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Do we say   minuet   or  minute

Do we say minuet or minute

minuet 108 occurrences

Who were to dance in the state minuet?

Quebec whose early partners were chaperoned by ladies who had danced the minuet with Lord and Lady Dorchester.

We wind up the season here every year with a grand dance, and Olympia shall lead the Queen Anne minuet with mamma's kinsman, General Lee, who is the President's chief of staff.

We are going to have an old-time minuet, such as my mother used to dance with Justice Marshall and Tom Mayo.

As the President was to lead off, to keep up the character of a court minuet, the middle of the large room was left uncrowded.

In faith, the larger a man is, the more the women seem tempted to torment him; but on me she presently took pity, and as the fiddles tuned up in the great ballroom, she led the way thither and permitted me to tread a minuet with her.

Colonel Washington walked a minuet with a certain Mistress Patience Burd, with a grace which excited the admiration of every swain in the room, and the envy of not a few,myself among the number, for I was ever but a clumsy dancer, and on this occasion no doubt greatly vexed my pretty partner.

He danced the minuet elegantly.

"Thank you," said I, making a minuet bow, and off I went to the farm-house.

What in nature should I do, now, if she should ask me to dance a minuet?" "Dance it agreeably to the laws of nature," returned John Effingham, as the carriages stopped.

" Observing that Sir George Templemore had followed Eve to the other side of the room, Mrs. Hawker now resumed her seat, and, without neglecting any to attend to one in particular, or attending to one in a way to make him feel oppressed, she contrived, in a few minutes, to make the captain forget all about the minuet, and to feel much more at his ease than would have been the case with Mrs. Jarvis, in a month's intercourse.

Fifteen years before some of Minuet's men murdered an Indian belonging to a tribe seated beyond the Harlem River.

But young Sir Harry Willing was not to be put down by this pretty little provincial,not he; and so, lifting up his head with an air of hauteur, he said to Miss Sibyl, "I crave Miss Merridew's pardon, but perhaps if she will reflect a moment she will recall what she said to me yester morning when I begged her to give me the pleasure of dancing the last minuet with her to-night.

She promised to dance the last minuet with me to-morrow night.

As I live, the musicians are tuning up for the minuet."

Or is it meant that this airy gentry shall come in a Minuet step, and go off in a Jig?

The monarch did not dance, but for the first two rounds of the minuet even the queen does not turn her back to him.

" The body-guard celebrated the auspicious event by giving a grand ball in the concert-room of the palace to the queen on her recovery; it was attended by the whole court, and Marie Antoinette opened it herself, dancing a minuet with one of the troop, whom his comrades had selected for the honor, and whom the king promoted, as a memorial of the occasion and as a testimony of his approval of the loyalty of that gallant regiment.

True, he resembled a grasshopper, standing erect, and going through the steps of a minuet; but there was much elegance in Mr. Jinks' evolutions, and unbounded elasticity of limb.

well, I suppose it is," Verty replied, thoughtfully; "a real lady could'nt get along without knowing the minuet, and all that.

The whole business had some of the dignity of the old-fashioned minuet, subtly blended with the careless vigor of a cakewalk.

The crowd was now reluctantly dispersing to its own games, but it stopped as Mr. Downing started his minuet-cakewalk, in the hope that it might see something more sensational.

They scent these old halls even yet; I can still see the dancers as down through the dusk They glide in the grave minuet.

We'll brave their ire And trip a minuet.

With head bent down to scan each note, A crimson ribbon round her throat, The very birds to sing forget As some old-fashioned minuet Clarissa plays.

The bishop of Noyon once presided at some deliberations respecting a minuet; and in 1770, a reverend prelate presented a document on dancing to the king of France.

For instance, her grace gives a ball, orders every one to come at six, to sup at twelve, and go away directly after: opens the ball herself with a minuet.

The ideal of this school was not antique beauty, but commonplace nature: instead of the simplicity and grace of ancient art, it represented the manners of a French minuet.

Stately as a minuet it looked, but joyous and loving as the wildest waltz I ever danced in your arms, my darling.

