11613 examples of mistakes in sentences

I shall correct, where I am able to do so, such mistakes as may happen to come under my notice and have not already been pointed out by other reviewers, only dilating upon them where what seem to be false principles of criticism are involved.

Mistakes will be made and have currency for a time.

But that was all past, and it did me no good to go over the mistakes I had made.

It was no time to go over past mistakes, no time to moan over what had happened.

He understood them better than they did themselves, and made no mistakes.

LORD B. In our party system, Madam, we live by the mistakes of our opponents.

He may have made mistakes and misjudged characters; he may not have solved the immediate problem either wisely or well.

We all have to make mistakes, you know, when we begin.

On the second page of The Secret City (MACMILLAN) Mr. HUGH WALPOLE (or, to be meticulously correct, Durward, into whose mouth the story is put) says that "there is no Russian alive for whom this book can have any kind of value except as a happy example of the mistakes that the Englishman can make about the Russian."

Woman quite as apt to make mistakes out of Paradise as in?

Everybody makes mistakes sometimes!" As he made this last remark Sandy cast a doubtful look at the False Hare, who grinned and tipped his silk hat to him.

But the civilized man has an immense capacity for self-restoration; he can make mistakes and correct them again, sin and repent, sink and rise.

The type is that which is peculiar to the Blickensderfer, and, in one of the mistakes, an asterisk has been printed in place of a letter.

"It isn't fair to condemn a man forever because he has made mistakes back in the past.

I am guilty but you have to suffer with me for my mistakes.

Popular opinion is often very wrong at particular moments, but with time it is apt to correct its mistakes.

'I wished to make my correspondent's acquaintance,' Father O'Grady murmured; 'and there is much that it is difficult to put down on paper without creating a wrong impression, whereas in talk one is present to rectify any mistakes one may drop into.

But when you get old, and you look back on all the mistakes and the disadvantages and the sacrifices, you'll find that you won't be able to imagine that you could have gone through it with any other personin spite of her faults," he added almost to himself.

"The Europeans, French as well as British, must be goaded into making rash mistakes that will further inflame the populace.

D'you mean to say you'd tempt a thirsty soldier with a dry martini?" Chapter Sixteen "The Enemy is nearly always useful if you leave him free to make mistakes.

The enemy is nearly always useful if you leave him free to make mistakes.

These men must have felt, that, even at best, and with the fairest intentions, the task of the biographer is full of difficulties, and open to mistakes, uncertainties, and false conclusions without number.

"The mistakes which the most superior understanding is apt to fall into.

# [Footnote 37: Léonie naïvely mistakes her anger with herself for loving Charles for anger with Charles.

He who prided himself upon knowing the names of all the guests in Petershof, made the most absurd mistakes about people and letters too; and received in acknowledgment of his stupidity a series of scoldings which would have unnerved a stronger person than the little hunchback postman.

11613 examples of  mistakes  in sentences