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Do we say   mews   or  muse

Do we say mews or muse

mews 107 occurrences

A house in Red Lion Mews was crushed down into its cellar, a heap of ruins.

Of mortal labour startled the wild place, And only sea-mews with their wailing shrill, Circled beneath me over the dark sea, Flashing the waves with pinions snowy white, That glimmer'd faintly in the gloomy light Betwixt the foaming furrows constantly.

It is a place of fugitive resort, an heterogeneous assemblage of sea-mews and stock-brokers, Amphitrites of the town, and misses that coquet with the Ocean.

Bann'd be those musty mews, where we have spent Our youthful days in paled languishment!

Now, o' the other side, I'll fall in with the scholar, and him I'll handle cunningly too; I'll tell him that Lelia has acquainted me with her love to him, and for Because her father much suspects the same, He mews her up as men do mew their hawks; And so restrains her from her Sophos' sight.

He mews fair Lelia up from Sophos' sight, That not so much as paper pleads remorse.

Placing a small photograph before the girl, he said quietly: "That is the back of the houses in Phillimore Terrace, which overlook Adam and Eve Mews."

"You will notice that the row of back gardens have each an exit into the mews.

These mews are built in the shape of a capital F. The photograph is taken looking straight down the short horizontal line, which ends, as you see, in a cul-de-sac.

Now, on that particular night, or rather early morning, of January 15th, Constable D 21, having turned into the mews from Phillimore Terrace, stood for a moment at the angle formed by the long vertical artery of the mews and the short horizontal one which, as I observed before, looks on to the back gardens of the Terrace houses, and ends in a cul-de-sac.

Now, on that particular night, or rather early morning, of January 15th, Constable D 21, having turned into the mews from Phillimore Terrace, stood for a moment at the angle formed by the long vertical artery of the mews and the short horizontal one which, as I observed before, looks on to the back gardens of the Terrace houses, and ends in a cul-de-sac.

I certainly heard nothing of the noise in the mews last night.

The constable, D 21, who had stood in Adam and Eve Mews, presumably while Mr. Knopf's house was being robbed, had seen no one turn out from the cul-de-sac into the main passage of the mews.

The constable, D 21, who had stood in Adam and Eve Mews, presumably while Mr. Knopf's house was being robbed, had seen no one turn out from the cul-de-sac into the main passage of the mews.

Then he leisurely sauntered down the street, and turned into Adam and Eve Mews, with Mr. Francis Howard now close at his heels.

Two stood within the shadow of the steps of the Congregational Church at the corner of the mews, others were stationed well within a soft call.

"As soon as the tramp had advanced some thirty yards or so (the whole length of this part of the mews is about one hundred yards) and was lost in the shadow, Mr. Francis Howard directed four or five of his men to proceed cautiously up the mews, whilst the same number were to form a line all along the front of Phillimore Terrace between the mews and the High Street.

"As soon as the tramp had advanced some thirty yards or so (the whole length of this part of the mews is about one hundred yards) and was lost in the shadow, Mr. Francis Howard directed four or five of his men to proceed cautiously up the mews, whilst the same number were to form a line all along the front of Phillimore Terrace between the mews and the High Street.

"As soon as the tramp had advanced some thirty yards or so (the whole length of this part of the mews is about one hundred yards) and was lost in the shadow, Mr. Francis Howard directed four or five of his men to proceed cautiously up the mews, whilst the same number were to form a line all along the front of Phillimore Terrace between the mews and the High Street.

"The minutes sped on; absolute silence, in spite of the presence of so many men, reigned in the dark and deserted mews.

Stanley Rees was brought into this house through the mews, without observation from any living person.

30 The captive cat, with piteous mews, For pardon, life, and freedom sues: 'A sister of the science spare; One interest is our common care.'

Now gently put her off; see how direct To her known mews she flies!

Nor less the shifting cur avoid, that breaks 70 Illusive from the pack; to the next hedge Devious he strays, there every mews he tries:

The roar of the sea, ice-cold waves, and the song of the swan; For pastime the gannets' cry served me; the kittiwakes' chatter For laughter of men; and for mead drink the call of the sea mews.

