2122 examples of mids in sentences

[20] Sc. companions: Mids.

There is also the chappell of the sepulchre, and in the mids thereof is a canopie as it were of a bed, with a great sort of Estridge egges hanging at it, with tassels of silke and lampes.

"So thick the boughis and the leavis greene Beshaded all the alleys that there were, And mids of every arbour might be seen The sharpe, greene, sweete juniper, Growing so fair, with branches here and there, That, as it seemed to a lyf without, The boughis spread the arbour all about.

He on the stately Mississippi's shore, I 'mid the snow and roses of Tyrol, But in my heart he dwells forevermore, Belovèd friend, and double of my soul.

Our race is scattered now the wide world o'er; Our wailings rise to Thee from every shore; Baited or banished by the Christian Powers, Cursed by the Moslem mid our ruined towers, Like pariah dogs, an execrated race, We crouch to-day within our 'Wailing Place', Begging, and paying dearly for, the right To bathe with tears this consecrated site.

The horse, caught in mid-air, as it were, came floundering down on all fours again.

Hence all of the burning ghats along the river bank are busy from daylight until mid-day disposing of the bodies of those who have died during the previous eighteen or twenty hours.

He knelt in yon church 'mid the worshipping throng, And vowed to do right, but went out to do wrong; For, going up of a Sunday to look at the gate Of Saints' Alley, he stuck there and found it was strait, And slid back of a Monday to walk in the way That is popular, populous, smooth-paved, and gay.

A bleak sunrise,a treacherous morning gleam, And now, ere mid-day, all my sky is black With whirling drifts once more!

" "My child," said the father, "look up to the skies, Behold that bright rainbow, those beautiful dyes, There, there are the dew drops in glory reset, Mid the jewels of heaven, they are glittering yet.

It was observed flying at mid-day in the immediate vicinity of Carlton House, and was brought down with an arrow by an Indian boy.

Louie God mid ure hierte, And mid all ure mihte, And ure emcristene swo us self, Swo us lereth drihte.

Louie God mid ure hierte, And mid all ure mihte, And ure emcristene swo us self, Swo us lereth drihte.

Accepting the position offered to him in so flattering a manner, he sailed for St. Petersburg about mid-summer in 1842, being accompanied on his voyage by Major Bouttattz, of the Russian Engineer Corps, who had been sent to this country by the Emperor as an escort.

Tell me if this way of leaning against the green barrier of her garden-close, or of lying under the murmurous arbor of mid-Summer, is not worth the starched manner, that old magistrate de Vignywith his neckcloth wound three times around, and rigid in his trousers' strapsimposed upon his goddesses?

In mid-afternoon we came to the mouth of a big and swift affluent entering from the right.

In mid-afternoon we were once more in the canoes; but we had paddled with the current only a few minutes, we had gone only a kilometre, when the roar of rapids in front again forced us to haul up to the bank.

They were absent until mid-afternoon.

<pb id='516.png' /> VOGUE MID-MONTH COLLECTION.

Stopped in mid-air.


HALL, SARAH M. Mid-Pacific.



Vogue Mid-Month Collection.

2122 examples of  mids  in sentences