They will be forming for the minuet directly, and you must dance it with me, sweet wife,unless you prefer another partner.

Betty, since her arrival in New York, had been trained and tutored for the minuet by both Clarissa and Kitty, and here was Captain Sir John Faulkner, an elderly but gallant beau, supplicating for the honor of her hand in the opening dance.

And when, at the close of the minuet, Geoffrey led her to Clarissa, there was no lack of gallants nor partners, and Peter would have chuckled with delight could he have seen that no one was so eagerly sought for as the lovely, roguish maid, who wore the knots of rose-colored ribbon.

[Illustration: THE MINUET] "I tell you I am right," said one of these testily; "I would stake my sword that he is not what he seems.

The same Folly hinders a Man from submitting his Behaviour to his Age, and makes Clodius, who was a celebrated Dancer at five and twenty, still love to hobble in a Minuet, tho he is past Threescore.

She returns his tenderness, as it is extremely natural a young person so educated and brought up would return that of a criminal, who has made an impression on her heart by shooting her servants, rifling her trunks, and forcing her to dance a minuet with him on a deserted heath under a harvest moon.

A. Double the stroke and multiply it by the number of revolutions a minuet.

He would take all the skin off my knuckles if I played a Bach gigue the least bit like that Arlรฉsienne Minuet.

And in a moment she was putting all of her intelligence, her training, and her capacity to charm into the tones of the E-flat Minuet.

Later in manhood he became a pupil of Vestris, and the gracefulness of his dancing was much admired, especially in the minuet.

She therefore enjoined me to improve my minuet-step with a new French dancing-master, and wait the event of the next birth-night.

"You were playing Master of Ceremonies at a nautical ball!" "Will you figure in a minuet?

It is, nevertheless, a matter of regret, that the graceful and stately Minuet has been entirely abandoned in favour of the more recently-invented dances.

Did you ever see the Rhinoceros, and the Hippopotamus, at the Zoรถlogical Gardens, trying to dance a minuet together?

He made almost a minuet of their progress.

The country squires liked to ride into the city, and, leaving their horses at a stable, walk straight into the dignity of the minuet.

And then again, throwing her beautiful body back in her chair, as if in her mind's eye she could see some old palatial hall festooned with roses, and in it a maze of hoop skirts, powdered wigs, and red heels, whirling in the dance, she would brush the keys with a minuet by Mozart, as subtly fragrant as priceless perfume, as seductive as the smile of a painted princess with beauty-patches and false dimples!

They had proved themselves apt pupils and could play excellently airs for the minuet and Virginia reel.

They tell me, for a slight but significant indication, that the waltz is coming back; that we may even look to see a revival of the, minuet and pavane.

Perhaps in this very gown she danced the stately minuet with young Charles Mordaunt; perhaps hid beneath its fluttering laces his first love sonnet.

Dim figures moved in the stately minuet; their curtsies, punctiliously in keeping with the last word from London, were "slow and low.

A MINUET, a little play in verse in one act, by Louis N. Parker.

SEE A minuet.

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A MINUET, a little play in verse in one act, by Louis N. Parker.

SEE A minuet.

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Minuet and duet from Don Juan.

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But my young friend appeared to me to value only prodigal and fantastic vigour, and to prefer the sword-dance to the minuet.

This school represented commonplace nature instead of antique beauty, and the manners of a French minuet instead of antique simplicity and grace.

With such facts before us, we stirred and pounded, whipped and ground, coaxed the delicate meats from crabs and lobsters and the succulent peas from the pods, and grated corn and cocoanut with the same cheerfulness and devotion that we played Mendelssohn's "Songs Without Words" on the piano, the Spanish Fandango on our guitars, or danced the minuet, polka, lancers, or Virginia reel.

We had a Judge that danced a Minuet, with a Quaker for his Partner, while half a dozen Harlequins stood by as Spectators: A Turk drank me off two Bottles of Wine, and a Jew eat me up half a Ham of Bacon.

The Sparrows and Chaffinches at the Hay-Market fly as yet very irregularly over the Stage; and instead of perching on the Trees and performing their Parts, these young Actors either get into the Galleries or put out the Candles; whereas Mr Powell has so well disciplined his Pig, that in the first Scene he and Punch dance a Minuet together.

