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1119 examples of  modification  in sentences

1119 examples of modification in sentences

Satisfactory evidence now exists that some animals in the existing world have been derived by a process of gradual modification from pre-existing forms.

If, however, the diverse forms of life which now exist have been produced by the modification of previously-existing less divergent forms, the recent and extinct species, taken as a whole, must fall into series which must converge as we go back in time.

Nevertheless, although the different lines of modification of the Carnivora and those of the Ungulata, respectively, approach one another, and, although each group is represented by less differentiated forms in the older tertiary rocks than at the present day, the oldest tertiary rocks do not bring us near the primitive form of either.

Once more, an invariably-recurring lesson of geological history, at whatever point its study is taken up: the lesson of the almost infinite slowness of the modification of living forms.

VI ON THE BORDER TERRITORY BETWEEN THE ANIMAL AND THE VEGETABLE KINGDOMS In the whole history of science there is nothing more remarkable than the rapidity of the growth of biological knowledge within the last half- century, and the extent of the modification which has thereby been effected in some of the fundamental conceptions of the naturalist.

I can give names to all the parts of that figure, and then if I take any segment of the body of the lobster, I can point out to you exactly, what modification the general plan has undergone in that particular segment; what part has remained movable, and what has become fixed to another; what has been excessively developed and metamorphosed and what has been suppressed.

At first, all the appendages were alike, but, as they grew, most of them became distinguished into a stem and two terminal divisions, to which, in the middle part of the body, was added a third outer division; and it was only at a later period, that by the modification, or absorption, of certain of these primitive constituents, the limbs acquired their perfect form.

It is most remarkable evidence of the philosophic caution and impartiality of his mind, that although he had speculatively anticipated the manner in which grubs really are deposited in fruits and in the galls of plants, he deliberately admits that the evidence is insufficient to bear him out; and he therefore prefers the supposition that they are generated by a modification of the living substance of the plants themselves.

The signification of roots themselves is modified by a modification of the principal vowel or consonant, i.e., by exchanging the original for one closely related.

His rude guardian addressed himself to the modification of this facial expression; it had not enough of majesty in it, for instance, or of large dare-deviltry; but with care these could be made to come.

Because no doubt if monarchy is to survive in the British Empire it must speedily undergo the profoundest modification.

It will be plain to the quick-minded that, towards the end, there will be a certain chasing about of little fractions of votes, and a slight modification of the quota due to voting papers having no second or third preferences marked upon them, a chasing about that it will be difficult for an untrained intelligence to follow.

Before, however, that modification can become the active wish of the people, its importance must be understood and its effects estimated.

Pondering upon her inexplicable visageinexplicable, we mean, but by this modification of the theorywe have come to a conclusion that, if one must be plain, it is better to be plain all over, than, amidst a tolerable residue of features, to hang out one that shall be exceptionable.

Such instances, however, are extremely rare, and form the exceptions to the general rule; for "no reasonable doubt can be entertained, from the abundance of facts now before the world, that such modification is the law of the animal economy, and that the regular or natural progress is the exception.

If we have written a clumsy or confused sentence, we shall often find that the removal of an awkward inversion liberates the ides, or that the modification of a cadence increases the effect.

While the language of the note might well be changed and made less florid, the thought needs little modification.

But unlike that species, there is in the musk-ox no extreme modification, such as a deciduous horn, to separate it distinctly from the rest of the family.

The Ionic architecture is only a modification of the Doric,its columns more slender and with a greater number of flutes, and capitals more elaborate, formed with volutes or spiral scrolls, while its pediment, the triangular facing of the portico, is formed with a less angle from the base,the whole being more suggestive of grace than strength.

The commission, charged with the revision of the fundamental law, and the modification required by the increase of territory, presented its report on the 31st of July.

Who, either on the one side, indulging too much their thoughts immersed altogether in matter, can allow no existence to what is not material: or who, on the other side, finding not COGITATION within the natural powers of matter, examined over and over again by the utmost intention of mind, have the confidence to concludeThat Omnipotency itself cannot give perception and thought to a substance which has the modification of solidity.

I am well aware that the train of thought to which I have tried to give expression is unpopular, and that most people think that any modification of the traditional party system is impracticable.

There were some very honorable men among those who were indignant at this measure; and, among us, likewise, the planters who determined to combat all modification of the negro system, were good men.

The unities of type found under such different externals are inexplicable, except as results of community of descent, with non-community of modification.

He traces the differentiation of religious government from secular; its successive complications and the multiplication of sects; the growth and continued modification of religious ideas, as caused by advancing knowledge and changing moral character; and the gradual reconciliation of these ideas with the truths of abstract science.

In 1847 I (with other Fellows of the Society) promoted a special Meeting for considering such a modification of the bye-laws that for this occasion only it might be permissible to give two medals.

This discovery led to a general examination of lighthouses by the Trinity Board, to a modification of many, and to a general improvement of system.

On a remarkable Modification of Newton's Camb.

