234 examples of minsters in sentences

In a glade of the forest, yet not so far but that one might hear the chime of bells stealing across the valley from the great minster of Mortain on a still evening, dwelt Beltane the Smith.

Looking across out of the aislethe true way to judgethe real height at last comes out, and we are reminded of some of the most stately minsters of France.... DURHAM

In fine, in this drama, as in all great works of art,in the Cyclopaean architecture of Egypt and India, in the Phidian sculpture, the Gothic minsters, the Italian painting, the Ballads of Spain and Scotland,the Genius draws up the ladder after him, when the creative age goes up to heaven, and gives way to a new age, which sees the works and asks in vain for a history.

So he formed his minsters, as I believe, upon the model of those leafy minsters in which he walked to meditate, amid the aisles which God, not man, has built.

So he formed his minsters, as I believe, upon the model of those leafy minsters in which he walked to meditate, amid the aisles which God, not man, has built.

The stones are fretted and carved more elaborately than those of any French or English cathedral, but entirely in arabesques and diapering of low relief, so that the spectator misses with regret the solemn rows of saints and patriarchs that enrich the portals of our Gothic minsters.

Win heaven for her by prayers, and build great minsters, Chantries, and hospitals for her; wipe out By mighty deeds our race's guilt and shame

This has been disastrously exemplified in the destruction of the choir of York Minster, where the roof of the aisles, which are solidly arched with stone, suffered no injury; while the choir-roof, although much more raised above the action of the fire, has been entirely destroyed by it.

On the site of the present cathedral a minster was built in 870 by a king of Mercia.

I have seen two of considerable extent, one at Ripon Minster, the other at Rothwell Church, in Northamptonshire; and at both places skulls and thigh bones were piled up, in mural recesses, with as much regularity as bottles in the bins of a wine-cellar.

that the death-heads and cross-bones, which are arranged in the crypt under the Minster, are the grisly gleanings of some battle-field.

Right, the Minster, with an open shrine (right centre) containing a large sculptured figure of the Christ.

[Pointing to the Minster.]

The crowd moves towards the Minster.

Exit ANSELM with the Holy Book into the Minster.

[passionately] Oh, when you smiled, It wasit was like sunlight coming through Some window there, [Pointing to the Minster] some vision of Our Lady.

[There is a sound of organ music from the Minster.]

Lights appear in the Minster; the music continues.

[Others laugh too, pass by, with pity and derision for the PIPER, and echoes of 'MASTERLESS DOG!' Exeunt WOMEN and MEN to the Minster.

Last, out of the Minster come tumbling two little acolytes in red, and after them, PETER the Sacristan.

In the house of KURT, beside the Minster, there is one window-light behind a curtain in the second story.

[The Minster-door opens, and out come certain of the townsfolk from early mass.

A CHORD OF COLOUR My Lady clad herself in grey, That caught and clung about her throat; Then all the long grey winter day On me a living splendour smote; And why grey palmers holy are, And why grey minsters great in story, And grey skies ring the morning star, And grey hairs are a crown of glory.

Very decidedly it must be Texel; devil fly up with him and scratch him among the gargoyles of the minster!

SHERBORNE (4), an interesting old town of Dorsetshire, pleasantly situated on rising ground overlooking the Yeo, 118 m. SW. of London; has one of the finest Perpendicular minsters in South England, ruins of an Elizabethan castle, and King Edward's School, founded in 1550, and ranking among the best of English public schools.

234 examples of  minsters  in sentences
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