101 examples of mongolians in sentences

He may travel in a Hindu gown or a Mongolian tunic, or he comes, like Father Brachet, out of his vineyards in 'the pleasant land of France,' or, like you, out of a country where all problems are to be solved by machinery.

[Illustration: 'O'] Of all human races, next to the monkies, the Mongolians are the most imitative.

Think of the gentle Buddhistic Burmese, the active, social Malays, the hard-featured, hard-lived Thibetans and Mongolians.

At the beginning of the fifth century an enormous horde of yellow Mongolians, known as Huns, poured down into Europe with avowed intent to burn and destroy all the good work which Rome had wrought in the world; and terrible was the havoc they effected in the course of fifty years.

These Aryan conquerors drove before them the aboriginal inhabitants, who were chiefly Mongolians, or reduced them to a degrading vassalage.

According to Schmidt's History of the Eastern Mongolians the cardinal vices in the Buddhist scheme are four: Lust, Indolence, Anger, and Avarice.

Another theory is, that on the occasion of one of the numerous expulsions or emigrations from China, a band of Mongolians turned northward and came into America by crossing the Behring Strait.

The Mongolians, however, seem to thrive under conditions which are fatal to civilized humanity.

At Harbin I heard a full explanation of the reason for the Mongolians approaching Semianoff to become their emperor.

He speaks Mongolian perfectly, and the Mongolians claim him for their own.

In the ancient Oriental lands, and generally among the early Mongolians, the dog remained savage and neglected for centuries, prowling in packs, gaunt and wolf-like, as it prowls to-day through the streets and under the walls of every Eastern city.

It is defaced by several marks and slight injuries, which are ascribed to the Mongolians, who, when they conquered Delhi, attempted in their destructive rage to pull down these columns; but they stood too firmly, and all their exertions were insufficient to destroy any of the inscriptions on them.

{177} Many of the more recent Indian towns were built by the Mongolians, or were so much altered by them that they altogether lost their original character.

India was conquered by the Mongolians as early as the tenth century.

The Mongolian tribal federation of the Tümet attacked China, and there resulted collisions not only with the Chinese but between the different tribes living there.

In 1911 there were diplomatic incidents in connection with the Mongolian question.

"China has always been at war with the Mongolians.

After the Goths came the Huns (375-453), under Attila, the Avars (566-799), both of Mongolian race, and the Gepidae (453-566), of Gothic raceall savage, bloodthirsty raiders, passing and repassing over the Rumanian regions, pillaging and burning everywhere.

The coming of the Hungarians (a people of Mongolian race) about the end of the ninth century put an end to the Bulgarian domination in Dacia.

This the Hungarians used as a pretext for bringing parts of Rumania under their domination, and they were only prevented from further extending it by the coming of the Tartars (1241), the last people of Mongolian origin to harry these regions.

The custom of accepting compensation for adultery prevailed also among Dyaks, Mandingoes, Kaffirs, Mongolians, Pahari and other tribes of India, etc.

Asiatics (see Mongolians), may not be citizens; legislation against in the Far West; may be unconstitutional; may not be employed in public work.

Mongolians, legislation against.

Naturalization of socialists, etc.; of aliens, Mongolians, negroes, etc. (see titles).

But that was a pastime compared with the herculean labor intrusted to us,the bringing together of whites and blacks, of Caucasians and Mongolians, of scores of groups divided by the barriers of language, of religion, of custom, and fusing them into one nationality.

101 examples of  mongolians  in sentences