A sound of street music entered the room through the open ventilators, for a band had begun to play in the stable mews at the back of the housethe March from Tannhäuser.

Odd as it may seem that a German band should twice within the space of an hour enter the same mews and play Wagner, it was nevertheless the fact.

street, place, terrace, parade, esplanade, alameda^, board walk, embankment, road, row, lane, alley, court, quadrangle, quad, wynd [Scot.], close [Scot.], yard, passage, rents, buildings, mews.

In the pursuit of these objects, Fairfax marched several regiments to London, and quartered them at Whitehall, York House, the Mews, and in the skirts of the city.

My carriage stopped, I got out, and it then drove on to the mews.

You should have the edition (if you have not parted with it), for I saw it never but at your place at the Mews' Gate, nor did I then read it to compare it with my own; only I know the daughter's curiosity is the best part of my Roxana.

He was surrounded by a screaming garrison of gulls, cormorants, and sea-mews.

Sea-mews and cormorants flew about him restlessly, as if anxious to warn him of his danger.

The whole Battalion mews, their Order due, Their Visages and Stature as of Gods.

The haunt of Seals and Orcs and Sea-Mews clang.

From thyme-sweet pastures grey with dews The milch-cows came with swinging tails: And whirling high the wailing mews Screamed o'er the brothers at their pails.

He had no hawks with him, but bred them in his own mews on the Elk River.

We have, it is true, gipsies in this country as well as at the Cairn of Derncleugh: but they live under clipped hedges, and repose in camp-beds, and do not perch on crags, like eagles, or take shelter, like sea-mews, in basaltic subterranean caverns.

"Done," repeated the man, pulling a handful of silver from his pocket, and assuming the broom at once to enter on his professional labours, ere Puckers had recovered from her astonishment, or Buster could vanish round the corner in the direction of a neighbouring mews.

He was gazing miles away, through the window, through the opposite houses, their offices, their washing-ground, and the mews at the back.

A few yards up the street a mews turns off to the left, and into this my companion plunged, motioning me to go straight on, which I accordingly did, and in a few paces reached the top of the street.

Here a narrow thoroughfare, with a broad, smooth pavement, bears off to the left, parallel with the mews, and, as I arrived at the corner and glanced up the little street, I saw a man on a bicycle gliding swiftly and silently towards Little James' Street.

As I re-entered Henry Street, Thorndyke emerged from the mews and halted on seeing me.

Whereupon the yeoman opened the door of a long covered shed commonly called the "mews," and shortly appeared again with four hooded hawkstwo falcons, and two males or tiercel-gentlesplaced on a wooden frame or cadge.

And that's how the War Dogs' Party came to be formed, for when they heard how the land lay some of the influential dogs in our neighbourhood called a meeting in Jorrocks' Mews and elected me chairman.

Mr. Cross's occupation's gone, and the wild beasts have progressed nearer the Court by removing to the King's Mews.

For he knows the way to a-mews.

In 1828, Jerry was purchased by Mr. Cross, and exhibited at the King's Mews, when he appeared in full vigour, and attracted a large number of daily visitors.

An' then she says she'd begun to think pretty much that way herself, an' that she had a sister a-livin' down in the Sussex Mews, back of Gresham Terrace, Camberwell Square, Hankberry Place, N.W. by N., an' she thought she might as well go there an' stay while we was here.

National Gallery and Record Office, on the site of the King's Mews, Charing Cross.

Then he will come home, to be made Keeper of the King's Mews, and presently our Colley will immortalise him in one of those pen-portraits which make so many of the Poet Laureate's friends or foes stand out clear and distinct against the background of the "Apology."

For as the second gate, which is in iron, is approached, your thoughts of rural things are rudely scattered by sight of what seems a London mews.

Murder in the mews.

Murder in the mews, by Agatha Christie.

Britannia mews.

Murder in the mews.

Britannia mews.

You may remember that a ring is formed and the person within the ring who is "it," kneels before someone in the circle and mews or purrs appealingly three times successively.

