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557 example sentences with  molesting

557 example sentences with molesting

They were civil enough fellows, following their own ways, and not molesting their scanty white neighbours, for the country was wide enough for all.

Darius wisely refrained from moving from his position to attack the Macedonians on the eminences which they occupied, and the two armies remained until night without molesting each other.

Yet in the self condemned obliviousness, in the stagnation, some molesting yearnings of life not quite killed rise,

Thus he sat waiting until he might see the landlord apart, and Eadom did not know him, but thought him to be some poor tired friar, so he let him sit without saying a word to him or molesting him, though he liked not the cloth.

Their establishment in this country was neither envied nor hindered; and they lived here, in no great numbers, a long time, neither molesting their European neighbours, nor molested by them.

The majesty of the law being thus invoked, Westley was put under a good and sufficient bond to refrain from "in any manner of attacking or molesting the said Potts, against the statutes therein made and provided, and against the peace and dignity of the State of Illinois.

Pardon me rather for molesting you.

Somehow these ewes seemed to understand that I had no intention of molesting them.

Neither I nor mine shall molest him."

Knowing that he would not molest me if I left him alone, I proposed to the native to go to our hole and lie down, but he would not hear of it, and entreated me to fire at the lion.

The fittest time is "two or three hours after supper, when as the meat is now settled at the bottom of the stomach, and 'tis good to lie on the right side first, because at that site the liver doth rest under the stomach, not molesting any way, but heating him as a fire doth a kettle, that is put to it.

This of drink is a most easy and parable remedy, a common, a cheap, still ready against fear, sorrow, and such troublesome thoughts, that molest the mind; as brimstone with fire, the spirits on a sudden are enlightened by it.

Against headache, vertigo, vapours which ascend forth of the stomach to molest the head, read Hercules de Saxonia, and others.

We do invicem angariare, contemn, consult, vex, torture, molest, and hold one another's noses to the grindstone hard, provoke, rail, scoff, calumniate, challenge, hate, abuse (hard-hearted, implacable, malicious, peevish, inexorable as we are), to satisfy our lust or private spleen, for [4610]toys, trifles, and impertinent occasions, spend ourselves, goods, friends, fortunes, to be revenged on our adversary, to ruin him and his.

A continual tester to give in evidence, to empanel a jury to examine us, to cry guilty, a persecutor with hue and cry to follow, an apparitor to summon us, a bailiff to carry us, a serjeant to arrest, an attorney to plead against us, a gaoler to torment, a judge to condemn, still accusing, denouncing, torturing and molesting.

molestar, to disturb, molest.

There, without any leader, their camp being fortified with a rampart and trench, remaining quiet, taking nothing but what was necessary for subsistence, they remained for several days, neither molested nor molesting.

The sultan comes, impatient for his love; Conduct her hither; let no rude intrusion Molest these private walks, or care invade These hours, assign'd to pleasure and Irene.

What would dare to molest him, who might call, on every side, to thousands enriched by his bounty, or assisted by his power?

Yet in the self condemned obliviousness, in the stagnation, some molesting yearnings of life, not quite kill'd, rise,

In the early morning, without molesting their English officers, about half the regiment signified their intention of marching down-country; while of the rest, some 300 men returned to their lines at Ferozepore, and on being called upon to do so by the Colonel, laid down their arms.

Have patience with my Ethiopian thong, and the sharp corners of my Turkish stirrups: but one hour more, and I promise never to molest you again!

"A word from one like you, illustrious Signore, would open for me the road to Piedmont," continued Maso, unmoved: "once across the frontiers, it shall be my care never to molest the rocks of Valais again.

Now, Sir, if in any note addressed to the Grand Vizier, or the Sultan, Buonaparte had claimed credit for the sincerity of his professions, that he forcibly invaded Egypt with no view hostile to Turkey, and solely for the purpose of molesting the British interests, is there any one argument now used to induce us to believe his present professions to us which might not have been equally urged on that occasion to the Turkish Government?

Every intelligent man among you knows very well that this Government has never, directly or indirectly, sought to molest you in your worship, to control you in your ecclesiastical affairs, or even to influence you in your religious opinions.

We have no disposition and we disclaim all right to meddle in disputes, whether internal or foreign, that may molest other countries, regarding them in their actual state as social communities, and preserving a strict neutrality in all their controversies.

He now fell back exhausted with the loss of blood, and being conquered, the bears ceased to molest him.

Be off, be off; molest not anyone within this house at peril of your life!

Much unintelligible parley now ensued, during which we endeavoured to convince them that we only wanted fresh water, and had no intention of molesting them; but although they appeared perfectly to understand our meaning, they were determined upon resisting our attempt to land.

He should not touch any cooking or water holding utensil belonging to a Hindu, nor disturb Hindus when at their meals; he should not molest cows, nor shoot any sacred animal, and should not pollute holy places by his presence if any objection is made.

Francesco Maria, Duke of Urbino, was again molesting him, asserting that he had received 16,000 ducats to complete the tomb, while he stayed idling at Florence for his own amusement.

