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92 example sentences with  misinterpretations

92 example sentences with misinterpretations

The Boy roused himself, but only to persist in his misinterpretation.

His rage with Charteris; Anne's overhearing, and misinterpretation of, a dozen angry words; that old affair with Clariceimmediately before her marriage (one of how many pleasurable gallantries?

In a phrase, the post card which pictures "E 9436Grave of John Charteris" is among the seven similar misinterpretations of localities most frequently demanded in Lichfieldian drugstores and news-stands.

When he says: "I believe in Christianity as it will be ten thousand years hence," it would be a grave misinterpretation to suppose that he implied any lack of belief in the Christianity of to-day.

Look your sweet looks upon the grimy face, and tenderly lay back the locks from the congested brows; no wicked misinterpretation lurks to bite your kindness.

He felt in an instant that he was misunderstood; yet, as quiet people are apt to do, though not wishing to deceive, he let the misinterpretation stand.

It is likewise a common opinion, that Sydenham was thirty years old, before he formed his resolution of studying physick, for which I can discover no other foundation than one expression in his dedication to Dr. Mapletoft, which seems to have given rise to it, by a gross misinterpretation; for he only observes, that from his conversation with Dr. Cox to the publication of that treatise, thirty years had intervened.

I merely refer to this matter to show that we must reckon with attempts to discredit the movement even misinterpretation of motives.

We have all read Continental autobiographies, of which the chapters under the general title "Early Years" contained records of fears based upon images implanted in the mind and flourishing there images arising from some childish misapprehension or misinterpretation of some ordinary and perfectly explainable circumstance.

Lulu hardly heard what he said, it was so pleasant to have him talking to her in this confidential fashion; and she was pleasantly aware that his manner was open to misinterpretation.

Yet Mr. Knox's misinterpretations of the facts are taking root in many minds that do not share his fierce hypochondria and hunger for bitter herbs.

It may be that this is a misinterpretation of Mr. Wilson's attitude, and that the change toward international arbitration was due to conviction rather than to expediency; but my belief is that expediency was the sole cause.

whose dispute with PERRAULT turned chiefly upon some passages in the Ancients, which he rescued from the misinterpretations of his adversary.


A Misinterpretation.

In the former aspect it is open to a misinterpretation, against which it will be well to guard.

This conclusion is important: but there is an obvious misinterpretation against which it will be well to guard.

Misinterpretation N. misinterpretation, misapprehension, misunderstanding, misacceptation^, misconstruction, misapplication; catachresis^; eisegesis^; cross-reading, cross-purposes; mistake &c 495.

Misinterpretation N. misinterpretation, misapprehension, misunderstanding, misacceptation^, misconstruction, misapplication; catachresis^; eisegesis^; cross-reading, cross-purposes; mistake &c 495.

Enormous sums of money have been wasted in trying to make our defensive arrangements square with a conception of history based upon misunderstanding or misinterpretation of facts.

This meditation terrifies these poor distressed souls, especially if their bodies be predisposed by melancholy, they religiously given, and have tender consciences, every small object affrights them, the very inconsiderate reading of Scripture itself, and misinterpretation of some places of it; as, "Many are called, few are chosen.

The ignorance of the Fathers, and, Origen excepted, of the Ante-Nicene Fathers in particular, in all that respects Hebrew learning and the New Testament references to the Old Testament, is shown in this so early fantastic misinterpretation grounded on the fact of our Lord's reminding, and as it were giving out aloud to John and Mary the twenty-second Psalm, the prediction of his present sufferings and after glory.

A sad misinterpretation of our Lord's words, which from the context most evidently had no reference to any moral, that is, universal commandment as such, but to the national institutions of the Jewish state, as long as that state should be in existence; that is to say, until 'the Heaven' or the Government, and 'the Earth' or the People or the Governed, as one 'corpus politicum', or nation, had 'passed away'.

But the words in and by themselves admit a more plausible misinterpretation than is elsewhere the case of Socinian displanations.

It is especially important, in connection with these results, to point out the risk of misinterpretation of observations on the anthropoid apes.

The slightest misunderstanding, the most trivial misinterpretation of an order, the least negligence on the part of any one connected with or employed by the road, may involve a wreck, to the total destruction of the train and its passengers, and the engineer feels every moment the full extent of his responsibilities and the nature of the risks he runs.

RICHARD BRINSLEY SHERIDAN FEBRUARY 17, 1800 GRANT TO THE EMPEROR OF GERMANY The honourable gentleman [Mr. Wilberforce] who has just sat down, and said he rose only to save himself from misinterpretation, has declared that he has no objection to peace.

Further, however little these are able to satisfy the demand for permanent results, they ever arouse our interest anew by the boldness and depth of their brilliant ideas, which alternate with quaint fancies or are pervaded by them; by the youthful courage with which they attacked great questions; and not least by the hard fate which rewarded their efforts with misinterpretation, persecution, and death at the stake.

