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974 example sentences with  mohammed

974 example sentences with mohammed

When peasants said to her, "Your book is Christianwe don't like Christian books," she would explain that it was God's book, and that the Koran did not forbid it to be read; and that she wanted to tell them about Seidna Eessa (the Lord Jesus), whom Mohammed acknowledged to be a prophet.

The Arabs, filled with the daring which Mohammed had breathed into them, had indeed conquered Persia.

His fortune has been interwoven with the fame of that Mahmud of Ghazna (998-1030), the first to bear the proud title of "Sultan," the first to carry Mohammed and the prophets into India.

Sober-minded and free from all fanaticism, he leans not too much to Zoroaster or to Mohammed, though his desire to idealize his Irรกnian heroes leads him to excuse their faith to his readers.

But of all the Persian lyric poets, Shams al-Din Mohammed Hรกfiz has been declared by all to be the greatest.

Muley Tsmael left a treasury of 100 millions of ducats, and at the death of Sidi Mohammed, this treasury was reduced to two millions.

In 1833, a man of great power and influence in the Gharb (province of Morocco), named El-Haj Mohammed Ben El-Arab, on a remonstrance of his slaves, who stated that the English had abolished slavery, and that they ought to have their liberty, called all his slaves together, to the number of seventy-two, and actually took the bold and generous resolution of liberating them.

Others were disbanded for the same reasons by Sidi Mohammed.

Mogador is a modern city, having been built in the year 1760 of our era, by the Sultan Sidi Mohammed, under the direction of a French engineer of the name of Cornut, who was assisted by Spanish renegades.

In 1773, Sidi Mohammed was obliged to march out against the town to crush a rebellion; and this done with great slaughter, he ordered all the European merchants to quit the place and establish themselves at Mogador.

He promised a glorious immortality to those who fell in battle in defence of the truth and of their liberties, reminding us of the promises which Mohammed made to his followers.

How few can hope to be superior to Solomon, Mohammed, Constantine, Theodosius, Louis XIV., Madame de Maintenon, Queen Elizabeth, Maria Theresa, or Napoleon, in that sublime self-control which looks down on the temptations of earth with the placid indifference of a Marcus Aurelius!

The Seraglio in Stamboul was built by Mohammed the Second.

There is little present prospect of war from without, though Persia is moving towards Herat, and apparently preparing for Dost Mohammed's death.

In his course of lectures entitled Heroes and Hero Worship (1841), he considers The Hero as Prophet, The Hero as Poet, The Hero as Priest, and The Hero as King, and shows how history has been molded by men like Mohammed, Shakespeare, Luther, and Napoleon.

The History of Arabia before Mohammed.

Since 1908, then, the fate of Turkey has passed from the control of the Turk and is being decided by an alien clique of infidels, renegades, political freemasons and Jews, in whose hands the Caliph is a helpless tool, and to whom the teachings of Christ and of Mohammed are mere worn-out superstitions.

The difference between Mohammed and Joseph Smith is of degree rather than kind.

"There was a little trouble, your Highness, with one Ishak Mohammed andIshak Mohammed's son is still alive.

"There was a little trouble, your Highness, with one Ishak Mohammed andIshak Mohammed's son is still alive.

There is the son of Abdulla Mohammed, who fought against my father when Linforth's father was killed.

The son of Abdulla Mohammed was apparently quiet and Shere Ali had not left Calcutta.

Greece was their next prey; they penetrated Bosnia and Macedonia, and in 1453 attacked and took Constantinople under Mohammed the Conqueror.

But now a wild chief of the desert had announced himself as the prophet Mohammed come to earth again, and a great many of the desert tribesmen had joined him.

The present capital of the province, the city of Haidarabad, was founded in 1589 by a gentleman named Kutab Shah Mohammed Kuli, who afterward removed his household there on account of a lack of water and a malarial atmosphere at Golconda.

Our man is a great mannext to Mohammed."

Oriental history is also full of analogies: Nebuchadrezzar, Cyrus, Alexander, and in more recent times Mohammed Ali of Egypt.

In the midst of the tumult among the men of Medina when they met to elect a chief to take the place of Mohammed, who had passed away, the voice of Hohab was heard crying out, "Attend to me, attend to me, for I am the well-rubbed Palm-stem."

SEE Buddha. Mohammed. Zoroaster.

By Mohammed Essad Bey.

ABBOTT, NABIA. Aishah, the beloved wife of Mohammed.

By Mohammed Essad Bey.


