2898 examples of metal in sentences

The doctor brought several fine and large masses of the pure metal.

There must have been a mine of metal underneath us.

They will find bones, and shell cases, and bits of metal of all sorts.

And constantly, while I was there they coughed their short, sharp coughs and sent a spume of metal flying toward the German lines.

SEE TOLIVER, RAYMOND R. Sheet metal theory and practice.


SEE Gridley, for metal working and machine tools.

This spiritual essence he must learn to extract from the ore in which, like a precious metal, it lies imbedded.

A wooden or metal measure containing half a seer.

But this class of authors is like certain workers in metal, who try a hundred different compositions to take the place of gold, which is the only metal that can never have a substitute.

But this class of authors is like certain workers in metal, who try a hundred different compositions to take the place of gold, which is the only metal that can never have a substitute.

By a report of Cambon's at this time, it appears the expences of France in 1792 were eighteen millions sterlingin 1793, near ninety millionsand, in the spring of 1794, twelve and a half millions per month!The church bells, we learn from the same authority, cost in coinage, and the purchase of copper to mix with the metal, five or six millions of livres more than they produced as money.

Austin de Bordeaux, a French goldsmith, who was employed by Shah Jahan in making the celebrated Peacock throne, may possibly have executed some of this metal-work in the Taj; but there is no evidence worthy of consideration to support the common Anglo-Indian belief that he designed or superintended the pietra dura, or inlaid marble decoration of the building, which is entirely of the Persian school.

Of coins the price rises not from the purity of the metal, the excellence of the workmanship, the elegance of the legend, or the chronological use.

"Our Metal-Prince," replied Zerina, as they walked along.

He took the hundred gold gulden which the bailiff had already sent him for the stables in Dresden, and ordered a funeral ceremony that seemed more suitable for a princess than for heran oaken coffin heavily trimmed with metal, cushions of silk with gold and silver tassels, and a grave eight yards deep lined with stones and mortar.

ANTIMONY, a brittle white metal, of value both in the arts and medicine.

BRASSES, sepulchral tablets of a mixed metal, called latten, inlaid in a slab of stone, and insculpt with figures and inscriptions of a monumental character; the oldest in England is at Stoke d'Abernon, in Surrey. BRASSEY, THOMAS, a great railway contractor, born in Cheshire; contracted for the construction of railways in all parts of the world (1805-1870).

MARNE (435) and HAUTE-MARNE (244), contiguous departments in the N.E. of France, in the upper basin of the Marne River; in both cereals, potatoes, and wine are the chief products, the best champagne coming from the N. In the former, capital Châlons-sur-Marne, building stone is quarried; there are metal works and tanneries; in the latter, capital Chaumont, are valuable iron mines and manufactures of cutlery and gloves.

MAZARIN BIBLE, the first book printed by movable metal types, a copy of which is in the Mazarin library, and bears the date 1456.

Two bunks were at one side, with a metal stand at their foot for washing purposes.

The metal wash-stand gave him an inspiration; its upper strip was thin, and somewhat jagged along the edge; possibly it might be utilized to sever the strands.

There was no time to wait and hunt for that missing piece of metal doubtless safely hidden in Hogan's pocket, or else thrown overboard; he must break a way in; but first he must explain to her, so as to spare her the sudden fright of such an assault.

It hath been told 75 That I was led to take an eager part In arguments of civil polity, Abruptly, and indeed before my time: I had approached, like other youths, the shield Of human nature from the golden side, 80 And would have fought, even to the death, to attest The quality of the metal which I saw.

In his hand he carried a huge metal-knobbed stick.

2898 examples of  metal  in sentences