602 examples of metaphors in sentences

Pompous in phrase and person, his speech is crammed with lawyer's jargon and quibbles, with distorted Latin and ridiculous metaphors.

But when a man is so thoroughly in love with his metaphor as Patmore was, he is tempted at times to press it in every detail, and to forget that it is "but one acre in the infinite field of spiritual suggestion;" that, less full and perfect metaphors of the same reality, may supply some of its defects and correct some of its redundancies.

[The old fallacy of metaphors adverted to in relation to ants and dogs.]

She sees a mob of metaphors advance, Pleased with the madness of the mazy dance; How Tragedy and Comedy embrace; How Farce and Epic get a jumbled race; How Time himself stands still at her command, Realms shift their place, and ocean turns to land.

The attempt to erect psychologic types for vocational selections could never make much headway because it could only flounder in a swamp of metaphors, product of the vices of its methods.

Dionysius of Halicarnassus classes him with Herodotus and Demosthenes in the perfection of his style, which is characterized by great harmony and rhythm, as well as by a rich variety of elegant metaphors.

"But this happens seldom in him [i.e., TERENCE]; in PLAUTUS oftner, who is infinitely too bold in his metaphors and coining words; out of which, many times, his Wit is nothing.

I am not poetical, or given to string metaphors together; and I could only go over the same dull words once more.

And so this brave No. 11, with amplifications, antonyms, diaphoreses, epitases, tropes, metaphors, and other figures of that sort, I will beat out, I will enlarge, I will developas they develop a photographic negative.

D'ye see?" De Catinat again nodded, though in truth the seaman's metaphors left him with but a very general sense of his meaning.

One her coarse sense by metaphors expounds, And one in literalities abounds; In mood and figure these keep up the din: Words multiply, and every word tells in.

" "You speak in metaphors," said the Baron.

We might with far more propriety raise our conceptions of it to the spheres above, and construe literally the metaphors of David, who ascribes to the starry heavens, both "speech" and "language," "voice" and "words," daily "uttered" and everywhere "heard."

"The second rule, which I give, respects the choice of subjects, from whence metaphors, and other figures, are to be drawn.

"Tropes and metaphors so closely resemble each other that it is not always easy, nor is it important to be able to distinguish the one from the other."Parker and Fox, Part III, p. 66.

"All the words employed to denote spiritual or intellectual things, are in their origin metaphors."Dr.

"I know no other writer so happy in his metaphors as is Mr. Addison."Blair cor.

"Of all the English authors, none is more happy in his metaphors than Addison.

An excellent confusion of metaphors was uttered by one of the members for the Principality in the debate on the Welsh Church Bill, in indignant protest against the allegation that the majority of Welshmen now belonged to the Established Church.

But a confusion of metaphors is not a bull.

She does not deal in metaphors or in those ponderous abstractions, those dreadful second-hand symbolic figuresHope, Imagination, Memory, and the rest of them, that move with every appearance of solidity in Charlotte's pages.

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Is this a time or place for Exordiums, and Similes and Metaphors?

Keats never put into a sonnet so many remote metaphors as a coster puts into a curse; his speech is one long allegory, like Spenser's 'Faerie Queen.' I do not imagine that it is necessary to demonstrate that this poetic allusiveness is the characteristic of true slang.

602 examples of  metaphors  in sentences