55 examples of meseems in sentences

Meseems her goddesses first cry mine aid Against these lying lips!...

" "This frights me not, O Father; for meseems He is unworthy who should turn aside For any mocking voice of man or maid; Then tell me quick the way, that I may on; Mine eyes look only forward, and mine ears Hear only the far flowing of the spring.

And this, meseems, it hath done, Christ be praised.

Meseems, meseems, There in her face the loved one of my dreams Looked forth.

Meseems, meseems, There in her face the loved one of my dreams Looked forth.

Now after he had come out of the hall and into the cool of the air, the heat of the wine soon left him, and he began to repent him of what he had done; and he said: "Alas! meseems

" "Well," quoth Sir Tristram, "meseems I should be greatly honored that you should take so much trouble for nothing else than that; for lo!

" "I am glad to hear of your courage and fearlessness," quoth King Mark, "for meseems it is a great shame to all of us that this gentleman, who is a stranger amongst us, should win so much credit to the disadvantage of all the knights of Cornwall.

"Sirrah," quoth he, "meseems you speak very outrageously to me who am your King.

" "Well," said Sir Tristram, "meseems it is the business of any knight to rid the world of such a monster as that, whatever may be the danger to himself.

" "Well," quoth Sir Tristram, "as for that, meseems it will be time enough to offer me mercy after you have overcome me in battle.

Meseems that yet There's blood thereon.

Since it comes from his hand, death, meseems, is no bitter potion; and when I remember his love, to die for his sake is no grievous thing.

The impatient king, ere well their lips had power, To claim fit harbourage of board and bower, Led on their way; and, court'sies scantly done, Back to the peers be sped, and press'd the judgment on; For much, meseems, his vengeful heart misgave Some thwarting chance the Breton knight might save.

'On my soul, my lord,' answered Bayard, 'so far as I can hear, there are fourteen or fifteen hundred men-at-arms and sixteen or eighteen thousand foot; but they are all picked men, who are resolved to busy themselves so well this bout that they will assure the state of Milan to the king our master; and meseems, my lord, that you would surely be in as great safety in Germany as you are here, for your folks are not the sort to fight us.'

"Sir," replied Bayard, "it is a many for my poor wits; I do entreat you to be content that I have five hundred; and I pledge you my faith, sir, that I will take pains to choose such as shall do you service; meseems that for one man it is a very heavy charge, if he would fain do his duty therewith."

We should give help, Not waste time, gentlemen, meseems, in scorn.

Meseems I shall have to seek for a less suspicious, more Christian-spirited household, whereon to bestow in the near future my faithful services.

Master Courage, meseems those mugs need washing a second time," he added, with sudden irrelevance.

"Meseems he is not fit company for your ward.

Not but that Oliver is not a good son to his mothersuch a good lad!and such a good husband he would be to any girl who ..." "A strange youth that secretary of yours, Sir Marmaduke," here interposed Dame Harrison in her loud, dictatorial voice, breaking in on Mistress Pyncheon's dithyrambs, "modest he appears to be, and silent too: a paragon meseems!

" "Yet meseems, fair lady, that in the lonely and mysterious stranger you might have remembered your humble and devoted servant," he said, drawing his figure up towards her.

Lord Walterton, Sir James Overbury and as many of our usual friends as were in the town, apprised that play would be in full progress.... Meseems," she added, casting a searching look all round the room, "that we have singularly few players.

" "Meseems ... hic ... de Chavasse, that this ... this young friend of yours is a hic ... damned Puritan ..." came in ever thickening accents from Lord Walterton.

"'Pon my honor," quoth Sir Marmaduke, throwing a careless glance at the table, "meseems you are in luck, my good Lambert.

55 examples of  meseems  in sentences