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3153 examples of  mist  in sentences

3153 examples of mist in sentences

I saw my Meg come linkan o'er the lea; I saw my Meg, but Peggy saw na me, For yet the sun was wading thro' the mist, And she was close upon me e'er

Who has dared to strike at the life over which I have cast the shadow of my throne? Give me their names, my guest, and, before the evening mist closes in to-morrow, pronounce their doom.

Ah! the light breaks through the mist.

Rain had ceased to fall, but a fine, cold, penetrating mist filled the air.

She looks, and her heart is in heaven: but they fade, The mist and the river, the hill and the shade: The stream will not flow, and the hill will not rise, 15 And the colours have all passed away from her eyes!

XVII "'Twas mist and rain, and storm and rain: No screen, no fence could I discover; And then the wind!

The arrows fell like rain, and quickly slew A host of demonspresently bright light Dispelled the gloom, and as the mist rolled off In sulphury circles, the surviving fiends Were seen in rapid flight; the fortress, too, Distinctly shone, and its prodigious gate, Through which the conquerors passed.

Dimly we see, as through a mist, the figures of the architects of war.

On the top of the mountain, in ordinary years a sure sign of a coming storm, floated a veil of opaline sea mist ... I found Pap and a greaser skinning a dead heifer.

The south-east wind was still blowing, and the thin veil of mist upon the mountain had grown into a cloud.

But even through the smoke-mist I saw his sharp black eyes glittering toward me.

This companion was unmistakably young, and there was not a trace of cynicism in his grey-blue eyes which looked out upon the rain and mist with pleasant cheerfulness.

But Stafford was utterly indifferent to rain and mist while the trout were rising, and his basket was half full before he looked around him.

Emile de Girardinafter dispersing from around him that mist which envelopes every combatant in party warfare, and which at a distance changes or obscures the appearance of a manEmile de Girardin is an extraordinary thinker, an accurate writer, energetic, logical, skilful, hearty; a journalist in whom, as in all great journalists, can be seen the statesman.

This little cavalcade "pawed the ground" in the mist and in the mud.

The Second Promenade Again the sun rose clear and bright, and again, having dispelled the mist and chill of the early morning, it lured forth for the inevitable promenade such of the sojourners at Weet-sur-Mer as had managed to get to bed before dawn.

Through the streaming mist, there came presently toward them two dim figures, carrying a thirdwhat need to go on?

"No!" "Fritz," she cried, her voice trembling, a mist before her eyes as she looked at him, "you believe that I love you, do you notoh, better than anything else in the world.

She snowshoed down the hill, a little blindly, for the mist of glad tears brimmed her eyes.

The weather was bad, a heavy mist had come up, and was so dark that I could hardly see my way.

As I started on, a soldier yelled at me from the mist: "Halt! advance and give the countersign."

When the Shweydagon was lost in the evening mist, and the steamer had made her way slowly down the sluggish stream with the rice-fields on either side, Hayle went aft and took his last look at the land to which he was saying good-bye.

Heat waves blurred the hollow and pushed Sour Creek away until it seemed a river of mistyellow mist.

Sinclair brushed the entire argument away into a thin mist of smoke.

She kisses as sheed wont; were she unchast, Surely her breath would like a Stigian mist Or some contagious vapor blast me; but 'Tis sweet as Indian balme, and from her lips Distills a moisture pretious as the Dew The amorous bounty of the wholesome morne Throwes on rose buds; her cheeks are fresh and pure

Come charitable mist Hide me, or freindly wherlewind rap me hence, Or her next accent, like the thunderers, will Strike me to dust.

Then, looking with the Great Spy-Glass, I saw that there moved across the Land, from the direction of the Plain of Blue Fire, a mighty Hump, seeming of Black Mist, and came with prodigious swiftness.

And the mist of cold fire stayed their way, so that we had knowledge that there fought for the souls of them, one of those sweet Powers of Goodness, which we had belief did strive to ward our spirits at all times from those Forces of Evil and Destruction.

And there came a mighty chasm, so deep that none might see the bottom thereof; and there rushed therein an ocean, and the earth did burst afresh with a sound that did shake all the cities of the world; and a great mist lay upon the earth for many days, and there was a mighty rain.

And thereafter there was a mist and confusion and rain upon the world.

And do you to set your sympathy of understanding with me in this thing, and to know how holy these things did be, and far off, and to hold memory, as a mist that doth shine with golden lights, that did make an holy pain upon the eyes of the spirit, even as a quiet dawn of this day doth set a pleasure of vague pain upon the heart.

And far off, by miles, beyond the feet of the mountain, where went the shore of the sea, upon our left, there was a great mist and steam; and this to be that mist and steam that I did come through on mine outward way; and Naani to ask concerning it, and I to tell her so much as I knew, and how that we must indeed come presently through it, upon our journey.

And far off, by miles, beyond the feet of the mountain, where went the shore of the sea, upon our left, there was a great mist and steam; and this to be that mist and steam that I did come through on mine outward way; and Naani to ask concerning it, and I to tell her so much as I knew, and how that we must indeed come presently through it, upon our journey.

