Do we say minuet or minute

minuet 108 occurrences

For instance, her grace gives a ball, orders every one to come at six, to sup at twelve, and go away directly after: opens the ball herself with a minuet.

The ideal of this school was not antique beauty, but commonplace nature: instead of the simplicity and grace of ancient art, it represented the manners of a French minuet.

Stately as a minuet it looked, but joyous and loving as the wildest waltz I ever danced in your arms, my darling.

She returns his tenderness, as it is extremely natural a young person so educated and brought up would return that of a criminal, who has made an impression on her heart by shooting her servants, rifling her trunks, and forcing her to dance a minuet with him on a deserted heath under a harvest moon.

They tell me, for a slight but significant indication, that the waltz is coming back; that we may even look to see a revival of the, minuet and pavane.

Perhaps in this very gown she danced the stately minuet with young Charles Mordaunt; perhaps hid beneath its fluttering laces his first love sonnet.

Dim figures moved in the stately minuet; their curtsies, punctiliously in keeping with the last word from London, were "slow and low.

SEE Bohn, Carl. <pb id='010.png' n='1959h1/A/0718' /> Minuet and duet from Don Juan.

Witter Bynner (A); 12Jul67; R413671. Minuet.

A MINUET, a little play in verse in one act, by Louis N. Parker.

SEE A minuet.

SEE Bohn, Carl. <pb id='010.png' n='1959h1/A/0718' /> Minuet and duet from Don Juan.

Minuet and duet from Don Juan.

Paints genre subjects, among which are: "Love's Young Dream," "Colonial Minuet," "Sir Roger de Coverly at Carvel Hall," "Battle of Roses," etc.

Smiling, and ready enough to follow his lead, Sally returned him a sweeping courtesy, in minuet style.

Lady Schuyler is here and the General and the Carmichael girls we knew at school, and their cousin, Maddaleen Dirck, and Christie McDonald and Marguerite Haldimandcousin to the Tory general in Canadaand" "I'm to walk a minuet with Madge Haldimand!" broke in Ruyven; "will you lend me your gold stock-buckle, Cousin Ormond?"

" "Paltz Clavarack, of the Half-moon Regiment, asked me to walk a minuet," observed Cecile, tossing her head.

"Will you walk the minuet with me, Dorothy?"

If my duties prevent my walking the minuet with you, I shall find a suitable partner for you, cousin.

"Will you have me for the minuet?" We paused in the hallway, facing each other.

"Ask me again for the minuet, dear.

It was a fascinating and alarming spectacle to see Sir Lupus walking a minuet with Lady Schuyler, and I marvelled that the gold buttons on his waistcoat did not fly off in volleys when he strove to bend what once, perhaps, had been his waist.

She knew how to bear herself on the stage instinctively, and could dance a minuet to perfection.

I have seen birds courting in the stately figures of the minuet, crossing over and back, bowing and curtsying, in a dignified manner.

" True to this policy, the spirited girl waited till Colonel Clifford came on the green, and then made Walter as perfect a courtesy as ever graced a minuet at the court of Louis le Grand.

minute 10117 occurrences

As soon as the soldiers saw the mattress slide off with my wife and the children, one of them plunged into the water with his horse, and, in a minute, brought them all out.

The natural rate of breathing is 12 to 15 times per minute.

The pale cream room was nearly full of expensive women, and expending men, and silver-chained waiters whose skilled, noiseless, inhuman attentions were remunerated at the rate of about four-pence a minute.

"I shall commit a murder in a minute," he growled but, knowing what he had suffered, I took no notice of the threat.

"I doot there's somethin' in it; I'll stairt on my duties this verra minute.

It was such a prompt, sensible thing for the little girl to say that he looked at her attentively a minute, and then went up to the old lady smiling: "We don't look like drinking men, do we, madam?" "No, no, sir.

South was terribly nervous and anxious, half disposed, at the last minute, to forbid it, although it had been announced on the bills for a week.

Well, sir, at that minute what did I hear but George's voice above all the rest, choked and hollow as it was, like a man calling out of the grave: "The women!

The doctors were making ready to lift him, and half of the crowd were gaping in horror, and the rest yelling for ladders or ropes, and scrambling over each other, and there hung the poor flimsy wretches, their eyes starting out of their heads from horror, and their lean fingers loosing their hold every minute.

The speculator's eyes turned vacantly upon him, and it was full half a minute before he comprehended.

When a man like Steinmeyer does such a thing asbut just come to the window a minute.

"Look, M. le Juge," he added, after a long and minute examination.

A minute or two more, and he rejoined his colleagues on the ground level, and, rubbing his hands, declared joyously that it was all perfectly clear.

A minute after, my man got up, saying: "'There may be some trouble about changing that bank-note.

Killing between four and five thousand head of game in one day is shooting ill; and one of the party has a gun which would give twenty-seven discharges in a minute, and mine would give only twenty-five.

And, taking hold of his portmanteau, he entered the kitchen, followed by the obsequious landlord, who had come out a minute before, on hearing of his arrival.

'Now, landlord,' said the stranger, after he had been seated a minute, 'may I trouble you to get me a pipe and a can of your best Burton?

" "That's the way I felt about you the minute I looked at you.

I should not like to enter into minute details of the past,it is a kind of adding number to number, and a summing up.

I am afraid I shall never free myself from that yoke; on the contrary, the more my mind expands, the more minute will be the knowledge of self, and even on my deathbed I shall not leave off criticising the dying Ploszowski unless disease has fogged my brain.

Stawowski spoke of their hopeless condition, their weakness and incapacity for defending themselves; the audience which listened to his words grew every minute larger, when I interrupted: "Do you believe in Darwin's theory, the survival of the fittest?" Stawowski, who is a naturalist by profession, took up the challenge at once.

I knew I should have to pay a heavy penalty for this minute of happiness, but I could not forego it.

It purports to be a new and improved version of "the Book of Books," and puts forth claims which will be conceded only after it shall have sustained the most extensive, minute, and even prejudiced scrutiny.

A strictly literal rendering of any language into another is by no means always an easy task; and it is especially difficult to couple, as the translator in this case asserts he has done, the utmost clearness, force, and precision in the expression of the thought, with minute exactness of version.

Typewriting techniquest and short cuts in 15-minute timed writings.

Do we say   minuet   or  minute