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1224 example sentences with  methink

1224 example sentences with methink

"Truly, friend," said Sir Richard, "methinks thou meanest kindness in thine own way; nevertheless my troubles are such that it is not likely that thou canst cure them.

Had I deserved that Eveena should think so ill of methink me capable of doing such dishonour to her presence and to my own roof, which should have protected an equal enemy from that which you feared for a helpless girl?

I have a great affection for that rambler; it was your planting it that first made methink favorably of you.

Wenches, methink you sit like puritans: Never a jest abroad to make them laugh? FUL.

But as to this letter, methinkest thou sayest, of Miss Howe?

Yet, methinks, there can be no need; since Tomlinson, as you describe him, is so good a man, and so much of a gentleman; the end to be answered by his being an impostor so much more than necessary, if Lovelace has villany in his head.

After all, methinks I want those tostications

When I build castles in the air, Void of sorrow and void of fear, Pleasing myself with phantasms sweet, Methinks the time runs very fleet.

When I lie waking all alone, Recounting what I have ill done, My thoughts on me then tyrannise, Fear and sorrow me surprise, Whether I tarry still or go, Methinks the time moves very slow.

Methinks I hear, methinks I see, Sweet music, wondrous melody, Towns, palaces, and cities fine; Here now, then there; the world is mine, Rare beauties, gallant ladies shine, Whate'er is lovely or divine.

Methinks I hear, methinks I see, Sweet music, wondrous melody, Towns, palaces, and cities fine; Here now, then there; the world is mine, Rare beauties, gallant ladies shine, Whate'er is lovely or divine.

Methinks I hear, methinks I see Ghosts, goblins, fiends; my phantasy Presents a thousand ugly shapes, Headless bears, black men, and apes, Doleful outcries, and fearful sights, My sad and dismal soul affrights.

Methinks I hear, methinks I see Ghosts, goblins, fiends; my phantasy Presents a thousand ugly shapes, Headless bears, black men, and apes, Doleful outcries, and fearful sights, My sad and dismal soul affrights.

Methinks I court, methinks I kiss, Methinks I now embrace my mistress.

Methinks I court, methinks I kiss, Methinks I now embrace my mistress.

Methinks I court, methinks I kiss, Methinks I now embrace my mistress.

A mere spectator of other men's fortunes and adventures, and how they act their parts, which methinks are diversely presented unto me, as from a common theatre or scene.

And now, methinks, O most worthy Hippocrates, you should not reprehend my laughing, perceiving so many fooleries in men; [240]for no man will mock his own folly, but that which he seeth in a second, and so they justly mock one another.

If so, methinks most men are fools; examine their courses, and you shall soon perceive what dizzards and mad men the major part are.

On the other side methinks they are not to be disliked, they are not so unfit.

she died for him; "methinks" (as he said)

So that, without doubt, there is some secret loadstone in a beautiful woman, a magnetic power, a natural inbred affection, which moves our concupiscence, and as he sings, "Methinks I have a mistress yet to come, And still I seek, I love, I know not whom.

*** Methinks, that without doubt my soul might have run a hazard of not being saved, if I had died then.

For howsoever it be very true that we are always in the presence of God; yet methinks that they who converse with him in prayer are in his presence after a more particular manner; for they are seeing then that he sees them; whereas others may, perhaps, remain some days in his presence, yet without remembering that he looks upon them.

Ib. But methinks yet I should have hope of reviving your charity.

Cali, methinks yon waving trees afford A doubtful glimpse of our approaching friends; Just as I mark'd them, they forsook the shore, And turn'd their hasty steps towards the garden.

I am no minion: You stand (methinks) like men that would be Courtiers, If you could well be fiatter'd at a price, Not to undo your Children: y'are all honest: Go get you home again, and make your Country A vertuous Court, to which your great ones may, In their Diseased age, retire, and live recluse.

Methinks 'tis easie, now I ha' don't before; But yet I should stick at it.

It glares too much for an innocent colour, methinks.

He said, "Methinks I see her eyes beholding us."

"My dear abbot," answered Orlando, "this fellow, methinks, does not wish to let my horse feed; he wants to cure him of being restive; the stone seems as if it came from a good arm."

Methinks I see it open this moment, ready to receive our souls amidst crowns of glory; and therefore, as the champion of God's church, I give you my benediction; and the good archbishop here will absolve you; and so, please God, we shall all go to Heaven and be happy.