It is due partly to observance of proper conditions of impression, and much can be done to overcome or offset innate difficulty of modification by such observance.

His ideas undergo a fresh modification, a different shading, as it were, in the study of every new language.

Its details will probably be so well known, that any modification of them will draw more attention to discrepancy with the records than to achievement thereby of poetic purpose.

And yet modification, or at least suppression and exaggeration, of the details of history will certainly be necessary.

"At any rate," by way of modification, "I should like to be pretty to-morrow.

[Its modification desirable.]

The strict constitutional correctness of the principle elaborately and eloquently expounded to the peers by Lord Lyndhurst was unanimously admitted, and the precedent now set was followed, with the needful modification, when, ten years afterward, it became necessary to provide for the possibility of Queen Victoria dying during the minority of her heir.

And the Reform Bill, as has been already pointed out, by the principles on which it based its limitations of the franchise, laid the foundation for farther and repeated revision and modification.

On August 24 this experiment was repeated with an important modification of the apparatus in that the wooden lid of the long box had been replaced by a wire cover through which the animal could see the bait.

(4) It may be required in order to justify some modification of character or alteration of will, too important to be taken for granted. (5) It may be imposed by history or legend.

* We come now to the fourth, or psychological, class of obligatory scenesthose which are "required in order to justify some modification of character or alteration of will, too important to be taken for granted.

If this modification of your arrangement will suit you, as I fervently trust it will, I shall be delighted to accede to your wishes.

So popular did they become, that with a little modification they soon were considered essentially French.

Q.Was any experiment made to ascertain the effect of this modification?

So that the vision of the seer is now the suggestion to us of an infinite and eternal Being, whose attributes by modification take the innumerable shapes of sun, moon, and stars, and mountains and river, and tree and flower, and bird and beast, and man.

But it is implied; because the mind is only a mode or modification of the infinite attribute of thought, which again expresses the eternal Substance in God.

The system on this line is his modification....

Between these two extreme poles, in fact, we have every variety of thought; and it is good for us that we should have them; for no one man or school of men can grasp the whole truth, and every intermediate modification supplies some link in the great cycle of facts which its neighbours have overlooked.

The modification most perseveringly pressed upon Congress, which has occupied so much of its time for years past, and will probably do so for a long time to come, if not sooner satisfactorily adjusted, is a reduction in the cost of such portions of the public lands as are ascertained to be unsalable at the rate now established by law, and a graduation according to their relative value of the prices at which they may hereafter be sold.

A modification of the existing laws in respect to the prices of the public lands might also have a favorable influence on the legislation of Congress in relation to another branch of the subject.

This condition is partially explained by the suggestion afterwards made that instead of leaving the umpire to be chosen by some friendly European power it might be better that he should be elected by the members of the commission themselves, and a modification is then proposed that "the commission shall be instructed to look for highlands which both parties might acknowledge as fulfilling the conditions of the treaty."

The British modification looks to no such object.

" If this modification of the President's proposal should not prove acceptable, Mr. Bankhead observed, the only remaining way of adjusting the difference would be to abandon altogether the attempt to draw a line in conformity with the words of the treaty and to fix upon a convenient line, to be drawn according to equitable principles and with a view to the respective interests and the convenience of the two parties.

He referred the Secretary to that part of his note of the 28th December last wherein the proposition of the President for a commission of exploration and survey was fully discussed, as it appeared to Mr. Bankhead that the Secretary had not given the modification on the part of His Majesty's Government of the American proposition the weight to which it was entitled.

Now, volition is the modification of the will or willing faculty of the soul, just as motion is the modification of bodies.

Now, volition is the modification of the will or willing faculty of the soul, just as motion is the modification of bodies.

Will this modification, the most excellent of all, be the only one not made by God in His own work, and which the work bestows on itself independently?

It is not the same with the modification of my soul which is called will, and by some philosophers volition, as with the modifications of bodies.


As modern thought derives its mechanical temper equally from both these sources, and the natural science of the day has appropriated the corpuscles of Descartes under the name of molecules, as well as the atoms of Gassendi, though not without considerable modification in both conceptions (Lange, vol.

] [Footnote 2: Phenomena "are altogether in me," "exist only in our sensibility as a modification of it."

Chaucer has the word in all these meanings, and also in another, a modification of the secondwretched, pitiable.

But notwithstanding this limitation on one side, and the necessity for concurrence of the Spirit on the other,which is more independent of our modification than the remote sun,yet they must feel responsible, after all, for the perfection of the development, in so far as removing every impediment, preserving every condition, and pruning every redundance.

It might therefore be supposed that in Islam Christian theory underwent similar modification or disappeared entirely.

An interesting modification of the practice of making a counter-opening is that related by Veterinary-Captain S.M. Smith.[A]

Nowhere else in plastic art does the mental world peculiar to the master press in so immediately, without modification and without mitigation, upon our sentient imagination.

