147 examples of mongering in sentences

So he changed his trade: weaving gave place to cheese mongering; and, after some very hard work and persevering efforts, he placed himself beyond the reach of poverty.

Moreover, she was assured that none of the members of the house-party would misunderstand her motives; people were so much less censorious in the country; there was something in the pastoral purity of Nature, seen face to face, which brought out one's noblest instincts, and put an end to all horrid gossip and scandal-mongering.

If Moses was to have the honour and glory, the Jews would surely grow into a superstitious, saint- worshipping, miracle-mongering people, and come to ruin and slavery thereby.

And yet the last place in which he will look for the cause of his misery is in that very money-mongering to which he now clings as frantically as ever.

" Later in August Lady Mary wrote again on the same subject, and this letter shows that she had been at pains to acquire some practical knowledge of borough-mongering.

Merchant N. merchant, trader, dealer, monger, chandler, salesman; changer; regrater^; shopkeeper, shopman^; tradesman, tradespeople, tradesfolk.

A KNIGHT OF THE POST Is a retailer of oaths, a deposition-monger, an evidence-maker, that lives by the labour of his conscience.

With the more part, for all their scruple-mongering and moral thought, the vices that are born with them remain invincible throughout; and they live all their years, glorying in their virtues, but still the slaves of their defects.

Dear Madam,I have ventured upon some lines, which combine my old acrostic talent (which you first found out) with my new profession of epitaph-monger.

Here, I think, we may see traces of the Prussian instinct for tabulation, for classification, for category-mongering.

One or two equivocal bits of secret history and scandal-mongering may probably be attributed to her at the very time when in "Epistles for the Ladies" (1749-50) she was advocating sobriety, religion, and morality.

Some tentative experiments in the way of scandal-mongering may be found in Mrs. Haywood's work even before the first of her Duncan Campbell pamphlets.

A possible return to scandal-mongering should be noted.

They say stones are particularly hard-hearted, and yet your saint and miracle-monger hath a way to move them!" Peterchen chuckled at his own pleasantry, as men in authority are apt to enjoy that which comes exclusively of their own cleverness, and he winked round among his followers, as if he would invite them to bear witness to the rap he had given the Papists, even on their own exclusive ground.

*** "Sensation-mongering" is the public's verdict on the startling report circulated last week that a Civil Servant had been seen running.

We had actually got a square, when I felt some one touch my elbow; turning, I found it was an utter stranger with a very eager, wonder-mongering sort of a countenance, and who was a good deal out of breath with running.

As I expected A sermon-mongering herd about her death-bed, Stifling her with fusty sighs, as flocks of rooks Despatch, with pious pecks, a wounded brother.

Fortunately the average man and woman pays no heed to this scare-mongering, and goes about his or her business, if not rejoicing, at any rate in the conviction that the Gothas are not going to have it all their own way.

Not even from SMILLIE, But called him a wily Text-mongering Bolshi-Bazouk. * * * * * "PERSONAL.

" "Yes, and with you to help me" "No, I have graver matters to attend to than devil-mongering," says Manuel, "and a bond to lift from myself before I can lay miseries on others.

To descend to a subject of less, though still of considerable, importance, I may notice that cowardice and fear of 'what people will say' lies at the bottom of much ill-considered charity and of that facility with which men, often to the injury of themselves or their families, if not of the very objects pleaded for, listen to the solicitations of the inconsiderate or interested subscription-monger.

reply I, rather confused, and childishly stirring the stiff red mud with the end of my boot, "I believe they mostly do; Algy does" then afraid of drawing down the vial of his wrath on me a second time for my scandal-mongering propensities, I go on quickly; "Were you talking to yourself as you came down the drive?

Trenta considered himself, and was generally considered by others, as a universal news-monger; it was a habit that had remained to him from his former life at court.

From the time of Polonius downward a court-chamberlain has always been a news-monger.

Our motive-mongering friends should understand that they can explain no farther than their neighbors,that by enslaving the will they only shift the difficulty, not solve it.

147 examples of  mongering  in sentences