It is the dedication to Edward Augustus, Duke of York, of An Introduction to Geometry, by William Payne, London: T. Payne, at the Mews Gate, 1767.

The whole Battalion mews, their Order due, Their Visages and Stature as of Gods.

The haunt of Seals and Orcs and Sea-Mews clang.

V.Encounters with Cromwell When I came to Leicester I was carried up a prisoner by Captain Drury, one of the Protector's life-guards, who brought me to London and lodged me at the Mermaid, over against the Mews at Charing Cross.

Each was like a Druid rock, Or like a spire of land that stands apart Cleft from the main and wall'd about with mews.

Be violets in their secret mews 25

I stepped out blinking into a covered passage paved with cobbles and apparently leading down to a mews; but it was all in darkness, and I had no time to make any detailed observations, as the carriage had drawn up opposite a side door which was open and in which stood a woman holding a lighted candle.

There is no other mews or private roadway in sight."

He pointed to a narrow turning some dozen yards ahead, apparently the entrance to a mews or yard and closed by a pair of massive wooden gates.

A hound gave tongue responsively among the heaped mews and doggeries beneath the ramparts.

'Youthful Shakespeare Mews his Mighty Youth.

The laurel, madrone, and manzanitas keep it company for some distance on either side, and a catbird mews and purrs from a clump of willows on the margin of the stream.

Different species of birds swarm in these waters: ducks, geese, swans, divers, gulls, sea-mews, and countless similar.

Bishop Mews often asked him to Wolvesey, and allowed him to assist the parochial clergy when it was not necessary to utter the royal name, the vergers marshalled him to his own stall at daily prayers, and he had free access to Bishop Morley's Cathedral library.

"And so, Sir," he continued, "I have taken the liberty of telephoning to the mews for a cab."

"The Mews desires to know, Sir," said he, "who will pay for the cab?" I ought to be able to state that there followed with the cold light of day an apology, with passionate tears and remorse, from Thompson, or at least a severe reprimand from my father before he consented to keep him on.

It went to the wrong house because, as the proprietor of the mews informed us with shame and regret, the driver entrusted with the order had been very much under the influence of alcohol.

"The upper compartments of the window were of painted glass, and cast a dismal light through the apartment, while the lower panes were darkened by the hawk-mews raised on the terrace, that the King might enjoy the daily satisfaction of seeing the birds fed before his eyes.

As environmental and social activist, he has authored books including The Mews of London and The End of the Road.

It is kept in the Royal Mews.

Originally based at Camden Mews, the studio moved to larger premises in Kings Cross in 2000.

The carriages are housed at the Royal Mews in London.

Dinh, 52, of Rowan Mews, has pleaded not guilty to attempting to murder his former wife by trying to strangle her before launching an attack with a fruit knife.

Frenzied Loch, 28, then beat Germans Blimov five times over the head with the metal weapon, broke both his arms, and robbed him in nearby Albert Terrace Mews.

She improvised a local solution by using a mews or shed building.

Contact about 409 9168 SLOPES Mews in Burnaby: Simon Fraser Univer.

Development should be sensitive to the nearby low density residential uses by having an appropriate transition in density, height and massing toward the Bayview Mews.

Fire Services opposes the proposed name Pear Tree Mews, as it matches too closely with Pear Tree Road, Mississauga.

Fridays: From 2 6 pm Join us every Friday afternoon from 2-6 pm at the Warkworth Mews to celebrate and support the very best of homegrown and handmade in the village of Warkworth.

If you’re looking for a fully pampered experience, then Lillian wants to invite you to her beauty salon in the Manotick Mews Shopping Centre.

Immaculate former display unit in Richmond Mews.

Implementation of the MEWS could provide a useful triage tool to identify patients at greatest risk of death.

In 1972 it was renovated into an interior courtyard surrounded by shops and offices on Gaoler’s Mews.

One Panel member had a concern that the mews on the other half of this site (Site 1A) is not a view corridor.

Property by us at 616 KINGHORNE MEWS BB in Vancouver.

