219 examples of misdeed in sentences

Throughout Aquitaine there was but one cry of indignation against Pépin, and the popularity of Charles was increased in proportion to all the horror inspired by the ineffable misdeed of his adversary.

"Father is afraid that he has committed some misdeed, and is in hiding; but we say nothing about it.

There is a community of responsibility attaching to every misdeed.

Norine was ever quarrelling with Euphrasie, and was pleased to have her caught in a misdeed; so she allowed her to rattle on.

An author, writing even with the best of faith, may have moments of doubt, whether instead of bread he did not give poison, whether his work is not a great mistake or a great misdeed, whether it has brought profit to humanity, or whether, were it not better for the people and himself, had he not written anything, nothing accomplished.

Her worship of her worthless husband was well known; small wonder that his final and awful misdeed had practically broken her heart.

Think of one who, not being the thief himself, would, nevertheless, have the strongest of all motives to shield the thief from the consequences of her own misdeed: aye!

'A man may be guilty of any misdeed and may yet find forgiveness and even favour,' M. Zola had then said to me, 'but he must not make himself, his profession, and his cause ridiculous.

Guilt N. guilt, guiltiness; culpability; criminality, criminousness^; deviation from rectitude &c (improbity) 940 [Obs.]; sinfulness &c (vice) 945. misconduct, misbehavior, misdoing, misdeed; malpractice, fault, sin, error, transgression; dereliction, delinquency; indiscretion, lapse, slip, trip, faux pas

The multitude was excited partly by the heinousness of the misdeed, partly by the hope of recovering their liberty on a favourable opportunity.

Whenever there is a strike, a great deal is written about the men employed in various capacities by railroads, and every misdeed is exaggerated, and every indiscretion magnified into a crime.

Jot blushed hotly, as if caught in some misdeed.

"If a patrician having committed any misdeed shall take refuge under the protection of a foreign ambassador, he shall be put to death forthwith.

This appeal to force is the misdeed of an imperfect world.

She told how they were met that morning by the news, how the children shouted after Camilla as she got into the carriage, how the Five A girls had decided to exclude her from the picnic, how angry Judith had been, and thenthenshe knew no more to tell beyond the bare fact of Judith's passionate misdeed.

I thanked him, staring at him beyond the bounds of good manners, and holding tight to Joe, and then we went towards home, I in a manner stupefied, and thinking only of this turning up of my old misdeed and old acquaintance.

Of the deed or the misdeed itself, I know of nothing to say.

" When Lewisham saw Lagune again he learnt the particulars of Chaffery's misdeed and the additional fact that the "lady" had also disappeared.

Of what misdeed is this the consequence?

What misdeed have I perpetrated!

Throughout Aquitaine there was but one cry of indignation against Pepin, and the popularity of Charles was increased in proportion to all the horror inspired by the ineffable misdeed of his adversary.

The public, whose inclination is to blame everybody and everything, justly considered, in this case, that everybody was in the wrong; Voltaire, for having offended Chevalier de Rohan; the latter, for having dared to commit a crime worthy of death in causing a citizen to be beaten; the government, for not having punished a notorious misdeed, and for having put the beatee in the Bastille to tranquillize the beater.

One piece of chivalry the more you give To history, and one misdeed the less. ELECTOR.

You dare say the cause of the misdeed The Prince committed in the fight, am I! HOHENZOLL.

Inkspot was a fellow-African, and he had barely escaped punishment for his former misdeed.

219 examples of  misdeed  in sentences