44 examples of mitts in sentences

Back, and well out of the picture, a potted hydrangea beside the Louis Quinze armchair, her hands in silk mitts laid out along the gold-chair sides, her head quavering in a kind of mild palsy, Mrs. Miriam Horowitz, smiling and quivering her state of bewilderment.

Joe give him nice mittssealskinnew mitts.

For a pair of mitts he sells his daughter to that ruffian.

Off with the fur mitt, and bare hand protected by the inner mitt of wool, he would feel the axe-head, for there was always the danger of using it so cold that the steel would chip and fly.

Off with the fur mitt, and bare hand protected by the inner mitt of wool, he would feel the axe-head, for there was always the danger of using it so cold that the steel would chip and fly.

She had been looking over the travellers' boots and "mitts," and now, without a word or even a look being exchanged upon the subject, she sat there in the corner, by the dim, seal-oil light, sewing on new thongs, patching up holes, and making the strange men tidymen she had never seen before and would never see again.

They knew the old squaw would have done just the same had the mucklucks and the mitts belonged to "the tramp of the Yukon," with nothing to barter and not a cent in his pocket.

"You're a strapping fine young fellow, Brown, even if you did hit me with your hard mitt, and I believe I should be grateful to you.

The only way you can get me there is to drag me by the hair of my head, and if you dare lay your mitts on my new marcel wave I will report you to your Commissioner, and if a certain friend of mine don't stand strong enough with him to have you broke, I'll eat my ostrich plume!

By the time I got to it we were in the middle of the creek and nothing in sight but a flock of tugboats and a bunch of yaps waving their mitts on the dock.

"These two boobs are dirty with the evergreen, and Wilbur's got the wise guys so leary for fear he will tip his mitt and they naturally slip him a big one every time they get a chance.

But his mother told me he hadn't been home since about half-past seven and that when he went out he had a catching-mitt and a baseball with him.

" Then I happened to notice a catching mitt and a baseball over on a table near Skinny, where there was some medicine too.

I went back and got the ball and mitt because I thought maybe he'd like them.

Westy saved up to get that mitt and I know all about it.

The high-heeled slippers, the long lace mitts, with their white bows at the elbow, completed her toilet.

"Poor old Mitts," he sighed, "it was an awful mean trick to play on him!

"Well, Miss Birch," said Chip, blandly advancing and taking her nice little hand, half covered with her working-mitts,whereat the aforesaid outposts promptly did their duty,"or shall I call you Miss Susan Birch?" "No, Sir, my name is Laura," said the girl, shrinking a little from a contact which rather took her by surprise.

He has told me in confidence that he means to spend the prize money for a genuine horse-hide catching-mitt.

As near as Manuel recalled, she wore a green mantle fastened in front with a square fermoir of gems and wrought gold; under it, a close fitting gown of gold-diapered brocade, with tight sleeves so long that they half covered her hands, something like mitts.

She pawed over old valentines, bonnets of a by-gone day, lace mitts, and all the useless relics that are usually found in mother's trunk that had been her mother's.

" "She will not fall," remarked Anna from the chair, and there was great applause, as great as lace mitts could make.

Overblick; det förgangna och mitt inre (Retrospection and introspection)

Extra Chairs had to be brought in, and what with the Smilax and Club Colors it was very Swell, and the Maiden in the Lace Mitts who was going to write about it for the Weekly threw a couple of Spasms.

She also wore some open-work mitts, and a lace long shawl that had been her ma's.

44 examples of  mitts  in sentences