Seventeen of the 1,320 square-foot duplex homes at Woodcote Mews on Cumberland Road have already been sold.

Similar home can be viewed at 1406 Korol Mews in Hampton Village.

The event was held at the Mews Centre in St. John�s.

The owner(s) shall register Public Access Easements for the mid block mews located at the mid block point along 97 Avenue and Rossdale Road to ensure public access through the site.

The project design focuses on the at-grade use of the lane as an internal "mews".

Walking around the newly created inner roads amongst the condo buildings and townhouses, you may notice some curiously named streets like Sloping Sky Mews, Grand Magazine Street and Bastion Street.

We are proud to announce that this Nov 19th, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM we will be hosting an Open House at 209 4815 ELDORADO MEWS in the Collingwood VE neighborhood, Vancouver East.

muse 1369 occurrences

Then followed poor S, ill-fated M! of these the Muse is silent.

But now thy Muse inraged from her urne Like Ghosts of Murdred bodyes doth returne To accuse the Murderers, to right the Stage, And undeceive the long abused Age, Which casts thy praise on them, to whom thy Wit Gives not more Gold then they give drosse to it: Who not content like fellons to purloyne, Adde Treason to it, and debase thy Coyne.

historiography^, chronography^; historic Muse, Clio; history; biography, autobiography; necrology, obituary.

Poetry N. poetry, poetics, poesy, Muse, Calliope, tuneful Nine, Parnassus, Helicon^, Pierides, Pierian spring.

[Lat.]; mutum est pictura poema [Lat.]; O for a muse of fire!

the marchesa fell into a muse.

Kipling: "The Explorer" This Volume is affectionately dedicated to the Muse who inspired it the Little Mother of Seven Sons Preface

One or two things yet I was desirous to have amended if I could, concerning the manner of handling this my subject, for which I must apologise, deprecari, and upon better advice give the friendly reader notice: it was not mine intent to prostitute my muse in English, or to divulge secreta Minervae, but to have exposed this more contract in Latin, if I could have got it printed.

'Twas yours, on eagle wings, aloft to soar, And, amidst rolling worlds, the great first cause explore, To fix the aeras of recorded time, And live in ev'ry age and ev'ry clime; Record the chiefs, who propt their country's cause; Who founded empires, and establish'd laws; To learn whate'er the sage, with virtue fraught, Whate'er the muse of moral wisdom taught.

The love of fame his gen'rous bosom fir'd; Each science hail'd him, and each muse inspir'd.

This, only this, the rigid law pursues, This, only this, provokes the snarling muse.

He tires his fav'rites with Irene's praise, And seeks the shades to muse upon Irene; Irene steals, unheeded, from his tongue, And mingles, unperceiv'd, with ev'ry thought.

Yes, gentlemen, my only 'Academe,' My sole 'Gymnasium,' are my woods and bowers; Of Afric and of Asia there I dream; And the Nymphs bring me baskets full of flowers, Arums, and sweet narcissus from the stream; And thus my Muse escapeth your town-hours And town-disdains; and I eschew your bites, Judges of books, grim Areopagites."

People's every-day experiences might explain to them the greatest apparent inconsistencies of Pulci's muse, if habit itself did not blind them to the illustration.

As to poetry, no language in the world suits itself better to all the vagaries and phantasies of the Muse, since it possesses so much natural rythm and allows, like the Greek, the combination of compound words and a redundancy of epithets, and it is besides so flexible that it lends itself to all the ancient as well as the modern metres with complete success: indeed it is the only modern language that I know of which does so.

I cannot describe these things, I can only feel them; I throw down the pen and call upon expressive silence to muse their praise.

But we are not here to muse.

," AhnRee said, wrenching his eyes from Amber who was becoming ever more elusive, more of a muse.

Such was the Muse, whose Rules and Practice tell, Natures chief Masterpiece is writing well.

But it brings the development of his Muse and of his Creed to a positive and definite point.

True, the old simple ballad-muse of Scotland still dropped a gem from her treasures, here and there, even in the eighteenth century itselfwitness "Auld Robin Gray."

