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356 example sentences with  monies

356 example sentences with monies

As if the change 35 Had waited on some Fairy's wand, at once Behold me rich in monies, and attired

At the same time Brazovics, who had treated Timar with brutal inconsiderateness because of the wreck of the St. Barbara, went steadily down-hill, borrowing and embezzling trust monies in his fall.

The monies that he hazarded (taking his own estimate) were to the amount of some seven thousand dollars; and this was an advance, virtually a loan, to be paid back to him if he had created the property abroad.

The royal treasury was exhausted, and in several provinces the revolted nobles had possessed themselves of the public monies; financial edicts were issued which created fresh murmurs among the citizens; the Princes assumed an attitude of stern and steady defiance; and the year 1616 closed amid apprehension, disaffection, and mistrust.

"By which all purchasers or mortgagees may be secured of all monies they lay out.

"You need my help, and you say, Shylock, we would have monies.

He was furnished quarterly with an account of all monies paid, to which were joined descriptive notes of each farm, showing what alterations the past three months had brought, and setting forth the agricultural intentions and abilities of the occupier.

By one, he promises to preserve everybody in their just rights; and orders all persons who have public monies in their hands to bring it to him; and by the other dissolves the union between England and Scotland.

it vertuously: Though land and monies be no happinesse, Yet they are counted good additions.

And, with this basket on his arm, the lad Went up to London, found a master there, 270 Who, out of many, chose the trusty boy To go and overlook his merchandise Beyond the seas; where he grew wondrous rich, And left estates and monies to the poor, And, at his birth-place, built a chapel floored 275 With marble, which he sent from foreign lands.

The bishop's treasure, and other public monies not plundered by the soldiers, was telling out by the officers, and amounted to 400,000 florins in money; and the burghers of the town in solemn procession, bareheaded, brought the king three tons of gold as a composition to exempt the city from plunder.

He intended to remove the king's children to a place of safety, to enlist soldiers, collect magazines, and raise monies by contribution, to release the prisoners committed by the parliament, to arrest some of the leading members in both Houses, to issue declarations, and whenever the conspiracy was ripe, to raise flags at Temple Bar, the Exchange, and other central spots.

This subject will be considered at length in the chapter which follows, but the fact that the spiritual courts enforced the levying of rates for church repair, etc., through the wardens, as well as an accounting to the parish of all monies received or disbursed, concerns us here.

I lend monies as a usurerall men know it. '

Let an inventory be taken of all monies within the house, and let the royal seal be placed upon all boxes and caskets.

As Big Cheese, Ballmer handled company monies, however Gates still controlled the "technological vision."

According to her, if African countries get debt relief, the monies they should pay in servicing debts could be channeled towards dealing with COVID-19.

Clearly, in the absence of CIP monies, these countries would be in a very different position today

All monies raised will be added to that account.

Furthermore, there is significant revenue to be earned even when forfeiting monies that would otherwise be received from ticket sales, concession items, and parking.

He claimed that while the students were complaining of the non-payment of the scholarship monies, the NDDC team were busy paying themselves monies meant for students.

He claimed that while the students were complaining of the non-payment of the scholarship monies, the NDDC team were busy paying themselves monies meant for students.

He therefore got himself busy relooting recovered loots monies, properties, etc.

Homebuyers will also benefit if the monies are utilised in quick time towards completion of the stalled projects.

Although details about whose building the monies were packed in or where the young men conducted their affairs remain unclear, the video is widely being circulated on social media.

If you would recall, the National Assembly was where all the manipulations and scheming took place with lots of monies stashed in bags and distributed to our distinguished Senators.

Let the Commissioner provide the video, written documented evidence that I have collected monies from farmers or given CRISPON account for payment in as much as this scheme is concerned during my tours.

Others also claim that banks are on their necks for the monies they borrowed to pre-finance their services, adding that they can no longer withstand the pressure.

Seeking modification of the December order, FHL in a fresh plea stated if the open offer is allowed to be proceeded with, no monies will be transferred to the Singh brothers or the judgment debtors.