It must be admitted, moreover, that this in reality was only a restoration of Descartes's original position, i.e., a deliverance of it from the misinterpretations and perversions which it had suffered at the hands of adherents and opponents alike, but which Descartes, it is true, had failed to render impossible from the start by conclusive explanations.

* This is a misinterpretation of Middle English iwis, from Old English gewis, "certainly.

At the present time this imputed aggression, resting, as it does, only in the vague declamatory charges of political agitators, resolves itself into misapprehension, or misinterpretation, of the principles and facts of the political organization of the new Territories of the United States.

Certainly his hesitations were capable of misinterpretation, and Miss Watson said, her voice trembling, 'Of course we know we have no right here, we are intruding; but we are making preparations....

With all these elements at work, it is not to be wondered at that a question which admitted of misinterpretation should be greedily laid hold of, and that, thus misinterpreted, the passions of the mob should be successfully roused.

He left the room and soon came stalking in with his Bible open, with all the bigoted pride of the narrow sectarian, who founds his creed on some misinterpretation of Scripture, and he puts the Bible down on the table before me and fairly squealed into my ear, "There it is.

The standards of public opinion have been her safeguard in the past, and she still looks to them for guidance, not realizing how often such commonly accepted views are misinterpretations of the problems she herself has to face today.

The misinterpretation I would guard against is, your supposing that I regard such repetition as always wrong in any grown-up person.

This shallow and mischievous notion rests either on a misinterpretation of the experience of civilised societies, or else on nothing more creditable than an arbitrary and unreflecting temper.

Yet the sketch attempted in this volume would be incomplete and liable to misinterpretation, if no account were taken of the legacy bequeathed to the next generation by the great masters.

But we believe he acted from the highest convictions of duty, and he certainly exposed himself with unflinching courage to obloquy and misinterpretation when silence would have been easy and safe.

So that this method of parsing the pronoun what, is manifestly no improvement, but rather a perversion and misinterpretation.

The scene of a popular insurrection, where the minds of a whole people were inflamed, was liable to misinterpretation.

To loose generalizations, and to elaborate misinterpretations of paleontological records, the kind of work done by Mr. Haseman furnishes an invaluable antiscorbutic.

And this belief in a "final judgment, unlike any other that has ever been in the world," Mr. Maurice would have us regard as a misinterpretation of Bible and Creeda "dream" which St. Paul would never "allow us" to entertain, but would "compel" us instead "to look upon everyone of what we rightly call 'God's judgments' as essentially resembling it in kind and principle."

He had always considered that to some minds it might be open to misinterpretation as a defense of laxity.

And if there be any leaven of error still remaining in the interpretation of our masonic myths, we must seek to disengage them from the corruptions with which they have been invested by ignorance and by misinterpretation.

The misinterpretation probably arose at first from my having defended (after Renouvier) the indeterminism of our efforts.

It may well have been that an impression of personal adhesion was conveyed which only very partially existed, or even where it did not exist at all: that is a risk of misinterpretation which it is always hard for the historical critic to escape.

One would think a silent Man, who concerned himself with no one breathing, should be very liable to Misinterpretations; and yet I remember I was once taken up for a Jesuit, for no other reason but my profound Taciturnity.

This manner of treating poor Sinners has, methinks, great Humanity in it; and as you are a Person who pretend to carry your Reflections upon all Subjects, whatever occur to you, with Candour, and act above the Sense of what Misinterpretation you may meet with, I beg the Favour of you to lay before all the World the unhappy Condition of us poor Vagrants, who are really in a Way of Labour instead of Idleness.

Do not such Women deserve all the Misinterpretation which they neglect to avoid?

Though, then, if due distinctions and admissions be made, the tendency to produce, in the long run, the greatest amount of happiness or misery, pleasure or pain, may be taken as the test of the goodness or badness of an action, the phraseology is so misleading, and so liable to frustrate the practical objects of the moralist, that it is desirable, if possible, to find terms not equally lending themselves to misinterpretation and perversion.

How mischievously this told in the course of opinion outside and inside of the movement; how it was misinterpreted and misrepresented; how these misinterpretations and misrepresentations, with the bitterness and injustice which they engendered, helped to realise themselves, was seen but too clearly at a later stage.

Yet some of those which were pointed to at the time as flagrant instances of extravagant misinterpretation have now come to look different.

Her pleasure in his being there was as frank as her father's, and there was a pretty trust of him in every word and tone which forbade misinterpretation.

That it is replenished throughout with bold, rude, improbable falsehoods, and gross misinterpretations; and supported by the most impudent sophistry and false logic I have anywhere observed.

But in the present class of cases this aspect of fire may be secondary, if indeed it is more than a later misinterpretation of the custom."