Tulip sung, danced, moved before the Glass, led his Mistress half a Minuet, hummed Celia the Fair, in the bloom of Fifteen; when there came a Servant with a Letter to him, which was as follows. SIR, 'I understand very well what you meant by your Mention of Platonick Love.

My Friend who writes from the Coffee-house near the Temple, informs me that the Gentleman who constantly sings a Voluntary in spite of the whole Company, was more musical than ordinary after reading my Paper; and has not been contented with that, but has danced up to the Glass in the Middle of the Room, and practised Minuet-steps to his own Humming.

The same Folly hinders a Man from submitting his Behaviour to his Age, and makes Clodius, who was a celebrated Dancer at five and twenty, still love to hobble in a Minuet, tho he is past Threescore.

Paints genre subjects, among which are: "Love's Young Dream," "Colonial Minuet," "Sir Roger de Coverly at Carvel Hall," "Battle of Roses," etc.

I was bound for a hundred pounds for Tom Trippet, because he had declared that he would dance a minuet with any man in the three kingdoms except myself.

My strength, if mine could ever be called strength, is returned; and the gout going off in a minuet step.

Apropos, I doubt these new kites have put young Astley's nose out of joint, who went to Paris lately under their Queen's protection, and expected to be Prime Minister, though he only ventured his neck by dancing a minuet on three horses at full gallop, and really in that attitude has as much grace as the Apollo Belvedere.

Smiling, and ready enough to follow his lead, Sally returned him a sweeping courtesy, in minuet style.

Lady Schuyler is here and the General and the Carmichael girls we knew at school, and their cousin, Maddaleen Dirck, and Christie McDonald and Marguerite Haldimandcousin to the Tory general in Canadaand" "I'm to walk a minuet with Madge Haldimand!" broke in Ruyven; "will you lend me your gold stock-buckle, Cousin Ormond?"

" "Paltz Clavarack, of the Half-moon Regiment, asked me to walk a minuet," observed Cecile, tossing her head.

"Will you walk the minuet with me, Dorothy?"

If my duties prevent my walking the minuet with you, I shall find a suitable partner for you, cousin.

"Will you have me for the minuet?" We paused in the hallway, facing each other.

"Ask me again for the minuet, dear.

It was a fascinating and alarming spectacle to see Sir Lupus walking a minuet with Lady Schuyler, and I marvelled that the gold buttons on his waistcoat did not fly off in volleys when he strove to bend what once, perhaps, had been his waist.

A few days later he was beheaded, at the very moment when the Empress was dancing a minuet with her ladies, a smile on her lips, whatever grief was in her heart.

There was the minuet, to which he used to attach great importance, and there was "walking the plank."

She knew how to bear herself on the stage instinctively, and could dance a minuet to perfection.

The Minister of Education, for example, gave a magnificent soirรฉe at which the old dances, the stately minuet and the graceful pavane, were danced in splendid and appropriate costumes.

Yes, Wilhelmine, you will soon be able to do whatever you like, you may read French books, dance the minuet, keep an entire orchestra of musicians.

Even Franziska's aunt became young again as she trod the minuet with the gallant Lieutenant.

"Now the Bride's Minuet!

The two fireplaces were cold and inhospitable; the pen at one end where the fiddlers sat was deserted; the wooden benches which fringed the sides were hard and forbidding; but long before any of us were born this room was the scene of many revelries; the vacant hearths were bright with flame; the fiddlers bowed and scraped; the seats were filled with belles and beaux, and the stately minuet was danced upon the polished floor.

Goethe had, too, a bureaucratic vein in him; he spoke well of dignities, and carefully stepped through the cumbrous minuet of court-life without impinging upon a single Serene or Well-born bunyon.

I have seen birds courting in the stately figures of the minuet, crossing over and back, bowing and curtsying, in a dignified manner.

you move like snails in a minuet!

" True to this policy, the spirited girl waited till Colonel Clifford came on the green, and then made Walter as perfect a courtesy as ever graced a minuet at the court of Louis le Grand.