As a result of this, he said, monies for other expenditure items, including goods and services, comprising most of the Free Senior High School- related expenditure, capital expenditure and earmarked /statutory transfers, had to be borrowed.

As a result, the Chief of Staff, Hon. Akosua Frema Osei-Opare has notified the Controller and Accountant General to effect these deductions at source for the period, and transfer the accrued monies into the Fund.

The Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) has asked Ghanaian veteran actor, Kofi Adjorlolo to render an apology for saying Ghanaian Movie Producers owe him several monies.

The lawyer, however, believes the AG did wrong by taking GETFund’s alleged list of beneficiaries without verifying facts for himself, particularly to ascertain whether or not the names given actually received the monies stated.

The neglect of the relevant campaign financing limits and what candidates do with such donated monies even after elections has deepened the impression that what obtains in Nigeria is a transactional political culture with inbuilt ethos for corruption.

The principal medical benefit afforded to them does not provide immediate cash-back for the monies spent on treatment, check-ups etc.

The profiteers, over-pricers, and corrupt felons must be laughing while they stash their dirty monies.

With the addition of a Rotary District grant and monies from ticket sales, the Dine Around Town Raffle proceeds will allow for the purchase of more than $3,950 in books through The Children’s Book Cellar.

Do you anticipate you are going to expend all of your monies this year and so on?

He can find it convenient to put the other monies in here coming from offshore oil because of the January 28 arrangements, but can't say what is going to happen to the cheque.

I do appreciate the minister's response, but that would mean, then, that there has not been a full uptake of the available monies in the past years, or how many projects have been left on the table?

If anyone should be profiteering from these monies, it should be the people that own them, i.e., us, the people.

And further, that should the lease be extended beyond November 30, 1988 that monies reimbursed by the Region be repaid by the Peel District Health Council.

If municipal financial systems were not operating come January 1, 2000, municipalities would not be able to produce financial statements, pay bills or process monies they receive.

If there are other monies the Father believes have been wrongfully appropriated by the Mother that will be the subject of the review hearing.

If the weekly benefits plus the settlement resulted in more than full indemnification for the insured, he would have become a trustee for the insurer for all monies recovered in excess of the amount required to indemnify him for his loss.

If you liked Mcbain you might make a donation.but that would be totally wrong because Mcbain is trying to solicit monies from the forum members.

I might add for the record that as long as there was a Conservative administration in Ottawa, the Crow rate was in place and the $750 million, $760 millions of dollars of support monies to western grain farmers flowed.

In addition to making better use of existing equipment and labour, as well as reducing heating costs, the monies saved also have a spin-off effect.

In other words, they need not own oil or gas to become responsible for managing these monies.

I ordered that the monies in relation to security for costs would be payable within 30 days and that no proceedings in relation to this file can be instituted until the security for costs are paid.

It is to maintain income tax relief as of July 1, but beginning in the year 2000, instead of the second 1.5 percent relief, we would be allocating those monies for property tax relief.

It's not like where the federal government introduced the Building Canada Fund, and then they got rid of, essentially, the monies through PFRA for water services and water lines.

It would guarantee collection at the source and then you would simply have the monies sent off to the province where the person resided.

Monies deposited in the collection box were used to fund the repairs and to pay the artisans.

Monies from the fund are available to students in the form of loans and bursaries.

Monies in a Lab and General Research Services account are available for research-related expenditures at the discretion of the project holder.

Monies raised for the foundation through Share the Spirit will be used to support the highest priority care needs essential to the lives of patients and residents across St. Joseph’s, remarked Dicker.

Monies would not have to change hands.

Mr. David Faurschou (Portage la Prairie): In regard to the financing of last year's Pan American Games, there were significant monies advanced in regard to that particular undertaking.

Mr. Grover’s diary notes indicate that Mr. Spears expected to have the hold-back monies by mid-April, and intended to pay off the accounts with these funds.

Not that Chebucto has a problem but we should have the financial facts at hand if we are ever called to account for the monies.

