pathos where eternal adieux were spoken amid tears.

One reads so much of the great tropical jungles of South America and of wellnigh impenetrable forests that it is difficult to realize that the West Coast from Ecuador, on the north, to the heart of Chile, on the south, is a great desert, broken at intervals by oases, or valleys whose rivers, coming from melting snows of the Andes, are here and there diverted for purposes of irrigation.

Less than a hundred yards from the wall tent was a small diurnal stream, fed by melting snow.

We pegged along until about half-past two, when the rapidly melting snow stopped all progress.

While we were melting more frozen snow and re-making the tea, we warmed up some pea soup and Irish stew.

Meagle led the way with the candle, and, first melting a drop or two of tallow, stuck it on the mantelpiece.

Of the same ten millions, at this time scarcely four are applicable to the interest, and upward of six are effective in melting down the capital.

Through the trees the sunset sky was pale green melting into rose-colour, and the wicked little gnomes that twilight brings were tweaking the child's hair and jeering at her misfortunes.

The floor seemed to be giving way under Alice, melting into a sort of bog that would swallow up her and her husband.

A WINTER'S DAY Into my garden sweet and fair Brightly the sun at noonday shines, Melting the frost from the wintry air, Warming the trellis of leafless vines.

Wolfe, while Deborah watched him, dug into the furnace of melting iron with his pole, dully thinking only how many rails the lump would yield.

I 'ad fourteen pounds when I was paid off, and it's melting like butter.

In the Punjab province, the extreme northwestern corner of India, adjoining Afghanistan on the west and Cashmere on the east, where the water supply comes from the melting snows of the Himalayas, the government receives a net profit of 10.83 per cent, and the value of the crop in the single year of 1902 was one and one-fourth times the total amount invested in the works to date.

The width of the main range of the Himalayas will average about 500 miles between its northern and southern foot-hills; it embraces every possible kind of climate, vegetation and natural products, and is a vast reservoir from which four of the greatest rivers of the world flow across the plains of India, carrying the drainage from the melting snows, and without this reservoir northern India would be a hopeless and dreary desert.

Yet softer claims the melting heart engage, Her youth laborious, and her blameless age; 30 Hers the mild merits of domestic life, The patient sufferer, and the faithful wife.

, while through the midnight shade, Beneath the moon's pale orb I stray, Soft pleasing woes my heart invade, As Prognรจ pours the melting lay. 6 From this capricious clime she soars, Oh!

Slow-melting strains their Queen's approach declare Where'er she turns, the Graces homage pay; With arms sublime, that float upon the air, In gliding state she wins her easy way: O'er her warm cheek and rising bosom move The bloom of young Desire and purple light of Love. II.1.

60 Sweet is the breath of vernal shower, The bee's collected treasures sweet, Sweet Music's melting fall, but sweeter yet The still small voice of Gratitude.' VI. Foremost, and leaning from her golden cloud, The venerable Margaret see! 'Welcome, my noble son!'

And he was smiling that rare and melting smile of histhe smile that was said to make him look something like a kewpie, and something like a cupid, and a bit like an imp, and very much like an angel.

The melting-pot of the races is also the melting-pot of nationalities.

The melting-pot of the races is also the melting-pot of nationalities.

Ah, no! let fancy's hand supply The blushing cheek, the melting eye, The heaving breast which glows with genial fire; Then let me clasp her in my arms, And, basking in her sweetest charms, Lose every grief in that triumphant hour.

And then suddenly melting into a flood of tears, he said, 'I cannot live away from my wife and children.'

Speaking of snow-flakes, what does he see, but that she is evidently yielding to the soft enchantment of the nearest flame-god,drawn thither by resistless affinity, and melting, in his burning arms, to the most delicate vapor!

I saw it, myself, melting and falling together into this beautiful shape.

But spring was now melting the snows.

My methods of painting were my own, for I had never painted under any one except the few months with Church, whose method had taught me nothing; and I had a way of painting scud clouds, such as always hang around the Alpine peaks, by brushing the sky in thinly with the sky-blue, and then working into that, with the brush, the melting clouds, producing the grays I wanted on the canvas.

The landscape had become a sea of mist,a river, rather; for the whole valley was filled with a moving, billowy flood of fog flowing from Mont Blanc, and enveloping mountain and valley alike in a veil of changing vapor, melting, forming, and flowing beneath my feet, hiding every object in the landscape below the cliffs I stood on.

The Ottoman power and Ottoman prejudices are melting away, as it might be under the heat of divine truth, which is clearing for itself a path that will lead to the fulfilment of its own predictions.

Meanwhile the brash and thinner floes are melting; everything of that sort must helpbut it's trying to the patience to be delayed like this.

I think it is the first time I have known rain beyond the Antarctic circleit is interesting to speculate on its effect in melting the floes.

A month ago it would probably have been difficult to detect inequalities or differences in the nature of the parts of the floes, but now the younger ice has become waterlogged and is melting rapidly, hence the pools.

Exasperating as it is to see the tons of coal melting away with the smallest mileage to our credit, one has at least the satisfaction of active fighting and the hope of better fortune.

Into the melting-pot when Dryden comes, What horrid stench will rise, what noisome fumes!

"New York has brought one thought to my mind with such intensity, that all others seem to have dropped back into the melting-pot," Bedient answered.

He sat down upon his haunches and looked at her, his tail brushing the sandeyes melting with love for her.

" The oblate spheroid assumed an archipelagic formation, melting into irregularly-placed military islands upon a sea of dust.

When a Girl says "No." When a girl says "Yes," There's a quick caress, A kiss, a sigh, A melting eye.

Anna was near him with Flora's arm about her in melting fondness.

Above his head the sky was clear and bright, the mist-wreaths melting away as they mounted towards the stars.

