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4916 examples of  mirroring  in sentences

4916 examples of mirroring in sentences

They lie embosomed in the deep woods, down in the grovy bottoms of caรฑons, high on bald tablelands, and around the feet of the icy peaks, mirroring back their wild beauty over and over again.

The Mirror.

I attached the mirror of a laryngoscope to my forehead in such a manner as to enable it to throw a strong reflection into one of my eyes.

Also I note an exquisite model of a ship, an inlaid Empire mirror, and other treasures too numerous to particularize.

On the marble mantel is a very intricate French timepiece, and over it an exquisite silver-framed mirror.

he seems to consider the mighty universe itself as nothing better than a mirror in which, with a grinning and idiot self-complacency, he may contemplate the physiognomy of Samuel Taylor Coleridge....

A folding-bed with an inlay of mirror and a collapsible desk arrangement backed up against those folding-doors.

"Poor little Lady of Shalott," said Rudolph Musgrave, "the mirror is cracked from side to side, isn't it?

Then, too, her cherished spinning-wheel, at least two hundred and fifty years old, which had looked so pretty after she had gilded it and added a knot of pink sarsenet, was departed; and gone as well was the mirror-topped table, with its array of china swan and frogs and water-lilies artistically grouped about its speckless surface.

Rudolph Musgrave, too, could see all this quite plainly, in the mirror over the mantel.

Meanwhile, just opposite, above the mirror, and facing him, was the Stuart portrait of young Gerald Musgrave.

Among the treasures kept for special occasions there may be pipes for soap-bubbles, a prism of some kind with which to make rainbows, a tiny mirror to make "light-birds" on the wall and ceiling, and a magnet with the time-honoured ducks and fish, if these are still to be bought, along with other articles, delicately made or coloured, which require care.

Such mirroring of the inner life is essential, for through it the child comes to self-consciousness, and learns to order, determine and master himself.

My mind resembles not a mirror plate, Reflecting all the impressions it receives.

The regulations prescribed the arrangement of the "bunks," blankets folded, knapsacks laid at the head of the bed, accoutrements burnished until, at first sight, the four guns in the rack seemed to be a mirror for the orderly spirit of this thrifty grot.

The sun is now behind the halted line of blue; the bayonets, catching the light, make a sea of liquid, mirror-like rivulets hovering in the air, with the bushy branches of pine rising like green isles in the shimmering tide.

"If it be needful," he replied, "to give the pledge you crave To tell thee, Adelifa, that thou art my soul's delight And lay my inmost bosom bare before thy anxious sight, The bosom on whose mirror shines thy face in lines of light, Here let me ope the secret cell that thou thyself may see, The altar and the blazing lamp that always burn for thee.

I do adjure thee by the Holy Book And by the letters which make up the name Of God, the Giver of all good, let no Earth fall upon the dame with mirror decked. Were it to claim her from a rival's arms I would attack three troops of warriors.

If the second medium be very dense in proportion, the ray will be both refracted and reflected; and the object from which it proceeds, will assume a variety of grotesque and extraordinary shapes, and it will sometimes appear as in a reflection from a concave mirror, dilated in size, and changed in situation.

He approached a large slab of silver which did duty as a mirror, and contemplated his personal appearance with some dissatisfaction.

" After a hasty inspection of the empty frame of a magic mirror, and a fragment of the original setting of Solomon's seal, the youth's eye lighted upon a volume full of mysterious characters.

I advanced to the window, in which was set the large dressing-table with its big swing-mirror and silver-topped bottles, and on gazing out saw, to my surprise, it was the only window which gave a view of that corner of Rannoch Wood where the double tragedy had taken place.

One polish'd mirror can declare That eye so bright, that face so fair, That cheek which shames the rose; But how thy mantle waves behind, How float thy tresses on the wind, Another only shows.

And Paul's face was but a mirror of his character.

She turned and looked at herself in the mirror.

And who is that friend?" "The fair lady who looks at you from your mirror," replied Steinmetz, with a face of stone.

Of all there assembled, the Parisian feelings of Mademoiselle Viefville were the most excited; for to her, the scene was one of pure delights, with the noble panorama of forest-clad mountains, the mirror-like lake, the overshadowing oaks, and the tangled brakes of the adjoining woods.

In vain Mrs. Hawker, in her quiet dignified way, enjoyed the ready wit and masculine thoughts of Mrs. Bloom field, appearing to renew her youth; or, Eve, with her sweet simplicity, and highly cultivated mind and improved tastes, seemed like a highly-polished mirror, to throw back the flashes of thought and memory, that so constantly gleamed before both; it was all lost on these thoroughly matter-of-fact utilitarians.

Lanyard lounged on the rail, revelling in a sense of perfect physical refreshment intensified by the gracious motion of the vessel, the friendly, rhythmic chant of her engines, the sweeping ocean air and the song it sang in the rigging, the vision of blue seas snow-plumed and mirroring in a myriad facets the red gold of the westering sun, and the lift and dip of a far horizon whose banks of violet mist were the fading shores of France.

