1192 examples of methink in sentences

Methinks my thoughts fall naturally into it)

Had I deserved that Eveena should think so ill of methink me capable of doing such dishonour to her presence and to my own roof, which should have protected an equal enemy from that which you feared for a helpless girl?

"Not before I've got even with some of the divilish Britons, methinks.

There is another episode connected with Argelès, that will live in our memories, and it is one that future travellers, methinks, may have reason to appreciate, if not to endorse.

Father, methinks there is already a stir below" "Thou shouldst make thyself brave!"

I have a great affection for that rambler; it was your planting it that first made methink favorably of you.

Daughter, methinks you are exceeding sad.

Wenches, methink you sit like puritans: Never a jest abroad to make them laugh? FUL.

But as to this letter, methinkest thou sayest, of Miss Howe? I knew thou wouldest be uneasy for me.

It is an affair that only wants the forms, methinks, to be committed presently to the axe.

It is methinks a most laudable Institution this, if it were of no other Expectation than that of producing a Race of good and useful Servants, who will have more than a liberal, a religious Education.

Hor. Mr. SPECTATOR, When you talk of the Subject of Love, and the Relations arising from it, methinks you should take Care to leave no Fault unobserved which concerns the State of Marriage.

Sir, Though I believe none of your Readers more admire your agreeable manner of working up Trifles than my self, yet as your Speculations are now swelling into Volumes, and will in all Probability pass down to future Ages, methinks I would have no single Subject in them, wherein the general Good of Mankind is concern'd, left unfinished.

But methinks the Disposition of a Mind which is truly great, is that which makes Misfortunes and Sorrows little when they befall our selves, great and lamentable when they befall other Men.

"You shall have an explanation instantly," replied the apprentice; "but think not of methink only of your daughter.

methinks a thousand tongues reply; 'These are the tombs of such as cannot die! Crowned with eternal fame, they sit sublime, And laugh at all the little strife of Time'" CHAPTER III FRIENDSHIP WITH BURKE (1781-1783)

Methinks I can detect his cloven foot.

It is Veal in style, when people, writing prose, think it a fine thing to write o'er instead of over, ne'er instead of never, poesie instead of poetry, and methinks under any circumstances whatsoever.

Methinks a French tailor, with an ell in his hand, looks like the enchantress Circe over the companions of Ulysses, and changes them into as many forms....

Nevertheless, it is, methinks, quite as good, as many others which recently were strangled, in struggling for existence.

Methinks th' angelic strains I know.

"But, methinks, we cannot answer it to ourselves, as-well-as to our Maker, that we should live and die ignorant of ourselves, and thereby of him, and of the obligations which we are under to him for ourselves.

"I would, methinks, have so much to say for myself, that if I fell into the hands of him who treated me ill, he should be sensible when he did so: his conscience should be on my side, whatever became of his inclination.

Methinks, methought.

"But," returned Mrs. Fiske, "look at methink how I have had to work and study to gain what success I have, and win such fame as is now mine!"

1192 examples of  methink  in sentences