Adrian picked up his fork and began to stir gently the melting ice on the plate before him, but his eyes were fixed on the wall opposite, where, across the shining table, from a mellow gold frame, a portrait of his grandfather smiled with a benignity, utterly belying his traditional character, into the shadows above the candles.

Melting for rolls being mostly conducted in reverberatories, the variations in the condition of the furnace atmosphere, altering from reducing to oxidizing, and vice versa, in cases of bad stoking and different fuels, were referred to as occasionally affecting results.

Siemens' method of melting by radiant heat was mentioned for discussion.

Attention was called to some German data, published by Dr. Percy in 1864, concerning an iron which before melting weighedapproximately448ยผ lb. per cubic foot, and containedapproximately4 per cent.

Their trunks are melting into bright tears....

on the left side there is but one woman, and you may see the blur where the other is melting into thin air as she fades forever from your eyes.

And wanton optics roll the melting eye.

And wanton optics roll the melting eye.

It is impossible for me to express the beauties of her mind, or the loveliness of her person; neither can I too much lament her loss, which my latest breath shall record; her influence was greater over me, than the powers of my own reason, the importunities of friends, the instructions of a father, or the melting tears of a tender and disconsolate mother; in a word, she was the spirit of all my affairs, and the centre of my enterprizes.

Was it not almost on this very spot that "The board was spread with fruit and wine, With grapes of gold, like those that shine On Casbin's hills;pomegranates full Of melting sweetness, and

But she could not say them yet; she would give her fool another momentso she thought, but she was giving it to herself; and as she delayed she was in danger of melting in his arms.

'Say the wordsay you'll have me,' he continued, pressing his little hat to his breast and gazing over it with melting looks, 'most adorable of your sex, and I'll call up Pomeroy, I'll call up Tommy, the old woman, too, if you choose, and tell 'em, tell 'em all.'

'Oh, yes, yes!' 'S'help me, you are melting!' 'No, no!'

I was grieved with myself; and, with a burdened mind, bowed my knees and poured out my complaints before God, who listened to my cry and sent me help, melting me down before Him, and making me willing to be more obedient in future.

On a very hot day, when he was a young man, Saadi found the hot wind drying up the moisture of his mouth and melting the marrow of his bones.

There was a large number of women and girls, and a few men and boys working under this melting ordeal.

Adam and Eve, in the Book we are now considering, are likewise drawn with such Sentiments as do not only interest the Reader in their Afflictions, but raise in him the most melting Passions of Humanity and Commiseration.

During the day, he most generally remained confined in his narrow kitchen, before the stove for melting, which occupied the greater part of it.

He only counted on melting this quantity of lard at Valparaiso.

And this tragical Titan, who storms the heavens and threatens to tear the world off its hinges, who, more terrible than ร†schylus, makes our hair stand on end and congeals our blood with horror, possessed at the same time the insinuating loveliness of the sweetest poesy; he toys with love like a child, and his songs die away on the ear like melting sighs.

Finally, he set aside a room in the palace and there committed his indecencies, standing all the time naked at the door of it, as the harlots do, and shaking the curtain, which was fastened by gold rings, the while in a soft and melting voice he solicited the passers-by.

The intervening space was filled with islands and mud banks; which character the shore appeared to retain further eastward, being fronted by a margin of low sandy land, sometimes broken by the pressure of the sea from without or of the waters from within, when the streams that add to the fertility of Gipps' Land are swollen by the melting of the snows on the Australian Alps. (*Footnote.

"I don't mind being laughed at in good company, and it is such a relief to meet a gentleman who can talk about something besides corner lots and five per cent a month, and," with a wicked look at the figure of her father in the distance, "and mortgages with waivers in them!" Our cynic philosopher found his cynicism melting away like an iceberg in the Gulf-stream.

Of what use could it all be to him,unless that it, too, might be sent to the melting-pot and brought into some short-lived use at the club?

The tiled roof, sparkling and white with the morning frost, was beginning to drip, and dew shone on the melting rime, while all around the enclosure orchards were planted, and the trees leaned over their boughs.

Her face of perfect oval, with its delicately moulded features, was illuminated by a pair of large black eyes, now melting, now flaming, as mood succeeded mood.

It may also be prepared as required, by putting a small piece of clarified fat with one ounce of coarse sugar, in an iron spoon, melting them together, and stirring in a little ketchup and pepper.

It followed the track of a swollen mountain torrent, which had its rise in the melting snows of the summit, and tumbled in roaring cascades down a narrow, dark, precipitous ravine.

The water produced by the melting of the winter's snows is prevented by this stratum of frozen ground from sinking any farther into the earth, and has no escape except by slow evaporation.

Winter in most parts of north-eastern Siberia begins to break up in May, and summer advances with rapid strides upon its retreating footsteps, covering instantly with grass and flowers the ground that it reclaims from the melting snow-drifts of winter.

A tablespoon of melted butter should be measured after melting.

A spoonful of butter, melted, should be measured before melting.

His lyrics are the purest echoes of folk-song and folk-lore, and the simplicity and genuineness of his art give an undying charm to his songs of idyllic meadows and woodlands, post-chaises, carefree wanderers, and lovely maidens in picturesque settings; all suffused with gentle yearning and melting into soft melody.

" A flash of fire lit up the depths of the count's dark eyes, and there was a tone of melting tenderness in his rich voice as he spoke of Enrica.

And the melting noon-day heat, Strips the shoes from little feet, And the coats from little backs; While the paddling bare-foot tracks, In the brooklet which I see, Tell of youthful sports and glee.

She began to sob, her angry pride melting.

The figure of De Ferriรจres, standing in the ship side and melting into the outer darkness, haunted him, and compelled him in dreams to rise and follow him through the alleys and byways of the crowded city.