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277 examples of  monosyllable  in sentences

277 examples of monosyllable in sentences

(1) Monotone, monotonous, monoplane, monopoly, monocle, monarchy, monogram, monomania; (2) monosyllable, monochrome, monogamy, monorail, monograph, monolith, monody, monologue, monad, monastery, monk.

The monosyllable was flung out as insolently as possible.

Resolutely, but with a shuddering insight of the importance of her reply, she answered with that one weighty monosyllable which can crush so many hopes, and even wreck a life: "No."

By the side of the words "Prettiest girl" are written in a frank female hand the monosyllable "stuff"; and as a note to the expression "dearest love," with a star to mark the text and the note, are squeezed in the same feminine characters at the bottom of Clive's page the words "that I do.

"Mais" he exclaimed, with indignant arms outspread; and even in his own language he could find nothing to add to the expressive monosyllable.

Brodie's monosyllable was expressionless.

I know you will apply to such an act that disgusting monosyllable of which Protestants are so fond.

but she turned back towards the narrator of this thrilling story as the monosyllable broke from her lips.

" "No." The monosyllable burst from his lips with a violence that indicated the rending asunder of strong barriers.

Evil was pronounced almost as a monosyllable, and was at last contracted to ill.

A monosyllable, contracted afterwards into bloom.

" [150] A monosyllable.

" "Yes," said Susie, and contented herself with the monosyllable.

You consent?" The other swallowed, muttered a monosyllable in a low tone.

No other leaf is identified with that singular monosyllable.

This the prince capped with a monosyllable: "Three!" Stupefaction settled upon the audience.

The Englishman assented with an inarticulate monosyllable and a surly nod.

Unbidden, a word shaped in Sofia's consciousness, a French monosyllable into which the war had packed every shade and gradation of hatred and contempt, the epithet Boche.

Mr. Van Torp uttered the monosyllable as he sat down in his own chair and pointed to a much less comfortable one, which Logotheti took.

The indifference of his opening monosyllable vanished in a second.

It is hardly necessary to suspect a Scotch printer; evil is often used as a monosyllable, and eale may have been a pronunciation of it half-way towards ill, which is its contraction.]

He that to these would join others, signified by the words life, sense, and spontaneous motion, needed but use the word ANIMAL to signify all which partaked of those ideas, and he that had made a complex idea of a body, with life, sense, and motion, with the faculty of reasoning, and a certain shape joined to it, needed but use the short monosyllable MAN, to express all particulars that correspond to that complex idea.

But yet it seems to me to intimate several relations the mind gives to the several propositions or parts of them which it joins by this monosyllable.

When he discovered I was totally ignorant of public places and public performers, he ingeniously turned the discourse to the amusements and occupations of the country; but I was unable to go further than a monosyllable in reply, and not even so far as that when I could possibly avoid it.

Our author usually makes a trisyllable of "gentleman"; here it counts only as a monosyllable.

consonant, vowel; diphthong, triphthong [Gramm.]; mute, liquid, labial, dental, guttural. syllable; monosyllable, dissyllable^, polysyllable; affix, suffix. spelling, orthograph^; phonography^, phonetic spelling; anagrammatism^, metagrammatism^. cipher, monogram, anagram; doubleacrostic^. V. spell.

Therefore, rehuรญ might be a monosyllable, a dissyllable, or a trisyllable.

Therefore she begs that the obnoxious monosyllable may be omitted on future Phials,an innocent syllable enough, you'll say, but she has no claim to it.

" "Oh!" said Di; and her "Oh" was a most impressive monosyllable.

"Yes." The monosyllable was drawn out rather faintly.

"Yes"a bare, echoing monosyllable.

The gilded and stalwart youth on her left, following her glance, stared at the amateur servitor with protruding eyes, ceased to eat or drink, and fell into a state of semi-coma, muttering at intervals an expressive monosyllable.

"Who pe you," he asked, "und what der teuffel you pe do dare?" To this piece of impudence, cruelty, and affectation, I could reply only by ejaculating the monosyllable "Help!" "Elp!" echoed the ruffian, "not I. Dare iz te pottleelp yourself, und pe tam'd!"

The first monosyllable came from Mortlake.

Gregorio ate nothing, and looked on, uttering a monosyllable now and then, and laughing frantically, two or three times.

But to the excursionists and fishermen of New York he is known only as Porgy, or Paugie, a form as obviously derived from the last syllable of his Indian name as the emphatic "siree" of our greatest orators is from the modest monosyllable "sir.

"You would not, then, propose to an heiress?" "No." As this monosyllable fell from his lips, Marguerite's motion placed her beyond hearing.