I even detect prejudices and misinterpretations of which I was not conscious at the time.

FOOTNOTES: [Footnote 2: The use of the word sinful here seems liable to misinterpretation.

Misinterpretation of the language of these envois gave rise to the legend concerning the "courts of love," as we have stated in a previous chapter.

But to declare that EMS workers are never subject to testing is a misinterpretation of CMS guidelines, Smith said.

He urged public officers to protect internal information and avoid leaks that may lead to misinterpretation of government communication.

However, it is worded in such an obtuse manner that this misinterpretation of the executive order will likely be universal in Texas.

In their blind pursuit of this hideous agenda, they have demonstrated unpardonable misunderstanding and misinterpretation of Section 190 (1& 2) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended).

And it found that some arrests during the 2013 protests were based on โ€œan apparent misinterpretation of the conditionsโ€ of an injunction.

It was just one of those things where it's misinterpretation, of course, of 2020 โ€ฆ almost come to 2021, baby.

So, the DoT using the Supreme Courtโ€™s ruling on AGR โ€” that essentially allows levy of fees on all telecom and non-telecom revenue โ€” and demanding humongous dues from these non-telecom companies is a case of misinterpretation and overreach.

Such a play and claims of โ€˜misinterpretationโ€™ undermine the sincerity of a purported apology and may lead to the conclusion that โ€˜what in the heart comes out of the mouthโ€™.

โ€œThe issue of misinterpretation has come to the fore since early 2020 but the problem escalated during the pandemic.

They called on the participants to avoid being ignorant of the latest trends and also ensure they plan and execute their communication messages appropriately to avoid any form of misinterpretation.

This is often a source of confusion and misinterpretation to gin drinkers, or those who think they donโ€™t specifically enjoy gin because of the flavor of juniper.

A xenophobic chorus of sightseers, their callous comments fired by the misinterpretation of what they see as โ€œevidenceโ€, has the authentic ring youโ€™d expect from a poet with Browningโ€™s ear for the vernacular and nose for English hypocrisies.

Vicky was quoted saying, โ€œI hope you respect thisโ€ฆ I really want to guard my personal life to some extent because if you open up, it leads to discussions and interpretations and misinterpretations.

Above all, our author proves the binding nature of the rule of non-resistance for a Christian, pointing out that this command is perfectly clear, and is enjoined upon every Christian by Christ without possibility of misinterpretation.

According to Garbarino and Stott, adult misinterpretation and misunderstanding of children's statements has reached crisis proportions in legal proceedings of all kinds (

Clinical Psychology Review paper, the main goal of Infurna and Luthar was to prevent the misinterpretation of what a common response to adversity looks like: it is typically some decline followed by an increase back towards normal.

Dr. John Rapin of Kingston, Ont., concurred: "Trying to be too specific about what we want to do will lead to several interpretations or even misinterpretations."

I am concerned if the bills are passed in their current format with the sections pertaining to public notices not be proclaimed into law is confusing to say the least and leaves the door wide open for misinterpretation on what the rules actually are.

Although he agrees that nano-particles carry a certain degree of safety risks, he calls the proposed moratorium "an attention grabbing mechanism" based on a politically-driven misinterpretation rather than technical documentation.

Instead he has chosen to base his dramatic assertions on misinformation and a misinterpretation of data, often used out of context (1-3).

I say, Mr. Chair, with every speaker there is a very clear line of misinterpretation being put forward to the people of the Province.

It is easily understood and, I think, not subject to misinterpretation, so I appreciate your taking the time to bring those points forward.

McWilliams was pro-Canadian rather than anti-Mennonite, but her emphasis was open to misinterpretation.

Mr. Robertson contends that the heretofore accepted view rests on a misinterpretation of the amendment provisions of the Constitution.

Mr. Speaker, that is a complete misinterpretation of the legislation we passed this week.

Since the inception of treaties in Saskatchewan, the First Nations perspective of the treaties is mostly unknown to society and as a result has created misconceptions based on misunderstanding and misinterpretations.

The current wording effectively avoids any misinterpretation of the intent of the proposed changes.

The investigatorโ€™s apparent misinterpretation of the SFPA does not appear to have affected his analysis or his recommendation.

The misinterpretation of percentiles, Clinicianยนs Research Digest, 21(3), 2. Reprint of (2002) The perfidy of percentiles.

The recent election absolutely proves my point and illuminates your errors, misinterpretations, and head in the sand substantiveless rhetoric.

There's far too much potential for misinterpretation here.

While I think it was a misinterpretation, I have no doubt that it was a sincere misinterpretation based on a legitimate desire to protect the reputation of a remarkable parliamentarian.

While I think it was a misinterpretation, I have no doubt that it was a sincere misinterpretation based on a legitimate desire to protect the reputation of a remarkable parliamentarian.