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2898 examples of  metal  in sentences

2898 examples of metal in sentences

An oar of gold, to which was attached a chain of the same precious metal, was exhibited as the boon of the Doge to him who showed most dexterity and strength in this new struggle; while a similar ornament of silver was to be the portion of him who showed the second-best dexterity and bottom.

A mimic boat of less precious metal was the third prize.

for, I suppose, the metal of the third is as little to thy taste as it is to my own.

A very thick flange cast on any part of a cylinder endangers the soundness of the cylinder, by inducing an unequal contraction of the metal; and it is a preferable course to make the flange for the attachment or the framing thin, and the surface largethe bolts being turned bolts and nicely fitted.

A.For large engines, pistons with a metallic packing, consisting of a single ring, with the ends morticed into one another, and a piece of metal let in flush over the joint and riveted to one end of the ring, appears to be the best species of piston; and if the cylinder be oscillating, it will be expedient to chamfer off the upper edge of the ring on the inner side, and to pack it at the back with hemp.

For small pistons two rings may be employed, made somewhat eccentric internally to give a greater thickness of metal in the centre of the ring; these rings must be set one above the other in the cylinder, and the joints, which are oblique, must be set at right angles with one another, so as to obviate any disposition of the rings, in their expansion, to wear the cylinder oval.

The ring, while retained in a state of compression, is then to be put in the lathe and turned very truly, and finally it is to be hammered on the inside with the small end of the hammer, to expand the metal, and thus increase the elasticity.

The ring is packed behind with hemp packing, and the piece of metal which covers the joint is a piece of thick sheet copper or brass, and is indented into the iron of the ring, so as to offer no obstruction to the application of the hemp.

Air pump rods of Muntz's metal or copper are much used.

Rods of Muntz's metal are probably on the whole to be preferred.

A deep solid block of metal, however, without any packing, is often employed with a satisfactory result; but this block should have circular grooves cut round its edge to hold water.

In large cocks, it appears the preferable plan to cast the bottoms in; and the metal of which all the cocks about a marine engine are made, should be of the same quality as that used in the composition of the brasses, and should be without lead, or other deteriorating material.

some cases it is received on a number of metal discs set in a box containing oil; and should one of these discs stick fast from friction, the others will be free to revolve.

The iron, however, wears rapidly away in both cases, even though the bolts are tinned; and it has been found the preferable method to make such of the bolts as pass through the bottom, or enter the bilge, of Muntz's metal, or of copper.

One species of springs which has gained a considerable introduction, consists of a number of flat steel plates with a piece of metal or other substance interposed between them at the centre, leaving the ends standing apart.

The thickness of metal of the cylinder ends is usually about a third more than the thickness of the cylinder itself, and both ends are generally made removable.

The face of the cylinder on which the valve works is raised a little above the metal around it, both to facilitate the operation of forming the face and with the view of enabling any foreign substance deposited on the face to be pushed aside by the valve into the less elevated part, where it may lie without occasioning any further disturbance.

A piece is left out of the eccentric in casting it to allow of the screw being inserted, and the void is afterward filled by inserting a dovetailed piece of metal.

The balls are cast hollow to lessen the shock, as well as to save the metal.

The doctor brought several fine and large masses of the pure metal.

The gelatine plate, which is cemented to a thin plate of metal for support, is now carefully washed with hot water, by which the soluble part of the gelatine is dissolved away leaving the insoluble part (corresponding to the ridges) standing up from the surface.

There must have been a mine of metal underneath us.

They will find bones, and shell cases, and bits of metal of all sorts.

And constantly, while I was there they coughed their short, sharp coughs and sent a spume of metal flying toward the German lines.

I'm one of that metal.

In experience, a child: in obstinacy, a woman: in nothing a man, but in logic-chopping: instead of God's grace, a few schoolboy saws about benevolence, and industry, and independencethere is his metal.

The metal coinage was of its full nominal value, so that it was possible to coin money by melting down bronze implements.

Thus through the whole course of Chinese history the scarcity of metal and insufficiency of production of metal continually produced extensive fluctuations of the stocks and the value of metal, amounting virtually to an economic law in China.

To one who has seen the slow work of hand typesetting as the compositor builds up a long column of metal piece by piece, letter by letter, picking up each character from its allotted space in the case and placing it in its proper order and position, and then realises that much of the printed matter he sees is so produced, the wonder is how the enormous amount of it is ever accomplished.

In a word, the melted metal (a composition of zinc and lead) is forced into a mold of the letter to be cast.

Into the tanks are sunk flat coils of pipe covered with smooth, metal plates on either side, and it is through these pipes that the ammonia vapour flows.

By mixing the gold with an alloy of commoner metal, and by giving the angelic likeness features which are familiar to us all.

Pt.10: Metal and minor miscellaneous finds.

SEE TOLIVER, RAYMOND R. Sheet metal theory and practice.

