Do we say minuet or minute

minuet 108 occurrences

As the President was to lead off, to keep up the character of a court minuet, the middle of the large room was left uncrowded.

In faith, the larger a man is, the more the women seem tempted to torment him; but on me she presently took pity, and as the fiddles tuned up in the great ballroom, she led the way thither and permitted me to tread a minuet with her.

Colonel Washington walked a minuet with a certain Mistress Patience Burd, with a grace which excited the admiration of every swain in the room, and the envy of not a few,myself among the number, for I was ever but a clumsy dancer, and on this occasion no doubt greatly vexed my pretty partner.

What in nature should I do, now, if she should ask me to dance a minuet?" "Dance it agreeably to the laws of nature," returned John Effingham, as the carriages stopped.

" Observing that Sir George Templemore had followed Eve to the other side of the room, Mrs. Hawker now resumed her seat, and, without neglecting any to attend to one in particular, or attending to one in a way to make him feel oppressed, she contrived, in a few minutes, to make the captain forget all about the minuet, and to feel much more at his ease than would have been the case with Mrs. Jarvis, in a month's intercourse.

Or is it meant that this airy gentry shall come in a Minuet step, and go off in a Jig?

The whole business had some of the dignity of the old-fashioned minuet, subtly blended with the careless vigor of a cakewalk.

The crowd was now reluctantly dispersing to its own games, but it stopped as Mr. Downing started his minuet-cakewalk, in the hope that it might see something more sensational.

Stately as a minuet it looked, but joyous and loving as the wildest waltz I ever danced in your arms, my darling.

The same Folly hinders a Man from submitting his Behaviour to his Age, and makes Clodius, who was a celebrated Dancer at five and twenty, still love to hobble in a Minuet, tho he is past Threescore.

She returns his tenderness, as it is extremely natural a young person so educated and brought up would return that of a criminal, who has made an impression on her heart by shooting her servants, rifling her trunks, and forcing her to dance a minuet with him on a deserted heath under a harvest moon.

A. Double the stroke and multiply it by the number of revolutions a minuet.

All those dames whose ancestors had sailed unknown waters were in the front row of the chorus, and all the chorus girls were dancing a stately minuet at Old Point Comfort.

Later in manhood he became a pupil of Vestris, and the gracefulness of his dancing was much admired, especially in the minuet.

It is, nevertheless, a matter of regret, that the graceful and stately Minuet has been entirely abandoned in favour of the more recently-invented dances.

He begged she would do him the honour to walk a minuet with him, and she frankly complied with his request.

And then again, throwing her beautiful body back in her chair, as if in her mind's eye she could see some old palatial hall festooned with roses, and in it a maze of hoop skirts, powdered wigs, and red heels, whirling in the dance, she would brush the keys with a minuet by Mozart, as subtly fragrant as priceless perfume, as seductive as the smile of a painted princess with beauty-patches and false dimples!

Dim figures moved in the stately minuet; their curtsies, punctiliously in keeping with the last word from London, were "slow and low.

A MINUET, a little play in verse in one act, by Louis N. Parker.

Witter Bynner (A); 12Jul67; R413671. Minuet.

My Friend who writes from the Coffee-house near the Temple, informs me that the Gentleman who constantly sings a Voluntary in spite of the whole Company, was more musical than ordinary after reading my Paper; and has not been contented with that, but has danced up to the Glass in the Middle of the Room, and practised Minuet-steps to his own Humming.

Smiling, and ready enough to follow his lead, Sally returned him a sweeping courtesy, in minuet style.

"Now the Bride's Minuet!

The two fireplaces were cold and inhospitable; the pen at one end where the fiddlers sat was deserted; the wooden benches which fringed the sides were hard and forbidding; but long before any of us were born this room was the scene of many revelries; the vacant hearths were bright with flame; the fiddlers bowed and scraped; the seats were filled with belles and beaux, and the stately minuet was danced upon the polished floor.

I have seen birds courting in the stately figures of the minuet, crossing over and back, bowing and curtsying, in a dignified manner.

minute 10117 occurrences

'Not twenty, by the minute hand!

Your hours, your days, would fly too fast; You'd then regret the minute past, Time's fugitive and light as wind!

Bishop Berkeley (1685-1753): Alciphron or the Minute Philosopher.

Pour boiling water on the tomatoes, allow to stand for 1 minute, after which the skins may be easily removed.

Every half minute, an alternate yelp from my ferocious followers, told me too certain that they were in close pursuit.

A minute afterward Sneak emerged from the thicket, bearing Mary in his arms, and followed by Glenn.

It ought at the same time to be observed that, under the above estimate, that is, supposing the price of the article to remain at fifteen reals, the 8 1/2% at which rate the tax is regulated, would not perhaps exceed five or six per cent on a more minute calculation; in the first place, because at the time of making out the returns of the trees, [Exception of immature and aged trees.

A gentleman, this minute, Sir, desires to speak with your honour[My lady, Sir!Aside.]

D. SERRATIFOLIA (syn Colletia serratifolia), is even a handsomer plant than the former, with minute serrated foliage, and sheets of small white flowers in June.

The leaves are irregularly pinnate, and the minute flowers, which are borne in large, branching spikes, are of a peculiar dark purple colour.

Dan c'n only die once, but every minute is a death to her!" CHAPTER XXXVII DEATH Before noon of the next day Buck joined the crowd which had been growing for hours around Tully's saloon.

The minute hand crept on towards three o'clock.

He told me that but one minute had rolled by.

I watched on till I was told that but one minute remained; and, within sixteen seconds of the time, I had the almost bewildering gratification of seeing the planet break the contact, and slowly move on till it buried itself round and deep and sharp in the sun.

The natural rate of breathing is 12 to 15 times per minute.

Minute . . . . . . . . .

PROFESSOR MINTO Nature, that makes Professors all day long, And, filling idle souls with idle song, Turns out small Poets every other minute, Made earth for menbut seldom puts men in it.

The inhabitant of the puce dressing-gown had a short greying beard and moustache; his plenteous hair was passing from pepper into salt; there were many minute wrinkles in the hollows between his eyes and the fresh crimson of his cheeks; and the eyes were sad; they were very sad.

For all you know, a pirate may claim your attention any minute of the day.

The fog lifted after a minute, but it left him queerly remote from her, from the cool room with its scents and shadows, and from all the objects which, a moment before, had so sharply impinged upon his senses.

There had been a hard minute to live through when he came back to his old brown room in Washington Square.

Wellington thought he had seen her before, but his mind had received so many new impressions lately that it was a minute or two before he recognized in her the lady whose lap he had involuntarily occupied for a moment on his first day in Groveland.

dat do' dis minute an' walk in, I 'm feared I 'd be foolish ernuff an' weak ernuff to forgive 'im an' take 'im back ag'in.

"My beloved," said he, with a strange mixture of tenderness and dogged resolution, "I bless thee for giving me one more sight of thy sweet face, and may God forgive thee, and bless thee, for destroying in a minute the holy place it hath taken six months of solitude to build.

He stood silent a minute or two, looking upon me as if he said, "Foolish girl!

Do we say   minuet   or  minute