12 examples of menno in sentences

The Countess de R. received every eveningbut only menno women were ever asked.

If I had twenty menno, thirty would be better, where these fellows be, I think the place could be carried in a few minutes, and then liberty would get its rights, and your monarchy-men would be put down as they all desarve.

There were no uniformsjust a crowd of menmen in blouses, men in patched jackets, well-dressed menno distinction of class; and on the platform the women and children they were leaving.

So two menno need of naming namestook both of them out one night.

Even in Crépy-en-Valois, which had suffered less than other towns through which the enemy had passed, I saw a wilful, wanton, stupid destruction of menno worse

Officers might be found for 'Q' boats in any country with a seaboard; but menno;" and I imagine that few Englishmen will be found to deny this statement.


R120507. SEE Roth, Elton Menno.


R120507. SEE Roth, Elton Menno.

" Such being the characteristics of a true Mason, the candidate who desires to obtain that title, must show his claim to the possession of these virtues; and hence the same charges declare, in reference to these moral qualifications, that "The persons made Masons, or admitted members of a lodge, must be good and true menno immoral or scandalous men, but of good report.

Yet the menno doubt the same non-commissioned officer, with the private he had just relieved from duty as a vedettepassed so near me that I could distinctly see their dress, and could note its worn and bedraggled appearance.

12 examples of  menno  in sentences