23 examples of meon in sentences

he whimpered, "ghosts! 'neath the treeTostig the Dead Hand!" "Nay, what folly is here, Roger?" "Lord, 'twas the Dead Handtouched meon the browin the shadow yonder!

Deus savir et podir m'dunat, shi salvaro io 1. eccistum meum fratrem Karlum, et in adjutum ero 2. cist meon fradre Karlo, et in adjudab er 3. cist mon frere Karle, et en adjude serai 4. quist mieu frær Carlo, et in adgiud li saro 5.

mi brothers, we're nobbut on th' tramp, We never stay long at one spot; An' while we keep knockin' abeawt i' this world, Disappointments will fall to eawer lot: So th' best thing we can do, iv we meon to get thro', Is to wrastle wi' cares as they come; We shall feel rayther tired,but let's never heed that, We can rest us weel when we get whoam.

Want you to work that Bend wheat-farm of yours for meon half shares....

"I will let you pass, sonny, if you can tell meon your word of honour as a gentlemanthat the tables are all you have in your mind.

However, to be brief, as the ladies were preparing to drive away I watched her eyes; they wandered from one to another, but they did not alight on meon me who saw nothing but her.

" "Not far from meon Liholiho."

she murmured, more to him than to meon one of the ships in the North Sea.

And then, as the gong sounded in the hall below for dinner, she said, as with an effort, this thing: "Mabel did ask meon the third nightafter I had told her.

"I mean, on account of Motherthat not for you, or Aunt Jane, or anybody will I go back to that school and associate with folks that won't associate with meon account of Mother.

It will be seen how difficult a matter it is to define the district this book has to describe, so the southern boundary of the true Wessex must be taken as the coast line from the Meon river on the east side of Southampton Water to the mouth of Otter in Devon.

A name better known to the majority of our readers will be that of the Meon, a further reference to which district will be found in the concluding chapter.

The waters of this longer stream rise on a western outlier of Butser Hill and, draining a remote and beautiful district served by the Meon Valley Railway, reach Titchfield Haven over three miles below the Hamble.

From Alton the Meon Valley Railway follows the high road to distant Fareham on the shores of Portsmouth Harbour, and penetrates a lonely countryside, perhaps the least-known portion of Hampshire.

At West Meon the actual valley from which the railway takes its name is entered.

The infant stream, here a mere trickle under the hedgerows, comes down from East Meon, three miles away, where there is a cruciform church containing a black Tournai font, and an old stone pulpit dating from the fifteenth century.

Warnford, a mile below West Meon, has a church of great interest.

No word he spoke to any on board, And his step was heavy and slow, And all men deemed that an evil life He had led in Mexico. But list ye meon the lone high seas, As the ship went smoothly on, It chanced, in the silent second watch, I sate on the deck alone; And I heard, from among those iron chests, A sound like a dying groan.

But they didn't like my mother and meon account of my color.

I was obliged to take some means of inducing her to keep silence, as sheeven Gertie, who firmly believed in meon waking once or twice at unearthly hours and discovering me in pursuit of my nightly task, had been so alarmed for my sanity that I had the greatest work to prevent her from yelling to father and mother on the spot.

And, as I understand it, you are now stepping forward to offer meon the chance ofof" "I offer you a place in this house as my son.

A satire on us allon meon Seckendorf, Grumbkow, Eversmann. EVERSMANN.

What am I to think of such caprice?" "One word, then, Evelyntell me that you forgive meon such conditions I will release your hands.

23 examples of  meon  in sentences