42 examples of mensa in sentences

She had long been living with the Duke, but in 1769 she obtained a divorce a mensa et thoro, which she believed erroneously annulled the marriage.

[Footnote 39: "In casa mia mi sa meglio una rapa Ch'io cuoca, e cotta s' un stecco m' inforco, E mondo, e spargo poi di aceto e sapa, Che all'altrui mensa tordo, starno, o porco Selvaggio."]

Nam ipse quidem in mensa continet iacentes manus puras et quietas.

" [3770] "Si dat oluscula Mensa minuscula pace referta," "Ne pete grandia, Lautaque prandia lite repleta.

In that goodly temple of Jupiter Belus in Babylon, there was a fair chapel, saith Herodotus, an eyewitness of it, in which was splendide stratus lectus et apposita mensa aurea, a brave bed, a table of gold, &c., into which no creature came but one only woman, which their god made choice of, as the Chaldean priests told him, and that their god lay with her himself, as at Thebes in Egypt was the like done of old.

[6096]she will not come near him by her own good will, but wholly rejects him, as Venus did her fuliginous Vulcan, at last, Nec Deus hunc mensa, Dea nec dignata cubili est.

Qui sedet in mensa, non meminit sibi otioso ministrare negotiosos, edenti esurientes, bibenti sitientes, &c. 1785.

Ne plus ingerat cavendum quam ventriculus ferre potest, semperque surgat a mensa non satur.

Ciborum varietate et copia in eadem mensa nihil nocentius homini ad lutem, Fr.

Celsitudo tua prandeat sola, absque apparatu aulico, contentus sit illustrissimus princeps duobus tantum ferculis, vinoque Rhenano solum in mensa utatur.

Semper intra satietatem a mensa recedat, uno ferculo, contentus.

These were all I ever saw alive; but, sometime afterwards, Guumi-mensa, one of the Negro lords, shewed me a dead young elephant, which he had killed after a chase of two days.

The teeth of this dead elephant, which was shewn me by Guumi-Mensa, one of which still remained in the jaw, did not exceed three spans long, which distinctly shews that it was quite young in comparison of those whose teeth are from ten to twelve spans in length; yet, small as it was for an elephant, we computed that the weight of its carcass was equal to five or six oxen.

Guumi-Mensa made me a present of what part of this elephant I liked best, and gave the remainder to his huntsmen to feast on.

E. Called Gnumi-Mensa in Grynaeus.

According to Jobson, Mensa, or Mansa, signifies a king in the Mandingo language.

As Horace tells us: "Vivitur parvo bene, cui paternum Splendet in mensa tenui salinum Nec leves somnos timor aut cupido Sordidus aufert.

" The Benedictine editors subjoin two readings of the pentameter: "Hac mensa indignam noverit esse suam.

A Mensa-Juvenile.

A Mensa-Juvenile.

But the most startling exhibition of Abyssinian grossness is given by the Habab and Mensa concerning whom Munzinger says (150), that whenever a girl decides to give herself up to a dissolute life "a public festival is arranged, cows are butchered and a night is spent amid song and dances.

"Condonation, collusion and connivance," continued Mr. Tutt, brushing him aside, "reinstitution of conjugal rights, the law of feme sole, The Married Woman's Act, separation a mensa et

Persæpe velut qui Junonis sacra ferret: Habebat sæpe ducentos, Sæpe decem servos: Modò reges atque tetrarchas, Omnia magna loquens: Modò sit mihi mensa tripes, et Concha salis puri, et toga, quæ defendere frigus, Quamvis crassa, queat.

He never breathed a word as to my unhappiness, until in 1878 he came up to town to give evidence as to cruelty whichhad the deed of separation not been held as condonationwould have secured me a divorce a mensa et thoro.

Before the Weender Gate I met two small native schoolboys, one of whom was saying to the other, "I don't intend to keep company any more with Theodore; he is a low blackguard, for yesterday he didn't even know the genitive of Mensa."

42 examples of  mensa  in sentences
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