It is as if we had become so accustomed to looking at boxers, wrestlers, and gladiators that the sight of an exquisite minuet produced no effect on us; the ordered dance strikes us as a monotony, for we are blind to the subtle delicacies of the dancers, which are fraught with such significance to the practised eye.

They were on their best behaviourexquisitely courteous and yet punctiliously at ease, like dancers in a minuet.

The spectacle of that heavy German Muse, with her feet crammed into pointed slippers, executing, with incredible conscientiousness, now the stately measure of a Versailles minuet, and now the spritely steps of a Parisian jig, would be either ludicrous or patheticone hardly knows whichwere it

minute 10117 occurrences

As soon as the soldiers saw the mattress slide off with my wife and the children, one of them plunged into the water with his horse, and, in a minute, brought them all out.

The natural rate of breathing is 12 to 15 times per minute.

The pale cream room was nearly full of expensive women, and expending men, and silver-chained waiters whose skilled, noiseless, inhuman attentions were remunerated at the rate of about four-pence a minute.

"I shall commit a murder in a minute," he growled but, knowing what he had suffered, I took no notice of the threat.

"I doot there's somethin' in it; I'll stairt on my duties this verra minute.

It was such a prompt, sensible thing for the little girl to say that he looked at her attentively a minute, and then went up to the old lady smiling: "We don't look like drinking men, do we, madam?" "No, no, sir.

South was terribly nervous and anxious, half disposed, at the last minute, to forbid it, although it had been announced on the bills for a week.

Well, sir, at that minute what did I hear but George's voice above all the rest, choked and hollow as it was, like a man calling out of the grave: "The women!

The doctors were making ready to lift him, and half of the crowd were gaping in horror, and the rest yelling for ladders or ropes, and scrambling over each other, and there hung the poor flimsy wretches, their eyes starting out of their heads from horror, and their lean fingers loosing their hold every minute.

The speculator's eyes turned vacantly upon him, and it was full half a minute before he comprehended.

When a man like Steinmeyer does such a thing asbut just come to the window a minute.

A long and minute inspection of this bit of lace, which he was careful not to detach as yet from the place in which he found it, showed that it was ragged, and frayed, and fast caught where it hung.

"Look, M. le Juge," he added, after a long and minute examination.

A minute or two more, and he rejoined his colleagues on the ground level, and, rubbing his hands, declared joyously that it was all perfectly clear.

A minute after, my man got up, saying: "'There may be some trouble about changing that bank-note.

Killing between four and five thousand head of game in one day is shooting ill; and one of the party has a gun which would give twenty-seven discharges in a minute, and mine would give only twenty-five.

And, taking hold of his portmanteau, he entered the kitchen, followed by the obsequious landlord, who had come out a minute before, on hearing of his arrival.

'Now, landlord,' said the stranger, after he had been seated a minute, 'may I trouble you to get me a pipe and a can of your best Burton?

For the next two days, Old Man Trouble made himself our personal companion and did not lose sight of us for a single minute.

Each of them was subjected by Lewis Carroll to the most minute criticismhyper-criticism, perhaps, occasionally.

it was really startling, the next minute, to hear the curate announce "Hymn 416.

They were doubly so in Mr. Dodgson's case, for his love of minute accuracy greatly increased the amount of work he had to do.

This will save me from the worry of trying to conclude at an exact minute, and you, perhaps, from the trouble of finding short hymns, to save time.

Your fifteen-minute friend, C.L. Dodgson.

The inhalent pores are very minute, and open into small subdermal cavities which communicate by means of interradial tubes with the ciliated chambers, the latter being very small ramifications of the interradial channels, and in them the movement causing the current of water is maintained.

Every minute the men turn right about face, and when they are in file each rubs the other's back.

D'you think for a minute?"

He'd 'a' had you all over the floor in another minute; if I hadn't pried you apart they'd 'a' sewed sawdust up inside of you like you was a doll.

He, stood for a full minute staring into its interior, then he cried, hoarsely, "Jack!" Berg was on his feet in an instant; he strode to the excavation and bent over it.