The root of every primitive verb is a monosyllable, consisting of a short vowel (ฮฑ, ฮต, ฮน, ฮฟ, or ฯ…) between two (usually simple) consonants.

I read the character of my comrades every morning in each fellow's monosyllable "Here!" When the orderly is satisfied that not one of us has run away and accepted a Colonelcy from the Confederate States since last roll-call, he notifies those unfortunates who are to be on guard for the next twenty-four hours of the honor and responsibility placed upon their shoulders.

These are all forgotten now; and this poor negro, who did not even possess a name, beyond one abrupt monosyllable,for even the name of Turner was the master's property,still lives a memory of terror and a symbol of retribution triumphant.

"Because he had aprior claim, and it wouldn't be fair topoach upon his preserves?" He gave an ironic monosyllable laugh.

Like Judas, he will be remembered by posterity; men will learn to express all that is base, malignant, treacherous, unnatural, and blasphemous by the single monosyllable of Paine.

"Jane," he cried, with a volume of meaning in the monosyllable, as seizing her hand, he held it tightly and gazed earnestly into her face.

But ae word explains a'GeniusGenius, wull a' the metafhizzians in the warld ever expound that mysterious monosyllable.

and in that single monosyllable there was to the young man watching her a world of meaning.

Chylde, the distinguished monosyllable, is a card of admission everywhere, everywhere that is anywhere.

When she did hesitate, it only meant that she was seeking for the simplest word, and she would cap her pause with a monosyllable as curt as an explosion.

It was, perhaps, fortunate for Dewhurst that the little sermon, contrary to the practice of the courts, came after, in place of preceding the condemnation, for he had been rendered all but insensible by the formidable monosyllable.

By dropping the two first letters of the word monosyllable, we have no syllable remaining.

The monosyllable was incredulous though polite.

She shook her head violently, and pressed her lips closely together, suggesting how impossible it would be for the smallest monosyllable in the language to escape by that channel; but she kept her eyes wide open, and the truth issued from them, as smoke in a hollow tree, if stopped in at a lower hole, simply rises and comes out at a higher one.

You small boy there, hurry up that "Webster's Unabridged!" The little gentleman with the malformation, before described, shocked the propriety of the breakfast-table by a loud utterance of three words, of which the two last were "Webster's Unabridged," and the first was an emphatic monosyllable.

He knows that each of these is a number, and that the oral monosyllable five is the same number, in an other form; but is still as much at a loss for a proper answer to his question, as if he had never seen either schoolmaster or dictionary.

He delights in protracting its "guttural murmur;" perhaps, in assuming its name for its sound; and, having proved, that "consonants are capable of forming syllables," finds no difficulty in mouthing this little monosyllable by into b-oo-i-ee!

A word of one syllable is called a monosyllable; a word of two syllables, a dissyllable; a word of three syllables, a trissyllable; and a word of four or more syllables, a polysyllable.

31.To accommodate the writers of verse, the word ever is frequently contracted into e'er, pronounced like the monosyllable air.

But if to any monosyllable we add ly to form an adverb, we have of course a dissyllable ending in y; and if adverbs of this class may be compared regularly, after the manner of adjectives, there can be little or no occasion to use the primitive word otherwise than as an adjective.

"When they speak of a monosyllable having the grave or the acute accent.

"A word of one syllable, is called a monosyllable.

"A word of one syllable, is called a monosyllable.

This principle, indeed, he adopted timidly; saying, as though he hardly believed the assertion true: "And some writers assert, that every monosyllable of two or more letters, has one of its letters thus distinguished.

He should here have said, (as by his examples it would appear that he meant,) "on one syllable of a word;" for, as the phrase now stands, it may include stress on a monosyllable in a sentence; and it is a matter of dispute, whether this can properly be called accent.

In Latin poetry, the longer words predominate, so that, in Virgil's verse, not one word in five is a monosyllable; hence accent, if our use of it were adjusted to the Latin quantities, might have much more to do with Latin verse than with English.

But the word resonance, being accented usually on the first syllable only, is naturally a dactyl; and, since the other five little verses end severally with a monosyllable, which can be varied in quantity, it is possible to read them all as being dactylics; and so the whole may be regarded as trebly doubtful with respect to the measure.

Every one of the forty(except the thirty-sixth, "The last leaf") begins with a monosyllable which may be varied in quantity; so that, with stress laid on this monosyllable, the foot becomes an amphimac; without such stress, an anapest. OBS.

Every one of the forty(except the thirty-sixth, "The last leaf") begins with a monosyllable which may be varied in quantity; so that, with stress laid on this monosyllable, the foot becomes an amphimac; without such stress, an anapest. OBS.

"A word of one syllable is called a monosyllable; a word of two syllables, a dissyllable; a word of three syllables, a trissyllable; a word of four or more syllables, a polysyllable.

