131 examples of minimize in sentences

His practical religion became that of acceleration and facilitationto do things more quickly and easilyand thus to minimize exertion became his great objective.

She did not minimize the hard struggle that Annie Gray had had in her attempts at self support, even when she saw the old man wince.

The well-known loyalty of naval officers to one another tended to minimize any difficulties that might have arisen from this anomaly, but the arrangement might conceivably give rise to difficulty, and is best avoided if the Board system is to remain.

"However, then, international society may be organized for the future and whatever machinery may be set up to minimize the possibilities of war, I believe that the agency which may be counted upon to function with certainty is that which develops and applies legal justice.

Mrs. Lessways was exceedingly jealous of her legal position, whose importance she never forgot nor would consent to minimize.

Cheap groceries and lighting are also gains, though it must be remembered that the modes of purchase to which the very poor are driven to have recourse minimize these gains.

Also they had repeated the trick of capturing sundry luckless natives and, in their rush through the town, driving these prisoners ahead of them as living bucklers to minimize the danger of being shot at from the windows.

He sat at home in silent rage, only exploding when the well-meaning Mrs. Kingdom sought to minimize his troubles by comparing them with those of Job.

He sat at home in silent rage, only exploding when the well-meaning Mrs. Kingdom sought to minimize his troubles by comparing them with those of Job.

This gives a rhythm to the uphill work, which also seems to minimize effort.

I don't think I minimize any of them.

If we are to believe at all in spiritual influencesand who denies them?can we minimize these?

He did not doubt that she would use all her influence to minimize the effect of Olga's machinations, and he felt sure with such a friend at court that Hermia need have little fear from the opinions of Mrs. Hammond's friends and her own, and these after all were the only opinions that mattered to her.

It is, however, difficult to believe that this account was not exaggerated, from the extremely bitter spirit evinced by the writer; who probably endeavoured to minimize in so far as he was able his own false behaviour towards his royal mistress and benefactor, by an overwrought account of the increased insults to which she was subjected after his departure.

But neither the civil nor the ecclesiastical authorities were able to cope with the problem; indeed they were apt to minimize its importance, and the heresy was never eradicated till the arrival on the scene of Islam, which proved as attractive to the schismatics as the well-regulated Orthodox Church had been the reverse.

When settlers of the right type come into a new land they speedily learn to take the measures necessary to minimize the annoyance caused by all these pests.

He was furious at the defeat, and was endeavoring to minimize it in every way.

But though we can thus minimize the dangers and the inconveniences arising from the grosser forms of dust, we cannot wholly abolish it; and it is, indeed, fortunate we cannot do so, since it has now been discovered that it is to the presence of dust we owe much of the beauty, and perhaps even the very habitability of the earth we live upon.

Nevertheless, the effort should be to remove all possible inducement for the violent clashing of individuals and to minimize the severity of such conflicts as are inevitable.

She'll understand a little if I say that I thought the way to minimize it was to make war on the largest possible scale at oncethat I felt I must have been helping on the war somehow if I hadn't helped keep it from coming, and I knew I hadn't; when it came, I had no right to stay out of it.

The former exposition is possible enough to one more concerned with the nearly enclosed Gulf of St. Lawrence and its islands than with its two comparatively narrow outlets; the second was afterward repeated approximately by Gastoldi's map illustrating Ramusio when he was somehow moved to minimize the width of the Gulf, though well remembering the straits of Belle Isle and Cabot.

But they occur also in the periods following crises, when the workers seek to minimize cuts in wages and to prevent the depression of working conditions.

All displacement determinations will be made as quickly as possible in order to minimize the absorption of water by the specimen.

Since political change involves some alteration in the balance of social forces, it behooves those who advocate and those who oppose social change to maximize acceptance and minimize opposition in order to take advantage of the gains and cut down the losses incident to all change.

Yet these three things, education, property, and ancestry, are in the front rank of those inequalities in human conditions which democracy would minimize.

131 examples of  minimize  in sentences