"And, above all, the situation," he added as he looked at the magnificent view, the opal lake mirroring the distant mountains, flecked by the sunlight and the drifting clouds.

She raised her eyes, triumphing eyes, to the mirror and sawAunt Amy watching her from the doorway.

Breathe on a mirror, or a knife blade, or any polished metallic surface, and note the deposit of moisture.

With a hand-mirror reflect the sunlight on a white wall.

Look steadily at the spot for a full minute, and then let the mirror suddenly be removed.

Look in a mirror, and the small lacrymal point, or opening into the nasal duct, may be observed.

And now, at her window, Marina had the night and the stars to herself, over the still lagoon and down in its mirroring depths.

It was like a fairy dream as the bridal procession came floating toward San Marco, in the brilliant golden sunshine, between the blue of the cloudless sky and the blue of the mirroring sea, each gondola garlanded with roses, its silver dolphins flashing in the light, and in the midst of them the bark that bore the bride.

To call such shining waters mud or puddles did not accord with the spirit of the hour; so we fancied them the "mirroring waters" of the poet, and compared them to fertilizing Nile,whose powers, indeed, they share, to some extent.

Chicago, the Wondrous, sits amid her wealth, like a magnificent sultana, half-reclining over a great oval mirror, supplied by that lake of lakes, the fathomless Michigan.

They put them on over the stream, which was the only mirror in the Forest.

His earliest work, as far as can be now ascertained, was "The Mirror of Mutability," 1579, when he was in his 26th year: he dedicates it to the Earl of Oxford, and perhaps then belonged to the company of players of that nobleman, to which he had again attached himself on his return from Italy.[150] The Council Registers show that this nobleman had a company of players under his protection in 1575.

"Honest, Racey, don't you ever get tired of yell-bellerin' thisaway?" Racey Dawson, standing in front of the mirror, ceased not to adjust his necktie.

The mirror was small and he was not, and it was only by dint of much wriggling that he was succeeding in his purpose.

"Yop," he went on, ramming his quid into the angle of his jaw, "and he's always admiring himself in the mirror, Racey is.

She took off the wraps which covered her shoulders, before the mirror, so as to take a final look at herself in all her glory.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror long, carefully, and critically.

I say not, that the less can comprehend the greater; but only that it may represent it; as in a mirror, of half a yard [in] diameter, a whole room, and many persons in it, may be seen at once: not that it can comprehend that room or those persons, but that it represents them to the sight.

And moving thro' a mirror clear That hangs before her all the year, Shadows of the world appear.

Sometimes a troop of damsels glad, An abbot on an ambling pad, Sometimes a curly shepherd-lad, Or long-hair'd page in crimson clad, Goes by to tower'd Camelot; And sometimes thro' the mirror blue

But in her web she still delights To weave the mirror's magic sights, For often thro' the silent nights A funeral, with plumes and lights, And music, went to Camelot: Or when the moon was overhead, Came two young lovers lately wed: "I am half sick of shadows" said The Lady of Shalott.

From the bank and from the river He flashed into the crystal mirror, "Tirra lirra" by the river Sang Sir Lancelot.

Out flew the web and floated wide; The mirror cracked from side to side; "The curse is come upon me," cried The Lady of Shalott. PART

Over the mantelpiece was a mirror in a mahogany frame.

The first glance I took in the mirror gave me a shock that nearly knocked me over.

" "I will spare you all the obvious retorts," he said, "if you will tell me why you are gazing into that mirror so earnestly?" "I was thinking," she confessed, "what a remarkably good-looking couple we were.

Norgate looked from the mirror into her face.

Look in the mirror.

" As she passed through the parlor she glanced at the large mirror, which dimly reflected her dusky charms, and said with a smile: "Massa knows what's hansome.

As I sat before the looking-glass, arranging my hair for the night, I happened to glance toward the reflection of the bed, which showed plainly in the mirror; and I distinctly saw a dark eye peeping through an opening in the curtains.

Mirror of virtue!

I mixed myself a beaker, while Gussie, a glutton for punishment, stared at himself in the mirror.

I trembled as I looked at the glimmering mirror and thought of what it might have reflected; our cousin's image seemed to rise up in all his pride and bravery as I last saw him, but with the ghastly face of death; so I hurried out and flung the door to behind us, and Althea turned the key in the lock.

My spirit would have beauty to offer at the shrine, And turn dull earth to gold and water into wine, And burn in fiery dreams each thought till thence refined It may have power to mirror the mighty Master's mind.

Title: The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, Vol.

[eBook #10730] Language: English Character set encoding: iso-8859-1 ***START OF THE PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK THE MIRROR OF LITERATURE, AMUSEMENT, AND INSTRUCTION, VOL.

12, ISSUE 344 (SUPPLEMENTARY ISSUE) *** E-text prepared by Jonathan Ingram; The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction; William Flis; and the Project Gutenberg Online Distributed Proofreading Team Note: Project Gutenberg also has an HTML version of this file which includes the original illustration.


