4 examples of memphremagog in sentences

And he'd angled in the Mattawamkeag, He had hunted Lake Umbagog, And spent weeks on Memphremagog, For he'd sworn to bring the fish home by the bag.

On the eastern shore of Lake Memphremagog an astronomical station was established, and on a large flat rock of granite, which happened to lie between the astronomical station and the boundary, was cut the following inscription: Capt: Robinson.

The stations are: Lake Memphremagog, Richford, John McCoy's, Trout River.

The astronomical stations on the west line were: Intersection of Halls Stream by the west line, Lake Memphremagog, Richford, Rouses Point, John McCoy's, Trout River, St. Regis.

4 examples of  memphremagog  in sentences