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38 examples of  modifiers  in sentences

38 examples of modifiers in sentences

He summed these up in 1891 as follows: "All the tissues, in our view, are modifiers of the blood by means of an internal secretion taken from them by the venous blood.

To see clearly an error of judgment and its consequences may be of positive service to us in the conduct of life, while a vice of temperament concerns us not at all in private men, and only so far in statesmen and rulers as it may have been influential in history as a modifier of action, or is essential to an understanding of it as an explainer of motive.

As the master-principle, also, it is the disposer, regulator, and modifier of shape, line, and quantity, adding, diminishing, changing, shaping, till it becomes clear and intelligible, and it finally manifests itself in pleasurable identity with the harmony within us.

And if mere copyists, compilers, abridgers, and modifiers, be encouraged as they now are, it surely will not advance.

In the first place, a grammarian must be a writer, an author, a man who observes and thinks for himself; and not a mere compiler, abridger, modifier, copyist, or plagiarist.

In 1829, after his book had gone through ten editions, and the demand for it had become so great as "to call forth twenty thousand copies during the year," the prudent author, intending to veer his course according to the trade-wind, thought it expedient to retract his former acknowledgement to "our best modern philologists," and to profess himself a modifier of the Great Compiler's code.

In illustration of my topic, and for the sake of literary justice, I have selected that honoured "Compiler" to show the abuses of praise; let the history of this his vaunting modifier cap the climax of vanity.

It is one strong proof of this, that we have heretofore been content to receive our digests of English grammar, either from men who had had no practical experience in the labours of a school-room, or from miserable modifiers and abridgers, destitute alike of learning and of industry, of judgement and of skill.

But a third part of these, and as many more in the preceding list, are confessedly mere modifiers of Murray's compilation; and perhaps, in such a case, those have done best who have deviated least from the track of him whom they professed to follow.

Modifiers or adverbs; 6. Prepositions; 7. Connectives or conjunctions."

Of mere modifiers and abridgers, the number is so great, and the merit or fame so little, that I will not trespass upon the reader's patience by any further mention of them or their works.

His parts of speech are the following ten: "Names, Substitutes, Asserters, Adnames, Modifiers, Relatives, Connectives, Interrogatives, Repliers, and Exclamations."The Gram., p. 20.

But, in the phrase, "more than five years afterwards," he would call the same words "a secondary modifier;" i. e., adverb.

Except Comly, the numerous modifiers of Murray's Grammar are none of them more consistent, on this point, than was Murray himself.

R. C. Smith, an other modifier of Murray, having the same false notion of ellipsis, says, "To, the usual sign of this mood, is sometimes understood; as, 'Let me go,' instead of, 'Let me to go.

So we see that this grammarian and Kirkham, both modifiers of Murray, understand their master's false verb "require" very differently.

14.In consideration of the great authority of this grammarian, now backed by a score or two of copyists and modifiers, it may be expedient to be yet more explicit.

" Felton, who is confessedly a modifier of Murray, claims as a merit, "the rejection of several useless parts of speech" yet acknowledges "nine," and treats of ten; "viz., Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Participles, Prepositions, Adjectives, [Articles,] Adverbs, Conjunctions, Exclamations.

How very little real respect for the opinions of Murray, has been entertained by these self-seeking magnifiers and modifiers of his work!

This silence is sufficiently accounted for by Murray's; of whose work, most of the authors who have any such rule, are either piddling modifiers or servile copyists.

As this was deceiving her aunt she felt obliged to put a blot on her head 'scutcheon, in the form of a black record, but she was so inwardly amused at it that her appetite improved of its own accord, and Aunt Phoebe remarked in a gratified way that she had never known the equal of Mullin's Modifier as a tonic.

Explanation of Terms.+Any word that alone or with its modifiers calls to mind a single idea, is a term.

A comma is often used to separate a subject with several modifiers, or with a long modifier, from the predicate verb.

A comma is often used to separate a subject with several modifiers, or with a long modifier, from the predicate verb.

Such additions are known as modifiers.

The word-groups which are used as modifiers are the phrase and the clause.

Modifiers: adjectives, adverbs.

Constructions of Relative Pronouns.+Relative pronouns may be used as subject, object, object of a preposition, subject of an infinitive, and possessive modifier.

The words which, what, and whose may also be used as modifiers of substantives, and when so used they are called interrogative adjectives: ["What manner of man is this?"

The same is true of any modifier of the subject:

While it has the modifiers and complements of a verb, it at the same time has the uses of a noun.

In 1, to write shows its verb nature by governing the object theme; in 2, riding shows its verb nature by taking as a modifier the adverb rapidly.

Here where is used as a connective and also as a modifier of stayed.

Besides these elementary parts, both subject and predicate may have modifiers.

The usual modifiers of the subject are: 1. Adjective:

The modifiers of the predicate are: 1.

The wrong placing of modifiers.

The subject and its modifiers are striking enough to demand their rightful position,as the introductory words; in "forged his father's name" we have ideas startling enough for a place at the end of the sentence.