Hints of an unbounded fancy, playing gracefully in the excess of its strength, with the vastest images, as in that robe of the Scottish Muse, in which Deep lights and shades, bold mingling, threw A lustre grand, And seem'd to my astonished view A well-known land.

Their metre betrays them, as well as their words; in both they are continually wandering, unconsciously to themselves, into the elegiacexcept when on one subject, whereon the muse of Scotia still warbles at first hand, and from the depths of her heartnamely, alas!

But when sober, there is a sadness about the Scottish muse nowadays as perhaps there ought to beand the utterances of hers which ring the truest are laments.

But the brutal-minded booksellers scorn the fruit of my vigils, and in the empyrean the Muse veils her face so as not to witness the humiliation inflicted on her nursling."

The name well befits his Muse, and we should picture her as a Mnemosyne pondering over the works of men and the causes of things!"

Nothing like them had been known among the glories of Hellenic literary art, and no Muse now stood forth to be their defender and patron.

He prays that "the Muse will pardon, if sometimes he adorn his page with other charms than her own; for thus, perhaps, he may win the world to his higher meanings, shrouding severe truths in soft verses.

Such is the stately soaring of the epical Muse, the Muse of ideal history.

Such is the stately soaring of the epical Muse, the Muse of ideal history.

I wish to be occupied, but not employed,to muse passively, not actively.

What labour yields, and what, that labour past, Age, in its hour of languor, finds at last; What form the real picture of the poor, Demand a songthe Muse can give no more.

But charmed by him, or smitten with his views, Shall modern poets court the Mantuan muse?

I suppose, I should have nursed his muse, And with champagne have brighten'd up his views, Then had he made me famed my whole life long,

A poet who habitually insists on producing thirty lines a day, whether or no the muse is willing, can hardly escape temptations to carelessness.

There was, indeed, a frugal and housewifely Muse, that brewed a cup, neither cheering unduly nor inebriating, out of the emptyings of Wordsworth's teapot.

His Muse is more ambitious, and seeks to interest by appealing to the sentiments in a language polished with all the art of its sister, the French.

"Répopiado" and "Lou Boun Sens del Payson" show that the language of Auvergne is no less adapted to moral teachings than to the touching inspirations and free jovial songs of the country Muse.

MUSE, MAUDE B. A text-book of psychology for nurses.

Maude B. Muse (A); 27Nov57; R203780.

There is a rabbit everywhere you tread, To-day I heard a rabbit in the hall, The same that sits at evening in my shoes And sings his usefulness, or simply chews; There is no corner sacred to the Muse And how shall man demobilise them all?

He returned home only to muse over their sweet society, and contrast their refined and gentle life with the harsh rude hearth that awaited him.

She had never again experienced those uneasy thoughts which at times had haunted her from her infancy; separated from her mother, indeed, scarcely for an hour together, she had no time to muse.

No, rather let my muse abstracted turn; Forget to muse, and of my Saviour learn

No, rather let my muse abstracted turn; Forget to muse, and of my Saviour learn

But, if the blithe muse will indulge a smile, Why scowls thy brow, O Bookseller!

Come, let us teach each others tears to flow, Like fasting bards, in fellowship of woe, When the coy muse puts on coquettish airs, Nor deigns one line to their voracious prayers; Thy spirit, groaning like th'encumber'd block Which bears my works, deplores them as dead stock, Doom'd by these undiscriminating times To endless sleep, with Della Cruscan rhymes; Yes, Critics, whisper thee, litigious wretches!

And should you with a critic's eye, Proclaim me 'gainst the Muse a sinner, Reflect, dear girl!

whom the melancholy Muse With more than fondness lov'd, for thee she strung

Again, forsaking mirth's fantastic rites, The Muse to follow, through her nobler flights, Where Milton paints angelic hosts in arms, And Heaven's wide champaign rings with dire alarms, Till 'vengeful justice wings its dreadful way, And hurls the apostate from the face of day.

high o'er oblivion's shroud Their names shall live, pre-eminent and proud, Who snatch'd the keys of mystery from time, This world too little for their Muse sublime!

