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147 examples of  mongering  in sentences

147 examples of mongering in sentences

The theological leader of to-day cannot be a creed-monger: he must be a creed-maker.

So he changed his trade: weaving gave place to cheese mongering; and, after some very hard work and persevering efforts, he placed himself beyond the reach of poverty.

Moreover, she was assured that none of the members of the house-party would misunderstand her motives; people were so much less censorious in the country; there was something in the pastoral purity of Nature, seen face to face, which brought out one's noblest instincts, and put an end to all horrid gossip and scandal-mongering.

He lost no time in vain regrets, however, but got a militia bill through parliament, improved the defences of Quebec, and issued a proclamation enjoining all good subjects to find out, report, and seize every sedition-monger they could lay their hands on.

"He is a medicine-monger, probationer of receipts, and Doctor Epidemic; he is perpetually putting his medicines upon their trial, and very often finds them GUILTY OF MANSLAUGHTER, but still they have some trick or other to come off, and avoid burning by the hand of the hangman.

Some of these fables, to my shame be it spoken, might possibly be traced back to mine own veracious self; and if any passages of the present tale should startle the reader's faith, I must be content to bear the stigma of a fiction-monger.

The author does not believe that German hate will be so long-enduring as the hate-mongers would have us think.

And Tamerlane, meeting the poet with a frown of anger, said, "Art not thou the insolent verse-monger who didst offer my two great cities Samarkand and Bokhara for the black mole upon thy lady's cheek?"

If Moses was to have the honour and glory, the Jews would surely grow into a superstitious, saint- worshipping, miracle-mongering people, and come to ruin and slavery thereby.

" This was one of this penny-father's bastards, For, on my life, he was never begot Without the consent of some great proverb-monger.

And yet the last place in which he will look for the cause of his misery is in that very money-mongering to which he now clings as frantically as ever.

When a rogue, for example, a company-monger, Grows fat on the gain of the shares he has sold, While the public gets lean, winning nothing but hunger And a few scraps of scrip for its masses of gold; When the fat man goes further and takes to religion, A rascal in hymn-books and Bibles disguised, "It's a case," says Sir Henry, "of rook versus pigeon, And the pigeon gets leftwell, I'm hardly surprised.

Whatever you believe to be true and false, that proclaim to be true and false; whatever you think admirable and beautiful, that should be your model, even if all your friends and all the critics storm at you as a crochet-monger and an eccentric.

By the time he had grown to manhood he was the admitted rector of all the ballad-mongers of the Liberties.

"You've been a great deal together, you know," said his friend; "that has given the scandal-mongers something to go on.

She longed for fresh air, but she would not go out into the town for fear of the cruel, curious eyes of the scandal-mongers.

Jog Trot The Joyless American Spiritual Teething Glass Houses The Old-Clothes Monger in Journalism The Country Landlord's Side The Good Staff of Pleasure Wanteda Home Bits of Talk.

The Old-Clothes Monger in Journalism.

" Later in August Lady Mary wrote again on the same subject, and this letter shows that she had been at pains to acquire some practical knowledge of borough-mongering.

Excellent, excellent well: y'are a Fish-monger.

That he was what is commonly termed a news-monger, appears from the following laughable story, told by the late Mr. George Hardinge, the Welch Judge: I wished upon some occasion to borrow a Martial.

Fortunately for the common sense of mankind, there are others who repudiate this rigid rule and excuse for human conduct; who refuse to accept as a pattern of morality, the Sabbath breaker, tyrant, oppressor of the poor, the grasping money maker, or charity monger, even though his personal chastity may entitle him to canonization.

[G.]; improvisatore^; versifier, sonneteer; rhymer, rhymist^, rhymester; ballad monger, runer^; poetaster; genus irritabile vatum [Lat.].

Merchant N. merchant, trader, dealer, monger, chandler, salesman; changer; regrater^; shopkeeper, shopman^; tradesman, tradespeople, tradesfolk.

The other characters in "Whimzies" were an Almanac-maker, a Ballad-monger, a Decoy, an Exchange-man, a Forester, a Gamester, an Hospital-man, a Jailer, a Keeper, a Launderer, a Metal-man, a Neater, an Ostler, a Postmaster, a Quest-man, a Ruffian, a Sailor, a Traveller, an Under-Sheriff, a Wine-Soaker, a Xantippean, a Jealous Neighbour, a Zealous Brother.

In 1689 appeared "Characters addressed to Ladies of Age," and also "The Ceremony-Monger his Character, in Six Chapters, by E. Hickeringill, Rector of All Saints, Colchester."

A KNIGHT OF THE POST Is a retailer of oaths, a deposition-monger, an evidence-maker, that lives by the labour of his conscience.

Zounds, you pick-hatch[150] Cavaliero petticote-monger, can you find time to be catching Thomasin?

To be overwise is to ossify; and the scruple-monger ends by standing stockstill.

