1192 examples of methink in sentences

Had I deserved that Eveena should think so ill of methink me capable of doing such dishonour to her presence and to my own roof, which should have protected an equal enemy from that which you feared for a helpless girl?

I have a great affection for that rambler; it was your planting it that first made methink favorably of you.

Wenches, methink you sit like puritans: Never a jest abroad to make them laugh? FUL.

But as to this letter, methinkest thou sayest, of Miss Howe? I knew thou wouldest be uneasy for me.

I would, methinks, have this done after an uncommon Method, and do not think any one, who is not capable of writing a good Play, fit to undertake a Work wherein there will necessarily occur so many secret Instincts, and Biasses of human Nature which would pass unobserved by common Eyes.

"You shall have an explanation instantly," replied the apprentice; "but think not of methink only of your daughter.

Methinks I should learn something of his story Whose garments I am to wear.

Methinks their hearts went up in fervent prayer to God that he would spare them yet a little longer, for there were immortal souls there, for whom he labored and prayed, who entered the sanctuary and heard the word of God as it fell from his lips, Sabbath after Sabbath, and he felt sensibly that the midnight revel would not prepare the heart to seek God, or make the necessary preparation for death.

From nuptial bliss to mould'ring clay, And such, methinks, the lot of all; We picture joys with eager eye, 'Till death's damp curtains round us fall, And silent in his arms we lie.

Methinks th' angelic strains I know.

Methinks, methought.

Methinks he cometh late and tarries long.

Methinks he lingers late and tarries long.

Methinks it did relieve my passion much, More than light airs and recollected terms Of these most brisk and giddy-paced times.

This throne, this Fortune, and this hill, methinks, With one man beckoned from the rest below, Bowing his head against the steepy mount To climb his happiness, would be well expressed In our condition.

Methinks the lady.

Methinks, I suffer this severance from my husband through the potency of those celestial Lokapalas, who had come to the Swayamvara but whom I disregarded for the sake of Nala."

In the Arabian Nights we read: "If I look upon the heaven methinks I see the sun fallen down to shine below, and thee whom I desire to shine in his place."

Methinks, we're in the like condition, As at the treaty of partition; That stroke, for all King William's care, Begat another tedious war.

The chief Entertainment one of these Philosophers can possibly propose to himself, is to get a Relish of Dress: This, methinks, might diversifie the Person he is weary of (his own dear self) to himself.

The Ax methinks would have been a good Figure for a Lampoon, had the Edge of it consisted of the most satyrical Parts of the Work; but as it is in the Original, I take it to have been nothing else but the Posy of an Ax which was consecrated to Minerva, and was thought to have been the same that Epeus made use of in the building of the Trojan Horse; which is a Hint I shall leave to the Consideration of the Criticks.

It is, methinks, unnatural that we are not made to understand how she that was bred under a silly pious old Mother, that would never trust her out of her sight, came to be so Polite.

When wert thou other? Arb. Of what? Bes. That you would not have spy'd your best advantages, for your Majesty in my opinion lay too high, methinks, under favour, you should have lain thus.

My heart, methinks, clings more and more to you; and oh, my Tamar!

"But," returned Mrs. Fiske, "look at methink how I have had to work and study to gain what success I have, and win such fame as is now mine!"

1192 examples of  methink  in sentences