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445 example sentences with  merger

445 example sentences with merger

Already some of us feel our merger with that greater life.

The other was the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party, with Dayanand Bandodkar at its helm, which stood for Goa's merger with Maharashtra.

Merger, by Ruth Stewart.

Since the merger of the two categories in 1967, the academy has not given out the award to contemporary movies very often.

Since the merger, three expansion teams have joined the NFC.

The arrondissement of Strasbourg was created at the 2015 arrondissements reform by the merger of the former arrondissement of Strasbourg-Ville with part of the arrondissement of Strasbourg-Campagne.

The LBSCR was formed by a merger of five companies in 1846.

The merger became on 1 January 2009, creating the third largest municipality of Switzerland by area.

The merger of Lorimar-Telepictures was announced on October 7, 1985 by Merv Adelson.

The merger was effected on January 1, 2017, as Arnold Porter Kaye Scholer LLP.

The merger was finished on December 4, 2019.

The merger was finished on December 4, 2019. citation They have also launched a streaming service called CBS All Access, which includes their library of movies and TV shows, along with original content.

The Post program, known immediately before the merger as the LIU Post Pioneers, competed in NCAA Division II, primarily in the East Coast Conference.

This merger formed Atlรฉtico Paranaense.

Acting on the state governmentโ€™s instructions, SMC last year proposed the merger of 20 villages in Olpad, Choryasi and Kamrej talukas and two Nagar Palikas โ€” Kansad and Sachin โ€” within Surat City limits.

Activist investor Carl Icahn, who has a 4.2 percent stake in HP and a 10.9 percent stake in Xerox, in December urged HP shareholders who agreed with a merger with Xerox to reach out to the PC maker's directors for immediate action.

After a merger, Taft integrates the joining firm with a mix of autonomy and centralization, Hick said.

After being brought together by a galaxy merger, when the supermassive black holes are very small separations, the gravitational waves that they emit carry away energy and enable the black holes to merge.

Banking analysts expect merger and acquisition activity in the region to pick up when the dust around Covid-19 is settled.

Bharti Infratel board is set to meet to chart out the future course of action for the merger deal with Indus Towers.

BLM is a merger of the anti-Semitic Black Panthers and the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam.

Bombardier's selection of its preferred merger partner will ultimately hinge on the likelihood of winning antitrust approval and the remedies that can be offered to soothe competition concerns, the sources said.

Both the BSP and the BJP had filed writ petitions challenging the September 18, 2019, decision of Rajasthan Assembly Speaker Dr CP Joshi, allowing the merger of all 6 BSP MLAs of Rajasthan in the ruling Congress.

Bragar Eagel & Squire is concerned that ARAโ€™s board of directors oversaw an unfair process and ultimately agreed to an inadequate merger agreement.

But it does happen periodically, such as in an abandoned pipeline merger in 2016.

CCEP is a relatively new entity, having been formed in 2016 through the merger of three different operations.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary since its formation -- after the merger of Paris clubs -- PSG is younger than the 65-year-old European Cup.

Committeeman Greg Lembrich agreed, saying that even if the merger doesnโ€™t happen, the mutual-aid agreement is a good idea.

Councillors are set to be asked on Monday to approve a plan to consult parents across the east of the city on a proposed merger of Craigie High School and Braeview Academy from 2024.

Despite the economic headwinds, we're uniquely positioned to capture merger opportunities with enhanced scale, better efficiency, and improved earnings power to create shareholder value.

During merger negotiations with the DPP, Edano insisted on maintaining the party name and the policy of ending nuclear power generation, in an apparent attempt to retain supporters.

Following the completion of the merger between Nanometrics, Inc. and Rudolph Technologies, Inc. on October 25, 2019, Nanometrics, Inc. was replaced by Onto Innovation, Inc., the successorpost-merger entity.

He explained that the progress was better to be presented in segments, but that a merger brought the entire projects to about 40 per cent completion level.

He further told them that Lahoud is right and that the merger should take place.

INDIANAPOLIS (Inside INdiana Business) โ€” Indianapolis-based Simon Property Group Inc. (NYSE: SPG) has completed its $3.4 billion merger with Taubman Centers Inc. (NYSE: TCO) in Michigan.