Reflected I, Not that in truth I was more pitiful To the poor dead than those about me were, Nay, but a trick of thinking much on Life And Death i' the piece giveth each little strand More deep significancelove for the whole Must make us tender for the parts, methinks, As in some souls the equal law holds true, Sorrow for one makes sorrow for the world.

It is an affair that only wants the forms, methinks, to be committed presently to the axe."

The sky is dark in every place, As is the earth below: Methinks it wore the self-same face Two thousand years ago.

Methinks I have no other home, No other hearth to find; For nothing save the thought of Rome Is stirring in my mind.

When thou art from me, every Place is desert: And I, methinks, am savage and forlorn.

It should be methinks the Business of a SPECTATOR to improve the Pleasures of Sight, and there cannot be a more immediate Way to it than recommending the Study and Observation of excellent Drawings and Pictures.

I would, methinks, have this done after an uncommon Method, and do not think any one, who is not capable of writing a good Play, fit to undertake a Work wherein there will necessarily occur so many secret Instincts, and Biasses of human Nature which would pass unobserved by common Eyes.

Methinks it is a Misfortune, that the Marriage State, which in its own Nature is adapted to give us the compleatest Happiness this Life is capable of, should be so uncomfortable a one to so many as it daily proves.

"And now, methinks, I cannot deem

"You shall have an explanation instantly," replied the apprentice; "but think not of methink only of your daughter."

methinks a thousand tongues reply; 'These are the tombs of such as cannot die!

And now methinks I see you smile, but, my unbelieving friends, let me remind you that COPERNICUS, and GALILEO, and FRANKLIN, and FULTON, and MORSE,all better men than your humble servant, were laughed at before me.

"Methinks I eat very well for a man who is to die so soon."

And indeed, next to the greatness of his love to us, methinks there is nothing so astonishing as the coldness of our love to him.

Methinks I would learn to be dead with herdead to the world.

Methinks, methought.

Methinks, explanation of; the lexicographers on the word.

Methinks I can smell the roses that clamber up the veranda posts and peep over the garden gate.

Methinks I see the saints there reaching after Christ with the arms of faith, and how, when anything lay in their way, they were content to lose all, to part with all, to have Christ.

Methinks the lady.

Methinks he doth protein too much.

While I am mentioning these things, methinks it is very hard that we should obey the whispers of evil spirits, and not much rather receive the notices which good ones are pleased to give.

The great scandal atheistical and immoral discourse gives to virtue, ought, methinks, to be punished by all good magistrates: Make a man once cease to believe a God, and he has nothing left to limit his soul.

I. Within our heaven of love, the new-born star We long devoutly watched, like shepherd kings, Steals into light, and, floating from afar, Methinks some bright transcendent seraph sings, Waving with flashing light her radiant wings, Immortal welcome to the stranger fair: To us a child is born.

Methinks, I suffer this severance from my husband through the potency of those celestial Lokapalas, who had come to the Swayamvara but whom I disregarded for the sake of Nala."

Methinks I see him enter the paradise of God, met and surrounded by those who sat in his class, who listened to his teaching, and who were directed by him to "the Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world."

For thus, methinks, our Master and Champion, Jesus Christ, provoked our enemy to battle: "Satan, thou gloriest of thy power and victories over mankind, that there is none able to withstand thy assaults, nor escape thy darts, but at one time or other thou givest him a wound:

that on two small wings doth fly, And, flying, carry on those wings yourself; Methinks I see you, looking from your eye,

Thou bud of early promise, may the rose Which time, methinks, will rear in envied bloom, By friendship nurs'd, its grateful sweets disclose, Nor e'er be nipt in life's disast'rous gloom.

I have, methinks, a more than ordinary Penetration in Seeing; and flatter my self that I have looked into the Highest and Lowest of Mankind, and make shrewd Guesses, without being admitted to their Conversation, at the inmost Thoughts and Reflections of all whom I behold.

was talking to himself, when upon my looking with great Approbation at a [young thing ] in a Box before us, he said, 'I am quite of another Opinion: She has, I will allow, a very pleasing Aspect, but, methinks, that Simplicity in her Countenance is rather childish than innocent.'

To which Millicent says, 'A pretty-humoured songbut stay, methinks he plays and sings still, and yet we cannot hear himPlay louder, Sir Martin, that we may have the Fruits on't.']

Respect to all kind of Superiours is founded methinks upon Instinct; and yet what is so ridiculous as Age?