" We have the pleasure of presenting to the readers of the MIRROR, the completion of our notices of these very elegant publications; and in pursuance of the plan of our former Supplement, we are enabled to assemble within the present sheet the characteristics of eight works, whilst our quotations include fourteen prose tales and sketches, and poetical pieces, of great merit.

These are from the pencil of our "right trustye" friend and excellent artist, Mr. W.H. Brooke, whose horses, coaches, and dogs excite so much mirth among the young friends of the MIRRORfor, in truth, Mr. Brooke is an associate of the MIRROR, and enables us to jump from Whitehall to Constantine's Arch at Rome, shake hands with the Bears of the Zoological Society, and Peg in the Ring at Abury.

To gladden the eye, study the taste, and improve the heart, of each reader has been our aimfeelings which we hope pervade this and every other Number of the MIRROR.

* Number 340 of the MIRROR contains the Notices of the Literary Souvenir, Forget-Me-Not, Gem, and Amulet, and with the present Number forms the Spirit of the Annuals for 1829.


* Not to go to the theatre is like making one's toilet without a mirror.

This is why a landscape looks so much better in a contracting mirror or in a camera obscura, than it is in reality.

On the Elizabethan stage, the murder of Agamemnon would no doubt have been "subjected to our faithful eyes" like the blinding of Gloucester or the suffocation of Edward II; but who shall say that there is less "specifically dramatic effect" in Aeschylus's method of mirroring the scene in the clairvoyant ecstasy of Cassandra?

Beauty beyond all glass's mirroring, And dream and glory hers for garmenting; Her birthO Lady, wilt thou say me nay? Of thine own womb, of thine own nurturing Send me a maiden meet for love, I pray!

[FAUST continues to gaze into the mirror.

FAUST (before the mirror) Woe's me!

If one reads Lamb's earlier essays and prose pieces one can see the process at workwatch him consciously imitating Fuller, or Burton, or Browne, mirroring their idiosyncrasies, making their quaintnesses and graces his own.

It took an hour for the Marie even to retreat and find steerage-way easterly off across a shallow lake, mirroring the marsh shores in the sunset.

Perforce the poets had to neglect realism, give up all idea of mirroring respectable domestic life, and take refuge in the realms of tradition, fancy, or liaisons.

In the depths of the shadowy leaves the glow-worms displayed their phosphorescent beauty; the lampyrid beetles plied between gloom and obscurity, impatient for the mirror of night to flaunt therein their illumined finery.

He was now so drunk he did not hear the door creak as Janet and Katherine did; the former, seeing the pale, triumphant face of Constance reflected in a mirror, as she stood half-way inside the door.

" Plutarch describes a method of rekindling the sacred fire by means of the sun's rays reflected from a hollow mirror (Numa, 9); but he seems to be referring to a Greek rather than to the Roman custom.

The Mirror, 24th June, 1826, quoted by J. M. Kemble, The Saxons in England (London, 1849), i. 360 note 2.

But, oh, wherever Nature lives Below, around, above Her happy eye the mirror gives To thy glad beauty, Love!

His eyes, mirroring admiration, peered with some curiosity at the dark, lean face of the Frenchman.

The smile was still there as her glance in its gradual sweep reached a small mirror.

"Clotilde," said Aurora, turning from her mirror, whither she had hastened to see if her face showed signs of tears (Clotilde was entering the room), "we shall never be turned out of this house by Honorรฉ Grandissime!"

Then I turn to my Divine Brother, who, of all the children of men, saw deepest into the mystery, and in his far-mirroring eyes I read the vision which satisfies me.

It was as if a sudden breeze had stirred waters which until then had been still as the mirroring surface of a forest pool.

They were Daphnis and Chloรซ, under a myrtle bush, in the Greek sunshine, the shimmer of leaves on their faces, and their faces mirroring each other.

"I fear, Mr. Punch," said the fair maiden, looking at herself in a small mirror which she was holding in her right hand, "that you are inclined to go to sleep.

Then he substituted a black tie for a colored one, whipped out a little mirror and his hare's-foot, etc., browned and colored his cheek, put on an admirable gray wig, whiskers, mustache, and beard, and partly whitened his eyebrows, and hobbled feebly out of the little wood an infirm old man.

The other houses of the market-place were still likewise festively bedecked and adorned with shields, especially the Limburg house, on whose banner was painted a maiden with a sparrow-hawk in her hand, and a monkey holding out to her a mirror.

I love my love for she is like the mirror of the moon, (A sweet, small moon but newly come to birth)

"Good day, Wรคrli," she said, glancing hurriedly at a tiny broken mirror suspended on the wall.

Standing before a mirror to remove her hat, she caught sight of something that seemed to stab her heart.

Upstairs she encountered the doctor's wife patting her hair before a mirror.

A mirror, which is fixed upon a vertical piece of aluminum, a, gives, in the usual manner, a reflected image upon a scale, thus allowing the deflections to be read.