In order to address the acquisitions of large digital platform platforms, the report advocates the scrutiny of mergers above a certain commercial value on the existing practice of merger counting based on the value of assets.

And now the mega merger of 10 PSU banks into 4 large entities has come into effect from April 1, 2020.

Meanwhile Mr Warburton's other plans to turn around the business, including a merger with Prime Media Group and the sales of magazine operation Pacific, have been stalled.

Morgan Stanley and E-Trade also expressed hopes that regulators and shareholders would approve the merger by the fourth quarter of the year.

And then hopefully down the road after their merger is on hopefully down the road, we'll look at SWP, but for right now its TRUST 3000.

Multiple nurses appeared at a meeting of Mercy Hospitalโ€™s board to voice their concerns over a possible partnership or merger with Essentia Health.

NFC EAST: The division whose teams have combined for more Super Bowl championships than any other (13) is off to the worst start to a season since the merger.

On June 3, 2019, Cloudera completed its merger with Hortonworks, Inc. ("Hortonworks").

Others like Richard Bransonโ€™s Virgin Galactic went public through a merger with a special purpose acquisition corporation.

President of the UIC, Joseph Patterson, says that his party has been approached to consider a possible merger but has not given any commitment to this suggestion.

Ruffini said plans for a loyalty share scheme that would allow him to increase his voting rights to 29% from 19.6% at present were not related to any merger project.

She also added a suggestion about how to spin the grants to the press: โ€œOn the metro media releases, we are trying to explicitly not link the funding to the merger process, so releases should be framed around more open space and rec facilities.โ€

Ted Goldthorpe, CEO of PTMN, stated, โ€œWe would like to thank our stockholders for their strong support and approval of the merger.

As a result of the 2011 merger between Laiki and Marfin-Egnatia, Laiki became the index sponsor, creating a conflict of interest, CySEC said.

As a result of the merger, Simon now owns an 80% interest in The Taubman Realty Group Limited Partnership, with the Taubman family owning the remaining 20%.

The company expects to complete the merger in the first half of the year.

The crucial factor in a successful merger is its disciplined execution.

The decision to give the merger the green light was in part driven by what the ACCC sees as ample competition in the car sales market.

The defector, running under the newly formed Party for Future Integration -- a merger of the main opposition Liberty Korea Party and two minor conservative parties -- said he does not leave any valuable data on his phone and has been taking precautions.

The lower ROI again shows the effect of volatility leaving the merger trade, as this one was done with only a 5% downside protection.

The merger will allow PNM to tap into AVANGRID's technology and infrastructure to make improvements.

They had submitted an application for the merger on September 16 last year and the Speaker allowed their induction into the Congress two days later.

โ€œThis approval is another step forward in what is a lengthy merger process partly because the two organizations have different charters; KFS being Federal and KSB being State,โ€ said Silsby, according to a news release from Kennebec Savings Bank.

This makes it heavier than nearly every neutron star observation reported to date, or an unusually light black hole, consistent only with the remnant black hole from the binary neutron star merger observed in 2017, GW170817.

Tiffany noted: โ€œUnder the terms of the merger agreement, LVMH assumed all antitrust-clearance risk and all financial risk related to adverse industry trends or economic conditions.

TIF stock is down 10% YTD with more weakness expected to come as Louis Vuitton scrapped its pending merger of Tiffany.

AYRO previously obtained a sufficient number of written consents from its stockholders to consummate the merger.

United Future said in a statement that Monday's merger was a response to a "solemn demand of the people to fix the country".

We know you, you would have loved to see this article talk about HH, but you are forgetting PF won by a merger 100K votes, so, therefore, not much to boost off that ECL much popular than HH, although, yes PF &โ€ฆ

โ€œWe stand by our decision to oppose this merger.

Whatever new environment grew from the merger clearly had some impact on their choice.

โ€œWhen a merger brings together two companies โ€” that creates lower costs, better product โ€” that actually makes the transaction procompetitve.โ€

When Murdoch stepped down in 2012, Mahon led the company as CEO for its final three years before the Endemol merger.

When Oscar Robertson filed a lawsuit against the NBA in the 1970s, Stern helped to negotiate a settlement that both allowed the NBAโ€™s merger with the ABA and led to free agency in the league.