With the more part, for all their scruple-mongering and moral thought, the vices that are born with them remain invincible throughout; and they live all their years, glorying in their virtues, but still the slaves of their defects.

The sophists pretended to teach wisdom as an art: and 'sophistรฆ' may be literally rendered, wisdom-mongers, as we say, iron-mongers.

The sophists pretended to teach wisdom as an art: and 'sophistรฆ' may be literally rendered, wisdom-mongers, as we say, iron-mongers.

Having rested some time at the Range, they set out to examine, if possible, the western side of the desert they had just traversed, but lack of water compelled them to take an extreme westerly course to the Murchison by way of Mount Monger, passing through a country covered with miserable thicket on a sandy soil with granite outcrops.

Monger, Mount.

Dear Madam,I have ventured upon some lines, which combine my old acrostic talent (which you first found out) with my new profession of epitaph-monger.

His heart is touched, and he invites the music-monger to join him in his study and share his informal dinner.

Here, I think, we may see traces of the Prussian instinct for tabulation, for classification, for category-mongering.

One or two equivocal bits of secret history and scandal-mongering may probably be attributed to her at the very time when in "Epistles for the Ladies" (1749-50) she was advocating sobriety, religion, and morality.

But Mrs. Haywood when she was not a scandal-monger, was a sentimentalist.

Some tentative experiments in the way of scandal-mongering may be found in Mrs. Haywood's work even before the first of her Duncan Campbell pamphlets.

A possible return to scandal-mongering should be noted.

But Ellen was so wise, so watchful, that not even the most malignant gossip-monger, could point to anything like a clandestine intercourse between the two.

They say stones are particularly hard-hearted, and yet your saint and miracle-monger hath a way to move them!" Peterchen chuckled at his own pleasantry, as men in authority are apt to enjoy that which comes exclusively of their own cleverness, and he winked round among his followers, as if he would invite them to bear witness to the rap he had given the Papists, even on their own exclusive ground.

*** "Sensation-mongering" is the public's verdict on the startling report circulated last week that a Civil Servant had been seen running.

The saccharine romance-monger, Elise Polko, has a rather mawkish story which she connects with his name, though on what authority, I am ignorant.

There is another mysterious ear which is a stumbling-block to the simple theory-monger.

I do not fear the Radical, I greatly fear the Radical, or crotchet-monger....

There are none either that afford the quack or patent-nostrum monger a larger field for the practice of his fiendish gifts.

Debendra Babu was highly indignant and vowed that the scandal-monger should never cross his threshold again.

As to the rest, and compared with true and great poets, our Scottish Minstrel is but "a metre ballad-monger."

And this was the last I saw of Button, who was one of the strangest combinations of hotel-keeper, horse-jockey, Indian-trader, fish-monger, and alligator, I ever met.

And this wind so possessed me, that I at once went out: with the crow-bar from the car I broke the window of a near iron-monger's in Parliament Street, got a spade, and went into Westminster Abbey.

At an iron-monger's, near the May-pole, in the Strand, is to be found a great variety of iron instruments, and utensils of all kinds.

We had actually got a square, when I felt some one touch my elbow; turning, I found it was an utter stranger with a very eager, wonder-mongering sort of a countenance, and who was a good deal out of breath with running.

She was his pet, his dear love, his dear little Burney, his little character-monger.

She was emphatically what Johnson called her, a character-monger.

The women of every degree (to borrow a phrase from that great phrase-monger, Horace Walpole) "cried quarts;" and the procession to the churchyardthat very churchyard to which he had himself attended so many of his patientswas now followed by all of them that remained alive.

As I expected A sermon-mongering herd about her death-bed, Stifling her with fusty sighs, as flocks of rooks Despatch, with pious pecks, a wounded brother.

When I next go to the coal-monger's I shall say in reply to the inevitable question, 'A little coal-dust in the cellar and a good deal on the chairs and tables and on my hands and face;'

Such a person as Paganini, it is said, was able to "discourse most excellent music" on a ballad-monger's fiddle; yet will any one question that he needed an instrument of somewhat finer construction to show forth his full powers?

So he chose for his second wife the daughter of Mr. Dawson, iron-monger, of Mudbury, who gave up her sweetheart, Peter Butt, for the gilded vanity of Crawleyism.

Yet so powerful is this wish to simplify that it is difficult to make it clear that one is not oneself a panacea-monger.

"'This divinity-monger is the angel of our church,' answered the man in the white linen coat; 'and it is dangerous to criticise upon his productions, especially as he considers every one to be in the wrong, who does not precisely fall in with his own opinions in matters appertaining to religion.'

Fortunately the average man and woman pays no heed to this scare-mongering, and goes about his or her business, if not rejoicing, at any rate in the conviction that the Gothas are not going to have it all their own way.

[Footnote 73: 'Ganfride': a mediรฆval ballad-monger.