This derivation of The is quite improbable; because the shortening of a monosyllable of five letters by striking out the third and the fifth, is no usual mode of abbreviation.

For example: "A word of one syllable, is called a monosyllable; a word of two syllables, is called a dissyllable: a word of three syllables, is called a trisyllable: a word of four or more syllables, is called a polysyllable.

Better, perhaps, thus: "A word of one syllable is called a monosyllable; a word of two syllables, a dissyllable; a word of three syllables, a trissyllable; and a word of four or more syllables, a polysyllable.

Treen, for trees, or for an adjective meaning a tree's, or made of a tree, is exhibited in several of our dictionaries, and pronounced as a monosyllable: but Dr. Beattie, in his Poems, p. 84, has made it a dissyllable, with three like letters divided by a hyphen, thus: "Plucking from tree-en bough her simple food.

Wells, a still later writer, gives this unsafe rule: "When the past tense is a monosyllable not ending in a single vowel, the second person singular of the solemn style is generally formed by the addition of est; as heardest, fleddest, tookest.

Now the termination d or ed commonly adds no syllable; so that the regular past tense of any monosyllabic verb is, with a few exceptions, a monosyllable still; as, freed, feed, loved, feared, planned, turned: and how would these sound with est added, which Lowth, Hiley, Churchill, and some others erroneously claim as having pertained to such preterits anciently?

The breve is properly a mark of short quantity, only when it is set over an unaccented syllable or an unemphatic monosyllable, as it often is in the scanning of verses.

Thus a monosyllable, considered singly, rises from a lower to a higher tone in the question Nรณ? which may therefore be called the acute ACCENT: and falls from a higher to a lower tone upon the same word in the answer Nรฒ, which may therefore be called the grave [ACCENT]."Walker's Key, p. 316.

Thus he tells of different accents on "a monosyllable," which, by his own showing, "cannot be said to have any accent"!

as, mo in harmonious, sole in console, &c. When a monosyllable, which is unemphatic, ends in a vowel, it is always short; but when the emphasis is placed upon it, it is always long.

The monosyllable which epitomises the ennui and the prose of our lives is heard not, thought not thereonly the nightingale-harmony of an eternal yes.

Across the water came the monosyllable, "Ho!"

Sam Gibbs, made over new, as sure as a certain monosyllable!

Sadly often they added the tritest three-monosyllabled expletive known to red-hot English.

Such harmless industry may, surely, be forgiven, if it cannot be praised: may he, therefore, never want a monosyllable, who can use it with such wonderful dexterity.

Cadurcis would turn pale, and bite his lip, and then leave the room; and whole days would sometimes pass with barely a monosyllable being exchanged between this parent and child.

There was then much meaning in that little monosyllable with which Venetia concluded her reply to her mother.

My necessities compelled me to request a favour from them, which was, that they would allow one of their boys, who could speak English, to accompany me, as our loads were heavy; and his being known to belong to their establishment I thought might be some protection; but the short answer of the monosyllable "No" soon made me repent having asked it.

The little monosyllable No was again put in requisition, with this qualification"that they did not like the Botany Bay skippers."

or, rather, a more expressive monosyllable which did not sound neutral.

As a Monosyllable is my Delight, I have made very few Excursions in the Conversations which I have related beyond a Yes or a No.

Now, we have banished even the monosyllable To!

The monosyllable was sharp with anxiety.

I asked if all were well there, and the simple, monosyllable, "Yes," answered with unusual quickness and decision, was all that escaped the doctor's lips.

All were very lavish with the monosyllable, Sir.

At first he answered in grumpy monosyllables, but by the magic of a good cigar, he gradually let himself go, disclosing minute details of a most remarkable series of adventures.

He addresses me several times with great bonhomie and I respond with nervous monosyllables.

But my resources were not yet exhausted, and I hurled monosyllable, dissyllable, and polysyllable at their devoted heads, shouted "Akh!

With rhymes obtained from verb tenses, sometimes even from long adverbs preceded by a monosyllable from which they fell as from a rock into a heavy cascade of water, his verses, divided by improbable caesuras, often became strangely obscure with their audacious ellipses and strange inaccuracies which none the less did not lack grace.

That line with the monosyllable lys like a sprig, evoked the image of something rigid, slender and white; it rhymed with the substantive ingenuite, allegorically expressing, by a single term, the passion, the effervescence, the fugitive mood of a virgin faun amorously distracted by the sight of nymphs.

I thought pleasure and hope were expressed in the monosyllable, and my heart warmed to her.

He replied with a monosyllable, and sat down upon a moss-covered rock.

I recollect a story of my father's which illustrates the force of dialect, although confined to the inflections of a single monosyllable.