Metal magic: the story of the American Smelting and Refining Company.

Sheet metal workers.

Technology of metal powders and their products.


SEE Gridley, for metal working and machine tools.

Maria Ankiewiczowa (A); 20Oct65; R371174. ANNING, GORDON G. The original idea of my rust and stain removing metal polish.

Study outline on sheet metal.

This spiritual essence he must learn to extract from the ore in which, like a precious metal, it lies imbedded.

A wooden or metal measure containing half a seer.

But this class of authors is like certain workers in metal, who try a hundred different compositions to take the place of gold, which is the only metal that can never have a substitute.

But this class of authors is like certain workers in metal, who try a hundred different compositions to take the place of gold, which is the only metal that can never have a substitute.

"These ultra-violet rays," he continued, "are always present in an electric arc light though not to a great degree unless the carbons have metal cores.

Then he continued: "Now three persons in this room had an opportunity to secrete the contents of this deadly tube in the crevices of the metal work of Mrs. Close's bed.

"The radium in this tube in the casket was secreted, as I have said, in the metal work of Mrs. Close's bed, not in large enough quantities to be immediately fatal, but mixed with dust so as to produce the result more slowly but no less surely, and thus avoid suspicion.

Yes, they are warriors, all warriors, there is no jingle of metal such as the French have on their coats or belts, and they are going to take a look at our position.

Through the fog came a slight gleam of metal from his epaulets and belt, and, although the face was indistinct, Robert knew that it was Jumonville.

Among the flowers in the coffin I noticed a heavy metal crossit would be buried with her.

Wood, stone, metal, skins, fibers, membranes, every rapidly vibrating substance, all have in them the potentialities of musical sound.

By a report of Cambon's at this time, it appears the expences of France in 1792 were eighteen millions sterlingin 1793, near ninety millionsand, in the spring of 1794, twelve and a half millions per month!The church bells, we learn from the same authority, cost in coinage, and the purchase of copper to mix with the metal, five or six millions of livres more than they produced as money.

Austin de Bordeaux, a French goldsmith, who was employed by Shah Jahan in making the celebrated Peacock throne, may possibly have executed some of this metal-work in the Taj; but there is no evidence worthy of consideration to support the common Anglo-Indian belief that he designed or superintended the pietra dura, or inlaid marble decoration of the building, which is entirely of the Persian school.

As his parts were extraordinary, so he well knew how to improve them; and not only to polish the diamond, but enchase it in the most solid and durable metal.

I felt the doorit was of solid oak, with no spot of weakness evident, even the key-hole being concealed by a metal flap on the outside.

In the Spectator's time its Bear Garden, upon the site of which there are now metal works, was a famous resort of the lowest classes.

The Figure of a Heart, whether cut in Stone or cast in Metal, whether bleeding upon an Altar, stuck with Darts, or held in the Hand of a Cupid, has always been looked upon as Talismanick in Distresses of this Nature.

It irradiates every Metal, and enriches Lead with all the Properties of Gold.

He really must have been a giant, to judge by the ease with which he twisted and moulded every sort of metal.

As soon as the sun rose the factory chimney began to smoke, the hammer broke the stone, the file bit the metal, the plough furrowed the earth, the ovens were lighted, the pump worked its piston, the hatchet sounded in the wood, the locomotive moved amidst clouds of vapour, the cranes groaned on the wharves, the steamers cut the waters, and the little barks danced on the waves dragging their nets.

Of coins the price rises not from the purity of the metal, the excellence of the workmanship, the elegance of the legend, or the chronological use.

"Our Metal-Prince," replied Zerina, as they walked along.

He took the hundred gold gulden which the bailiff had already sent him for the stables in Dresden, and ordered a funeral ceremony that seemed more suitable for a princess than for heran oaken coffin heavily trimmed with metal, cushions of silk with gold and silver tassels, and a grave eight yards deep lined with stones and mortar.

Thus the married pair left that not too pleasant old woman: Even as a carp escapes the metal hook, Flirts its tail and shakes its head And returns not.

Yuch-lang sent her servants to bring a metal casket, furnished with a golden lock, and gave it to Shih-niang, who placed it in her palankeen without opening it.

" She opened her metal casket, while he looked on in shame.

The young woman herself verified the weight and standard of the metal; and then, leaning over the bulwarks, half opened her scarlet lips and showed her white teeth saying to the dazzled Sun: "You can now, I think, give me back my casket for a time.

" The old woman's eyes gleamed like fire at the sight of the snow-colored metal, and she said: "I will take the risk.

Two large, calm dogs guarded the top of the steps leading to the front door; they also were twins and of the same interesting metal, though honored beyond the deer by coats of black paint and shellac.

I marry, Sir, there's metal in this young Fellow!

You have no souls, no metal in your bloods, no heat to stir ye when ye have occasion: frozen dull things, that must be turn'd with Leavers.

