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193 examples of  minion  in sentences

193 examples of minion in sentences


From legal documents found in his possession, the wretched being is supposed to have been a minion of the law.

A spark of manhood had asserted itself, and in the presence of his minion the Judge found himself upon the rack.

He spoke as if he were the chief and the other were the minion, and, what was strangest of all, Onotawah replied meekly.

But what minion of the Greek Is this that cometh, with new words to speak?

He, the despised, the man to spare, now cocked up his helmet like fortune's minion, dizzy with new honors.

She turned frightfully pale, she intuitively foresaw some frightful revenge of destiny, that destiny which, only a moment previously, she had believed to be her minion.

Nay, stay, minion; there lies a block!

What, minion, have I found you out? CLOWN.

I could carry a port to be obeyed, Carry a mastering eye upon my maid, With "Minion, do your business, or I'll make ye," And to all house authority betake me.

How now, minion, where have you been gadding? MALL.

in troth, I'll try that: Minion, I'll ha''t; shall I not ha''t?I am loth Go to, take pausement, be advis'd In faith, I will; and stand not long upon it

I'll think on't, when thou think'st I have forgot it: Who's with thee else?How now, minion?

Minion, go in, or I'll make ye; I'll keep ye safe from him, I warrant ye. MRS GOUR.

Where are ye, minion?

But, minion, yet I'll keep you from the man.

what, minion, is it you?

my fine familiar Skink, Queen Beldam's minion? SKINK.

This game went on for better than a week, till the foolish beast, not able to fare well but he must cry roast meathappier than Caligula's minion, could he have kept his own counselbut, foolisher, alas!

saw you the Contract torne, As I did heare a minion sweare he threatened?

" [Illustration] XIV GENTLEMEN OF THE PRESS A Chapter Concerning Drusilla, Pa-pah and a Minion Capital had now been furnished for The Green Mouse, Limited; a great central station of white marble was being built, facing Madison Avenue and occupying the entire block front between Eighty-second and Eighty- third streets.

I shall only give what is called his Epitaph, which Dr. Johnson said, 'was not so very bad.' 'Nature's minion, Virtue's wonder, Art's corrective here lyes under.' I asked, what 'Art's corrective' meant.

As light as a fly, In pleasant jollity: With mirth and melody, Sing Money, Money, Money! Money the minion, the spring of all joy; Money, the medicine that heals each annoy; Money, the jewel that man keeps in store; Money, the idol that women adore!

Sweet Money, the minion that sails with all winds, Sweet Money, the minstrel that makes merry all minds, Sweet Money, that gables of bondage unbinds, Sweet Money, that maintains all sports of all kinds, This is that sweet Money, that rules like a king, And makes me all praises of Money to sing

Sweet Money, the minion that sails with all winds, Sweet Money, the minstrel, that makes merry minds.

your minion, sir; Prodigality, The captain elected of all roisting knavery; He will be hang'd, I warrant him, shortly.

Fortune, fine Fortune, you minion, if ye be wise, Bethink ye betimes, take better advice: Restore unto me my money quietly, Else look for wars:

You will pardon the momentary laceration of a wounded spirit, made sensitive by a recent collision with a minion of the law,in short, with a ribald turncock attached to the waterworks.

I' faith, I'll not fail you, minion.

Where are you, minion? CLARE.

Who without grief Can view that pampered steed, his master's joy, His minion, and his daily care, well clothed, Well fed with every nicer cate; no cost, No labour spared; who, when the flying chase Broke from the copse, without a rival led The numerous train: now a sad spectacle Of pride brought low, and humbled insolence, 130 Drove like a panniered ass, and scourged along.

* Let no man dare, when I am dead, to charge me with dishonor; let no man attaint my memory by believing that I could have engaged in any cause but that of my country's liberty and independence; or that I could have become the pliant minion of power in the oppression or the miseries of my countrymen.

"Good evening, Sir," said Lord RHONDDA'S minion (the man who does his dirty work), moistening his lips with a bit of pencil.

Hold the minion of the law in checkattract him; fascinate him; play him that little thing on the pianoyou know, 'Tum-ti-tum'while I slope off to the secret chamber, where my ancestor lay hid beforeI mean afterthe Battle of Worcester.

" "Applications were not made till the fruit was on the trees," said Lord RHONDDA'S minion, sharply.

" "It would be more patriotic perhaps," observed Lord RHONDDA'S minion sententiously, "not to make jam at all.

Favorite N. favorite, pet, cosset, minion, idol, jewel, spoiled child, enfant gate

Darling would be murmured over many a cradle in Saxon huts; but minion came into the language down the back stairs of the Norman palace.

" A servant maid in Aristaenetus loved her mistress's minion, which when her dame perceived, furiosa aemulatione in a jealous humour she dragged her about the house by the hair of the head, and vexed her sore.

This did Semiramis for her husband Belus, and Adrian the emperor by his minion Antinous.

