129 examples of monkish in sentences

And when we think of the superstitious fear and monkish prejudice with which the great invention of printing was at first regarded, such a confusion of two persons of similar name, and both, in the eyes of a dark age, servants of Satan, cannot surprise us.

As early as the thirteenth century, we find the custom in Germany, of young clergymen who did not belong to any monkish order travelling through the land to get a living,here by instructing in schools for a certain period,there by temporarily serving in churches as choristers, sacristans, or vicars,often, too, as clerks and copyists to lawyers or other private men.

The Monks of Basle I tore this weed from the rank, dark soil Where it grew in the monkish time, I trimmed it close and set it again

In the tough grim talk of the monkish days They hammered and slashed about, Dry husks of logic,old scraps of creed, And the cold gray dreams of doubt, And whether Just or Justified Was the Church's mystic Head, And whether the Bread was changed to God, Or God became the Bread

So goes the tale of the monkish books, The moral who runs may read, He has no ears for Nature's voice Whose soul is the slave of creed.

[f] Such stress was formerly laid on the rite of coronation, that the monkish writers never give any prince the title of king till he is crowned; though he had for some time been in possession of the crown, and exercised all the powers of sovereignty.]

The monkish writers represent it as a great stain on the wise and equitable government of Henry, that he had carefully protected this infidel race from all injures and insults; but the zeal of Richard afforded the populace a pretence for venting their animosity against them.

E. This unknown king, rex Daldili, is probably an error in translating from the Venetian or Friul dialect of Oderic into Monkish Latin, and may have been originally Il Re dal Deli, or the King of Delhi.

The Tagalog terminology of the cockpit and monkish Latin certainly make a fearful and wonderful mixturenor did the author have to resort to his imagination to get samples of it.

Adj. ecclesiastical, ecclesiological^; clerical, sacerdotal, priestly, prelatical, pastoral, ministerial, capitular^, theocratic; hierarchical, archiepiscopal; episcopal, episcopalian; canonical; monastic, monachal^; monkish; abbatial^, abbatical^; Anglican^; pontifical, papal, apostolic, Roman, Popish; ultramontane, priest-ridden. 996.

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In England, where the old household and monkish names adhere, they are sufficient for popular and poetic purposes, and the familiar use of scientific names seems an affectation.

To indulge a little in reverie"how are the mighty fallen!"Here was once worshipped the virgin amidst the glittering pomp of monkish solemnity; when burst the beams of morning through the tracery of yon mighty window "Shorn of its glass of thousand colourings," and threw the glowing emblazonry of the tinted pane upon the Mosaic pavement of the choir; while the loud and slowly-pealing matin reverberated through the sumptuous church.

Where are now all those unnatural superstitionsthe monkish contempt for marriage and social life, the ghosts and devils; the astrology, the magic, and other dreams of which I will not speak here, which made this world, in the eyes of our forefathers, a doleful and dreadful puzzle; and which made man the sport of arbitrary powers, of cruel beings, who could torment and destroy us, but over whom we could have no righteous power in return?

And thou, all joyous in her blessed smile, (Soft as the moonbeam on a monkish pile,) Art gifted with the godlike power to give A speechless charm to meanest things that live; And lifeless nature where thy voice is heard, Like midnight music of the summer bird, Receives new lustre.

During his monastic career he conceived a deep and lasting contempt for monkish life, and he obtained permission from the Pope to become a secular priest.

Monkish seclusion is manifestly unnatural; and the wild independence of the savage, is properly denominated a state of nature, only in contradistinction to that state in which the arts are cultivated.

In regard to the evidently corrupt Latin word salu, I have nothing better to offer than the forlorn conjecture that, in monkish Latin, "saltu't" may have been contractedly written for saltuatim.

I like neither fox-hunting, marriage, Robert Louis Stevenson's stories, nor Sir Frederick Leighton's pictures; I prefer monkish Latin to Virgil, and I adore Degas, Monet, Manet, and Renoir, and since this is so, and alas, I am afraid irrevocably so, do you not think that I should do well to keep outside a world in which I should be the only wrong and vicious being?

John continued to go through his accounts in the morning, and to read monkish Latin in the evening; but he was secretly nervous, and he dreaded the approaching day.

The Carlovingians did not, as the Merovingians did, end in monkish retirement or shameful inactivity even the last of them, and the only one termed sluggard, Louis V., was getting ready, when he died, for an expedition in Spain against the Saracens.

This is a literal translation of the monkish chronicler, who was far from favorable to the insurgent peasants, and was more for applauding the suppression than justifying the insurrection.

It were no difficult matter to compute the value of money in England, during the Saxon reigns; but the monkish and other writers since the Conquest, have put that matter in a clearer light, by the several accounts they have given us of the value of corn and cattle, in years of dearth and plenty.

With the proverbial monkish eye for a fine situation and a trout stream, its builders set it in a fertile valley, to which old chroniclers gave the name of the Flowery Vale.

The austere conditions of his monkish life compelled him to the first step in his adoption of itthe concealment of its sex.

129 examples of  monkish  in sentences