And when it did be somewheres nigh upon the fourth hour, we came out of the thick steam; and the pipings and the roarings to be to our rearward; and soon the steam to be gone thin, as but a mist, and the noises to be very far-seeming; and presently we to be come clear out into the air of that Country.

Over those, heavy bodies of mist were slowly sailing, giving a sombre appearance to the primeval woods which, in general, covered both mountains and plains.

So shines with silver guards the Georgian star, 220 And drives on Night's blue arch his glittering car; Hangs o'er the billowy clouds his lucid form, Wades through the mist, and dances in the storm.

375 With nice selection modest RUBIA blends, Her vermil dyes, and o'er the cauldron bends; Warm 'mid the rising steam the Beauty glows, As blushes in a mist the dewy rose.

The squint brought back to him the memory of the Golden Age, and through the mist of that memory it was transmuted into loveliness.

Shade N. shade; awning &c (cover) 223; parasol, sunshade, umbrella; chick; portiere; screen, curtain, shutter, blind, gauze, veil, chador, mantle, mask; cloud, mist, gathering.

Semitransparency N. semitransparency, translucency, semiopacity; opalescence, milkiness, pearliness^; gauze, muslin; film; mica, mother-of-pearl, nacre; mist &c (cloud) 353.

V. be dimsighted &c n.; see double; have a mote in the eye, have a mist before the eyes, have a film over the eyes; see through a prism, see through a glass darkly; wink, blink, nictitate; squint; look askant^, askant askance^; screw up the eyes, glare, glower; nictate^. dazzle, loom.

illegible, as Greek to one, unexplained, paradoxical; enigmatic, enigmatical, puzzling (secret) 533; indecipherable. obscure, dark, muddy, clear as mud, seen through a mist, dim, nebulous, shrouded in mystery; opaque, dense; undiscernible &c (invisible) 447

behind a screen &c 530; undercover, under an eclipse; in ambush, in hiding, in disguise; in a cloud, in a fog, in a mist, in a haze, in a dark corner; in the shade, in the dark; clouded, wrapped in clouds, wrapt in clouds^; invisible &c 447; buried, underground, perdu

Wherefore, of their strength, they come against us of the Islands and Passes, and we are as camp smoke and sea mist before them.

I heard them shout again, and felt strong hands seize me, but could not see their faces for a mist that swam before my eyes, and could not speak because my throat and tongue were cracked with the salt water, and the voice would not come.

It had rained drearily from eight o'clock till two, and closed in suffocating mist, creeping and dense and chill.

After some searching, he discovered the small object cowering down in the mist, handed me a letter, with a muttered oath at being intercepted on such a night, and lumbered on and out of sight in three rods.

A red glare struck the white mist, broadened, brightened, grew.

It was a thin little face which stood out against the "green mist" of the unfurling leaves as Sharley wandered in and out with sweet aimlessness among the elms and hickories; very thin, with its wistful eyes grown hollow; a shadow of the old Sharley who fluttered among the plaid ribbons one October morning.

In lonely gardens desertedunseen Oh! lovely lilacs of purple and white, You are dipping down through a mist of green; For the morning sun's delight.

With a mist of green on the trees

"I will ask her who she is," said he; but as he turned to address her she raised her arms in the air, and changing her form to that of a beautiful bird, blue as the sky that hangs over the morning's mist, she flew away.

Another thinks to be an Alchemist, Till all be spent, and that his number's mist.

In such a case, wise and cautious men "lie to," and wait till the mist has cleared off.

But in London the very atmosphere was charged with hurry and agitation; the freshness was gone from the verdure of the parks; the glory of the rhododendrons had faded; the Green Park below Lady Kirkbank's mansion was baked and rusty; the towers of the Houses of Parliament yonder were dimly seen in a mist of heat.

Sound signals made by the whistle, foghorn, bugle, trumpet, and drum may well be used in a fog, mist, falling snow, or at night.

The oil had been burning furiously for several hours, and the whole neighborhood was enveloped in a mist of smoke.

Only in the very bosom of the valley, a soft mist hangs, increasing the sense of distance, and softening back one hill and wood behind another, till the great brown moor which backs it all seems to rise out of the empty air.

The blue-light cannot pierce the grey veil of mingled mist and spray which hangs to seaward; and her guns have been silent for half an hour and more.

And still he sweeps and clears the way In blizzard and mist and soaking spray, Out on the Channel tossing; Picking up mines of a devilish kind That unscrupulous people have left behind, He sweeps the crossing.

In front of a large space of sky the coloured globes were crude and trivial; but in the shadows of the trees by the river, where the mist rose into the branches, they had begun to awaken the first impression of melancholy and the sadness of fรชte.

He couldn't see the walls of the convent to-day, there was too much mist about; and he liked to see them; for whenever he saw them he began to think of his sister Eliza, and he liked to think of hershe was his favourite sister.

It was a pleasure to see the changethe lake shrouded in mist, with ducks talking softly in the reeds, and swallows high up, advancing in groups like dancers on a background of dappled clouds.

It was like the lifting of a thick grey mist on a foggy morning, so that the sun shines bright and clear for a brief moment before the damp curtain rolls down again and effaces it.

