116 examples of milestone in sentences

The spot is at the second milestone outside of the gate of St. John Lateran.

" He only desired, as the exponent of a great democracy, a peace which should be the expression of right and justice, evolving from the War a League of Nations, the first milestone in a new era of civilization, a league destined to bind together ex-belligerents and neutrals in one.

This fact becoming known to a man who had his private reasons for committing murder, at the third milestone from Königsberg, he waited for his "intended," who came up to time as duly as a mail-coach.

A milestone intimated that it was seventy miles to London.

Furthermore, when I reach the milestone that counts from the Hicks-Hall that stands now, I own at once the Aulic dignity, and, were I a gaol-bird, I should shake in my shoes.

At this time he was chosen commissioner of the highways round about Rome, set up the so-called golden milestone, and assigned road-builders from the ranks of the ex-prætors, with two lictors, to take care of the various streets.

Like fated trains of other epochs whose privations, sufferings, and self-sacrifices have added renown to colonization movements and served as danger signals to later wayfarers, that party began its journey with song of hope, and within the first milestone of the promised land ended it with a prayer for help.

"A MILESTONE PASSED, THE ROAD SEEMS CLEAR" As the "season" heightened, the beautiful paneled walls of Mrs. Marshall-Smith's salon were frequently the background for chance gatherings of extremely appropriate callers.

Sylvia had passed a milestone.

I was only a milestone.

And on the road was a common milestone, with 'France' on one side and 'Italia' on the other.

He smiled with a grisly solemnityjust such a smile as you might imagine would play round the lips of a milestone (if it had any,) at the recantation so quickly volunteered by Larry.

Longfellow, The Golden Milestone.

Longfellow, The Golden Milestone. A'riel, the sylph in Pope's Rape of the Lock.

We next found him making salams as he passed the fat old gentleman with an elephant's head, and other foul idolatries bedaubed with rose-pink and butter, that show themselves on various milestone-like appurtenances to an Indian road.

Or if thou hast almost forgotten that, then sure thou hast some precious milestone along the road of life that is not quite grown over with moss, on which thou canst read some happy inspiration of His mercy toward thee!

<pb id='169.png' n='1955h1/A/0733' /> TOWNSEND, REGINALD T. Another milestone.

The golden milestone.

<pb id='169.png' n='1955h1/A/0733' /> TOWNSEND, REGINALD T. Another milestone.

By the white road, a white milestone, chipped and defaced, stood almost hidden among thistles and brambles.

Other Buildings and Tombs at or near Agra The tomb of Feroz Khan, opposite to the third milestone on the Gwalior road, is an interesting building of Akbar's time, richly carved and decorated with tile-work.

Two were on horseback, their naked swords glittering in the sunlight; the third on a bicycleand all three, as well as George, were shrieking excitedly at a phlegmatic Tommy Atkins who, seated on a milestone, was calmly smoking his pipe.

So, in a fashion, she had during the past three years come to regard her twenty-fifth birthday as a milestone in her life.

In the Acts of the Martyrdom of St. Alexander, who, according to the story of the Church, was the sixth successor of St. Peter, and who was put to death in the persecution of Trajan, in the year 117, it was said that his body was buried by a Roman lady, Severina, "on her farm, at the seventh milestone from Rome on the Nomentan Way."

They so far succeeded as to gain possession of the bodies, and to carry them as far as the second milestone on the Appian Way.

116 examples of  milestone  in sentences
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