This manner of treating poor Sinners has, methinks, great Humanity in it; and as you are a Person who pretend to carry your Reflections upon all Subjects, whatever occur to you, with Candour, and act above the Sense of what Misinterpretation you may meet with, I beg the Favour of you to lay before all the World the unhappy Condition of us poor Vagrants, who are really in a Way of Labour instead of Idleness.

This is a Frailty which I hope is so far from criminal, that methinks there is a kind of Piety in being so unwilling to be separated from a State which is the Institution of Heaven, and in which we have lived according to its Laws.

These warlike Sounds (methinks) are very improper in a Marriage-Consort, and give great Offence; they seem to insinuate, that the Joys of this State are short, and that Jars and Discord soon ensue.

It would not, methinks, be amiss, if the Ladies who haunt the Cloysters and Passages of the Play-house, were upon every Offence obliged to pay to this excellent Institution of Schools of Charity: This Method would make Offenders themselves do Service to the Publick.

The great Rule, methinks, should be to manage the Instant in which we stand, with Fortitude, Equanimity, and Moderation, according to Men's respective Circumstances.

Methinks nothing more shews the Weakness of their Cause, than that no Division of their Fellow-Creatures join with them, but those among whom they themselves own Reason is almost defaced, and who have little else but their Shape, which can entitle them to any Place in the Species.

But as the Matter of Respect to the World, which looks on, is carried on, methinks it is so very easie to be what is in the general called Virtuous, that it need not cost one Hour's Reflection in a Month to preserve that Appellation.

Methinks there is something very laudable in the Custom of a Voluntary before the first Lesson; by this we are supposed to be prepared for the Admission of those Divine Truths, which we are shortly to receive.

Methinks with me beside him he would never be hard to our people."

Methinks I could eat now, and walk a little.

And at the corner of that self-same house Heard I my most beloved Lady dear, So womanly, with voice melodious Singing so well, so goodly, and so clear, 60 That in my soul methinks I yet do hear

No fat overgrown virgin of forty ever offered herself so dog-cheap, or was more despised; methinks now this should mortify thee exceedingly.

Well, methinks now you have had a hard bargain on't: You have lost your cully, Sir Timorous, and your friend, Burr, and all to get a poor beating.

Methinks, this hat looks as if it should have something under it: If one could see the yellow boys peeping underneath the brims now: Ha!

Methinks your lordship looks very sharp, and bleak i'the face, and mighty puffed i'the body.

He does his great belly, methinks.

Thank you, my lord; but methinks 'tis much better as it is.

"One masque is as fair as another, and methinks the King's eye will open wider at my boldness than at Mistress Penwick's plain dissembling, should he require a fair show of our feigning.

"Janet, methinks the maid speaks with thee!"

Although I never loved as yet, Methinks that I might love you; I would get From out the knowledge that the time was brief, That tenderness, whose pity grows to grief, And grief that sanctifies, a joy, a charm Beyond all other loves, for now the arm Of Death is stretched to you-ward, and he claims You as his bride.

The rose-cheeked boy, the sturdy lad, On Sabbath day all neatly clad: Methinks I see them wend their way On some refulgent morn of May, By hedgerows trim, of fragrance rare, Towards the hallowed House of Prayer!

And that I may enjoy the true savor of the customary and, methinks, sometimes strongly realistic entertainment of such occasions, those in charge have bestirred themselves to find royal game for the baiting.

But," returned Mrs. Fiske, "look at methink how I have had to work and study to gain what success I have, and win such fame as is now mine!"

"I have great comfort from this fellow: methinks he hath no drowning mark upon him; his complexion is perfect gallows.

And yet, methinks, If easier, 'twere less sweet.

He died, says the tale, But methinks 'twas not so?

Methinks her presence is a constant threat.

But what of thee? Methinks the Herald's sentence named thee, too.

Methinks however, that rather than deliberate halt, the universities should be allowed to mushroom to the point that they will inevitably embrace mergers through evolutionary process.

Methinks that David’s ridiculous hat is far too tight on his pinhead.

Methinks the city will think of a different idea after cutting a bunch of checks.

Methinks your love for the halflings leaf has clearly slowed your mind.

Methinks Big Brother is in our midst.

Methinks nooooo -one would want to pick a fight with this mama loon!

Methinks this is a fine summary of the issue in the DVD cases, and more generally of the push by "intellectual property" industries for laws that help them restrict fair use.