193 examples of minion in sentences

He, the despised, the man to spare, now cocked up his helmet like fortune's minion, dizzy with new honors.

Nay, stay, minion; there lies a block!

What, minion, have I found you out? CLOWN.

I could carry a port to be obeyed, Carry a mastering eye upon my maid, With "Minion, do your business, or I'll make ye," And to all house authority betake me.

How now, minion, where have you been gadding? MALL.

in troth, I'll try that: Minion, I'll ha''t; shall I not ha''t?I am loth Go to, take pausement, be advis'd In faith, I will; and stand not long upon it

I'll think on't, when thou think'st I have forgot it: Who's with thee else?How now, minion?

Minion, go in, or I'll make ye; I'll keep ye safe from him, I warrant ye. MRS GOUR.

Where are ye, minion?

what, minion, is it you?

This game went on for better than a week, till the foolish beast, not able to fare well but he must cry roast meathappier than Caligula's minion, could he have kept his own counselbut, foolisher, alas!

I' faith, I'll not fail you, minion.

Favorite N. favorite, pet, cosset, minion, idol, jewel, spoiled child, enfant gate

I am no minion: You stand (methinks) like men that would be Courtiers, If you could well be fiatter'd at a price, Not to undo your Children: y'are all honest: Go get you home again, and make your Country A vertuous Court, to which your great ones may, In their Diseased age, retire, and live recluse.

"Death!" said the angry lords; And knight and squire and minion murmured, "Death!" Not one discordant voice.

and his minion Gaveston, who partly through the interference of Lancaster, was beheaded at Warwick after a siege in Scarborough Custle.

"Peace! minion, peace!

But gogo thitherbarter thy free soul, Take land in fief, be minion to a prince, Where thou might'st be lord paramount, and prince Of all thine own unburden'd heritage!

The king's minion.

The King's minion.

And who gave you Commission to deliver your Verdict, Minion?

Minion, minion, remember this[Exit OLIN.

Minion, minion, remember this[Exit OLIN.

" A week or two afterwards, I found in one of those obscure columns of "minion solid," in which the great New York papers embalm the memory of their current metropolitan crime, the following notice: "We are informed that the burglar lately killed in an attempt to rob the Historical Library has been found to be the notorious cracksman, 'Bill Young'; but that his real name was Isaac Beardsley.

Covering the lovely creature beside me with a protecting arm, I replied boldly to the minion of the law.

193 examples of  minion  in sentences