MOHAMMED, von allen Irrtรผmern gereinigte Wiedergabe des Erdenlebens dieses arabischen Propheten.

The messenger: the life of Mohammed.

The King of Tunis (as he was then called), Mohammed Mostanser, had for some time been talking of his desire to become a Christian, if he could be efficiently protected against the seditions of his subjects.

This imminent peril brought Mohammed Kiuprili to power as Grand Vizier, and the war was thenceforward conducted with great energy by the Turks.

Clearly he could discern every detail of the city whereof Mohammed wrote in the second chapter of the Koran: "So we have made you the center of the nations that you should bear witness to men."

MOSAYLIMA, a rival of Mohammed, posed as equally a prophet, and entitled to share with Mohammed the sovereignty of the world; two battles followed, in the second of which Mosaylima was killed, to the dispersion of his followers.

MOSAYLIMA, a rival of Mohammed, posed as equally a prophet, and entitled to share with Mohammed the sovereignty of the world; two battles followed, in the second of which Mosaylima was killed, to the dispersion of his followers.

Tell them that Paganism in its widest and most corrupted sense, duly meant Polytheism; that neither my religion nor that of Moses nor Mohammed were ever Pagan religions.

And the slave replied, "Mohammed Is my name; my home is Yemen; And my people are the Asras; When they love, they love and die.

Al Muftah and his twin brother, Ahmad Al Muftah, were born to Eman Ahmad and Mohammed Al Muftah.

A Rohingya man named Mohammed Hanif created the Hanafi alphabet, which is suitable to write the language in. However, not many computers can support the Hanafi alphabet.

Built in 1518, this shrine was erected by Kaji Chak, who was a minister with Sultan Mohammed Shah.

In 1969, the President of Somalia was killed by a man whose clan had been hurt by his policies, and General Mohammed Siad Barre took over the country.

According to a press release, Mohammed Mustafa Meersa Maraikkayar, Sahubar Ali Aynjai and Sheikh Abdullah Habeeb Abdullah, who flew down from Dubai, were held as officials had a suspicion that they may be carrying gold.

Adil and Karimโ€™s desperation to better their situations led them in the hands of a drug dealer, Zrirek, acted by Mohammed Benbrahim.

Badr Mohammed Al Meer, Chief Operating Officer at Hamad International Airport stated: "2019 has been a spectacular year for HIA, having broken our record for the most number of passengers ever served since commencing our operations.

Bruce Riedel that Mohammed bin Salmanโ€™s impulsive policies have been a poor match for dealing with the novel coronavirus in Saudi Arabia, and Amanda Sloat whether Trump is right that Britain is handling the COVID-19 outbreak well.

Buhari, speaking through Lai Mohammed, said the parliamentarians did not share money without working.

By fulfilling its promise to conduct local government elections, the Bala Mohammed Administration has demonstrated utmost fidelity with the people of Bauchi State.

By Mohammed Baba Last week, thousands of protesters under different Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) besieged the National Assembly in a show of support for the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Idris.

CDD-Ghana said Mohammed wrote to them for help to appeal his sentence.

Detective Inspector Agyare said Baah later led the police to the shop of Mohammed where some of the stolen items were retrieved.

He urged the Inspection-General of Police, IGP Mohammed Adamu, and Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, to as a matter of urgency withdraw the about 30 policemen laying siege to the residence since Friday morning.

"Hope Probe embodies the culture of possibilities deeply rooted in the UAE's approach, philosophy and journey of accelerating development since the foundation," Sheikh Mohammed said, as he reviewed the final preparations for the probe's launch.

However, while briefing newsmen, the Chairman of Dass Local Government, Hon. Suleiman Mohammed said that Dalla was arrested wrongly.

"I had a very good meeting with His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

In court, prosecutors described how Mohammed angrily kicked and slammed the businessโ€™ door after he was told to wait outside to comply with guidelines on social distancing.

Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, has ordered the probe of Nigerian singer and entertainer, Dโ€™Banj.

It was then Mohammedโ€™s world crumbled.

Justice Ahmed Mohammed, in a ruling on an application by a Civil Society Organization, Forum for Accountability and Good Governance, restrained them from parading themselves as Board members of the NDDC.

Justice A Mohammed Mushtaq, the chairman of the Kerala High Court e-committee, while addressing the webinar said that the HC has heard 1,800 cases in the past 40 days.

Others are Director-General, Bureau of Public Enterprise, Alex A. Okoh, and the President Nigerian Society of Engineers, Babagana Mohammed.