But, wherefore should the Muse employ her verse, The peril of our labors to rehearse?

what need my humble muse to tell, When rapture's self has echo'd forth thy fame?

Here he wrote his first rhymes, and wooed and won the first inspirations of the muse.

The Muse's Choice, or the Progress of Wit.

As his conceptions were so full of life and humour, it is not much to be wondered at, if his muse should be sometimes too warm to wait the slow pace of judgment, or to endure the drudgery of forming a regular Fable to them.

A bard that's now no more, in riper days, Conscious review'd the licence of his plays: And tho' applause his wanton muse had fir'd, Himself condemn'd what sensual minds admir'd.

Warm with that thought his muse once more took flame, Resolv'd to bring licentious life to shame.

As porcelain earth, more precious, 'cause more old; Who, like an aged oak, so long hath stood, And art religion now as well as food: Though thy grey Muse grew up with elder times, And our deceased grandsires lisp'd thy rhymes; Yet we can sing thee too, and make the lays Which deck thy brow look fresher with thy praise.

* * * * * Though these, your happy births, have silent past More years than some abortive wits shall last; He still writes new, who once so well hath sung: That Muse can ne'er be old, which ne'er was young.

In the attempt his genius deserts him; no muse befriends; no invention, no hope.

For here the Muse so oft her harp hath strung, That not a mountain rears its head unsung; Renown'd in verse each shady thicket grows, And ev'ry stream in heav'nly numbers flows.

Addison's were formal raptures, and he knew them to be so, when he wrote, I bridle in my struggling Muse with pain, That longs to launch into a bolder strain.

This was Addison's first bid for success in Literature; and the twenty-seven lines in which he then asked Somers to 'receive the present of a Muse unknown,' were honourably meant to be what Dr. Johnson called 'a kind of rhyming introduction to Lord Somers.'

One may say of him, as Pindar bids his Muse say of Theron: 'Swear, that Theron sure has sworn, No one near him should be Poor.

But O, my Muse, the whole Adventure tell, As ev'ry Accident in order fell.

My [Muse th' expected ] Hero shall pursue From Clime to Clime, and keep him still in View; His shining March describe in faithful Lays, Content to paint him, nor presume to praise; Their Charms, if Charms they have, the Truth supplies, And from the Theme unlabour'd Beauties rise.

Whom shall the Muse from out the shining Throng Select to heighten and adorn her Song?

The Muse, if fir'd with thy enlivening Beams, Perhaps shall aim at more exalted Themes, Record our Monarch in a nobler Strain, And sing the opening Wonders of his Reign; Bright CAROLINA's heavenly Beauties trace, Her valiant CONSORT, and his blooming Race.

A Train of Kings their fruitful Love supplies, A glorious Scene to Albion's ravish'd Eyes; Who sees by BRUNSWICK's Hand her Sceptre sway'd, And through his Line from Age to Age convey'd.' [Footnote 1: [artless Muse the]] [Footnote 2: he burns].

enthusiastick Muse believes are true, Thinks the Spot sacred, and its Genius You.

'If you would unheard-of things express, Invent new words; we can indulge a muse, Until the licence rise to an abuse.'

'My timorous Muse Unambitious tracts pursues; Does with weak unballast wings, About the mossy brooks and springs.

'Whate'er my Muse adventurous dares indite, Whether the niceness of thy piercing sight Applaud my lays, or censure what I write, To thee I sing, and hope to borrow fame, By adding to my page Messala's name.'

But the commanding Muse my chariot guides, Which o'er the dubious cliff securely rides: And pleased I am no beaten road to take, But first the way to new discov'ries make.'

I 'member Mis Nancy an' white folks 'ud set out thar of an evenin' an' mek us li'l cullud chullun dance an' sing an' cut capers fer to 'muse 'em.

In Göttingen he became acquainted with one of the most gifted women which Germany has ever produced, Caroline, the daughter of the Göttingen professor Michaelis, at the time a young widow in the home of her father, and destined to become not only his wife, but the Muse of much of his most important work.

