239 examples of miraculously in sentences

Miraculously a dark mass is projected on the shimmering spectrum, and a ringing voice is heard: "We are saved; we are re-enforced.

If He could prove to the Jews that He was the Son of God, their divine King and Saviour, by casting Himself down from the pinnacle of the temple, and being miraculously supported in the air by angelsif He could do that, why should He not do it?

When he awoke, being miraculously refreshed, he told his dream, and that his resolution was to obey the bidding of the Goddess.

Miraculously escaping the shots aimed at him, he drew up alongside the officer and informed him that his life was to be forfeited for the insulting words he had uttered.

A squad of lank boys, kicking miraculously with flat upturned soles, kept a wicker ball shining in the air, as true and lively as a plaything on a fountain-jet.

After about six months his speech was almost miraculously restored, and he used it in praising the Lord for the remarkable support and consolation of his Spirit.

The Frari discussed the possibilities of childish mouthpieces for learned doctors, miraculously concealedbut low, for fear of scandal.

It was effected by a prince who goes by the name of Buddha,the "Enlightened,"who was supposed by his later followers to be an incarnation of Deity, miraculously conceived, and sent into the world to save men.

Decorated from top to bottom with all manner of statues and architectural ornamentations, "it is like a toy of ivory, which some ingenious and pious monk might have spent his life-time in adorning with sculptural designs and figures of saints; and when it was finished, seeing it so beautiful, he prayed that it might be miraculously magnified from the size of one foot to that of three hundred."

The odd thing was that all the others discovered mysterious appetites and began to eat and drink with gusto, sitting, standing, or walking about, while Charlie, munching, related how he had miraculously got three days' leave from the hospital, and how he had impulsively 'cabbed it' to Euston, and how, having arrived at Knype, he had also 'cabbed it' from Knype to Bleakridge instead of waiting for the Loop Line train.

She felt most miraculously happy and hopeful, and she was full of irrational gratitude to Alicia, as though Alicia were a benefactor!

And yet, somehow, magically, miraculously, the soft virgin was still there!

How can genuine philosophical effort, sincere search after truth, the noblest calling of the noblest men, be let and hindered more completely than by a conventional system of metaphysics enjoying a State monopoly, the principles of which are impressed into every head in earliest youth, so earnestly, so deeply, and so firmly, that, unless the mind is miraculously elastic, they remain indelible.

It is true that Alice thought the payment he received miraculously high for the quality of work done; but, with this agreeable Jew in the hall, and the coupé at the kerb, she suddenly perceived the probability of even greater miracles in the matter of price.

And outside and in, it was miraculously new and spotless.

you are the most miraculously impudent of men!" "Pish!

He sent the milk to Lachtaoin but the latter identified it as milk miraculously produced; he in turn blessed it with the result that it was changed back again into water.

But for a dozen hours she was, miraculously, to be let alone, with blessed open spaces round her.

They are dated between the years 586 and 570 B.C. (4) Chapters 40 to 48 present Ezekiel's plan for the restored temple and service and for the redistribution of the territory of Canaan, and his belief that Judah's fertility would be miraculously increased.

Similarly Ezekiel declared that the barren lands of Judah would be miraculously transformed and rendered capable of supporting the great numbers of the exiles who should return.

Conrad Lagrange, with the smile and the voice of a man miraculously recreated, said quietly, "This is the place where we stop for the night.

When further progress northward was barred by open water, and the party almost miraculously escaped drifting into the Polar sea, Lieutenant Lockwood erected, at the highest point of latitude reached by civilized man, a pyramidal-shaped cache of stones, six feet square at the base, and eight or nine feet high.

I was anointed, you know, and after that I mended miraculously.

"I must say, Jones, that you have a phenomenally good and a miraculously bad memory.

Every year on the Saturday before Easter Sunday a new fire is miraculously kindled at the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

239 examples of  miraculously  in sentences