When the Disney-Fox merger happened, the next chapter in the character's story became unclear, and there are still no definitive answers.

You're just going to convert more people from Miracle Whip," said Marla Grossberg, a former director of consumer insights who was working on condiments at the time of the merger.

After the merger of Paddlewheel Tours and River Rouge Tours there wasnโ€™t enough business to support a fourth ship.

After the merger, the Bank of Montreal/Royal Bank would continue to focus firstly on the Canadian market, secondly on NAFTA, and third on selected products in selected overseas markets.

Bravo and Target Sign Definitive Merger Agreement to form Bravo Target Safety - Yellow Point Equity PartnersMaking Good Businesses Better.

Chris' suggestion of using the paste option, I did get to work, but this is rather ackward, also, it only allows the merger of two files.

Created by the merger of many municipalities surrounding its banks, Town of Brome Lake will transport you to a different world, just over an hour from Montreal.

Here, free federation opposes the planned merger.

Here is one of the major benefits of this merger.

If anybody had the good common sense to read the former Leader of the NDP's column in the Telegram yesterday, a very, very sensible column because he talked about the ups and downs of the sale, or the merger, of Hydro.

Among other things, the approval process will ensure the merger does not have an adverse effect on ratepayers based on the boardโ€™s The Ontario Energy Board is expected to make its decision in fall, 2018.

In the U.S., for instance, the fully integrated multimedia conglomerate has become the exception (e.g. Comcast/NBC-Universal) after the disastrous AOL-Time Warner merger, the break-up of Viacom-CBS and collapse of the โ€œoldโ€ AT&T.

It is also possible of course that a financial crisis might bring the idea of a merger of the schools closer to the top of the agenda.

And then, thirdly, the RM of Lorne, formed from the merger of the villages of Notre Dame de Lourdes and Somerset and the RM of Lorne.

I would stress that when reviewing mergers, the bureau's focus is on economic competition and efficiencies related issues such as the impact of the merger on prices or, in the case of media mergers, advertising rates and readership.

Later he was appointed by the Mennonite Brethren Conference as Secretary for the Board of Welfare and assigned to facilitate the merger of the Boards of Welfare and Missions.

Meeting this target requires provincial legislation to be passed in the spring, meaning a working agreement for a merger needs to be reached by the end of this year.

Mr. John Sheppard is the Manager of Environmental Services with the Halifax Regional Water Commission since the merger of August 2007.

Ms. Browne agreed that she stopped with her back to the trees, and estimated that she was about 60 feet from the merger of the two runs.

Sirius and XM Canada, however, still need approval from the CRTC and the Competition Bureau before any merger can take place.

Soon after obtaining his Chartered Accountant designation, he relocated to Singapore in 2016, and shifted his career focus to advising multi-national companies on merger and acquisition deals throughout Southeast Asia.

The community came out for the merger celebration in 2009.

As if we had enough with the state, its proposed merger with the Church more relevant.

The five month approval process for a proposed merger is a long time in the hyper-competitive global financial services sector.

The merger has received support from members of the three existing professional accountant bodies.

The merger is part of a strategy to improve the co-op experience through shared best practices and streamlined processes throughout the 25 co-op disciplines it will serve.

Then, if Council decides to begin formal merger negotiations, weโ€™ll share the names of all parties involved,โ€ said Derrick Thomson, Co-chair of the Strategies and Options Committee, and Chief Administrative Officer at the City of Guelph.

These results are challenged by my simulations of a 0.625-0.65 Msolar merger using the moving-mesh code AREPO.

The theory in favour of merger has two elements โ€“ the alleged efficiencies of sharing a common administrative resources, and the notion that privacy and access are so closely related that it would make sense to have both issues dealt with under one roof.

"This double whammy of plastic brains and increasingly responsive and well-fitted tools creates an unprecedented opportunity for ever-closer kinds of human-machine merger," he writes, arguing that such a merger is entirely natural.

"This double whammy of plastic brains and increasingly responsive and well-fitted tools creates an unprecedented opportunity for ever-closer kinds of human-machine merger," he writes, arguing that such a merger is entirely natural.