71 examples of michaux in sentences

Notwithstanding the Red Maple is the most intense scarlet of any of our trees, the Sugar-Maple has been the most celebrated, and Michaux in his "Sylva" does not speak of the autumnal color of the former.

The diversified régime is pictured in Michaux's description of a North Carolina plantation in 1802: "In eight hundred acres of which it is composed, a hundred and fifty are cultivated in cotton, Indian corn, wheat and oats, and dunged annually, which is a great degree of perfection in the present state of agriculture in this part of the country.

By Henri Michaux.

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SEE Schleich, Carl Ludwig. MICHAUX, HENRI.

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Decouvrons Henri Michaux.

Decouvrons Henri Michaux.


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By Andre Gide & Henri Michaux.

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By Henri Michaux, translation by Sylvia Beach.

By Henri Michaux.

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[Footnote: Draper MSS., Michaux to George Rogers Clark, undated, but early in 1793.]

Michaux was the agent for the French Minister, though nominally his visit was undertaken on purely scientific grounds.

It is impossible that he could have been really misled as to Michaux's character and the object of his visits; nevertheless, he actually gave him a letter of introduction to the Kentucky Governor, Isaac Shelby.

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71 examples of  michaux  in sentences