The pamphlet spreads, incessant hisses rise, To some retreat the baffled writer flies, 30 Where no sour critics snarl, no sneers molest, Safe from the tart lampoon, and stinging jest; There begs of Heaven a less distinguish'd lot Glad to be hid, and proud to be forgot.

For several weeks, when she came, as she did each day, to the house, Madam Conway kept Maggie carefully from her sight, until at last she begged so hard to see her that her wish was gratified; and as she manifested no disposition whatever to molest the child, Madam Conway's fears gradually subsided, and Hagar was permitted to fondle and caress her as often as she chose.

" THE WOLF AND THE SHEPHERD A Wolf hung about near a flock of sheep for a long time, but made no attempt to molest them.

At that moment a Lion appeared on the scene, and made no attempt to molest the Pack-Ass owing to the presence of the driver; but he fell upon the Wild Ass, who had no one to protect him, and without more ado made a meal of him.

The walls and hoardings were plastered with proclamations signed by the military governor warning the inhabitants of the penalties which they would incur should they molest the German troops.

He is said to have met Indian ships at this time without molesting them, which was afterwards cited to show that his intentions were then honest.

Without molesting them further, he made his way eastward, and, on the 29th August, off Sanjan, north of Bombay, he took the Mary brigantine, a small native vessel from Surat.

"S'r, "I can't but admire y't y'r People is so fearfull to come near us for I have used all possible means to let them understand y't I am an Englishman and a ff'rd not offering to molest any of their Cannoes so think it convenient to write this y't you may understand whome I am which (I) hope may end all Suspition.

They at once sent word to the master of the Benjamin that they had no intention of molesting him, unless he hindered them in getting provisions, in which case they would sink him.

Two years later we find him described as a 'Rebel Independent of the Rajah Sivajee,' and Mr. Reynolds was deputed to find him and tell him that he could not be permitted searching, molesting, or seizing vessels in Bombay

Did he order you to molest the girl?

Then attacking the Danes, she drove them from place to place, and kept them from molesting her.

While those that sought his absence to betray, Press first their nauseous false respects to pay; Him still the officious hypocrites molest,

They had a favorite cat, to which the dog had the usual antipathy of dogs, and one day he chased her under a cupboard, and, unable to reach her, kept her there besieged and unable to escape, till Mrs. Browning intervened and gave the dog a lecture, in which she told him of their attachment for the cat, and charged him never to molest her more.

If the creature had understood speech he could not have obeyed better; for from that time he was never known to molest the cat, and she, taking her revenge for past tyranny, bore herself most insolently with him, and when she scratched him over the head he only whimpered and turned away, as if to avoid temptation.

While wishing to worship in your way unmolested, you molest those who wish to worship in theirs.

The instant the governor saw this, he hauled his wind and beat back again, passing the broadside of the ship with perfect impunity, her people being too much occupied with their own situation, to think of their guns, or of molesting him.

The campaign was intended as an expedition to chastise the Indians so that they would be deterred from molesting the settlers, but it resulted in a disaster that greatly encouraged Indian depredations.

Return to the flames where you were before, And molest these peaceful South Downs no more!'

Kermit shot one, because the naturalists eagerly wished for a second specimen; afterward we were relieved of all necessity to molest the strange, out-of-date creatures.

There were plenty of capybaras and deer, and evidently the big spotted cats preferred the easier prey when it was available; exactly as in East Africa we found the lions living almost exclusively on zebra and antelope, and not molesting the buffalo and domestic cattle, which in other parts of Africa furnish their habitual prey.

Evidently they did not molest either cayman or capybara while it was unwounded; but blood excited them to frenzy.

I seize Wild Ducks and other game birds, hares, rabbits, fawnsyes, and young calves also, if House People make their dwellings near me and bring cattle into my fortress; but if they keep away from me, I never molest them."

The men in the field do not molest them, for they do a great deal of service by destroying grubs, which, if suffered to grow to winged insects, would injure the trees and plants.

Indeed, from the first, it had been my decided opinion, that unless we interfered, and made ourselves by that means obnoxious, they had too much respect for us, and were too anxious to retain our kindly feelings towards them, to molest us; at the same time, I felt that it might be a very politic measure to show them what powerful resistance we could make, if driven to extremities.

Lord Dunmore's war made the actual settlement possible, for it cowed the northern Indians, and restrained them from seriously molesting Kentucky during its first and most feeble years.

At one time he made his request on the pretence that he wished to desert the other filibusterers, and save Spain by committing a double treachery, and betraying the treasonable movement into which he had entered; and again he asked funds on the ground that all he wished to do was to establish a separate government in the West, and thus destroy the power of the United States to molest Spain.

So soon as the Franks had gone, the King of the Lombards continued occupying the places in the exarchate and molesting the neighborhood of Rome.

All these would have been good prizes; but, to do the privateersman justice, he was little in the habit of molesting mariners of so low a class.

Under the influence of this sentiment, an order had been passed through the sentries, not to molest their prisoner by too frequent or unnecessary an examination of the state-room.

I never would molest thee, Ghita, in thy gentle worship.

None but a brute could ever think of molesting thee in thy worship, or in doing aught that thy opinions render necessary or proper.