Sharp gusts of piercing wind drove the cold mist along, and as the temperature fell in the late afternoon the slush of the roads began to stiffen, and the fog froze where it gathered.

Then the sailors lighted lanterns and hung them round the ship, and the light flashed out on a sudden and dazzled Yann, and the ducks that fed along his marshy banks all suddenly arose, and made wide circles in the upper air, and saw the distant reaches of the Yann and the white mist that softly cloaked the jungle, before they returned again into their marshes.

A thick white mist had appeared over the river, and was softly rising higher.

For the sun was a ruddy gold, but a faint mist cloaked the jungle, lying low, and into it poured the smoke of the little jungle cities, and the smoke of them met together in the mist and joined into one haze, which became purple, and was lit by the sun, as the thoughts of men become hallowed by some great and sacred thing.

For the sun was a ruddy gold, but a faint mist cloaked the jungle, lying low, and into it poured the smoke of the little jungle cities, and the smoke of them met together in the mist and joined into one haze, which became purple, and was lit by the sun, as the thoughts of men become hallowed by some great and sacred thing.

And when day was manifest on those marvellous heights and the flare of the amethyst precipice filled the abyss, then the elephant-hunter arose in his ivory palace and took his terrific spear and going out by a landward door went forth to avenge Perdรณndaris I turned then and looked upon the lands of Dream, and the thin white mist that never rolls quite away was shifting in the morning.

[Footnote 1: In Peru and Chili, they call garua that mist which sometimes, and especially after the rainy season, floats around the disk of the sun.]

The figures were shadowy, and floated like mist before me; as each one disappeared an invisible choir behind the curtain sang the "Dream music."

Ghostly fingers of mist writhed over the peak; darkness was not far distant.

" The blue eyes held a sudden mist.

"Mist' Wes, he stahtle me mighty frequen', but he nevah stahtle me with no marryin' befo'," she said.

A mist was creeping up from the sea and through it there came the long call of a distant syren.

There was a door at each end, but the night was still and dark and there was little air beyond the vague chill of a creeping sea-mist.

The sea-mist was like rain in their faces.

It was very late that night, and the sea-mist had turned to a drifting rain when the squire sitting reading in his library at the Court was startled by a sudden tapping upon the window behind him.

The light at the lodge-gates flung a wide glare through the mist, and he steered for it with more assurance.

They saw the morning break through a silver mist, standing side by side on deck with the water sweeping snow-white from their keel.

If I the spring's light, See only through the mist of tears, Father, I leave thee not.

Whenever I have faced towards this aggregation of unwelcome individuals, I have beheld it moving towards me as a thick gray mist, shutting out nature beyond.

She went on, however, pushing aside the thickets which lined both banks, and I almost began to think she was going to take the shore for it, when we came to a place widened out for her to be turned around in; here we jumped ashore in a green meadow, on which the cool mist was beginning to descend.

In the evening, when the sun has got behind the mountain, it is delightful to sit on the stone steps and watch the golden light creeping up the side of the Kaiser-stuhl, till at last twilight begins to darken in the valley and a mantle of mist gathers above the Neckar.

We walked the rest of the way here; long before we arrived, the moon shone down on us over the mountains, and when we turned around the foot of the Heiligenberg, the mist descending in the valley of the Neckar, rested like a light cloud on the church spires.

The white veil of mist slowly descended down the mountain side, but the peaks rose above it like the wrecks of a world, floating in space.

A mist seemed to come before my eyes and I scarcely knew what followed, till the rescued kneeled together and poured forth in the closing hymn the painful fullness of their joy.

I therefore stretch out my hands towards that sun that maybe shines beyond the mist.

lift the mist!" I cannot write coldly or dispassionately about all this.

I like the motion, the light, the flowers, and the gauzy material which enwraps the young girls as in a soft mist; and then those shoulders, necks, and arms which released from the warm cloaks seem at once to grow firm and crisp as marble.

The black, heavy mist seems to permeate one's thoughts, and paint them a uniform gray.

There was tragedy enough in my life,the consciousness of utter failure, the dark mist in which my thoughts were straying; now there is a new,to be, or not to be; but no, it is far worse than that! 26 February.

Possibly the gloomy evening, the mist and drizzling rain, in the midst of which the street lamps looked like miniature rainbow arches, had something to do with it.

There woke up within me a sudden longing for the sun and brighter skies, for countries where there is no mist, no rain, and no darkness.

The mist on the mountain tops was taking on a rose color as though its whiteness were reflecting a submarine eruption.

" See the finish of this landscape, framed in a window: "They sat together in a window whose lattice lay back against the wall, and displayed, beyond the garden trees and the wild green park, the valley of Gimmerton, with a long line of mist winding nearly to its top (for very soon after you pass the chapel, as you may have noticed, the sough that runs from the marshes joins a beck which follows the bend of the glen).

A mist was before her eyes, as if there had been an atmosphere of summer blight or fog in the village church.

Shepherds in the mist.

So long as I was well and in high spirits I never meant to go; but one night I got a great shock, and walking home afterwards by the mere, I felt the mist strike to my very marrow.