757 examples of misgiving in sentences

The Big Chimney men assented, but with sudden misgiving.

" Thoughtfully he balanced the pistol he was still holding on the palm of his hand, and half unconsciously examined the priming, while I watched him, half with misgiving, half with a reluctant sort of admiration.

'I know you will, Maitland,' replied his commander; and his respect for his conscientious friend rose higher than ever, while a slight misgiving as to the righteousness of his own projected plan passed through his breast.

" Ida could not prevent the colour rising to her face, but she laughed unforcedly, and with no misgiving; for she had looked into Stafford's eyes and read his soul through them.

Mr. Wordley, with much misgiving, had invited this, the only relative he could find, to the funeral, and Ida was now awaiting this gentleman's arrival.

School did not "keep" on Saturday, Jane was away, and Aunt Amy was so much better that she could leave her without misgiving.

She was conscious of a wild misgiving which had not assailed her during all the journey thither.

She viewed the ancient and immense four-poster with misgiving and wondered if Queen Elizabeth had ever slept in it.

Any misgiving that this new quiet and undisturbed possession of Mercy might not continue did not cross his mind; and when Mercy said to him suddenly, one evening about ten days after her mother's death, "Stephen, I must go away, I can't live in this house another week," it was almost as sudden a shock to him as if he had gone in and found her dead.

On the last of these occasions of misgiving, Roswell was compelled to lead his brother master up on the plain of the island, to an elevation of some three hundred feet above the level of the ocean, and more than half that distance higher than the house, and point out to him a panorama of field-ice that the eye could not command.

Redbud could not resist the glowing picture which Fanny drew of the picnic to be; and, with some misgiving, yielded.

I said all this I must confess, however, not without misgiving, for I could not but be sensible that, in spite of all my allegations to the contrary, my audience was disposed to regard a prediction of this nature, proceeding from a Prime Minister, less as a speculative abstraction than as one of that class of prophecies which work their own fulfilment.

A tremendous misgiving seized her, and she had a physical feeling of emptiness in the stomach.

Just such a misgiving as visits nearly every normal person immediately before or immediately after marriage!

She could feel his eyes on her: she could anticipate her own moodin which would be mingled pride, misgiving, pleasure, helplessness, abandonmentand the secret condescension towards him of her inmost soul.

She said, with a pang of misgiving about his reception of her letter: "Please tell no one!"

[Obs.]; dissent &c 489; change of opinion &c 484; retraction &c 607. doubt &c (uncertainty) 475; skepticism, scepticism, misgiving, demure; distrust, mistrust, cynicism; misdoubt^, suspicion, jealousy, scruple, qualm; onus probandi [Lat.].

The service which gloried in the exploits of Anson and of Hawke discerned the approach of the Seven Years' war without misgiving; and the ferocity shown in the treatment of Byng enables us now to measure the surprise caused by the result of the action off Minorca.

The apprentice looked at the habitation with misgiving, and, instead of regarding it as a sanctuary from the pestilence, could not help picturing it as a living tomb.

" These preparations made, Mr. Bloundel lowered the basket, into which Hodges got, and grasping the rope, not without some misgiving on his part, he was drawn up.

and I couldn't have slept to-night with a misgiving like that to wonder about.

lift thou no passionate cry, But spread the desert of thy being bare To the full searching of the All-seeing eye: Waitand through dark misgiving, blank despair, God will come down in pity, and fill the dry Dead plain with light, and life, and vernal air.

But before she could be daunted by her misgiving it vanished; for he impetuously caught her in his arms and, utterly forgetting the onlookers, kissed her until every nerve in her body was tingling in the sweeping flame of that passion which his parting caress had stirred to vague but troublesome restlessness.

Her sergeant, Valcour, was there, with his small fond bride, both equally unruffled by any misgiving that they would not pull through this still inviting world happily.

The Sheik gingerly accepted a pinch, and with much misgiving put it into his mouth.

757 examples of  misgiving  in sentences