Once men wrote only in symbols, like wedges and arrow-heads, on tiles and bricks, or in hieroglyphic pictures on obelisks and sepulchres,afterward in crude, but current characters on stone, metal, wax, and papyrus.

A spirit that had been hid, since the world began, in a coffer of metal and acid,the genie of the lightning,shut down, as by the seal of Solomon in the Arabian tale, was let loose but the other day, and commenced to do the bidding of man.

Upon the state of the atmosphere frequently depends the ability of men to fight, and military hopes rise and fall with the rising and falling of the metal in the thermometer's tube.

Many attempts were made by way of experiment against a mirror before an intended thirty-foot telescope could be completed, for which, between whiles (not interrupting the observations with seven, ten, and twenty-foot, and writing papers for both the Royal and Bath Philosophical Societies), gauges, shapes, weights, &c, of the mirror were calculated, and trials of the composition of the metal were made.

They were drawn through his brain as bands of metal are drawn through a steel-plate from which they issue thin, light, and reduced to almost imperceptible wires; and he had ended by possessing only those books which could submit to such treatment and which were so solidly tempered as to withstand the rolling-mill of each new reading.

ANTIMONY, a brittle white metal, of value both in the arts and medicine.

BRASSES, sepulchral tablets of a mixed metal, called latten, inlaid in a slab of stone, and insculpt with figures and inscriptions of a monumental character; the oldest in England is at Stoke d'Abernon, in Surrey. BRASSEY, THOMAS, a great railway contractor, born in Cheshire; contracted for the construction of railways in all parts of the world (1805-1870).

MARNE (435) and HAUTE-MARNE (244), contiguous departments in the N.E. of France, in the upper basin of the Marne River; in both cereals, potatoes, and wine are the chief products, the best champagne coming from the N. In the former, capital Chรขlons-sur-Marne, building stone is quarried; there are metal works and tanneries; in the latter, capital Chaumont, are valuable iron mines and manufactures of cutlery and gloves.

MAZARIN BIBLE, the first book printed by movable metal types, a copy of which is in the Mazarin library, and bears the date 1456.

The snow had a queer metallic sheen upon it as though it were coloured ice, and I can see now the Nevski like a slab of some fiercely painted metal rising out of the very smack of our horses' hoofs as my sleigh sped alongas though, silkworm-like, I spun it out of the entrails of the sledge.

Two bunks were at one side, with a metal stand at their foot for washing purposes.

The metal wash-stand gave him an inspiration; its upper strip was thin, and somewhat jagged along the edge; possibly it might be utilized to sever the strands.

There was no time to wait and hunt for that missing piece of metal doubtless safely hidden in Hogan's pocket, or else thrown overboard; he must break a way in; but first he must explain to her, so as to spare her the sudden fright of such an assault.

The Datura Metal, Purple-flowered Thorn-apple, is much like the Stramonium, except in the flowers and the stalks being of a purple colour.

It hath been told 75 That I was led to take an eager part In arguments of civil polity, Abruptly, and indeed before my time: I had approached, like other youths, the shield Of human nature from the golden side, 80 And would have fought, even to the death, to attest The quality of the metal which I saw.

In his hand he carried a huge metal-knobbed stick.

The carved coffers, the solid tables, the spacious window-seats, the well-fitting cabinets let into the walls, the carefully wrought metal-work we see there are not luxurious; their merit is quite other than that.

The value of the precious metal on each one is about three thousand dollars, as they are nine feet in height.

It is necessary in common candor to state that the most complete solution of the money metal embarrassments would be through the co-operation of Asia and America.

Shaving of metal peel off, as other edges turn, so impalpably fine that five thousand must be laid side by side to make an inch.

It is probable that powder-gas, from the excessive suddenness of its generation, exerts a percussive as well as a statical pressure, thus requiring great elasticity and a certain degree of hardness in the gun-metal, as well as high tensile strength.

His great success is chiefly due to the use of manganesian iron, (which, however, is inferior to the Franklinite of New Jersey, because it contains no zinc,) and to skill in heating the metal, and to the use of heavy hammers.

These and other makes of low-steel have endured extraordinary tests in the form of small guns and other structures subject to concussion and strain; and both the theory and all the evidence that we have promise its superiority for gun-metal.

The explosion of the powder is so instantaneous that the exterior parts of the metal do not have time to act before the inner parts are strained beyond endurance.

In order to bring all parts of a great mass of metal into simultaneous tension, Blakely and others have hooped an inner tube with rings having a successively higher initial tension.

The greater the enlargement of the inner layer of metal, the less valuable is the above principle of initial tension.

An obvious conclusion is, that perfect elasticity in the metal would successfully meet all the foregoing causes of rupture.

The rifle-shot used in America, and the Armstrong and some other European shot, are covered with soft metal, which in muzzle-loaders is expanded by the explosion so as to fill the grooves of the gun, and in breech-loaders is planed by the lands of the gun to fit the rifling,all of which is wasteful of power.