Pilatethe Law of Separate Nationshad found her guilty of sedition; Herodthe miracle-monger at one instant and the sceptic at the nextthe Scientist, in facthad declared her guilty of fraud; Caiaphas had condemned her in the name of National Religion.

Not even from SMILLIE, But called him a wily Text-mongering Bolshi-Bazouk. * * * * * "PERSONAL.

" "Yes, and with you to help me" "No, I have graver matters to attend to than devil-mongering," says Manuel, "and a bond to lift from myself before I can lay miseries on others.

At a dinner-party that night a woman whom she hated, and wrote down an evil-minded scandal-monger and inventor and disseminator of lies, suddenly said to her, "Who is this Mrs. Harris, my dear?" "How should I know?" replied Mrs. Dearman.

A reliable and well-organized armed force was the best security against internal trouble-mongers, and the best argument in international relations, as subsequent events amply proved.

The scandal monger.

The scandal monger.

The scandal monger.

The scandal monger.

"The moment I was off, I was arrested, I, my secretary and my people; my niece is arrested; four soldiers drag her through the mud to a cheese-monger's named Smith, who had some title or other of privy councillor to the King of Prussia; my niece had a passport from the King of France, and, what is more, she had never corrected the King of Prussia's verses.

So sang a ballad-monger of the Revolution; and the opinion which he voiced persisted after him.

They'll call me poetry monger and then dub Me rustic rhymer, anything they choose, Ay, anything at all, but heaven's immortal muse.

An autograph-monger, with the mania strong upon him, of unscrupulous curiosity, armed furtively with a keen pair of scissors would be a dangerous person to admit to the presence of that big book without a policeman at his elbow.

Some of these fables, to my shame be it spoken, might possibly be traced back to mine own veracious self; and if any passage of the present tale should startle the reader's faith, I must be content to bear the stigma of a fiction monger.

I am no mere curio-monger, no collector of frivolous and unmeaning trifles.

He was a great borough-monger, and is said at one critical time to have returned thirty members.

As for News-mongers, Politicians, Mimicks, Story-Tellers, with other Characters of that nature, which give Birth to Loquacity, they are as commonly found among the Men as the Women; for which Reason I shall pass them over in Silence.

To descend to a subject of less, though still of considerable, importance, I may notice that cowardice and fear of 'what people will say' lies at the bottom of much ill-considered charity and of that facility with which men, often to the injury of themselves or their families, if not of the very objects pleaded for, listen to the solicitations of the inconsiderate or interested subscription-monger.

for my Brother now That is a handsome young fellow; and well thought on, And will deal tenderly in the business; Or for my self that have a reputation, And have studied the conclusions of these causes, And know the perfect manage, I'le tell you old Sir, If I should call you wise Sir, I should bely you, This thing, you study to betray your child to, This Maiden-monger.

Sauntered up to the Fish-monger's hill.

Scandal-mongers were wont to say that both were in love with the Queen,and that the Cardinal, though unsuccessful in his suit, outwitted the Duke and sent him out of the kingdom,and that the Duke swore a great oath, that, if he could not enter France in one way, he would enter in another,and that he brought about a war, and came himself as a commander: of this scandal believe what you will.

She told me that she used to be one of the maids there, before she married the spice-monger and was Madame Robard.

"You mistake; I am no good-deeds monger, to give my bread and butter to the next beggar-lass.

I shouldn't mind paying for my own maid, and the champagne, and my clothes, of course, and the fish-monger's bill.

A pair of ponies, her own maid, champagne, the fish-monger's bill, and Miss Tickle.

Canst thou not see, under the circumstances, scandal-mongers will make eyes and prate of wrong for me thus to have a young maid here alone?"

reply I, rather confused, and childishly stirring the stiff red mud with the end of my boot, "I believe they mostly do; Algy does" then afraid of drawing down the vial of his wrath on me a second time for my scandal-mongering propensities, I go on quickly; "Were you talking to yourself as you came down the drive?

Such to me is the Bible, when the pragmatic prophecy-monger and the swinish utilitarian have toothed its fruits and craunched its blossoms.

Trenta considered himself, and was generally considered by others, as a universal news-monger; it was a habit that had remained to him from his former life at court.

From the time of Polonius downward a court-chamberlain has always been a news-monger.

Why should we not, then, amuse ourselves a little with these complacent motive-mongers?

Our motive-mongering friends should understand that they can explain no farther than their neighbors,that by enslaving the will they only shift the difficulty, not solve it.

"You're a terrible scandal-monger, Linkum," said Jorrocks.

To think that he was on the point of losing her was more than he could bear, and the idea that she would soon become the talk of every gossip-monger in society, and mayhap be put in prison for bigamy, wellnigh drove him crazy.

"Say, Lady Carfax, let me go and kick that old scandal-monger into the middle of next week!"