62 examples of mich in sentences

Professor von Englishen Zunge im University, to get him to recommend ein Deutchen Lehrer Für mich, welcher he did.

Er sprach um mehrerer Americanischer authors, und meist güngstiger & vernügungsvoll von Ihrer; dass er knew you and Ihrer so wohl durch Ihrer geschereibungen; und wann Ich habe gesagt Ich sollen Ihr schreiben heute Nacht gewesen if nothing happened, er bitte mich Opfer sein compliments, und hoffe Ihnen will ihm besuchen wenn du Kommst an Heidelberg.

[Footnote 3: skulking mischief: the latter word is Spanish, To mich is to play truant.

David J Brewer, Kan 1889 1837 Henry B Brown, Mich 1890 1836 George Shiras Jr, Pa 1892 1832 Howell D Jackson, Tenn 1893 1895 2 1832 1895 Edward D White, La 1893 1845 Rufus W Peckham 1895 1837 UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY

They flowers ye didn't seem to set mich store by, and I could on'y get a twothree now and again when theer was nobry about.

Him an' Martin Tyrer, of Little Upton, is mich of an age, an' they'n walked same number of timesthey're a bit jealous one o' th' t'other an' our Gaffer reckons if he bides awhoam, owd Martin 'ull be castin' up at him, an' sayin' he's beat him.

"You yoong chaps thinks too mich o' yourselsI'm goin' as how 'tis.

"Gaffer, thou'll noan think o' sich a thingthou as couldn't so mich as walk on Tuesday!

"I doubt it's been too mich for him," she sobbedshe always sobbed at funerals, being a very feeling woman, but on this occasion she surpassed herself, some of the Upton folk indeed thought it was scarce decent.

I reckon it 'ud want keepin'; it wouldn't be ready mich afore Crestmas!" Joe's wits, at no time very nimble, required some time to take in this audacious proposal, and he was just beginning the preliminary deprecating roll of the head, which he intended to precede a remark to the effect that Margaret 'ud happen have summat to say about that, when the angular figure of Miss Heptonstall herself appeared at the corner of the lane.

" "Well, an' ye ought to be very thankful to me," asserted Ted; "didn't I pick him out o' th' road, an' put my own coat o'er him an' fondle him mich same's if he was a babby?

"Theer dunnot seem to be mich amiss, do theer?" she remarked; "it seems a'most a pity to be givin' it sperrits.

He'll noan as mich as wet that great yaller beak of his wi' that drop.

"Hoo thinks a dale o' me, if hoo doesn't think mich o' menfolk in general.

" "Mich the same as us'al, thank ye," replied Miss Hep.

"H'm, mich the same as their r'yal namesakes, I reckonkept for show an' no manner o' use to nobry.

i' this world as I care for mich,

Well, I'm doin' pratty well too, an' I've got a nice little place" "Nay," put in Margaret, "it isn't mich of a place; this here's twice th' size, an' a dale coomfortabler.

"I've vallyed itwell, I couldn't say how mich I've vallyed it an' do vally it.

" "Ah," replied Ted, still solemn, "I haven't lost mich time.

"Her an' me's mich of an ageI am goin' to wed her.

"I'm not behowden to ye for mich, as how 'tisI reckon I addle my mate.

Ye'll tell him kind an' careful, mester, about me havin' to shift here, an' dunnot let him think I'm axing him to do mich for me.

Well but, last neetI haven't towd nobry, because I didn't want to have 'em laughin', ye know, and, o' course, I dunnot set mich store by dreams; but still, it seemed to comfort me.

Si senserit meus pater uel Martinus maior frater, erit mihi dies ater; uel si sciret mea mater, cum sit angue peior quater: uirgis sum tributa.[70] Appropriated, lastly, and refashioned by the hand of an original genius, the pastourelle gave to German poetry the crowning jewel of its Minnesang in Walther's 'Under der linden,' with its irrepressibly roguish refrain: Kuster mich?

62 examples of  mich  in sentences