Others include Mohammed Dhauoafi from Tunisia, founder of Cure, a 3D printed, biosynthetic prosthesis manufacturing company and Princess Adeyinka Tekenah from Nigeria whose coffee making business has been dubbed Africaโ€™s Starbucks by The Financial Times.

Others promoted to Commissioners of Police are DCP Ari Mohammed Ali, DCP Ops, Lagos, Mamman Sanda Umar; Aliyu Adamu and Haladu Musa Ros-Amson among others.

Photo by Photo by SHWAN MOHAMMED/AFP via Getty Images.

Photo by SHWAN MOHAMMED/AFP via Getty Images.

Picture by Mohammed Mohammed/Xinhua News Agency/PA Images.

Picture by Mohammed Mohammed/Xinhua News Agency/PA Images.

So Mohammed Merah declared after killing three children and a teacher as they were entering their school in Toulouse, France in 2012.

As a sign of gratitude to the Dubai royal family, the chef told local media Khaleej Times that three of the babies will be named Hamdan, Mohammed and Lathifa.

A Saudi citizen wounded a guard in a knife attack at the French consulate as France faces growing anger over satirical cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

The consul, who was born in Rabat in 1966, emphasized that fair representation for women is a priority for King Mohammed VI.

โ€œThe group of detainees led by Jawar Mohammed attempted to bring the body for burial in Addis Ababa, against the wishes of his family.

The group will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Benny Gantz in Jerusalem, and with the de-facto ruler of the UAE, Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, in Abu Dhabi, the report said.

The gulf between rhetoric and reality is a key feature of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salmanโ€™s Saudi Arabia.

The holy month is believed to be when the Quran was revealed to the prophet Mohammed - but now, social distancing amid the coronavirus means the.

The marriage certificate says Lisa and Usman got married on August 29, 2019 in Abuja with Usman's brother Mohammed serving as their witness.

The meeting - chaired by Dubai Crown Prince and Chairman of the Executive Council Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum - was held at the Expo station - the terminal station of Route 2020.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, at a meeting with online publishers in Lagos Tuesday said the knee jerk reaction of the House of Commons was informed by fake news and disinformation.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has challenged the Nigerian broadcast media to take the lead in telling the Nigerian story in order to guard against distortion of facts by a section of the foreign media.

The prosecution said Mohammed suffered a permanent disability as a result, adding that the offence contravened the provisions of sections 97, 220 and 243 of the Penal Code.

There were rumors flying yesterday that Mohammed Salah had also tested positive, but that was not the case.

The State Coordinator of NYSC, Alhaji Mohammed Nakamba, flagged off the distribution of the masks on Friday in Calabar, with a donation to the state Commissioner for Youths Development and Skill Acquisition, Mr Signor Omang-Idiege.

The state Police Commandโ€™s spokesman, SP Haruna Mohammed confirmed the incident, but stated that no life was lost in the inferno.

The state Publicity Secretary of the party, Yayanuwa Zainabari, said the development would encourage Mohammed to focus more on delivering good governance to the people of the state.

"Thirty-five people including Jawar Mohammed have been put under arrest.

This came as the Dubai Ruler met the team at the Mohammed bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences.

This was disclosed by the Kebbi State Chairman of the Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria, Mohammed Sahabi, in an interview with Bloomberg recently.

Tyler chose Karim and a man called Mohammed Buksh for the roles.

We are also counting on your support to make this a reality,โ€ Sen Mohammed said.

With its launch, Masaraat will ensure the Academy is on the right path towards achieving the Kingdomโ€™s future plans and vision,โ€ Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, the Minister of Transportation, and Telecommunications and the Chairman of GAA, said.

Download for free and listen to Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi, Mohd.

"Here, itโ€™s active learning โ€“ sharing ideas, listening to each other and discussing everything," said Mohammed Al-Abdul Salaam, a 23-year-old nurse with an interest in emergency and critical care.

Muhammad helped by Jinn, "From Abdu-Allah Ibn Massoud; Mohammed the messenger of God said "everyone one of you has a companion from Angels and Jinn."

On 10 April, an interior ministry spokesman told news agencies that Mohammed al-Bajady was not on hunger strike and that he is in good health.

"They (Canadian imams) have to speak English," said Mr. Mohammed in an interview ahead of his lecture this evening at Carleton University.

With a few exceptions (particularly, but not exclusively, the stories of Mohammed, Ntsikana, and Aldhelm discussed in Chapter 2: Sources and analogues), no attempt has been made to trace analogues back to their original sources.