165 examples of mems in sentences

Anon, anon, sir; anon, anon, sir; anon, anon, sir; anon, anon, sir. MEM.

Jupiter, Jupiter, I had thought these flies had bit none but myself: do critics tickle you, i'faith? MEM.

Ramparts of pasty-crust and forts of pies, Entrench'd with dishes full of custard stuff, Hath Gustus made, and planted ordinance Strange ordinance, cannons of hollow canes, Whose powder's rape-seed, charg'd with turnip-shot. MEM.


Lighter than a featherdoth any man make question of that? MEM.

I protest the fittest books for ladies to study on MEM.

How comes it we cannot hear it now? MEM.

SEN. Come, Master Register, shall we walk? MEM.

By the same token, there was a wanton maid, that being asked by her mother what such a one did with her so late one night in such a room, she presently said that MEM.

M. Broussonet, in the Mem.

Mem. d'Agriculture, An. 1787, Trimest.

(Mem. i. 370), and other documents to be noticed hereafter.

" [Footnote 70: Xen. Mem. 1, iv.

2. mem. 3. subsect 15.

Wadd's Mems., Maxims, and Memoirs.

I have used mainly Li Chien-nung and articles in Li-shih yen-chiu 1955, No. 3 and in Mem.


"You may be hurt by a blow," said she, to one of flesh and blood; "but I should be broken to pieces: and how could I be mended?"Best's Mems.

This might also contain my "Mem.

Then, one day, the wretched creature I called "butler" came to me with an air of great mystery and said: "Sahib, Sergeant Burker Sahib sending Mem Sahib bundle of flowers and chitti inside and diamond ring yesterday.

Mem's, 4. - Sacremento, Chinese Ann. Mems, 30. - Other Ann.

Lives of a woman (Pub. abroad as The Mem) By Baroness von Hutten.

MYERS, WILMER L. Stim-mem-scheme West Virginia.

All the bills he owed he jabbed on one hook, and stuck mems of what was due him on the other.

Surveyor, a burly mass of broadcloth and big watch-chain, carries an intimidating note-book, and a menacing pencil, making mems.

165 examples of  mems  in sentences