But an omnibus conductor (being filled with the Muse) would burst out into a solid literary effort: 'You're a gen'leman, aren't yer ... yer boots is a lot brighter than yer 'ed...there's precious little of yer, and that's clothes...that's right, put yer cigar in yer mouth 'cos I can't see yer be'ind

But I realised before I was thirty that minor poetry is not sufficient occupation for a life-timeI realised that fact suddenlyI remember the very place at the corner of Wellington Street in the Strand; and these poems were the last efforts of my muse.

George Wither has well said in commendation of his Muse: Her divine skill taught me this; That from every thing I saw I could some instruction draw, And raise pleasure to the height By the meanest object's sight,

There is another famous estate in Kent, Knole, the seat of Dorset, the grace of courts, the Muse's pride.

Mary Houston, daughter of Luke Towns, 1225 West Eighth Street Jacksonville, Florida FEDERAL WRITERS' PROJECT American Guide, (Negro Writers' Unit) Viola B. Muse Jacksonville, Florida March 20, 1937 WILLIS WILLIAMS Willis Williams of 1025 Iverson Street, Jacksonville, Florida, was born at Tallahassee, Florida, September 15, 1856.

And every conqueror creates a Muse."

30 What the prophetic Muse intends, alone To him that feels the secret wound is known.

And to my aid invoke no Muse but you.

This last complaint th'indulgent ears did pierce Of just Apollo, president of verse; Highly concerned that the Muse should bring Damage to one whom he had taught to sing, Thus he advised me: 'On yon aged tree Hang up thy lute, and hie thee to the sea, That there with wonders thy diverted mind Some truce, at least, may with this passion find.'

So we, retiring from the busy throng, Use to restrain the ambition of our song; 10 But since the light which now informs our age Breaks from the Court, indulgent to her rage, Thither my Muse, like bold Prometheus, flies, To light her torch at Gloriana's eyes; Those sov'reign beams which heal the wounded soul, And all our cares, but once beheld, control!

Here passion sways, but there the Muse shall raise Eternal monuments of louder praise.

46 Illustrious acts high raptures do infuse, And every conqueror creates a Muse.

the birds which chant in this grove, Could we but know the language they use, They would instruct us better in love, And reprehend thy inconstant Muse; For love their breasts does fill with such a fire, 17 That what they once do choose, bounds their desire.

40 All that can, living, feed the greedy eye, Or dead, the palate, here you may descry; The choicest things that furnish'd Noah's ark, Or Peter's sheet, inhabiting this park; All with a border of rich fruit-trees crown'd, Whose loaded branches hide the lofty mound, Such various ways the spacious alleys lead, My doubtful Muse knows not what path to tread.

Near this my Muse, what most delights her, sees A living gallery of aged trees; Bold sons of earth, that thrust their arms so high, As if once more they would invade the sky.

Muse left Teignmouth and met Sawmills Studio owner, Dennis Smith.

Muse started work in September 2003 with producers Paul Reeve and John Cornfield, and recorded Butterflies and Hurricanes and Blackout.

On November 5, Princess Labay from Team MII committed several house rule violations that lead her to dismissal of membership from the group, citation who is then replaced by Guinevere Muse as part of Team MII.

Ono was Lennon's "muse", inspiring his music and his creative side, for the rest of his life.

According to the ongoing investigation, he allegedly breached Myanmar’s Anti-Money Laundering Law for receiving 16.3 billion kyats (about US$12.5 million) in 2015 via illegal money transfers in Muse, Shan State.

Named after the Ancient Greek muse of bucolic poetry and comedy, Talia Collective showcases about 20 sustainable beauty, fashion and accessories brands and offers insights and content promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

Guided by the muse of Cary Grant (with further inspiration from Smokey Robinson, Roger Federer, Nelson Mandela, Margot Fonteyn, Amy Purdy, Beyoncé, and others), Kaufman illuminates the importance of grace in the small moments of everyday life.

Incantation (Muse): While currently based in Pennsylvania, this death metal band was instrumental in forming the NYC death metal scene in the late 80’s and early 90’s.