3827 examples of melting in sentences

Her voice had latterly acquired a coarseness, which suited well enough with her Nells and Hoydens, but in those days it sank, with her steady melting eye, into the heart.

But if any lady tries the plan of melting the sugar while the tea is brewing in the tea-pot, she will find the tea so prepared has acquired a different, and not disagreeable flavour.

It is a look of languishing, melting adoration, and if I face him steadily, he must always turn away as if to avoid being overcomeas if the sight of beauty so great as mine could be borne full in the eyes only for the briefest of moments.

They all flow from under the glaciers, fed by their constant melting.

You talk of Christians: Ile tell you a strange thing, a kind of melting in My soule, as 'twere before some heavenly fire, When in their deaths (whom they themselves call Martyrs)

Since that I sawe this gardine wasted quite, That where it was scarce seemed anie sight; 530 That I, which once that beautie did beholde, Could not from teares my melting eyes with-holde.

The sun of humanity is going steadily up from the horizon to its zenith, growing larger and brighter, and melting the frozen earth beneath, its powerful rays.

Thy melting mind!

Big with the scenes now past my heart o'erflows, Bids each endearment fair at once to rise, And dwells luxurious on her melting woes.

Warm with sweet blushes bright GALANTHA glows, And prints with frolic step the melting snows; [Galanthus.

Its melting magic moveth me The secret of my heart to tell!

Ah, no! let fancy's hand supply The blushing cheek, the melting eye, The heaving breast which glows with genial fire; Then let me clasp her in my arms, And, basking in her sweetest charms, Lose every grief in that triumphant hour.

And then suddenly melting into a flood of tears, he said, 'I cannot live away from my wife and children.'

Speaking of snow-flakes, what does he see, but that she is evidently yielding to the soft enchantment of the nearest flame-god,drawn thither by resistless affinity, and melting, in his burning arms, to the most delicate vapor!

I saw it, myself, melting and falling together into this beautiful shape.

But spring was now melting the snows.

My methods of painting were my own, for I had never painted under any one except the few months with Church, whose method had taught me nothing; and I had a way of painting scud clouds, such as always hang around the Alpine peaks, by brushing the sky in thinly with the sky-blue, and then working into that, with the brush, the melting clouds, producing the grays I wanted on the canvas.

The landscape had become a sea of mist,a river, rather; for the whole valley was filled with a moving, billowy flood of fog flowing from Mont Blanc, and enveloping mountain and valley alike in a veil of changing vapor, melting, forming, and flowing beneath my feet, hiding every object in the landscape below the cliffs I stood on.

Into the melting-pot when Dryden comes, What horrid stench will rise, what noisome fumes!

" The oblate spheroid assumed an archipelagic formation, melting into irregularly-placed military islands upon a sea of dust.

When a Girl says "No." When a girl says "Yes," There's a quick caress, A kiss, a sigh, A melting eye.

Anna was near him with Flora's arm about her in melting fondness.

Above his head the sky was clear and bright, the mist-wreaths melting away as they mounted towards the stars.

Adrian picked up his fork and began to stir gently the melting ice on the plate before him, but his eyes were fixed on the wall opposite, where, across the shining table, from a mellow gold frame, a portrait of his grandfather smiled with a benignity, utterly belying his traditional character, into the shadows above the candles.

The tiled roof, sparkling and white with the morning frost, was beginning to drip, and dew shone on the melting rime, while all around the enclosure orchards were planted, and the trees leaned over their boughs.

3827 examples of  melting  in sentences