Do we say mollusc or mollusk

mollusc 10 occurrences

The crab, and other crustaceans, also have a hard covering to their soft bodies; but it is not at all like the shell of a Snail, or other mollusc.

Another mollusc used as food is the Cockle, and its shell is one of the commonest found along the shore, especially near sandy places.

What is the meaning of the words "mollusc" and "octopus"?

We are often fallaciously confident in supposing that our friend's state of mind is appropriate to our moderate estimate of his importance: almost as if we imagined the humble mollusc (so useful as an illustration) to have a sense of his own exceeding softness and low place in the scale of being.

Your mollusc, on the contrary, is inwardly objecting to every other grade of solid rather than to himself.

A play with a well-marked, well-balanced act-structure is a higher artistic organism than a play with no act-structure, just as a vertebrate animal is higher than a mollusc.

There he is nowcoming up to the full estate of manhood by the various stages of protozoon, amoeba, mollusc, fish, reptile, bird, mammal, Man.

Thus, beginning with the larvae of ascidians (a marine mollusc,) we get by development to fish lowly organized (as the lancelet), thence to ganoids and other fish, then to amphibians.

The immovable mollusc does not reason about the choice of its home.

This mollusc, allied to Litiopa, Professor E. Forbes has done me the honour to publish in the Appendix as Macgillivrayia pelagica.)

mollusk 17 occurrences

The Cambrian witnesses simply swear they "haven't seen anybody their way"; upon which the counsel for the other side immediately puts in ten or twelve thousand feet of Devonian sandstones to make oath they never saw a fish or a mollusk, though all the world knows there were plenty in their time.

This fat little literary mollusk is well-conditioned, of fair aspect, and seemingly good of its kind.

Nat soon learned the fact, and enveloped the crustacean as he had done the mollusk.

[major divisions of animals] mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish, crustacean, shellfish, mollusk, worm, insect, arthropod, microbe.

The nautilus is a small mollusk that creeps upon the bottom of the sea, though it used to be supposed to swim, or even to spread a kind of sail so that the wind might drive it along the surface.

You will not to all eternity, by any artificial means, nor by a miracle, bring forth an eagle from a mollusk.

A king who would permit such cruel cuttings-up as these wicked animals were guilty of on the fair face of old England, should live in history only as an invertebrate, a royal failure, a decayed mollusk, and the dropsical head of a tottering dynasty.

Others, as the Actinia parasitica, are obtainable only by deep-sea dredging; "and, as its name implies, it usually inhabits the shell of some defunct mollusk.

And indeed, that were enough to rouse the veriest mollusk of a woman.

In that home in the Marina he wished to live and die, with no further desire of seeing more lands, with that sudden immovability that attacks the vagabonds of the waves and makes them fix themselves upon a ledge of the coast like a mollusk or bunch of seaweed.

He had adapted himself to all incoming and outgoing angles just as the body of the mollusk adapts itself to the winding curves of its shells.

In some it takes the form of a sole, and serves as a foot, the mollusk marching with his dwelling upon the back of this unique support.

Beast and fowl, reptile and fish, mollusk, worm, and polype, are all composed of structural units of the same character, namely, masses of protoplasm with a nucleus.

Fancy an ambitious echinoderm claiming a private interview with Agassiz, to demonstrate by verbal arguments that he is a mollusk!

The long, slender root becomes fleshy and tender under cultivation, with a flavor, when cooked, somewhat resembling that of the mollusk for which it is named.

If you plead for time for the boy to develop his poor rudimentary mollusk of a conscience, take it and heartily welcomebut grant it the animals also.

You feel that the mollusk of such a shell can be nothing less than a millionaire.

Do we say   mollusc   or  mollusk