Now, does that mean that there are no monies coming to this Province?

Okay, I’m basically going on not the transfer of monies from Canada but the territorial revenues, and there is an increase from our present fiscal year to 2006-07 of close to $7 million.

Once we exceed that we would have to find those monies elsewhere within the provincial revenue sources.

Other monies were deposited into the account from undetermined sources.

Our population is increasing; the demand for services is increasing; and this is a direct hit upon the monies we have to service the people of the Yukon.

Part of that is tied to the Gallipoli monument, the caribou monument in Gallipoli; that is why the monies were not spent in 2013-2014.

Quite obviously not, and I have never had the kind of monies that it has cost to build up MTS.

Are those tripartite agreements that those monies are recoverable from?

So, all of those monies were put in as one-time funding.

So, by and large, it would be appearing in the place that the member points out, but there would be monies that go for ongoing maintenance in other areas.

Some, yes, we are aware of, which we tried to address in the $50 per student, as well as the busing and the other monies that we put in. I would want to make sure that it is quite clear that amalgamation is working in the province of Manitoba.

So that would account for why I had spent it all except for slippage at that time when I reported to you in the House that later on more monies were given to that particular project.

The balance outstanding on the loan is one of the components of the defendant's claim for monies from Wilson.

The capital requirement is much larger, but approximately $11 million of the total request is simply the revote for project monies that lapsed at the end of the previous fiscal year.

The feds weren't going to go, although they were into deficit at that time, but they weren't going to flow monies to the province when they were, in fact, achieving deficits to themselves.

The First Nations are saying that they want section 87 dealt with and that, because of the extended length of negotiations, in some cases over half of the monies that they settled for, in agreeing to the umbrella final agreement, have been used up.

The folks have come to me to see if there are monies available through Infrastructure, through Rural Development that perhaps the community can access and individual owners of the homes and businesses can access to be able to tie into the main line.

The mine training trust monies will all be levered with some private sector participation, if we have our way in the development of it.

The monies associated with the Oversight Committee certainly will help to provide further clarity on the costs associated with the project.

The monies needed to restore abandoned mining sites are set against the amount of environmental liability from contaminated sites in the Government’s consolidated financial statements.

The monies that were cancelled from that school were just returned to the Department of Finance.

The monies that were provided this year for the maintaining of those offices allowed for the continuance of their ability to affect social change.

The second category I thought was grants and subsidies, which are monies that are sent out to hospital boards and health boards and so on to perform the functions that they are doing on behalf of the people.

The specific breakdown for these new monies is an increase of $425 million starting in July 1999 and an additional $425 million starting in July 2000.

They are talking about monies upwards of $10,000, which is quite extensive for an individual but it may not be so much so for an employer.

This is largely the result of revotes and the transfer of monies from Economic Development for a new gym at the G.A. Jeckell School.

Today, they're saying that there should be Yukon Development Corporation monies used to offset that.

To talk about the schools we are building, the arenas we are building, the tourism monies we are spending and the playgrounds that were put in place.

Under this rule, financial professionals are required to act in customers best interest when giving advice about 401(k) plan assets, retirement accounts or other qualified monies saved for retirement.

Upon approval, the applicant must provide all necessary documentation to the Legal Services Branch and any monies required to the City prior to the conveyance of lands for a road closing.

Bankrupt agreed and paid monies although his family earnings below Superintendent’s Standards.

Vancouverites are generous donators, and being confronted at a liquor store causes an added amount of guilt which works toward both increasing the monies given and the number of people who actually contribute.

Was JLLnot looked at before monies were flowed?

We have new monies this year.

We have to invest for the people of the Province, and that is where our monies are gone.

We saw many green signs, job funds, but what were the monies used for.

What about the millions of dollars in infrastructure monies that are coming to this territory?

When the monies came in, Mr. Speaker, through offshore oil revenues to the Province, we had to invest.

While we are projecting that this deficit will be reduced to $6.2 million by March 31, 1995, we have no reserve fund to meet any emergencies should there be a requirement for the infusion of government monies.