Mustapha, the tyrant's minion, comes; Invest Leontius with his new command; And wait Abdalla's unsuspected visits: Remember freedom, glory, Greece, and love.

I am no minion: You stand (methinks) like men that would be Courtiers, If you could well be fiatter'd at a price, Not to undo your Children: y'are all honest: Go get you home again, and make your Country A vertuous Court, to which your great ones may, In their Diseased age, retire, and live recluse.

The "loving minion" is Mr. Cary's excellent translation of "amoroso drudo."

But what a minion, and how loving!

"Death!" said the angry lords; And knight and squire and minion murmured, "Death!" Not one discordant voice.

Hast thou forgotten When that most beautiful and blameless boy, The prettiest piece of innocence that ever Breath'd in this sinful world, lay at thy feet, Slain by thy pampered minion, and I knelt Before thee for redress, whilst thoudidst never Hear talk of retribution?

Minion of grandeur!

your minion lie!

In Fortune's car behold that minion ride, With either India's glittering spoils oppress'd; So moves the sumpter-mule in harness'd pride, That bears the treasure which he cannot taste.

Follow thy minion!

Only the Minion under Hawkins and the bark Judith under the young Francis Drake escaped to carry the harrowing tale to England.

A minion from one of the chambers above clattered in through the swing doors and muttered something.

We all streamed out, following the minion.

"Why, minion," answered the queen, "didst not thou thyself say that the Earl of Leicester was privy to thy whole history?

"A mobocratour enemyand you have taken favours from hima minion of the devil?shame!"

and his minion Gaveston, who partly through the interference of Lancaster, was beheaded at Warwick after a siege in Scarborough Custle.

Like all favourites, moreover, he soon made a host of personal adversaries; while, as these were far from suspecting the height to which he was ultimately destined to attain, they took little pains to dissemble their dislike and contempt of the new minion; and thus, ere long, De Luynes had amassed a weighty load of hatred in his heart.

De Luynes, however, strange as it may appear, was less discreet, and admitted so many persons to his confidence that rumours of their peril reached the ears of the Queen-mother and her favourites; but, unhappily for themselves, they despised both the King and his minion too much to attach any importance to the idea of danger from such a quarter.

None cared to remember at that moment that Henry the Great was in his grave, and that his royal widow had been sacrificed to the insatiable ambition and the quenchless hate of a low-born minion.

"Peace! minion, peace!

"Write," he said, "our doom of forfeiture and imprisonment against this disobedient and insolent minion!

Some vile court-minion must it be, some Spaniard, Some young squire of some ancient family, In whose light I may stand; some envious knave, Stung to his soul by my fair self-earn'd honors! OCTAVIO.

But gogo thitherbarter thy free soul, Take land in fief, be minion to a prince, Where thou might'st be lord paramount, and prince Of all thine own unburden'd heritage!

STICKFULS [compositions of a newspaper minion] by Irvin S. Cobb.

The king's minion.

The king's minion.

The king's minion.

The king's minion.

The king's minion.

The King's minion.

The King's minion.

The king's minion.

STICKFULS [compositions of a newspaper minion] by Irvin S. Cobb.

The king's minion.

The king's minion.

The king's minion.

The king's minion.

The king's minion.

The King's minion.

The King's minion.

The king's minion.

I said I would "cut" the wretched minion's pay that month to the amount of a rupee.

LORD CHANCELLOR, that minion of the majority, promptly puts question, and declares it carried.

And who gave you Commission to deliver your Verdict, Minion?

And who gave you Commission to deliver Your verdict, Minion?

If the gentleman's worship had come alone, it may be I might have entertained him; but for your minion!

Minion, minion, remember this[Exit OLIN.

Minion, minion, remember this[Exit OLIN.

The minion kicked the bag, and there came forth from under it the cry, 'Yingle!

In the harbor of San Juan de Ulรบa the Spaniards took the fleet by stratagem; the Judith and the Minion, with Hawkyns on board, being the only vessels that escaped.

" A week or two afterwards, I found in one of those obscure columns of "minion solid," in which the great New York papers embalm the memory of their current metropolitan crime, the following notice: "We are informed that the burglar lately killed in an attempt to rob the Historical Library has been found to be the notorious cracksman, 'Bill Young'; but that his real name was Isaac Beardsley.

So from my, lofty perch I crew, And would have sung much longer too, When came a crooked devil's minion, The slater 'twas in my opinion.

Would they not rather side with him, their present minion, and even bring forward your unjustifiable conduct as a fresh proof in his favour?

" "The minion must have been there, after all," cried Dick Taverner, thrusting Gillian from him.

Off with your veil, minion!

the armed minion of murder turned and fled, dropping the knife he held, in his panic, at the feet of the man he came to slay.

"Allons!" I must say that the pampered minion of the law arose splendidly to the occasion.

the minion of the law queried abruptly.

Unfortunately just at this moment the little brute gave a yap, and the minion of the law at once interposed and took possession of him.

Covering the lovely creature beside me with a protecting arm, I replied boldly to the minion of the law.