To these may be added a few men of weak character, and unsteady principles, who remain in office because they fear to resign; with a few, and but very few, ignorant fanatics, who really imagine they are free because they can molest and destroy with impunity all they have hitherto been taught to respect, and drink treble the quantity they did formerly.

Shou'd hope and fear thy heart alternate tear, Or love, or hate, or rage, or anxious care, Whatever passions may thy mind infest, (Where is that mind which passions ne'er molest?

And if he please to take the air o'th' gardens, Or walk i'th' inward rooms, so he molest not Bar.

I trust no one is molesting you in the prosecution of your religious rites.

He is said to resemble the jackal in his habit of molesting the graves of the dead, and the Indians have a superstitious dread of hearing his bark at night, believing that it forebodes calamity and death.

Besides, desperate and full of baffled hatred as I knew Duke Otho to be, I did not believe that he would dare to molest usfor some time at least.

And we do hereby strictly charge and command you, as you will answer the contrary at your peril, that you do not, in any manner, offend or molest our friends or allies, their ships or subjects, by colour or pretence of these presents, or the authority thereby granted.

These were the first we had seen, and we began to be more cautious and keep everything well hid away from camp and make them think we were as poor as they were, so they might not be tempted to molest us.

Our little train of five wagons, ten men, one woman and three children would not be a formidable force against the Indians if they were disposed to molest us, and it looked to me very hazardous, and that a larger train would be more safe, for Government troops were seldom molested on their marches.

Marcus had politely requested his sister, fifty times at least, not to molest that sanctuary of meditation oftener than once a fortnight.

This is believed to drive away all the demons and witches that molest the cattle.

The news spread like wildfire, and from that day the Indians were in open rebellion and began to take the offensive, shooting their arrows and otherwise molesting every Spaniard they happened to meet alone or off his guard.

So that though, to our sense, it may sometimes appear as sleeping, in regard that it doth not by some particular lust so molest and perplex the soul as formerly it did: yet it is restless, and may be more active in another lust, and so by changing weapons on us, deceive us.

And I hereby proclaim and declare that if any person, under the pretended authority of the said States or under any other pretense, shall molest a vessel of the United States or the persons or cargo on board of her, such person will be held amenable to the laws of the United States for the prevention and punishment of piracy.

I have therefore authorized the colonel in command there as soon as he shall deem it expedient to declare that hostilities against the Indians have ceased, and that they will not be renewed unless provoked and rendered indispensable by new outrages on their part, but that neither citizens nor troops are to be restrained from any necessary and proper acts of self-defense against any attempts to molest them.

Allen wrote a response in which he quoted Moses Farrow, ā€œMy mother drummed it into me to hate my father for tearing apart the family and sexually molesting my sister."

According to the sheriffā€™s department, Juan Carlos Avitia was a suspect in a child molesting case from September of 2005 and a warrant was issued for his arrest in early 2006.

According to the weekly police crime report released on Sunday, the suspect who moved in from a neighbour's house due to problems started molesting the minors.

After he tried to "snatch" the mobile, which he had held in one hand while molesting the men, cops realised they were dealing with the UK's worst rapist.

Boosie Shares Disturbing Video of Him Molesting a Mannequin at a Clothing.

Cosby, 83, has served more than two years of his three- to 10-year prison sentence for drugging and molesting Constand, whom he met through the basketball program at his alma mater, Temple University.

Cosby has served more than two years of his prison sentence for drugging and molesting Constand, whom he met through the basketball programme at his alma mater, Temple University.

During past hearings, Smith has openly admitted his fantasies about molesting young boys.

First off, there's no indication the guy in the article has been accused of actually molesting kids, so comparing him to crack addicts and serial killers is off-base.

GARFIELD ā€” A 40-year-old city resident has been charged with allowing a man to rape and molest a pre-teen girl over a two-year period.

He added that many QAnon supporters believe in ā€œa global conspiracy involving a ring of satan-worshipping, child-molesting criminals led by prominent Democratsā€ including Tom Hanks, Hillary Clinton and the Mexican cement company Cemex.

He threatened to expose him by release budding actress Marina Kuwar's video, where she spoke about him molesting her.

He was before the courts again in 1989, charged with sexually molesting two Toronto-area boys.

It was in March 2020 that he started molesting me sexually.

Jimcy McGirt, 71, has served almost 23 years of his 500-year prison sentence for raping, molesting and sodomizing a 4-year-old girl in 1996.

Rest assured that the reason in 2016 he backed off and let Hillary take the prize is because she had the goods on him and threatened to disclose it, knowing from personal experience how a molesting predator of women can be taken down.

The Bhim Army chief joined the protesting students and demanded a police complaint against the molesters who were accused of allegedly molesting the female students.

The court also handed a 55-year-old man named John Biyee a 10-year jail term for molesting a 10-year-old girl.

The worker claims that he only assaulted the victim on his back, and did not mean to molest him.

When did your uncle start molesting you sexually?

Whether you rape or molest, you have still invaded a privacy.

I said a lot of friends of mine got charged for molesting kids and I said I wouldnā€™t want that on me and now I have.