Still the firing went on, regularly, like a minute gun.

Say, wait a minute!

She knew that she was going to have one of her famous fits of temper in a minute.

" "That's the way I felt about you the minute I looked at you.

A fellow's got to let off steam once in a while, and if you'd been pestered like I have with Unc' Zenas's ornery trifling spells and old Pomp's general cussedness, you'd wonder that I don't get mad and stay mad every minute.

First minute I looked in those round blue eyes of yours I knew it.

"Wait a minute while I light up!"

If I were Lady Jo, they might be interestedfor half-an-hournot a minute longer.

"Give me a hearingjust for a minute?

For Jacob came over to expound his minute symptoms; and had everything that he gave out on the subject of human ailments been written down, it must have made a volume as large, as solemn, and as inconvenient as a family Bible.

They don't never be still a minute.

Sometimes feeling the spontaneous courage of a man, I seem to wish for the decisive minute; the next instant a message from my wife, sent by one of the children, quite unmans me.

It seems to me as if the bliss of that one minute would fully compensate for all the toils and struggles he must go through here; and then to remember the ages of happiness that begin at that point!

I don't know whether a good or a bad spirit moved me at that minute, but I forgot that I was a mere child in religious knowledge, and talked about my doctrine and made it a very beautiful one to my mind, though I don't think she thought it so.

I long to make progress every day, each minute seems precious, and I constantly tremble lest I should lose one in returning, instead of pressing forward with all my strength.

One minute of nearness to the Lord Jesus contains more of delight than years spent in intercourse with any earthly friend.

What could I not give for a daily journal as minute as this, beginning from my childhood!

Between any other games there may be, at either player's request, a rest period not to exceed one minute.

I should not like to enter into minute details of the past,it is a kind of adding number to number, and a summing up.

I am afraid I shall never free myself from that yoke; on the contrary, the more my mind expands, the more minute will be the knowledge of self, and even on my deathbed I shall not leave off criticising the dying Ploszowski unless disease has fogged my brain.

Stawowski spoke of their hopeless condition, their weakness and incapacity for defending themselves; the audience which listened to his words grew every minute larger, when I interrupted: "Do you believe in Darwin's theory, the survival of the fittest?" Stawowski, who is a naturalist by profession, took up the challenge at once.

I knew I should have to pay a heavy penalty for this minute of happiness, but I could not forego it.

It purports to be a new and improved version of "the Book of Books," and puts forth claims which will be conceded only after it shall have sustained the most extensive, minute, and even prejudiced scrutiny.

A strictly literal rendering of any language into another is by no means always an easy task; and it is especially difficult to couple, as the translator in this case asserts he has done, the utmost clearness, force, and precision in the expression of the thought, with minute exactness of version.

They must sacrifice their beauty Who would do their civic duty, Who the polling booth would enter, Who the ballot box would use; As they drop their ballots in it Men and women in a minute, Lose their charm, the antis tell us, Butthe men have less to lose.

In a minute the chicks, who liked him, would be pecking all over him at the mossy chalk-mud in the seams of his clothing, and if it was blowing up for wet, Mrs. Caddles' kitten, who never lost her confidence in him, would assume a sinuous form and start scampering into the cottage, up to the kitchen fender, round, out, up his leg, up his body, right up to his shoulder, meditative moment, and then scat!

The train looked on these things only for the fraction of a minute and then passed behind trees into the Chislehurst tunnel.

It was ugly; it interfered with the letting of proper-sized houses in the neighbourhood; it ruined the tone of the neighbourhood; it was unneighbourly; it was contrary to the Local Building Regulations; it infringed the right of the local authority to muddle about with a minute expensive electric supply of its own; it interfered with the concerns of the local water company.

In a minute all the fields about me seemed alive with running men.

she could hear of them with interest and talk of them with detail, minute, graphic, and accurate; but with them she rarely exchanged a word."

The lad will return in a minute or two with a sum in value five times the fortune which she has a right to expect from her husband.

Her name before she marriedhold a minute, lemme seeseems like it was MaryMaryStreet.

I shall go, if you don't come back to your picture, this minute.