That the understanding is only a modification of light from the sun; the heat co-operating by means of ether, so that it is only an activity of interior nature; and that this activity may be so exalted as to appear like wisdom.

Are not the best minds and hearts in England now thoroughly convinced, that slavery, under no modification, can be a school for freedom?

However it may be shaped, turned, coloredunder every modification and at all timeswickedness must be its proper character.

Their claims upon us are described as a modification of the Golden Ruleas one of the many forms to which its obligations are reducible.

It comprehends in itself, as a living seed, such Christian character, under every form, modification, and complexion.

Their claims upon us are described as a modification of the Golden Ruleas one of the many forms to which its obligations are reducible.

It comprehends in itself, as a living seed, such Christian character, under every form, modification, and complexion.

There has been much discussion in England during the last decade upon some modification of the British legislature that would admit representatives from the Dominions to a proportional share in the government of the Empire.

If in the opinion of the people the distribution or modification of the constitutional powers be in any particular wrong, let it be corrected by an amendment in the way which the Constitution designates.

The European wars of the early years of the 19th Century led to modification of the trade laws, but in 1809 foreign commerce with Spanish American ports was again prohibited.

But the principal evils, restricted commerce and burdensome taxation, were not removed, although world conditions practically compelled some modification of the commercial regulations.

Leaving forever, therefore, the sphere in which he had encountered so much favor and so much severity, he retired to Southampton to end his days in the society of his kindred; and it is more than probable that an indisposition to proclaim too loudly their identity of race with the unlucky surgeon was the cause of their modification of name by the immediate family from which John Andrรฉ sprung.

5 shows a modification of this extremely ingenious arrangement.

The 15 inch refractor is now being used with a modification of the apparatus employed by Dr. Draper in his first experimentsa slit spectroscope from which the slit has been removed.

A force of modification must be at work.

In the former just what I mean by the silent modification of the old tradition is quite typically shown.

But there are other forces of modification at work upon the American tradition of an altogether more hopeful kind.

No vital process seems to be absolutely fated in itself; it is a thing conditioned and capable of modification.

At all events, I decided at once that I would not yield in this matter, and I made my preparations to seek another home, even with a modification in my career.

And there happened to me in this conjuncture, what has in my later life been often seen, that the modification of religious views imposed on us by the superior force of another minda persuasion of what seems to be truth as it is only seen by others' visioncould not hold its own against the early convictions, and that a revulsion to the old faith was sooner or later inevitable and generally healthy.

I think that with slight modification our present pony snow-shoes made on the grating or racquet principle may prove best after all.

This is no contradiction of the doctrine of Fatherhood; strictly speaking, it is not even a modification of it; rather is it an essential part of any true and complete statement of it.

Hence any given sound, or modification of sound, which all men can produce at pleasure, when arbitrarily associated with a written sign, or conventional character, constitutes what is called a letter.

Enรกllagรจ is the use of one part of speech, or of one modification, for an other.

[450] This example, or L. Murray's miserable modification of it, traced through the grammars of Alden, Alger, Bullions, Comly, Cooper, Flint, Hiley, Ingersoll, Jaudon, Merchant, Russell, Smith, and others, will be found to have a dozen different formsall of them no less faulty than the originalall of them obscure, untrue, inconsistent, and almost incorrigible.

It is likely her opinions underwent many changes after this date, but only in the direction of those already established and in modification of the philosophy already accepted.

" Gradually, also, the commander-in-chief resolved on an important modification of his plan: that, instead of plunging at once into the Virginia mountains, he would begin by the capture of the United States armory and arsenal at Harper's Ferry.

Since that epoch no essential modification has been made of its structure.

It is, in fact, the masculine pronoun in Hebrew, and may be considered as the symbolization of the male or generative principle in naturea sort of modification of the system of Phallic worship.

The long bolts of iron, said by our officers to be a modification of the Whitworth projectile, were quite numerous.

The English University Extension Movement was in no sense a carefully planned scheme, put forward as a feat of institutional symmetry; it was the product of a simple purpose pursued through many years, amid varying external conditions, in which each modification was suggested by circumstances and tested by experience.

It does not look to the abolition, but only to the modification and limitation in some directions, of private property and of competitive industry.

It reminds us, namely, that the quality of pastoralism is not determined by the fortuitous occurrence of certain characters, but by the fact of the pieces in question being based more or less evidently upon a philosophical conception, which no doubt underwent modification through the ages, but yet bears evidence of organic continuity.

The Captain's manner toward me had undergone a modification that was very welcome to me; his previous reserve, indicated by formal politeness, had given place to a friendly interest, yet he was always courteous.

Yet Captain Haskell was a Confederate, but he argued for a modification of slavery, and for gradual emancipation.

But these decorations went out of fashion in time, and the tavern, somewhat changing its external features, though preserving all its internal comforts and accommodation, assumed the name of the Three Crowns, under which title it continued until the accession of Elizabeth, when it became (by a slight modification) the Three Cranes; and so remained in the days of her successor, and, indeed, long afterwards.