228 examples of misprints in sentences

Portions of the former volume were not seen by him in the proof, and to this cause must be attributed the presence of some slight but annoying misprints.

Some literal errors may, perhaps, still have escaped me, but such words as anottomye for anatomy, or dietie for deity must not be classed as misprints.

A certain number of misprints were also introduced into the Latin.

Since that time not only have misprints been preserved and multiplied, but punctuation has been deliberately modernized, to the destruction of the freshness of the original style, and editors of another 'understanding age' have also taken upon themselves by many a little touch to correct Addison's style or grammar.

If the present edition has its own share of misprints and oversights, at least it inherits none; and it contains no wilful alteration of the text.

Only misprints of interest in the Quartos and the First Folio are recorded.

Folio misprints]

Folio misprints]

Folio misprints]

Folio misprints] clook.

Folio misprints]

Folio misprints]

Folio misprints]

2nd Folio misprints] reptation.

[A few misprints in the above have been corrected in square brackets to agree with B.] THE ELDER BROTHER: VARIANTS IN THE EGERTON MS.

B misprints] Vialante.

B misprints whow.

B misprints] yesterday.

B misprints] womau.

C misprints] secrely.

A misprints] Short for Wid.

C misprints] houour.

C misprints] farily.

C misprints] with. p. 229, l. 17.

C misprints] righty.

228 examples of  misprints  in sentences