"You may look, now," she said, a minute later.

She closed them a minute to get relief.

It was icy cold and for a minute she felt numb.

So, pulling out his watch and suddenly remembering that he had an important engagement for that very minute, he courteously took his leave and pointed out the car they were to get into, telling them that it was Mr. Thurston's and would take them to his home.

A minute before this, down the cross-road, southward a quarter of a mile or so, barely out of sight behind fence-rows, the half of a battalion of artillery had halted in column, awaiting orders.

" "Victorine, I could gowith youin that boat, if only I could be for one minute in that old empty front room alone.

Yet when Anna, in equal haste, made a certain minute, lengthy writing and, assisted by that unshaken devotee, her maid, and by Victorine, baked five small cakes most laughably alike (with the writing in ore) and laid them beside some plainer food in a pretty basket, the way still seemed wide enough for patriotism.

The dream was true on its face, a belated perception awakened by bitterness of soul, and Madame, as she sat dumbly marvelling at its tardiness, chafed the more against each minute's present delay, seeing that now to know if Kincaid, or if Anna, held the treasure was her liveliest hankering.

Thiz minute you 'ave hide yo' dizguise in that panel!"

Just a minute, Doctor,there!"

He gave me a kind of turn the minute I looked at him.

Nobody's business but her own, perhaps, if she would have allowed it to remain so, but when she got up to go, and other people were talking of their motors' being late, Anne had to say: "Mine is never late; it goes past the corner every minute.

" The coach studied him a minute.

Wait here, just a minute."

Now, wait a minute!" he cried sharply as the boy in the road made to speak.

I didn't show my feelings, but I was thinking of nothing but my licking" "Ah!" "Just a minute, Jim.

"Both away together and now a little ahead at forty-two to the minute.

That's itthirty-two to the minute.

A minute ago I thought you were out of your head.

Typewriting techniquest and short cuts in 15-minute timed writings.

The premises were then shown to him, and he received minute directions through what alleys and streets he had better pass, and at what house he could find a temporary refuge.

After a minute of apparent hesitation, she rushed into the street and ran with all speed.

"'Now!' said I, and was instructed to return at 5:30 P.M., which I did, to the minute.

However, that I might not have the front of my trousers torn as well as the behind, as soon as I gained my footing I turned round, with my back to the bars of the cage; but I had not been there a minute, before I was attacked by something which digged into me like a pickaxe, and as the hyaena had torn my clothes, I had no defence against it.

He now closely questioned the witness, as to points of honour and honesty; then, in a minute or two, again asked to see the things.

As long as my ink continued, which with water I made last as long as I could, I used to minute down the days of the month on which any remarkable event happened.

and I'll go on board this minute, whether the leak be stopped or no."

One is struck above all things with the minute detail of the damage.

I was sticking peas in my own garden, and a great hulking sergeant came by, and stopped a minute to ask his road.

"Well," say I, nothing loath, for I have always dearly loved the sound of my own voice, "do you see that man on the hearth-rug?do not look at him this very minute, or he will know that we are speaking of him.

how fearfully like a hawk he has grown all in a minute!

"Will you swear?" "What is the use of swearing?you have only half a minute now.

"Let us look at you, Nancy!" says the Brat, taking hold of me by both arms, and bringing the minute impertinence of his face into close neighborhood to mine.

Would any one like to begin any thing over again, just the very minute that they had finished it?

Then he goes, in a minute, without a second's lingering, back to the gravel-walk, to his wicker-chair, to grave, dry talk, to the friend of his infancy!

It would not matter if I never killed any thingindeed, I thinkof the twoI had rather not; I had rather have a course of empty bags and blank days than snuff out any poor, little, happy lives; but the occupation that these amusements would entail would displace and hinder the minute mental torments I now daily, in my listless, luxurious idleness, endure.

The question refers to a three days' visit that it has become our fate to pay to a house in the neighborhooda house not eight miles distant from Tempest, and over which we are grumbling in the minute and exhaustive manner which people mostly employ when there is a question of making merry with their friends.

you will carry vengeance for one mad minute through a whole life!